Monday, November 21, 2011

She said: Weapons of Ass Destruction

We were supposed to meet on the Friday night, but then something came up and we had to cancel...and we were both terribly disappointed. We had both been looking forward to getting together to play all week. L was determined to bruise my ass and he had a plan. I was a little....I won't say scared, though that's the word I used to him. Nervous is a better word. I knew I'd be in for the most intense beating yet and I was a bit worried about a few things.

He has put me into subspace once before - which we didn't expect - and when I dropped, it wasn't pretty (there is a very good explanatory article here, though the colour is murder on the eyes!). After sobbing uncontrollably in his arms after he untied me, it took me ages to feel like myself again. I even left him to use the washroom and wandered around what should have been a familiar place, not sure where to go. Over the next couple of days, I sunk into a kind of depression, magnified because he was away on a business trip and unable to interact with me very much, except for a couple of hours in the evenings. It wasn't a good experience - bottom line was that we didn't anticipate an issue and were not properly prepared. This time would be different - we were prepared for this eventuality. This day we had lots of time together and we would be seeing each other - or at least he'd be available - over the the next couple of days. Unreasonable perhaps, but I must say it pissed me off that these precautions were even necessary. I am a strong, capable woman and I really hated feeling so weak and needy. I really struggled to understand why I wasn't able to deal with it without falling apart.

We got inside and L lead me to the room we'd be playing in that day. I stood very quietly to the side, watching while he rifled through the Mischief Bag, pulling out a multitude of implements that he intended to use. If it could be used to beat my ass, he brought it out. Seeing my hesitation, he called me closer and showed me the items one by one as he picked them out looking up at me between each extraction. Slut paddle, ping pong paddle, hairbrush, stingy flogger, thuddy flogger, riding crop, Whartenburg Wheel - he even removed his belt from his pants as an added option. He stopped and stared into my face trying to read my reaction and pronounced that it was a cross between "I'm being fucked and I like it" .... and fear.

He told me he'd undress me and went and stood behind me. He instructed me to raise my hands and grabbing my shirt at the hem, he pulled it off over my head and tossed it to one side. Next, he undid my bra and it dropped to the floor beside me. He took one arm and pulled it around to my back and handcuffed my wrist, then did the same to the other one. Leaving me standing thus bound, he went and got some rope, hooked it over a metal frame in the middle of the room in readiness and returned to me, removing the handcuffs. Hands free again, he told me to take my pants off. I unbuttoned and removed my jeans and stood there. He looked up from what he was doing and said I'd better take my panties off too, since they were too pretty to cut off of me, which is what he'd do if I didn't hurry up and take them off. I quickly pulled them off and he called me over to the frame.

He tried a couple of things before deciding he had found the best way of securing my hands out of the way. He doesn't like it when I reflexively try to sooth my bottom after a particularly hard lash - he's always worried my hand will inadvertently get caught in the next lash and that I'll get hurt. Secured, he blindfolded me and off he went. He'd rub each item over my ass and have me try to guess what it was before he starting using it. He started to warm me up using the tabbed end of the riding crop. He'd work me over with an item and when he judged that I'd had enough for the moment, he would come up behind me and hold me from behind, hands full of my breasts and kissing and nipping my neck before moving on to the next thing. Other times, he would finger me, amazed at how turned on and wet I was from the flogging. One of these times, I realized he was still completely dressed. There's something fucking hot about interacting with him when I'm completely naked and he's fully dressed.

Some things I could take quite a lot of - like the floggers, for example. He was more heavy-handed than usual, but still I was able to take quite a lot more than I could of the brush, for example. Even the ping pong paddle is pleasant compared to the hairbrush! It was clear he wasn't without worry either - he asked me often if I was okay and frequently checked my hands to make sure the circulation was okay. I tried to stay focused on processing the pain. In the groove, I'm amazed at how much I can take, whereas other times, if I'm not mentally prepared, I can't take much at all. I used the same method I use to get through my Brazilian waxing virtually pain free every three weeks. :P

Finally, I was starting to get shaky on my legs. I didn't feel like I was maxed out - I could have and in fact did take more - I just couldn't do it standing and tied up any more. L removed the blindfold and untied one hand quickly and brought me a chair to sit in while he untied the other. I teared up a bit, but I think that was just from being worried about what would come next - concern about feeling like I did last time. All untied now, he took me by the hand and brought me to lie down on the blanket with him. He held me and talked to me, asking me about how I felt. I told him I felt okay and he looked a bit sceptical - I think he was worried that I was trying to be tough and not show it, but I wasn't. I think between keeping my mind focused and the frequent question/answer exchange we had going on, I never drifted and went into la-la-land like I did before. He checked my wrists and then my ass to see "what the damage was". He took several pictures which he showed me and I was surprised at the results and amused at the rows of dots from the passes with the Whartenburg Wheel. He asked me if I thought I could take more and I said I could, so we played a little more with the ping pong paddle, the riding crop and his belt while I lay on the blanket.

When he thought I'd had enough, L undressed and came and lay down with me. We kissed and stroked each other and I played with his cock with my hand until he was very hard. He rolled over on his back. I saw him reach into the Mischief Bag and he slid on a vibrating cock ring he had in there. I straddled him and slid down over his cock with ease - I had been soaking wet since the first few lashes. It felt so wonderful - the sensation of his rock hard cock sliding in and out of me, combined with the constant, gentle buzz of the cock ring. We were both obviously heavily aroused - it didn't take long at all before we both came simultaneously.

We cleaned up and decided to put away all the implements while tidying up the Mischief Bag. Once we had all the toys cleaned, disinfected and put away, we lay back on the blanket and in no time L was slipping into me again. I was not as wet this time, which to me, magnified the feeling of his cock sliding into me. We both remarked several times about how good it felt and when L came, I was so very close that I was able to push myself over the edge with just another stroke or two, intertwining my legs with his and stretching and stiffening my body as the orgasm washed over me.

I opened my eyes and smiled at him, stretching upward for a kiss. I must have had a funny look on my face - he asked, "What?"

I giggled and said, "I'm hungry."

We disconnected ourselves from each other and again got cleaned up, but also got dressed this time. We picked up all our belongings and moved to L's office where we had some sushi and fruit I had brought. Sated now in every way, we left the building together, parting with a hug and a kiss when we got to our cars. The whole next day, my ass was tender, but back to normal the following day. I think it's a lost cause, though....all that abuse and still no bruises! I wonder if L has more ideas......

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