Friday, August 31, 2012


It's been a while since V's piercing has been fully healed and she wanted to get a 
nicer piece of jewelry.  If you give her some encouragement perhaps next 
week's picture will be her wearing it...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 8/28

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are about gettin’ off. When you need it, you just gotta get it anyway you can.  (For those who are innocent babies “IT” is sex)
1. Have you ever initiated a booty call?
By definition, a booty call is a phone call, text, email, etc. whose purpose is to arrange a meeting to have casual sex.  Based on that, I've never initiated or accepted a booty call.  There are times, however, when L or I have deviated from our norm and arranged for time together that day or the following day to fill a particularly urgent need that just won't wait until the next time we can get together.  We even call it "making a booty call". :)

2. Have you ever accepted a booty call?
See #1.

3. Ever had a “friend with benefits” relationship? How long did it last? Are you still friends or acquaintances with that person? Are you still having sex with that friend?
I have had an ongoing FWB relationship with someone for almost 30 years now. We live in different countries, so we don't see each other often and opportunity does not arise each time we meet, so it could be months or even years between encounters. In recent years, this has worked particularly well for me.  I am quite happy and satisfied in my relationship with L and don't feel the need to pursue others at this time - it's very strange that I have no qualms about cheating on my husband, but I won't "cheat" on L, even though he'd probably give me his blessing to do so if I asked.  During the years that I've been L's lover, I have visited or been visited by my FWB several times.  The few times opportunity arose, I've indicated to my friend that I have not been available for sex.     

4. Tell us about your best one-night stand, what made it so good?
There are two people I've had sex with just once.  The first I wouldn't consider a one-night stand - he was a co-worker that really liked me and hounded me incessantly, but I wasn't that into him.  In a moment of weakness/insanity, I caved.  The second I met and as a lonely woman who felt she had nothing to offer, I was easy prey when he said flattering things and that he wanted to fuck me.  The only good aspects about both situations was that I learned something new about myself both times. 

5. When was your last one-night stand?
It's been a number of years and I doubt it would happen again.

6. What’s the grimiest, dirtiest place that you’ve had sex?
I had to think long and hard about this question.  I really could not think of anyplace grimy and dirty where I've had sex.  I asked L to help me and he said, "Does in the butt count?"  lol  Gee, thanks lover.  Then I remembered a bit of a muddy occasion.  We wrote about it here.

Bonus: What’s the one random thing you wish your friends knew about you?
I'm a private, quiet and shy woman, so a lot of people don't see the 'real' me. Some have told me that when we met, they thought I was aloof and unapproachable.  Even those that know me better would use phrases like "good girl", "prim and proper" and "goody two-shoes" to describe me.  For some reason, in spite of being tattooed and pierced (though to be fair, mostly sub-rosa) and perenially horny, people always assume I'm very conservative and prudish when that couldn't be farther from the truth!


Friday, August 24, 2012

L's NPOTW - N is for Knotty

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 8/21

Pain and Pleasure

1. Which do you enjoy more in bed, pain or pleasure?
I enjoy experimenting with pain, but I enjoy pleasure more, by far.

2. Do you like being tickled during sex? Where?
I am not ticklish at all.  L didn't believe me at first and has tried a few times to elicit a response, but I truly am not ticklish.  Neither is he!

3. Have you ever used feathers during sex?

We have tried sensation play once or twice, but thinking about it now, it's always been me experimenting on L.  I think I would like the way a feather feels on my body.

4. Do you like to be blindfolded during sex? Why?
I've been blindfolded during play many times, but never during the actual act of penetrative sex.  I think I enjoy watching L too much to want to be blindfolded.

5. Have you ever used cold or heat as part of your sex play? What provided the cold or heat?
Yes!  On my way to play with L one evening, I showed up with both a tea and a cold fountain drink.  I emptied the drink, retaining the ice and changed the temp of my tongue by sipping tea or sucking on ice. Since our play area is makeshift, we have to be creative sometimes!

6. Do you enjoy being spanked, giving spankings, or both?
I have spanked L and while it's fun, it really doesn't do much for me sexually.  When roles are reversed, however, that's a different story.  He spanks me just a few times and I'm almost dripping, I'm so wet.

7. Do you have a safeword? Have you ever used it?
We do have safewords.  Nothing exciting, like 'hippopotamus'.  We just use 'yellow' to signify that I'm getting close to my maximum tolerance and if he wants to keep playing, he has to ease off a bit....and 'red' to stop immediately.  I'm a bit (okay, maybe more than a bit) stubborn though, so I rarely - if ever - have safeworded.

Bonus: Tell us in 3-4 sentences the most painful or pleasurable sexual experience you have had.

I sat mulling over this question for a long time. I think ones perception of pain fades with time. I seriously cannot think of any particular time where the pain L has inflicted during a sexual experience has been more than I could tolerate. He has a knack for reading me so well that it seems he always stops just short. Similarly, I can't think of a particular sexual experience that was more pleasurable than any of the others. I think we have something very special and no matter what we do, I have never gone home from one of our encounters feeling anything less than happy and deliciously sated. All of our encounters are highly pleasurable!

Friday, August 17, 2012

L's NPOTW - Twine and Clamps

Bound and Clamped

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 8/14

Any Regrets?

Looking back on our lives, we can have a mix of reactions to the things we’ve done. When it comes to sex, our memories can color us with pride, fondness, nostalgia, indifference, or all too often, regret.  This week’s TMI Tuesday questions delve into things that people typically regret later in life. How much do you regret, if at all, any of the following?

Most of my regrets in life have come from perceived unkindnesses I've done in the past.  I say "perceived" because I've discovered, through apologizing for things that have long bothered me after the fact, that these unkindnesses have often affected me far more than the recipient.  Sometimes the other party never thought anything of it, or were upset at the time but have long since forgotten and moved on, but yet I've lived for years regretting things I've said/not said or done/not done to help or encourage people along the way, particularly when I was very young. 

It's certainly changed the way I live today.  I am extremely empathic and sensitive to other peoples' feelings and I have few - if any -  regrets these days.  I choose to view regrettable situations as learning opportunities, because invariably, when we mess up enough to regret it, there's a lesson there to be learned - something about yourself to discover.  It's not always a good discovery, but then you have a choice - to continue on that same path or to make a change and be the person you want to be.

1. Do you regret how you “lost” your virginity? If yes, why and to whom would you have preferred to have lost it?
I barely remember this specific encounter, but I do know that it was a positive experience in a relationship that lasted a number of years.  I have no regrets there, including that it eventually ended.

2. Have you ever lived a moment in your life where you said “Yeah, I’m not going to ever tell anyone about that.” Describe that moment or incident.
"Yeah, I'm still never going to tell anyone about that....."

3. Do you regret having acted on a sexual impulse? If yes, please describe.
Yes!   See question 2.  Suffice it to say I did something very out of character, but while I do regret the experience, it did serve to teach me a valuable lesson. 

4. Do you regret not having had sex with someone who you could have had sex? If yes, would you do it over and have sex?
Although I haven't had that many sex partners, I can't think of anyone that I really wanted to have sex with, but didn't. 

5. Do you regret not having asked out or tried to hook up with someone you really liked out of fear of rejection only to later learn that person wanted you, too? If yes, please describe.

6. Do you regret having done a particular sex act? If yes, please describe.
I have not regretted trying anything.  Some things work and become part of the repertoire where others don't work or just don't work for me and are dropped off the list.  You never know what you will discover when you try new things and for me, learning new things about myself is forward momentum, so I don't feel regretful about anything at all.

Bonus: Do you regret not having told someone you love them? (Romantic, not familial or friendship love.)
I have loved very, very few people in my life in the romantic sense.  I've read some blogs where the bloggers profess their love for every man they meet - that's not me.  I'm not a person that takes those words lightly - if I didn't mean it, I would never say it.  Neither am I a person that says it often to those that have my love.  Do I regret not saying it?  No. Those that are loved by me should never have any doubts that it's so.  It's there, wrapped up in every word, touch, kindness and deed directed their way. 

Friday, August 10, 2012


There are boobies in the forest,
There are nipples in the trees.
For the maples want more cleavage
and the oaks ignore their pleas
(with apologies to Rush)

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 8/7

What’s The Question?

We have provided the answer, now you provide the question. For example:
Answer (given): 28 marbles.  Question (you the blogger create): How many did she fit in her vagina?

1. Answer: My butt.
Where do I like L to put his rock hard cock?

2. Answer: stiletto black leather pumps
What do I use to raise me up to the correct height to be bent over a table or bed and be fucked by L?

3. Answer: hard and stiff
How does L's cock end up after I suck it?

4. Answer: “By George I think he’s got it!”
What do I say when L's hard cock slips into my ass?

5. Answer: socks
What is one of the three items of clothing that V hates to wear?

6. Answer: hole in the wall
What do I sometimes worry will happen when L's slamming me from behind?

Answer: I hid them there so you wouldn’t find them.
What did I say when L asked why the brush and the crop were stuck in the back of the drawer?

Friday, August 3, 2012


 What do you pack for a hike in the woods with V?  Why rope, of course!  
You never know when you'll come across a tree that you just have to tie her to!

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