Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our HNT #37

L and I spent a very fun evening practicing rope ties with a room full of like-minded folks.



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Monday, July 25, 2011

He said: Rug burn

"I hope I'm not getting rug burn on my cheek." Not really what I was expecting to hear out of V as I held her hips tight and banged her ass. Well I guess I wasn't holding tight enough because she was slowly getting pushed across the room. She had assumed the classic head down, ass up position shortly after I had slid my hard cock into her well lubed ass. In order to make the experience as pleasant as possible for her I had not scrimped on the anal foreplay. First I had used one and then two well lubricated fingers then switched to the bigger of our two butt plugs to make sure she was well relaxed before I went knocking at her back door with my cock.

The night before our picnic lunch I had got V all hot and bothered by telling her how I planned to bend her over and fuck her in the ass. I had packed a mini mischief bag with some lube and condoms for use after we had finished our omelets. V had even picked out a picnic spot where we were unlikely to be disturbed and parked her car in a way that would make it easy for me to bend her over the tailgate of her hatchback. Then the fateful phone call came and I had to return to the office earlier than planned. One can't really say to the boss when he calls asking where you are "In a park eating omelets, I'll be back after I give V a good banging". My boss is an understanding man but not quite that understanding. I could tell V was disappointed. We don't seem to have very good luck with picnics it seems. On another recent picnic, which you may hear about sometime in the future, I received two calls from the office before we even had a chance to get naked. I could tell V was disappointed as she drove me back to the office, even hinting that we could stop for a quickie BJ but I being the dutiful employee put the needs of the company first.

Now you are up to date on the story of how V ended up getting slowly pushed across the room by the ass. One of the issues V and I are always dealing with when we do anal play is lube. The stuff seems to end up everywhere. Here I was cock buried in her ass trying to hang onto her hips with my lube covered hands without much success when I remembered that V had asked me to take a picture of my cock in her ass. I could see the camera lying on the floor and stretched to grab some paper towels to try to delube my hands as much as was practical while still continuing to thrust into V's backside. Some people think rubbing their stomach while they pat their head is difficult that has nothing on wiping lube off hands while banging ass. I took a few pictures and then got back to the task at hand, making V cum. She had slipped our big purple dildo into her pussy and I knew she was close when I heard the thunk of it hitting the ground. She came moaning and I let myself go, pushed in deep and came too.

For putting up with my somewhat erratic publishing schedule I've included a special treat today, one of the pictures I took. If you don't like images of cock in ass then don't even think of clicking here.

She said: Now We're Cooking With Gas, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about our lovely picnic, where we cooked a hot lunch over a camp stove. Fun! We were prepared to extend our lunch well into the afternoon, as L had expressed a rather intense desire to fuck my ass in the park. Everything was going very well and we were just at the point when lunch had been eaten and the cooking items packed up when L's phone rang.

After a brief exchange, including L saying that he had just stepped out to get some lunch, he hung up. L explained to me that when he had left for lunch, his boss had not yet been to the office for the day and he had assumed that he was going to be out for the entire day. Unfortunately, he ended up showing up at the office soon after L left and had been waiting to meet with L about some issue. After waiting a while, he had called to confirm if L was planning to return to the office so that he would know whether to continue to wait around for him or not.

I understood when L thought it would be best if we finished packing up and left. A little disappointed - I'm sure we both were - we did just that. As we drove back through the campground to the main road, I glanced at L and asked, "Straight back to work, then?" He responded regretfully in the affirmative. I had been checking to see if there was any wiggle room in there and if we could at least have pulled off somewhere for a quick blowjob, but it was not to be.

Feeling badly, that night L asked me if I could come see him after work the next day and we could look after our unfinished business. There had been a lot of build-up and anticipation that day and I think we were both feeling rather on edge. I agreed and the next night found me once again meeting L at his workplace. Our usual area was unavailable, so we decided to use a different room in another part of the office - certainly not as comfortable, but at this point, we didn't much care. We set up and I lowered myself onto the blanket and into his arms. After a brief round of kisses, we were both anxious to get busy. L had laid out the lube, condoms, various butt plugs and one of our dildos we like to call Big Purple.

As I sucked on L's cock, he lubed up his fingers and started playing with my ass, then moved to using butt plugs. By the time he was primed and ready to go, so was I. I assumed the doggy position and L slid his cock into my ready ass. In fact, he had done such a good job getting me ready that it was the smoothest and most comfortable start ever. In just a couple strokes, he was in all the way and as he paused, I grabbed Big Purple and decided I would use it in my pussy and we could have a little double penetration action going on. I turned the built-in balls so that they faced the front and wouldn't disturb L. I was already so unbelievably wet that Big Purple just slid right in and it felt amazing to be filled with two big, hard cocks. L started to move, fucking my ass like he meant it. While L drove me, I drove Big Purple and in just a few short minutes, an orgasm rocked my world. The heavy contractions squeezing the hell out of L's cock drove him over the edge and I heard him swear, then moan as he came hard in my ass.

It was only then, as I floated back to earth, that I realized my freaking knees were killing me! They were so painful that I could barely handle taking my weight off of them to get into a more comfortable position. As I looked up, I saw L having the same problem and we started to laugh. We both decided however, that except for the knees, that that was the most fantastic ass-fuck ever. It was certainly worth the wait.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our HNT #36

Short feet, tall feet

Big feet, small feet

At the nude beach having a ball feet!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

She said: Now We're Cooking With Gas

All winter long we had been longing to get back outside and enjoy our lunches in the park and we talked about it often. We had also been talking a lot about camping, with me asking L what it's like and discussing the possibility of going together. One day L suggested that he could bring his camping stove and cook lunch for us at the park once the weather got nicer. I thought that would be great fun and we spent some time thinking about what kinds of things we could make quickly and easily. We've had several lovely picnics in the park already, including a very nice one for L's birthday that you can read about here. This day, we planned to take an extra-long lunch and cook.

I guess L was feeling a bit horny the night before as we discussed the final plans for our lunch the following day over IM, as he suddenly went off topic and sent me a message saying he planned to fuck my ass the next day and insisted I make sure to wear something with easy access. Now, L saying he wanted to fuck me was not at all an unusual thing, however the tone of his comment certainly was - I've told you L is a pretty buttoned-down guy. A little surprised at his vehemence (but ridiculously delighted nonetheless), I agreed. The next morning, I chose a short thigh-length sundress with a deep V in both the front and back and wore only a little black thong underneath. If the flame was lit by L's comments from the night before, then my clothing choice only made those flames burn a little hotter and I hoped it would have the same effect on L. As I moved about getting packed and ready to leave for our lunch date, I became quite aroused as I anticipated how fun our lunch was going to be and imagined how he was going to manage to fuck me in broad daylight at a fairly busy park. For those of you who are newer readers, this was an especially pertinent concern, since the first time we ever went to this park, the park police caught us in a pretty heavy makeout session, which you can read about here.

I picked L up at work. After he transferred over the items he had brought to my car, he climbed in and wordlessly put down a small gift bag on the seat. I smiled as I peeked inside and saw lube and condoms. Yay! He was serious! As we drove through a nearby campground, many of the sites were already occupied with people on walks or eating lunch, as well as a number of people setting up for a soccer tournament scheduled for that weekend. There was plenty of room, but we wanted an area to ourselves which was covered, since it looked like rain. We finally managed to find just the right spot. Trying to think ahead, I did some off-roading and managed to park my hatch-backed vehicle about 30 feet back from and facing the road through the campground and strategically backing on to a thick wooded area. I was thinking he could fuck me bent over the open hatch and that he'd see anyone approaching from the front, be shielded from behind by the woods and also have the car blocking the view of what we were doing from people driving by on the road.

L has a lot of camping experience. Having spent a good part of my life in a third-world country, I am no stranger to rough "make-do" living, but I have never had a North American camping experience. Since I enjoy cooking very much and was truly excited to try the camp stove, I kind of hijacked the cooking detail and I decided to cook omelets. In advance, had I chopped onions, red peppers, mushrooms and ham. I had also prepared the egg mixture to minimize the garbage generated and utensils required. L and I each brought a small frying pan.

L lit the stove for me and I started by sauteing the filling. Once that was ready, I pulled out my own frying pan to start the omelets. I sprayed the pan and added half the egg mixture. When the egg was almost set, I added half the filling and a handful of cheese and folded the omelet over. A few moments longer and I slid it out onto the plate. As I cooked, L lit a mosquito coil to help repel the little buggers from feasting on me. I know I love L bites, but mosquito bites I could do without! As we moved around each other, L took every opportunity to brush against me or sweep his hands up my thigh and under my skirt in passing. I think he wanted to know what I was wearing underneath, but didn't want to spoil the anticipation by asking.

I started on the second omelet and while that one was cooking, I put the plates on the seat part of the picnic table we worked at and dished out some tomato, basil and bocconcini salad I had prepared, making sure to bend way over at the waist as I did so. The cool breeze on my ass told me that he was probably getting a great view. Sliding the second omelet onto the other plate, we shut down the stove and moved to a nearby picnic table under a tree with our drinks to enjoy our lunch. The omelets turned out great and by the time we sat down to eat, I was in a pretty high state of arousal, eagerly waiting to be fucked. As we ate, we talked very little, but shared some sexy looks and he even winked at me. Once we finished our omelets, I went and got our dessert - two cupcakes, one chocolate and one vanilla - and we shared so we each had half of each flavour. I had brought a book to show L and at this point, we perused it together.

Finally, we were done eating. Would he make his move now? I quickly jumped up and started clearing up the plates and cutlery and packing up the items I had used while cooking. I figured we'd get those tasks out of the way and we'd have the rest of the afternoon to spend doing whatever we wanted - and I knew what I wanted. I got everything organized and ready to pack into the car. By this time, L had come over to help. The rear seats of the car had been lowered earlier in the day to create a larger cargo area as I had picked up a large item at the store. I climbed into the back of the car on my hands and knees to raise the seats to their normal position and again my short skirt failed to cover my ass. As I did so, L came up behind me, bringing some of the bags. Would he grab my hips and pull me back to the edge of the hatch? Would he wait until I backed out of the cargo area? I felt like everything was going great...until his phone rang.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our HNT #35

Continuing our theme from last week:

Big feet, small feet!


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Monday, July 11, 2011

She said: Prostate Play

"Come on inside" his text said. I went in and locked the door behind me, stopping to use the washroom before I walked down the long, dark hallway. I hadn't had to wait long outside, but the drive across the city was terrible again. I'm going to have to find another route for the summer!

I put my bags down and helped to get everything set up before undressing and joining him, intertwining my body with his on the blanket. We rubbed our bodies together as we kissed and stroked each other. I used my weight to lean over and push him onto his back. After biting his nipple, he warned me that he was prepared for me this time and with the second bite, he reached for his riding crop and again warned that there would be consequences for bad behaviour. I did end up getting a few swats before I finally worked my way down to his cock. In no time at all he was rock hard and donning a condom.

I moaned as he entered me. His cock is so thick and I can always feel every nuance of movement as I snugly surround him. It feels incredible. I squeezed my vaginal muscles as tightly as I could to enhance the stimulation for him. My legs were spread, bent and raised off the floor, but I wanted to fuck him back and for that I needed leverage. I lowered one foot to the floor, twisted slightly and raised the other leg higher. He groaned and said he felt like he was in me even deeper than before. I raised my ass up off the ground and start fucking him back, matching his every stroke with an opposing one of my own.

After a fair bit of exertion on my part, I began to get tired and I opened my eyes to see L watching me with a big grin on his face. I've seen that grin before.....I'm never quite sure if I just have such a goofy look on my face that it makes him laugh or if he is just pleased that he has sent me into la-la land with his fucking or if indeed it's something else entirely that elicits such a big smile from him. I chose to imagine the "pleased" version and smiled up at him in response, though my eyes could barely focus at that point. They really felt like they were rolling back in my head! He was like the Energizer Bunny that day - he banged on and on - so long, in fact, that we were both sweating considerably by the time he finally succumbed. Focused on fucking him senseless, I was not worried about coming myself, however as he came, he reached down and bit into my right breast several times. The last bite he caught the full flesh between his teeth as he raised his head and pulled. "Harder!" I begged and almost before he could sink his teeth in further, the orgasm hit me. I bucked and moaned, my deep cries echoing in the large room.

I felt completely spent. Exhausted. Sweaty, but sated. We snuggled for a short while and L reminded me that I was supposed to have brought 'something' for him, but he could not remember what it was. I told him that I'd be lucky to remember my name at that point, but then he softly reminded me, as he caressed the emerging bruise from his bite, that it's "Voluptuous Vixen". He sent me for the camera and together we worked out an HNT pose, then it was on to playing with another new toy.

I've been very interested in prostate massage for some time now and have read many, many articles and tutorials on the subject. I am generally very interested in anything that can bring L any more pleasure than I can already give him. L on the other hand, is completely underwhelmed by the idea of having his prostate massaged, though in true L fashion, he is perfectly willing to try - or at least to put up with my interest in it and my attempts to provide him with a pleasurable one. I have tried it a few times with him manually, but my fingers are not long and in most positions, I can feel that I only just brush the edge of his prostate. We did at one point try a position that allowed me access to feel his entire prostate, but L was on edge the whole time and actually didn't like the sensations at all.

So, you might ask, why not just give up? We have a very full sexual repertoire (with more things being added all the time) and have wonderful why continue to pursue something he clearly doesn't care for? The answer to that is that much as L doesn't seem to enjoy it in the least, he has so far been unwilling to give up trying. He uses my previous views on anal as an example - had I been unwilling to be open with him, take a chance and make multiple attempts before we 'got it right', we would not be enjoying that act today. Though I see the similarities in the comparison, I don't think his issues with prostate massage are based in fear and previous experience and I think there comes a time where you just need to accept that there are some things that just don't provide sufficient pleasure to warrant continuing to do them. I do feel, however, that that's his call to make.

Since we hadn't tried using a toy for prostate massage, we decided to choose a prostate massager from EF that we could use to continue to explore. After comparing and reading the reviews, he finally settled on the Silicone P.E. Vibe Royal, a silicone prostate massager with vibrating capability. When we opened the box, I have to admit to being slightly horrified by the size of it and I suspect he felt the same way, since he commented that the next time we're choosing a toy, in addition to just looking at the dimensions and other specs for the toy, we should also make a point of viewing it "actual size", a great feature that EF has on their website. Though I've played with L's ass a number of times using fingers and small dildos, I've never really inserted such a large toy into him and I was a little concerned by how that was going to work out. I'm always afraid that I will not be sufficiently gentle and cause him pain and I could tell L was equally nervous.

Normally when I'm 'driving', I call the shots, but since I knew this was going to be a bit more sensitive than our usual play, I asked L to lie in a way that he felt he'd be most comfortable. I wanted him to be able to relax so that he could focus and try to enjoy the sensations, if indeed he could. He chose to lie on his side with his knees bent. I was glad I had suggested he choose, as that wouldn't have been a position I would have thought of at all. I sat on the floor behind him and while L slipped a condom over the toy, I set up everything else I'd need. There's nothing worse than having to look for something you need with hands full of lube!

I lubed up my fingers and spreading his top cheek away from his butt hole, I gently worked his pucker with lube before slipping a finger in. It has been my experience that L is usually pretty good with fingers, but with toys he clearly finds it very difficult to relax. He told me he was ready to go ahead with the toy, so I lubed it up, gently slipped it into his hole and stopped. I rubbed his back and told him he had to talk to me and he agreed. L's a pretty buttoned up guy and doesn't say much usually, unless it hurts. I wanted him to talk to me throughout the process - I wanted to know he was okay, or feeling a minor discomfort, or wanted me to stop or pull back. Little at a time, I inserted the toy, stopping for a bit after each segment. I had two segments left when L said it started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I changed the angle slightly and he gave me the okay to proceed and finally it was in up to the hilt. He was still very tense, however.

I asked him if he'd like to change positions and he was a bit concerned about doing that, but I promised him that if he just simply rolled from his side onto his back, I would hold the toy in place so that it would neither move any further in nor come out. With my help and encouragement, he very gingerly did so. I have never seen him look so uncomfortable and I don't mean physically so. In an effort to try and get him to relax a bit, I started to chat with him. I explained how, if he were alone, he could manipulate the toy to massage his prostate on his own using muscle contractions. Because I am very compact, I can reach both my pussy and ass just by reaching down between my legs when lying flat on my back. L however, is very tall with a long torso and he pointed out that there would be no way he could reach to insert or hold the toy in his butt from this position. I hadn't thought of that at all and in truth, was kind of surprised to see that it really was so.

After a few minutes, I asked him if he was ready to try the vibrations the toy is capable of. He agreed and I turned it on to the lowest possible vibration. Twisting the base increased the vibrations and I slowly dialled up the vibrations until it was at the maximum, stopping along the way for him to assess different levels. When I asked if he liked the vibrations, he responded thoughtfully that he "didn't not like it". I think for L that means that though it wasn't a bad feeling and even may have been a pleasant feeling, it did not contribute to any sexual feelings. With the vibrations off and the toy still in place, we talked a bit about how it felt, if it could feel better and why he was so tense about it. Something he said gave me the impression that the continued to endure prostate play because he felt I would be disappointed if we didn't continue. I assured him that my enthusiasm for it was solely the result of reading about what it could do for him, rather than any need on my part and that I'd be perfectly content to abandon the idea of prostate play altogether, if he so desired. Though he may yet surprise me by suggesting prostate play again sometime, I also wouldn't find it hard to believe that we won't be trying any more new sex toys for prostate massage!

He said: Sometimes S**t Happens

V has already told you how I gave her a really good banging including the secret technique I use to make V cum, nipple abuse. When she is close to the edge a good tug, twist or bite will usually push her over the edge. This puts an extra burden on me because after the back biting incident I have been very careful not to leave any marks. V failed to mention the recent incident where I thought I had been careful when giving her some lust bites on her boobs. What she ended up with was three or four distinctively bite shaped bruises on her right breast. They weren't very obvious, nothing as bad as the back bite fiasco and luckily V doesn't usually flash her boobs around. These bruises were handily covered by her bra but I was still chagrined. How does one satisfy one woman's desire for biting without leaving any telltale marks?

I digress, back to my story I shall return. One of my pet names for V is Research Girl. Part of her research has included reading up on prostate massage so she suggested we get a prostate massager for review from our friendly purveyors of sex toys extraordinaire EdenFantasys. They shipped us the Silicone P.E. Vibe Royal. When I saw it the first thing I thought was "My, that thing looks big". When the biggest thing you've had stuck in your ass before that was your Dr's. finger when he checked your prostate which was decidedly not so erotic, it can be a bit daunting to insert an big vibrating piece of silicone. V applied sufficient lube and it went in fairly easily, at least the first few bumps. Even with a change of position and running through the range of vibrations that the toy provided didn't really get me that turned on. It didn't hurt but it also really didn't do anything for me.

My plan was to take the toy home and try it out and see if when I used it myself if I might be less tense and find it more erotic. This is where the s**t happens, events conspired to prevent me from bring this plan to fruition, so consider this post an I.O.U. for a proper review of this prostate massager. You of course realize that because I wrote this post I am behind on this week's post. Worry not though V is on time as always and I'll get around to writing my post to go with hers sometime this year, I hope.

Respectfully submitted,
Libidinous Man aka Lazy Blogger Dude

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our HNT #34

Short feet, tall feet......


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Monday, July 4, 2011

He said: V Gets Wheeled

V was hornier than usual when when she arrived at my office that day. A number of events had meant that almost two weeks had passed since she had a good fucking, or actually any fucking at all. I had previously told her that play with our newest sex toys would have to wait until I had released her pent up sexual tension which made her quite happy. Evidently the thought of a good fucking released her inner mischievous child because once we had gotten naked she was very feisty. She was in a very toothsome mood, biting me on the back, the ass the nipple and then she decided to do some ball sucking. I've always been very sensitive about having my balls sucked and V knows it. As I looked at her with my testicle in her mouth I could see the mischievous gleam in her eye. Eventually I got V settled down enough so that I could pin her to the floor with my hard cock and give her the banging she so richly deserved and had waited so long for. I came first but wasn't prepared to stop without getting V to cum too. Turnabout being fair play I first bit V's lower lip while kissing her then I leaned down to suck and bite her left nipple. I knew that V was close and usually a bit of nipple play will put her over the edge. This time was no exception and soon she was moaning in long suppressed ecstasy.

After a short snuggle break we broke out the Wartenberg wheel that we had received from our friends at Eden Fantasys, V had been looking forward to trying out one of these wheels for a few months. Billed as a toy for light BDSM the Wartenberg wheel looks like a small, spiky pizza cutter. We unpacked the wheel and took turns rolling it over each other. It wasn't as prickly as we expected it to be, the biggest reaction I got from V was when I rolled it quite forcefully over her lower back. The wheel didn't leave any significant marks on either of us and felt very similar to the feeling of fingernails. V decided to take it with her to see if she could perhaps sharpen the points. Before we left we used my phone to take a couple of pictures of the wheel applied to both V and my nipples which we used for our HNT last week. Why use my phone? Both of us had been so anxious to break V's sexual fast that we had forgotten to bring our cameras. Time was running short as we packed our new toys into the mischief bag and headed out into the night after another successful assignation.

She said: Some Much Needed Relief

Once again, due to a combination of girly days and lack of opportunity, I had gone more than two weeks without any sex - gasp! We had been together often within those two weeks - seeing each other two or three times each week, attending social events and having lunches together - but unfortunately had little or no privacy for anything but very limited play. A couple times I was able to give L a brief though effective blow job so that he could let off some steam, but except for one very hot encounter during girly days where L gave my ass a seriously amazing workout (the best anal yet - should we write about it? We were undecided - tell us what you think!), I remained frustrated. We had been trying since the previous week every way we could think of to try and organize to get together sooner including contacting each other on the fly when a few hours unexpectedly opened up, but it just wasn't working out. Any plan we came up with to meet earlier was just fraught with too many conflicts or risks for either one or both of us. There was no choice - I just had to wait.

The day finally came and just an hour before I was to leave to go meet him, L sent me an IM warning me that we might end up spending our time together eating shrimp and oysters at our favourite restaurant bar, as a few of his co-workers were talking about hanging around late. I snippily suggested giving them the money to go have shrimps and oysters instead, thereby leaving us alone to have fun! Alternately, I suggested L could invite them to join us. It might have be the one day I could have handled being outnumbered 4:1! I left the house hopeful that regardless of the circumstances, I was going to have sex that day.

Just my luck, I encountered the worst traffic ever on the way there. There's an old joke that Toronto has two seasons....winter and construction. Somehow, after passing my third or fourth construction zone and taking over an hour to get to L instead of the usual 25 minutes, I no longer found that particular joke quite so amusing. I arrived at last and was relieved when L texted me to say that everyone was packing up to leave after all.

Arriving late had its benefits - I didn't wait more than 5 minutes. I met him inside and we set up. Not only did we have the immediate business of getting my considerable itch scratched, but we also had a few things that we needed to discuss in person, some HNT pics to take and a new toy to play with for review. Though I wanted to get all the other stuff out of the way first, L overruled me and said fucking me came first. I was so delighted to be finally getting some that I was in a rather playful, mischievous and naughty mood. I straddled L as he lay on his stomach and started to lick and bite his back as I rubbed my tits all over him. In between the ouches and the mmmms, he reminded me not to leave marks, but it was too late. His fair skin bruises easily and he had no less than five small bite marks in a cluster on his back.

He flipped over - I think so he could keep an eye on me - but I was not concerned. I bit his nipple and he said "ouch!" and complained that I was I nipped the other one and giggled. I licked and bit my way down to his lovely package, laid out ready for me. I passed over the goods and instead, bit the inside of his thighs. He laughed and commented again that I was being very bad. Did I take him in my mouth then? Yes, but not as he expected. I slurped one of his testicles into my mouth and gently sucked and rolled it with my tongue. I've tried to do this before and I know very well that this makes L more than a little uncomfortable - not because he doesn't trust me to be gentle and not hurt him (I hope!!), but because he finds the experience far too sensitive. As soon as I felt him tense up, I gently released him and moved on. I lapped at his sac and licked along his cock, then blew on it before finally taking him into my mouth. L moaned his appreciation as I sucked him. My hands always wander as I suck him, stroking and caressing and sometimes even dragging my nails along his thighs, ass and stomach, however on this day, L gripped both my wrists tightly with his hands and held them captive on either side of him. Only when he was rock hard did he use them to pull me up beside him.

He kissed me then, and as we kissed, I ran my hand down his body and grasped his cock and began to stroke it. His erection really was quite impressive. He broke the kiss and told me to lie back and spread my legs for him. He donned a condom, settled in between my legs and with my guidance slid his cock into my waiting pussy. I moaned - I had been waiting for this.....then he too moaned and said he had missed fucking me. Though I didn't say, I had certainly missed it terribly too. Knowing I badly needed to cum, he took long slow strokes, grinding against my clit. Then he mixed it up a bit...faster harder strokes and slower grindy ones. I was already close to the edge when he came and he reached down and kissed me forcefully several times, then bit my lip, tugging at it as he pulled away. Never losing his rhythm, he bent over and took my nipple between his teeth and sucked and bit and pulled until the pleasure/pain put me over the edge. My pussy convulsed around his cock, throbbing as I experienced the most exquisite orgasm. We stayed that way for a minute, talking softly to each other. He said he could feel me throbbing around his cock and I could feel the girl juice running down my ass, forming a wet puddle on the blanket. We snuggled into our favourite position and quietly stroked and caressed each other while we recovered.

Since time was getting short, we decided to forego a "twofer". We still had HNT pictures to take a new toy to play with and things to talk about. We got up and while he went to get the camera, I made a quick visit to the washroom and then unpacked the toy. I've wanted to play with a Wartenberg Wheel for some time now. Every time we've seen one, I've diligently pointed them out to L and gone on and on about how fun they would be to play with. They seriously look so lethal! As I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with a blindfold. Holding it in my hands for the first time, I was quite disappointed to find that the spikes are not at all sharp and there is very limited sensation as you run it along your skin. No wonder is it categorized as Light BDSM. We took turns using it on each other on various body parts. I was so disappointed with the results, I even asked L if he thought it would work if we used a file to try and sharpen the teeth! We're going to try doing that and see what happens - either the toy will be ruined or we'll be in for some seriously interesting edge play, though we don't seem to be having much luck with our sex toys lately! Oh, the end, we do have a lot of fun testing them out.

Putting the wheel aside, we then took a few minutes for our talk and some HNT pictures before the alarm went off, indicating our time was at an end. We packed up and dressed and after a hug and a kiss, parted to go our separate ways. Feeling much more relaxed than I had been in days, I slept like a log that night. Would it be terrible to admit that I was already wondering when we would be able to be together again?