Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our HNT #42

The sun was shining on this beautiful end of summer day - it was warm, but with a lovely cool breeze. We sat in a lovely, very quiet park, our sleeping bag spread under the shade of a tree on the edge of a wood. We chatted and enjoyed a lunch of....wait for it.... Chinese-style Cajun food. Only in Toronto, folks! The food was yummy, but definitely nothing Cajun about it, except for the name of the franchised fast food place it came from......oh, and the names of the items I chose off the menu - Spicy Bourbon Chicken with rice and beans for L and Cajun Lemon Chicken with Dirty Rice for me (it was more like Szechuan Beef with Onions and Lemon Chicken with Fried Rice). Nonetheless, we enjoyed our lunch and the time spent together.

(I think this is the first HNT picture we've ever taken with clothes on!)


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 8/30

1. What’s the most annoying song in the world?
Squeeze Box by The Who, hands down. Hate it.

2. What’s the saddest song in the world?
Water Moves Me, by Katherine Wheatley. This song isn't exactly sad, but it is a lovely song that really speaks to me. I have always been very drawn to water and it's where I like to go when I need peace and solitude. It's also my refuge when I'm sad or lonely.

3. What’s the sexiest song in the world?
Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. I can't think of any song that could get me in the groove faster. I can't even hear it without wanting to snuggle into my lover, not to mention that the hips start going.....

4. Name a new, to you, band or music artist that you can’t get enough of? Post a link to one of their songs.
I've just discovered Adele (I know I'm slow off the mark, but I just don't have the time to listen to much current music). I've only had a chance to listen to a few tracks so far, but I love her voice. Rolling in the Deep was my introductory song.

5. Have you met any famous musicians?
Yes, I have met several!

6. What song best describes your life?
My life has many aspects to it, so here are a couple that hit the main parts. It's According To You, by Orianthi and Freak on a Leash by Korn at the core, tempered with some Lovers in a Dangerous Time (I like the Barenaked Ladies version) thrown in, then topped off with Three Little Birds by Bob Marley (the part that everyone sees).

7. How important is your partner’s taste in music to you?
I have a very eclectic musical taste, so anything my partner likes is usually not a problem for me. I enjoy sharing music with my partner and really like to be exposed to new (to me) stuff.

8. Do you sing in the shower?
Rarely. I don't usually have much reason to have to use my voice excessively - I'm pretty quiet. This means, however, that my voice is not very powerful. Though I love to sing, I can be rendered voiceless just by a yell, or prolonged talking or singing.

9. What was the last live music show you attended? Did you buy a t-shirt?
I'm not one for concerts - I've only been to a handful in my life. Much like sports, I'd rather participate than watch. I've never bought a shirt.

10. What’s the sweetest song in the world?
Bridge over Troubled Water, by Simon and Garfunkel. I am an extremely independent, strong and organized person that is known for getting things done and I'm the go-to person for many, many people in my life. Unfortunately, nobody seems to notice when I'm overwhelmed or remembers that sometimes I need looking after too. I often think when I hear this song that though I wouldn't need it all the time, I would love to have somebody in my life that could be strong for me sometimes.

11. Can you play a musical instrument? Which one?
Alrighty,'s where I have to really start being cagey with these questions. Yes, I play several musical instruments. I cannot itemize them for you though.

12. Are you in a band or are you a performing solo music artist? If yes, what kind of music do you play?
Yes, I'm in a band. What kind of music do we play? Kick-ass music, that's what!

13. Have you ever dated a musician?
Yes, I have.

14. Are you a groupie? No.
If no, do you wish you were and for what music performing artist or band?
No, I'm not a groupie of any band or musician, nor do I desire to be one. If by groupies you mean 'enthusiastic fans that follow a band around on tours' and not 'young women who follow bands around on tours seeking sex with the musicians', then the band I'm in has groupies - there are several faces that we see in the audience every time we play!

Bonus: Describe your worst, best, strangest, funniest or saddest concert moment.

Crap! I have a great story for this one, but I can't tell it without detonating a mine. Too bad.

Bonus, Bonus: If you listen to the radio, what station and type of music are you tuned to the most?

I rarely listen to the radio, but when I do, I tend to listen to older music - anything from 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

He said: Cleaner Interruptus

It had been a long dry spell for V and I for a number of reasons and because of that we had thrown caution to the wind and had scheduled our first session of back together sex for cleaner night.

We knew time was tight but instead of doing the sane thing which would have been to fuck, dress and go I had insisted that we go for round 2. That's how I ended up scrambling for my pants after pulling out of V's so inviting pussy in mid stroke after hearing the thunk of the door hitting the chair that I had used to block it it. It just wasn't fair, the cleaners were here early and they were depriving V and I of our naughty fun.

I know we had already had a perfectly serviceable fuck along with some dildo play but dammit that wasn't enough. It had been a month and we needed some serious sex time. We had been so lust fogged we hadn't considered the No Tell Motel, which in retrospect would have been a much better plan. Instead I was loading the mischief bag and my underwear into the trunk of my car with a case of half blue balls to deal with. At least V had remembered to give me back the underwear I had forgotten to pick up in the haste of dressing. It would have been difficult to explain the mens underwear in her purse. At least she had time to get her underwear back on. Coming home without a bra might also have resulted in questions better left unanswered.

I guess I shouldn't complain, I did get one dynamite fuck out of the afternoon where we both came but two would have been nicer. Oh well, there will always be another day.

She said: Some Unfinished Business

First I was ill. Then, just barely recovered, I had to travel for work. L's family vacation followed - all on consecutive weeks. We had not been able to have any in-person play time for almost a month. We've twice previously gone as long as two weeks with no play time and both times I was champing at the bit, however this time was a bit different. I guess having been ill, the lingering effects of that illness had reduced my libido. That's not to say that I would have passed on sex had it been available to me - I don't think I've ever said no to sex (well, not to any partner's request, anyway) - just that perhaps it was not as heavily on my mind as it usually is, which in this case was a good thing. I think I would have been climbing the walls waiting for L to get back otherwise! Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to have at least got to spend time together otherwise, having had a few lunch dates and a couple of other events happen during the days in between those times apart.

The day L returned, it was too late in the day to get together, so we arranged to meet the next day after work. I arrived and as is normal, had to wait a bit until the place cleared out. L and I texted while I waited in the car. I had brought a little something for him and had it in my purse. Since I often get so absorbed with our play that I forget to give him things I've brought, I texted him to say "I have a treat for you. Remind me to give it to you, please." He responded, "ok"....then, "I have a cock for you." Laughing, I responded that I wouldn't need a reminder for that. Then I remembered that I had a naughty picture I had set up in my phone to send to him while he was on vacation, before realizing he was going to be unable to be online for the duration. I quickly attached it and texted him back saying "This is what I have for you". He laughed and gave me the all clear - the last guy had just said goodnight.

After a big hug and a kiss, we quickly set up. I reminded L that it was cleaner night as he barred the door. We don't often meet on cleaner night. On a night like tonight when people work late, we then have only a very short window of time together - maybe just over an hour - as we have to also be out by a certain time in order to avoid the cleaners. We got right down to it. We stripped down and I fell into his arms on our blanket. We kissed for quite a while, snuggled together as we were, caressing each other until I slid my hand down between us to grasp his cock.

He was already hard and I stroked and played with him until we could wait no longer. I rolled over on my back and helped him to guide his cock into me. As always, it felt amazing. I had really missed being with him. As good as it felt though, I was having trouble cumming. I think I was trying too hard, so instead, I focused on doing everything I could to put him over the edge. After he came, we continued to play, rubbing his cock along my slit while I stimulated my clit. After a short while, L reached over and grabbed Big Ben and penetrated me, working me with just the tip of the massive dildo. Still struggling to get there, I didn't mind one bit when L started biting my breasts and pinching and pulling my nipples - and when those tactics didn't net their usual result, ever resourceful, he tried something else. Only once had L tried choking me before, when he had wrapped his forearm across my neck from behind.

This time, L surrounded my neck with a single large hand and squeezed slightly. Adjusting the grip of his hand around my neck to finally nestle into the optimal spot, I have to say that my overwhelming feeling was not one of fear or discomfort, but rather the feeling of submitting to him completely - with just the slightest unsettling feeling that my neck was like a straw in his big hands thrown in. I loved it. At this point, very excited by the combination of extra maneuvers to get me there, I was much closer to the edge. L pulled back and while continuing to drive just the tip of Big Ben in to my wanton pussy, he bent over and bit hard on my inner thigh. I stiffened, gasped and within seconds, came explosively.

Both of us worn out from our efforts, we collapsed side by side on the blanket. We were silent for a short while, then started to talk quietly about various things, catching up a bit. We checked the time - we still had 20 minutes left until we would pack up and head out, the cleaners due at least a half hour after that. We'd run into them enough times to want to avoid that again. I suggested to L that we clean up and have the snack I brought, but he had something else in mind - he wanted to go for round two. Of course, I was game!

It took no time at all to get him hard again - he appreciates a great blow job. Impressively hard, he entered me again and it was even better than the first round. Being harder this time, I could distinctly feel his cock rubbing the walls of my pussy and the sensations were amazing. I knew I'd be cumming soon - I was already well on the road to that peak. I moaned and raised my head and shoulders up off the blanket to kiss, stroke and nuzzle him while he continued to aggressively bang me.

"Fuck!", I cried. Not, dear reader, because I had hit that peak I was speeding toward. Nor because he was providing me with so much unbelievable pleasure (though he was) that I was unable to contain myself. No, I cried out because right at that moment, I heard someone trying to come in through the door that L had blocked earlier. We scrambled apart and I dressed with comedic haste (think Benny Hill). In the name of speed, I bypassed all undergarments and stuffed them into a bag. Still hustling around, I rolled up the blanket and jammed it and all our things into the mischief bag and hid it out of the way. In the meanwhile, L was calmly standing tucking in his shirt, doing up his pants and then sat tying his shoelaces. I checked back to see if we missed anything and found one remaining item of evidence - L's underwear abandoned on the ground where we lay moments before. Good - he was as flustered as I was, just doesn't show it. I grabbed them up and added them to the bag with mine, then sat down, trying to collect myself.

L, once fully dressed, went over to the door and unbarred it. Opening the door, there was....nobody. We sat for a few minutes, eating our snack and trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. L started engaging in work activities and we were completely prepared to appear to be a couple of colleagues working late...but the cleaners did not return. They must have realized (having come across us before) what was going on and had left and gone into the other office area to work there first, giving us a chance to clear out. I asked L if I could get out to use the washroom. It was very uncomfortable being completely soaked with no underwear on to prevent my juices from running down my thighs, but also I could not go home without my bra would be patently obvious and difficult to explain!

He checked and gave me the all clear and I slipped out and got cleaned up and put back together. L stuck his head in to tell me to meet him outside and he went out to his car. I followed moments after, seeing nobody, but hearing the vacuum running behind the closed door to the office area. I slipped out and went over to L's car. I kissed him goodbye and started to head for my car. He chuckled and asked me if I hadn't forgotten something. I had indeed! I reached into my bag and pulled out his underpants and passed them to him with a grin. I could have explained being braless somehow, but I don't think I could have come up with a good excuse for another man's underwear in my bag! Ever since that interrupted round, I have been incredibly horny and I have to say that I can't wait to be with him again. The way I see it, we have some unfinished business to attend to!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our HNT #41

Since you liked last week's HNT so much with L's glow-in-the-dark rope

we thought you might also like to see the marks his rope left behind.



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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 8/23

1. When you go to a party, would you rather show up accidentally underdressed or overdressed?

I tend to wear very simple clothing and dress them up or down with accessories, so I can't imagine finding myself in this situation, as it can always be easily remedied. That being said, I think I'd feel more comfortable overdressed than underdressed.

2. What is something you have won and how did you win it? (Inspired by the An Optimistic Virgin)

I won a very large prize from a radio station once by answering a trivia question.

3. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, end, or top?

When it's new and fat, I squeeze from the middle, but once the tube is less full, I will move all the toothpaste to the top of the tube and then always squeeze from the bottom until it's all gone. I have my own toothpaste tube and don't have to share, but I wouldn't be at all bothered if I was sharing and the other person had a different approach.

4. What is something your parents used to say to you that you promised yourself you would never say–but now you catch yourself saying frequently?

In my culture, there are a million proverbs continually being thrown at you every day to illustrate the negative results of not listening, not obeying your parents, not being patient, being rude, etc. While I can't say that I repeat them now (while I do approach parenthood from the stricter side of the fence, I've always taken great care to not stifle and restrict my children with anywhere near as much fervour as my parents did me), I can say that they do sometimes pop into my head at certain times. It's interesting how age and experience have given me a different insight into what the words actually mean, though. Maybe these same sayings, delivered in heavily accented English, have something to do with my love for words today!

5. What 3 lies did you regularly tell your parents? If applicable, what 3 lies do you tell your parents now?

My parents were/are ridiculously strict. Even at my age now - a grown woman with grown kids - they treat me like I'm a recalcitrant teenager. I am forced to lie about my whereabouts, my plans and my situation (everything's fine, Mom!) with regularity.

6. What is something that you intended to do today but didn’t? Why not? Will you do it tomorrow?

I am super-organized and rarely do not accomplish tasks that I set out for myself within the imposed timeline. As a result, I did everything I set out to do today!

7. What is something that people do in traffic that really bothers you? (inspired by My Quest To Be A Good Girl)

It really bothers me when people honk their horns at other drivers. I find it rude and discourteous. On the very rare occasion that I've used my horn, it's always been to get the attention of another driver that's about to hit me or someone else.

8. Whose autographs have you collected? (You can stop at five, in case you’re an autograph hound or celebrity stalker).

I have met a number of famous people, but have never felt the need to request an autograph.

Bonus: Where do you go to find solitude, tranquility or connection to a higher power?

I don't need to be anywhere special to commune with a higher power, though I prefer to do so when it's quiet and without distractions. As far as seeking solitude and tranquility, I do so frequently - I couldn't cope with my life as it is if I didn't. Interestingly, the places that I would go to seek solitude and tranquility are the same places that also make me think of L - quietly walking, sitting or lying surrounded by the smells, sights and sounds of nature. Certainly there is a great sense of peace in those suroundings, made even more special by being able to share it in a totally comfortable way with someone else.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

She said: All By Myself

L is away on a family vacation. It is one of those rare occasions where he is completely out of touch until he returns. Instead of sticking with our regular he said/she said format this week, we decided that L could take a pass this week and not post and I would write something of my choosing. So...what to write about? I thought that since I love to cook, I could post my new recipe for gougère, but while that would be very yummy, it wouldn't be terribly sexy, not to mention that L would probably have a cow if I published a recipe in here. My next thought was to write up a story about one of our encounters, but without L publishing his half, that kind of sucks some of the fun out of that for me - it just doesn't seem right to publish without him. In fact, I won't even open the boxes from Eden Fantasys on my own - much like telling the stories of our encounters, it's so much more fun to do it together.

Speaking of Eden Fantasys, L was very thoughtful and gave me a couple toys to bring home to play with while he's away. I have very little privacy at home and have been half out of my mind with worry hoping that nobody finds them where I stashed them. I finally had the opportunity to check out that stash yesterday. I knew there was a dildo there (Big Ben), but I wasn't sure what else he had chosen for me. Turns out that the other item was the Rocks Off-120 mm bullet vibrator that needs to be reviewed for Eden Fantasys. When I saw that, I had a "eureka" moment...I'd play with the vibrator and write up the review as my post this week!

I've never played with sex toys completely on my own before. In fact, I've only ever played with toys together with L - mostly dildos, vibrators and anal plugs, but a few other things as well. Even on my recent business trip, I had L "there" with me via webcam, watching and cheering me on. I find they can really enhance and add another dimension to our play and I think I speak for us both when I say that we really do enjoy them. We had originally chosen this bullet vibe to use with Big Ben, which has a hole in the base to accommodate a bullet vibrator, however this vibe turned out to be far too large for that purpose - we really have to start using that 'View Actual Size' feature on the website - seems everything we've opened lately has been inordinately larger than expected!

I opened the package and removed the small disk that divided the battery contacts. It took me a couple seconds to figure out that twisting the cap turned it on/off, and engaged a very low vibration, but that the four additional speeds - which I'm going to call medium, high, extra-high and pulse - were run by toggling through the push button on the cap. One good thing right away was that the vibrator was pretty quiet. I was afraid of attracting attention if I used it in my room after bedtime - the last thing I'd need was someone knocking on my door to enquire why I would choose to use the hair trimmer (or whatever else they thought it sounded like) at midnight! Even though it was quite quiet, I chose to use it during the day and even then, only when I was (finally!) alone in the house for a short while, as a precaution.

The vibration felt quite strong even on the lowest level, so I first tried it through my clothing. Yeah, this was going to work like a charm. I stripped from the waist down and lay back in my bed. Comfortable, I started cycling the vibrator through the different levels, just to gauge the feel of them. I found the high and extra-high levels too intense, at least to start with. As I moved the vibe back to the lowest level and ran it lengthwise along my slit, I was taken back to a memory with L - how he will sometimes slot his cock in in the same way and slide it along me, the head of his penis rubbing over my clit with every stroke. It felt amazingly good! Switching it up a bit, I penetrated myself with the vibrator. It is not at all long or girthy, but it certainly made for an interesting sensation as I rested it on my pubic bone.

I moved the vibrator back to the previous position and jacked up the vibration....then again....and again, scrolling through the different speeds gradually....and by the time I got to pulse mode, I was pulsing myself, cumming rather intensely. I had to remove the vibrator right away, though - I was far too sensitive to leave it in place, regardless of the setting. Turning it off, I lay there catching my breath. Wow. I just wanted to curl up and sleep after such a hard orgasm, but unfortunately there was dinner to cook and other things to be done. One of L's favourite edicts came to mind - "suck it up, Princess". I smiled as I went and got myself cleaned up and resumed my day. Only a few more sleeps until L will be back - we are overdue for some fun and I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our HNT #40

I was wandering around at the hardware store recently and couldn't resist

buying some rope for L....but not just any rope....this was special rope.

*click* to see what this special rope can do


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Monday, August 15, 2011

She said: L To The Rescue!

It was a Tuesday night. I was alone in a hotel room for the second night in a row, horny as hell....and L was more than a thousand miles away back home. Travelling on business alone sucks - unfortunately L had some work commitments of his own and had been unable to join me.

Thank goodness for IM! I fired up my laptop and logged into my IM client to see if L was online. He was and I pinged him and we started to talk. The conversation flowed around until I finally told him how horny I was. He encouraged me to play with our new toy, Big Ben, that he had given to me out of our mischief bag to take with me on the trip. That's L's name for our new dildo, by the way - it's huge, veiny and has a hole in the bottom to accommodate a small bullet vibrator.

Sex toys are new to me - I've told you I've led a sheltered life - I guess you could also consider me a late bloomer, in a way. Although I've had lots of thoughts and feelings - even from a fairly young age - about sexual things I'd like to try, I've never had the outlet to do so. Trust me, though there haven't been that many, every single partner I've ever had would be horrified by some of the things L and I do! Until I met L, I had never even so much as tried a vibrator. Old habits die hard, so when I'm horny, I don't think to reach for vibrators or dildos, I just arrange to go visit L. I brought Big Ben with me as L had instructed me to, but I hadn't even opened the package, instead choosing to try and ignore my horniness for as long as possible, holding out until I could see him again.

L knows me too well, though. He knew that I probably wouldn't use Big Ben on my own, so he made a suggestion that was too good to pass up. He suggested that we could connect via webcam and "play" a little that way. Having never done that before either, I was a bit intrigued. I agreed and we spent several minutes working out how to connect and ended up switching clients in order to get things going. When I saw his face pop up I'm sure I was grinning from ear to ear.

I felt oddly self-conscious. Why? I'm not sure. L has literally been over every inch of my body and I'd think nothing of sitting in front of him the same way in person, yet still I felt kind of embarrassed and shy on the webcam - perhaps because I could see myself on the screen also. Forcing myself to push that aside, I stripped off my clothes and threw a condom over Big Ben. L also got rid of his clothes and there we sat, naked and facing each other. I smiled at him and he smiled back and I held up Big Ben to show him. Tilting the monitor so that L could watch, I rubbed the head of it back and forth over my slit before slowly penetrated my body with the massive dildo - and it was massive! Very thick and longer than I could take, as it happens. When I got to the point where I could go no further comfortably, there was still a good two inches of cock left! I experimented with that for a bit and after deciding I really could go no further, I looked up and said, "I can't take any more." L said, "That's okay, you don't have to take it all. Fuck yourself for me."

I starting sliding the cock in and out of me. While doing that, I watched the screen with rapt attention, watching L watching me work Big Ben while he stroked his hard cock. I'd never seen a man masturbate before and I was very aroused by it. Eyes half closed, I imagined that the dildo was L's cock, taking long, slow strokes, then harder, shorter ones as he fucked me. I rested the heel of my hand on my clit and applied pressure as my fingers worked to maneuver the giant cock, trying to angle it to stimulate my g-spot at the same time. While I work the cock and it stretched me to my limits, I was mesmerized by L's cock. It looked hard as a rock and the lovely curve was more pronounced. I so badly wished I could take it in my mouth and suck him until he shot his load down my throat, but I'd have to wait for another day for that.

L said he was close and I picked up the pace a bit, one hand on my clit and the other working the cock. Seriously turned on, I could feel the pressure building and I stared at L's cock, silently but intently willing him to cum; I wanted to see that so badly. Moments later, cum started oozing out of his cock, sliding down the length of him. Several more spurts followed. At that point, an orgasm raced through me as I came too.

We cleaned up and settled down to continue our chat, killing the webcam connection - nice as it would have been to continue our chat face to face, it's a bit risky for L and definitely not something I would have been able to do from home. He kept me company until bedtime. I'd be back home the following day and we made plans for our next assignation before signing off for the night. I was looking forward to it.

He Said: Hotel Sex, Virtually

V was out of town on business but through devious planning on my part she had "Big Ben" the newest of our selections of dildos that we have received from the friendly sex toys vendor Eden Fantasys. Not having used the handy dandy ""see it in real size"" feature of the Eden Fantasy's website both of us were surprised at the size of the dildo when it arrived, hence the nickname "Big Ben".

As V and I IM'd and she told me how horny she was I suggested we video chat and she give "Big Ben" a test drive. After we got the technical details worked out I was greeted with a view of V's bare pussy. It looked so yummy I almost wanted to lick my laptop screen. As part of the deal I had stripped down, covered myself with a towel and was playing with my cock for V. So began my first video assisted cyber sex session. I watched as V slowly worked the dildo into her pussy and imagined it was my cock slipping into her as I stroked. Though not as good as being there it was better than the solitary masturbation experience.

As V worked more of the monster toy into her pussy I got harder and harder. As V started to work it back and forth she started to make the noises I've heard many times before. She couldn't fit the whole thing in so there was still a few inches of the silicone monster exposed as she worked it faster. As she sped up her thrusting I sped up my stroking. I told V what a naughty girl she was for playing with the big veiny toy on webcam. V may have led a sheltered life but there is lots of naughty bottled up in her and talking about it makes her even hotter. Webcams don't give the best view but I was watching intently to see if I could see her squirt when she came but then I felt my own orgasm approaching. I told V to watch closely as the cum began to ooze out of my cock, a bit more stimulation - physical from me, aural and visual from V - and then my cum spurted in the air. That was what it took to push V over the edge as she came too.

I cleaned up and V and I chatted for a few more minutes before we signed off for the night, satiated for now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our HNT #39

We ordered a fun play item online and due to an unfortunate mixup, our paid order went astray. As a result, when everything was straighted out, they sent us our original item, plus these cute threaded and beaded clothes pins as an extra treat. We enjoyed trying them out!

*click* to pull them off......

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

L's Naughty pic of the week.

V and I take lots of pictures that we can't use for HNT because of self imposed rule that we both need to be in the picture in some way. We've decided that we will post some of these pics that aren't really HNT appropriate for you to see because we've noticed that visitors really appreciate our pictures.

Recently SlipperyWhnWhet posted a very nice pic of a cane mark on her Tumbler which inspired me to get out my own crop and try to reproduce the effect on V's backside. The fruit of my labours can be seen below.

TMI Tuesday 8/9

Her: I saw you flirting with her. Cheater!
Him: It’s not cheating if we don’t have intercourse.

Here we are, my first kick at the can for TMI Tuesday.
Interesting questions - here goes!

1. You have been separated from your significant other for six months. An attractive, attentive neighbor has paid you flattering attention. It is obvious he/she wishes to take the relationship further. Do you:
a. Dismiss him/her, you’re in a committed relationship.
b. Continue to flirt, but go no further.
c. Fantasize about him/her, but take care of your sexual needs solo.
d. Let the affair become physical.
My answer here depends on what "separated" means. If my husband were also attractive and attentive and all was right in our world, but he just away on business for 6 months, then the answer would be (a). If by "separated" you mean that we are on our way to divorce, then I'd consider myself free to do as I please and the answer is slightly different. In spite of that, my answer would probably be (b) or (c). I don't want to have an affair with a neighbour - way too close for comfort.

2. A male co-worker whom you have heard is great in bed and very well endowed has been flirting with you a lot. He obviously wishes to start a relationship. Do you:
(This question is for women AND men).
a. Make it clear to him you’re not interested.
b. Flirt with him but go no further
c. Mentally undress him and wonder what he’d be like in bed.
d. Let the relationship become sexual.

Simple. It's work - same as above - way too close for comfort. I'd probably choose (a). This, however would not preclude (c).

3. Your significant other is impotent most of the time, showing little interest in you and little interest in being sexual. Do you:
a. Resign yourself to no sex.
b. Satisfy your needs with masturbation
c. Find someone who can satisfy you sexually but remain with your significant other
d. Leave him or her

Unable? Or unwilling? As it happens, I have quite a bit of experience with this one! I started with (a) with a little bit of (b) thrown in (okay..a lot of (b))...but then when after YEARS (b) wasn't enough, I moved to (c) and met L, my lover. Working on (d).

4. The last time you and your mate had sex, were you:
a. Concentrating mostly on him/her, and you didn’t even orgasm
b. Thinking about your pleasure and theirs.
c. Concentrating mainly on your own pleasure.
d. Used his/her body as a tool to reach your own orgasm.

I like to think I'm a very generous sexually with my lover. I believe (a) applies - I often start out focused solely on him - the thing is, I get so much pleasure from pleasuring him, I often end up having an orgasm anyway. Sometimes (b) applies too.

5. What kind of partner do you prefer while making love or having sex?
a. Tender, loving, slow and sweeet
b. I don’t care, just do me; it’s been a while
c. Tough, take-charge, I like it a little rough
d. Any lovin’ is good lovin’

There's something to be said for each of these options - times I can think of where each would have its merits. All thing being equal, however, my favourite is going to be (c) with a little (a) thrown in once in a while.

Bonus: Do you mind if your significant other ogles/checks out another sexy person? What if they comment on that person, do you mind that?

I have no issue with ogling or comments - in fact I've been known to point out sexy women to him and start the dialogue myself. I'm not generally a jealous person, especially if my partner has made it clear that they are committed to me.

Bonus, Bonus: What are your thoughts on the TMI Tuesday image above and the caption beneath it?

I agree with the statement - flirting is NOT cheating. I am flirty, but I am also quite shy, so I am not so overt with my flirtiness, unless I've been drinking. My lover is a very flirty man and often when we are out, he will spend time chatting up other women - it doesn't mean he's going to go home with them or sleep with them and it doesn't bother me at all. Nobody else has the capacity to dictate how you feel about something - jealousy is all about how you yourself deal with what's going on around you.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

He said: The Boss's Office or Ride Him Cowgirl

It was cleaner night, time was of the essence and one of my coworkers was working late. We could do the blow job in the car bit but girlie days were fast approaching and if I didn't fuck V this day it would be 4 or 5 days before she could get her fill of L man meat. What to do, what to do? Killing two birds with one stone, the boss's office has a lock and it would be sweet revenge to bang on the floor in his office to get back at him for all the imagined injustices of the past few years.

We had to be quick. I snuck V in, arranged the blanket on the floor while she closed the blinds then we stripped off our clothes. V ever the resourceful one made it her mission to get me prepared as quickly as was practical. After a few perfunctory kisses I laid on my back and she worked her lips down my body to my cock and sucked me until I was rock hard. I had decided that V was going to ride me like the good cowgirl she is this particular day. Condom on and she mounted up. We were soon at a canter but I decided to let her take the reigns and soon she was bouncing up and down at a full gallop. When she was getting close I decided to put the spurs to her, grabbed her nipples and pulled hard. Her nostrils flared and she whooshed and came. The squeezing of her muscles as she came pushed me over the edge. Like any good cowgirl she knew that it was essential to wipe down her ride afterwards. Her mount appreciated how tender and thorough she was as he relaxed and nickered his approval. Sadly it was time to gather up the tack and hit the O so happy trail.

Bet you didn't think this was going to end up as a Western, I must be a literary genius based on my ability to squeeze in so many horse metaphors.

She said: Plan C

We've had comments in the past expressing amazement at how often we are able to get together. Though the fact is that getting together can sometimes be an intricate dance for us, it's one we've become quite adept at and we usually manage to see each other at least twice most weeks. Lunches are fairly easy - there's nobody keeping tabs on either of us, except perhaps the boss, but we both have a lot of flexibility there. Evenings after work are often possible and though there are two evenings that work particularly well for us both and allow for a longer time together, we are always careful to mix it up and not meet on the same nights every week. This means that by necessity sometimes our visits can be relatively short. We also go out to social events in the evenings from time to time - most times we are 'together' but there are other times we are both there, but not 'together' - and those can sometimes be even trickier to organize. Once we get by all of these hurdles, then we are still not home-free. Add to that mix traffic that can eat into our alone time, girly days and co-workers that like to work late and sometimes I have to feel thankful that we get to spend any time together at all!

The old adage of "where there's a will, there's a way" certainly applies to us, however. This night, Mr. I'mworkinglatetoday posed a bit of an unusual challenge we hadn't run into before. Mr. I'mworkinglatetoday has key-card access to our usual area, as this is where he normally works during the day - as well as when he stays late. Just our luck, this night he was working late, but in the regular office area. This meant that not only would our usual area be risky (having already been caught half-naked by one of L's co-workers, I had no desire for a repeat performance), but it also eliminated our usual Plan B - L's office. It was one of the short nights I mentioned above - we needed to be out before the cleaners arrived - so time was very limited, and we were both very aware of the clock ticking as we were deciding what to do when L came up with Plan C.

We went into the secured area, but instead of heading to our usual spot, we headed down a different hallway to another office - belonging to L's boss. With someone else having access to surprise us, this office had two benefits that our usual spot did was closer to the access door, so we'd hear the buzz of the key-card right away if someone was entering the area, but still have sufficient time to react and also the office door had a lock, where our usual area does not. We went in and closed and locked the door. I lowered and closed all the blinds in the big, bright corner office while L moved a meeting table to one side and spread our blanket on the floor. As I lay down beside him, L asked again if I was okay with the location, but I was fine with it. In fact, I mentioned how deliciously naughty it felt to fuck in his boss's office. He laughed and asked me if it didn't feel naughty fucking in his office. Of course, it did!

L set his alarm and then took me in his arms and kissed me. Our hands caressed each other as we kissed. I rolled up onto my knees and kissed my way down his body, stopping to lick his nipples and grazing my teeth and running my tongue along his chest and stomach. No time for subtlety, I took his cock in my mouth and he groaned as I licked and sucked him to an impressive state as quickly as possible. L wanted me on top today, so I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock.

Filled to the hilt, I started to move. It felt wonderful. Girly days were close, so not only was I extra horny, I was also extra sensitive and every movement seemed to hit all the right spots both internally and externally. I tried to mix it up - long, slow strokes, followed by shorter, faster ones - and it wasn't long before I had "that feeling" bubbling inside of me. "I'm close, baby" I whispered. He moved his hands to cover my breasts and pinched my nipples as his hands bore the weight of them, putting me over the edge. Several things happened at once now - a very powerful orgasm hit me - I could feel the intense contractions of my pussy squeezing his cock buried deep inside me. Simultaneously, I felt a sudden gush of wetness from where we were joined and L, with his eyes shut and head back, said, "I'm cumming, too!"

Tired, I lay on L's chest for a few moments, my pussy still convulsing around his cock from time to time. I could feel the wetness on my bottom and in his pubic hair and was silently glad that I had happened to bring a box of wipes that day to add to our mischief bag. Mostly recovered, I lifted myself off of L, to a bit of a surprise. Not only had I gushed all over L, but also there was also evidence that girly days were well and truly here!

Fortunately, L and I have talked about this eventuality before. Although he had assured me numerous times that it would not bother him in the least, he has always respected my hesitation to engage in sex so close to (or even during) girly days, as it is rooted in a bad past experience for me. Something very much the same happened to me unexpectedly once in my early days of marriage and to say that the reaction was 'very negative' would be a gross understatement of what actually happened. I truly never want to go through a demeaning experience like that again.

Thankfully, L really is made of sterner stuff and is always true to his word, so I trusted that he wouldn't mind and decided not to be too worried about it myself. Realizing by my mutterings what had happened and thinking I'd be mortified, he lay back with his eyes closed, as I busied myself opening the new package of wipes. Finally getting it going, I removed the condom from him and using multiple wipes, cleaned him thoroughly (okay, maybe a little more than was necessary - he seemed to be enjoying it!) before taking off to the bathroom to look after myself. By the time we were ready to leave, Mr. I'mworkinglatetoday had gone for the day and we had a few scant minutes before the cleaners were due. L walked me to my car and hugged and kissed me. Goodbye, until next time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our HNT #38

This picture brings back memories of a fun day. We were messing around with the camera and after taking a number of pictures, we came up with the idea for this "hand bra" shot. L took the first shot (shown below), previewed the picture and pronounced that there was "too much squeeze". Laughing, we set up for a second shot and came up with the previously posted version that some of you may remember (see it here).

We've had some struggles this week and weren't able to get a picture for this week's HNT, so we had to resort to going through our "rejects" to choose one to use, and this is what we came up with. Enjoy!

Too much squeeze?


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Monday, August 1, 2011

She said: The Naked Lunch

Some time ago, we saw an ad inviting people to an event at the "clothing optional" beach. That's where the idea came from. Always up for trying something new, we thought it might be fun to go to that beach on our own. Since this beach is on an island in the lake, we checked out the ferry schedules, thought about how we could make it work and one day weeks later, we packed up and headed down to board the ferry for our beach outing.

We bought our tickets for the boat, took the short ferry ride and disembarked at the other end, where we had a 1 km walk to the beach. We set up a beach umbrella, spread our blanket and plopped down - fully clothed - to take stock and look around. There were lots of people on the beach, both male and female, however there were many, many more naked men than women. Also, many of the naked men seemed to be paired up - not surprising though, since I had read that that beach is a common gathering place for gay men.

L took off his shirt and I removed my jeans and t-shirt, he down to his shorts and me stripped down to the bathing suit I wore underneath. After spraying him thoroughly with sunscreen, we ate lunch and relaxed and chatted and had a great time. Soon after lunch, L unbuckled his belt and started to remove his shorts and underwear. I said, "Look at you, getting all naked!" Inspired, just a few minutes later I pulled down the top half of my bathing suit, tucking it into the bottom half and went topless.

A young couple planted nearby were quite amusing. She wore a bikini and he a g-string and they strutted around their beach blanket acting like porn stars. He stood well back from their blanket and every move she made, he commented on how great that would look (on film, we assumed) as he lined up the shots between his spread fingers. They loudly discussed her lack of tan lines and he begged her to go into the tanning bed with her bathing suit on next time because he wanted to be able to see the tan lines in the shoot. She constantly moved between standing and lying down, posing and moving in such a way as to be contrived while he uttered cries of "Yes!" and "That's it!". He moved toward her from time to time, running his hands down her thighs or arms or whatever, and when she re-applied suntan lotion for him, she made a big show of running her fingers up and down the crack of his ass as she glanced around to see who was watching.

Fortunately, we had to leave before "amusing" slipped into "annoying" (but we only just made it, trust me!). We didn't get to spend too long on the beach - it took us an hour to get there and would take us another hour to get back, plus we had to work within the confines of the ferry schedules. Though we had a great time, we agreed to look upon our trip that day as a dry run and decided to return another time, better prepared and more aware of timing and expectations. Several days later, L asked me if I'd like to go back to the beach again in a couple of days time. I agreed and we immediately looked at ferry schedules, what times we could get out, how long we could stay out, etc. and worked out a plan. This time we brought a bit more stuff with us and were more confident about timing and so on.

The beach was much more crowded this time, but we managed to find a good spot and set up our umbrella and blanket. I once again wore a bathing suit, but this time with a pair of shorts and a cover up over it. The cover up was essentially a completely sheer sleeveless shell that was just a bit long to be called a top, but yet too short to be called a dress. It was scorching hot that day and after sitting for a few minutes, I decided it was too hot for all these clothes. I was going to remove my cover up and shorts and strip down to my bathing suit as I had the previous week, but then thought that I'd make the first move this time and be cooler (temperature-wise, of course!) - and a little more daring - by removing everything except my sheer cover up instead! Bathing suit and shorts discarded, I lay back on the blanket. L mentioned needing some sunscreen and I happily offered to apply it, starting with his back.

Lotion this time instead of spray, I squeezed the sunscreen out onto one hand, rubbed them together and then massaged it into his back. As I sat on my bottom with legs to one side of L, it was very uncomfortable and difficult to reach all of him, so I pulled one leg in to my chest and moved it to the other side of him so that he was seated between my legs, allowing me better balance and ability to lean forward to reach all of him. Adding some more sunscreen, I finished his back, making sure I didn't miss any spots, then did both his arms. He then turned around to face me and I did his neck and chest. Since it was girly days, I made a joke about not being able to get naked, as I'd still have my string and he looked down between my open legs to catch a peek of my bare pussy and to see if he could, indeed, see the string. He could.

I finished up and we lay on the blanket - me on my back and L on his side facing me, relaxing in the shade of the umbrella. L reached over and started undoing the top button of my cover up, then moved to undo the next one. Though I did not react outwardly, my mind was racing - was he going to undo them all? That would leave me naked and exposed. I was just thinking about if I'd be ready or comfortable with that when he stopped. I told him I thought he was going to undo them all and he said he only wanted to undo a couple, because I looked too buttoned-up and formal for the beach. Soon after, I sat up and L decided to remove his shorts and underwear around the same time. As he did so, I also removed my cover up. Making sure he also got some sunscreen on his nether regions, we then both sat naked on the blanket enjoying the gorgeous day.

There were lots more naked people on the beach that day than the previous week, including many women. Men of all ages, shapes and sizes paraded up and down the beach. Gentlemen, if you are ever feeling inadequate about your penis size, you should definitely make a trip to the nude beach. I turned to L at one point and told him I had never seen so many men with tiny penises in my life! Of course, they were all - well almost all, anyway - flaccid. Though nearly all of the penises I've seen have been attached to people in porn movies and therefore not the best indicator of "average", I do know from past experiences that in real life, not only do some small flaccid penises have the potential to be way better than adequate once appropriately engorged, I also know that some penises that are impressive-looking when flaccid don't get much larger than that when hard. It is my personal opinion that skill far outweighs size in the bedroom - nonetheless most men seem to be obsessed with how they measure up (hehehe). A visit to a nude beach gives you a pretty good idea of what most guys are packing and it might be of great help to the many men who for whatever reason feel inadequate in that department.

Having brought quite an array of food, throughout the afternoon we munched on fruit, vegetables, wraps and other snacks. As the sun moved, we adjusted our blanket under the umbrella so that we remained largely in the shade, though toward the end, I decided to stay in the sun for a while and we arranged the blanket so that half was in the sun and L could remain on the other half in the shade - unfortunately, the sun and L are not good friends! After a while on my back and then on my front, I was very hot and we decided to take a quick dip in the water to cool off. I am very self-conscious about my body, so while it was one thing to sunbathe naked on our blanket, it was quite another to walk around that way, so I pulled my bathing suit back on before taking L's hand to walk down to the water. The water was cool and refreshing on my overheated body. As I walked out up to my knees and turned, I realized L wasn't enjoying the cold water as much as I was. I encouraged him to come in further and I immersed my whole body. Continuing to coax him, we were both eventually completely covered, out far enough that L was standing on the bottom with just his head above water while I bobbed, floating beside him.
I put my hand on his back and realized his skin was covered in sand, stuck to the sunscreen I had rubbed on him earlier. As I floated behind him, I ran my hands up and down his back, then all over his body in the water to loosen the sand until I could feel no more grit. When I reached around his body and made sure there was none on his cock, he called me naughty. I did try not to be too naughty...I didn't want poor L to have to walk out of the cold water with a hard on! We stayed in the water for longer than intended and when I was finally shivering with the cold, L suggested we get out. He dried off in the hot sun quite quickly and as he sat dry on the blanket, he mocked me for wearing my swimsuit as I stood beside him on the sand trying to drip dry. Our (naked) neighbour on the next towel started a conversation with us and by the time we finished chatting we checked the time and realized it was later than we thought. We quickly got dressed and packed up - we were running late to catch the ferry back. I told L I had to pee, but would wait to use the washroom at the ferry docks, just to be sure that we had time to do so.

Agreeable, L started out. I tend to walk fast, but I have a much smaller stride than L, so it was quite an amusing walk. Normally he shortens his strides for me, so it's easy for me to keep up, but being in a hurry this time, L walked at what was an easy full-strided pace for him, while I fell behind constantly. Every time he got ahead by about 10 feet, I'd jog it out to catch up with him - not easy when you have to pee! So it went for the entire walk back to the ferry. L offered a couple times to stop on the way back so I could pee, but I knew that that 5 minute break would cost us over 30 minutes if we missed the ferry and I was pretty sure I could wait, so on we went. As it happens, we barely arrived in time and just made it on board as they pulled up the ramp behind us.

The ferry docked in the city and we started heading to the car. L again offered to wait while I found a public bathroom somewhere, but I said I was okay and we hurried to pack up the car and head out. We drove back to the mall where we had met earlier and he transferred his stuff back to his car. L asked me if I had fun - I certainly had! With a hug and a kiss, we parted. When I got home, I parked, grabbed all my bags out of the car and made a beeline inside for the bathroom. I was sunkissed and windswept and sandy and after (finally!) getting a chance to pee, I took a lovely cool shower and changed into some light clothing. I saw after that it had gone as high as 43C (109F) - a very hot day in more ways than one!