Monday, August 29, 2011

She said: Some Unfinished Business

First I was ill. Then, just barely recovered, I had to travel for work. L's family vacation followed - all on consecutive weeks. We had not been able to have any in-person play time for almost a month. We've twice previously gone as long as two weeks with no play time and both times I was champing at the bit, however this time was a bit different. I guess having been ill, the lingering effects of that illness had reduced my libido. That's not to say that I would have passed on sex had it been available to me - I don't think I've ever said no to sex (well, not to any partner's request, anyway) - just that perhaps it was not as heavily on my mind as it usually is, which in this case was a good thing. I think I would have been climbing the walls waiting for L to get back otherwise! Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to have at least got to spend time together otherwise, having had a few lunch dates and a couple of other events happen during the days in between those times apart.

The day L returned, it was too late in the day to get together, so we arranged to meet the next day after work. I arrived and as is normal, had to wait a bit until the place cleared out. L and I texted while I waited in the car. I had brought a little something for him and had it in my purse. Since I often get so absorbed with our play that I forget to give him things I've brought, I texted him to say "I have a treat for you. Remind me to give it to you, please." He responded, "ok"....then, "I have a cock for you." Laughing, I responded that I wouldn't need a reminder for that. Then I remembered that I had a naughty picture I had set up in my phone to send to him while he was on vacation, before realizing he was going to be unable to be online for the duration. I quickly attached it and texted him back saying "This is what I have for you". He laughed and gave me the all clear - the last guy had just said goodnight.

After a big hug and a kiss, we quickly set up. I reminded L that it was cleaner night as he barred the door. We don't often meet on cleaner night. On a night like tonight when people work late, we then have only a very short window of time together - maybe just over an hour - as we have to also be out by a certain time in order to avoid the cleaners. We got right down to it. We stripped down and I fell into his arms on our blanket. We kissed for quite a while, snuggled together as we were, caressing each other until I slid my hand down between us to grasp his cock.

He was already hard and I stroked and played with him until we could wait no longer. I rolled over on my back and helped him to guide his cock into me. As always, it felt amazing. I had really missed being with him. As good as it felt though, I was having trouble cumming. I think I was trying too hard, so instead, I focused on doing everything I could to put him over the edge. After he came, we continued to play, rubbing his cock along my slit while I stimulated my clit. After a short while, L reached over and grabbed Big Ben and penetrated me, working me with just the tip of the massive dildo. Still struggling to get there, I didn't mind one bit when L started biting my breasts and pinching and pulling my nipples - and when those tactics didn't net their usual result, ever resourceful, he tried something else. Only once had L tried choking me before, when he had wrapped his forearm across my neck from behind.

This time, L surrounded my neck with a single large hand and squeezed slightly. Adjusting the grip of his hand around my neck to finally nestle into the optimal spot, I have to say that my overwhelming feeling was not one of fear or discomfort, but rather the feeling of submitting to him completely - with just the slightest unsettling feeling that my neck was like a straw in his big hands thrown in. I loved it. At this point, very excited by the combination of extra maneuvers to get me there, I was much closer to the edge. L pulled back and while continuing to drive just the tip of Big Ben in to my wanton pussy, he bent over and bit hard on my inner thigh. I stiffened, gasped and within seconds, came explosively.

Both of us worn out from our efforts, we collapsed side by side on the blanket. We were silent for a short while, then started to talk quietly about various things, catching up a bit. We checked the time - we still had 20 minutes left until we would pack up and head out, the cleaners due at least a half hour after that. We'd run into them enough times to want to avoid that again. I suggested to L that we clean up and have the snack I brought, but he had something else in mind - he wanted to go for round two. Of course, I was game!

It took no time at all to get him hard again - he appreciates a great blow job. Impressively hard, he entered me again and it was even better than the first round. Being harder this time, I could distinctly feel his cock rubbing the walls of my pussy and the sensations were amazing. I knew I'd be cumming soon - I was already well on the road to that peak. I moaned and raised my head and shoulders up off the blanket to kiss, stroke and nuzzle him while he continued to aggressively bang me.

"Fuck!", I cried. Not, dear reader, because I had hit that peak I was speeding toward. Nor because he was providing me with so much unbelievable pleasure (though he was) that I was unable to contain myself. No, I cried out because right at that moment, I heard someone trying to come in through the door that L had blocked earlier. We scrambled apart and I dressed with comedic haste (think Benny Hill). In the name of speed, I bypassed all undergarments and stuffed them into a bag. Still hustling around, I rolled up the blanket and jammed it and all our things into the mischief bag and hid it out of the way. In the meanwhile, L was calmly standing tucking in his shirt, doing up his pants and then sat tying his shoelaces. I checked back to see if we missed anything and found one remaining item of evidence - L's underwear abandoned on the ground where we lay moments before. Good - he was as flustered as I was, just doesn't show it. I grabbed them up and added them to the bag with mine, then sat down, trying to collect myself.

L, once fully dressed, went over to the door and unbarred it. Opening the door, there was....nobody. We sat for a few minutes, eating our snack and trying to appear as nonchalant as possible. L started engaging in work activities and we were completely prepared to appear to be a couple of colleagues working late...but the cleaners did not return. They must have realized (having come across us before) what was going on and had left and gone into the other office area to work there first, giving us a chance to clear out. I asked L if I could get out to use the washroom. It was very uncomfortable being completely soaked with no underwear on to prevent my juices from running down my thighs, but also I could not go home without my bra would be patently obvious and difficult to explain!

He checked and gave me the all clear and I slipped out and got cleaned up and put back together. L stuck his head in to tell me to meet him outside and he went out to his car. I followed moments after, seeing nobody, but hearing the vacuum running behind the closed door to the office area. I slipped out and went over to L's car. I kissed him goodbye and started to head for my car. He chuckled and asked me if I hadn't forgotten something. I had indeed! I reached into my bag and pulled out his underpants and passed them to him with a grin. I could have explained being braless somehow, but I don't think I could have come up with a good excuse for another man's underwear in my bag! Ever since that interrupted round, I have been incredibly horny and I have to say that I can't wait to be with him again. The way I see it, we have some unfinished business to attend to!

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