Monday, August 15, 2011

He Said: Hotel Sex, Virtually

V was out of town on business but through devious planning on my part she had "Big Ben" the newest of our selections of dildos that we have received from the friendly sex toys vendor Eden Fantasys. Not having used the handy dandy ""see it in real size"" feature of the Eden Fantasy's website both of us were surprised at the size of the dildo when it arrived, hence the nickname "Big Ben".

As V and I IM'd and she told me how horny she was I suggested we video chat and she give "Big Ben" a test drive. After we got the technical details worked out I was greeted with a view of V's bare pussy. It looked so yummy I almost wanted to lick my laptop screen. As part of the deal I had stripped down, covered myself with a towel and was playing with my cock for V. So began my first video assisted cyber sex session. I watched as V slowly worked the dildo into her pussy and imagined it was my cock slipping into her as I stroked. Though not as good as being there it was better than the solitary masturbation experience.

As V worked more of the monster toy into her pussy I got harder and harder. As V started to work it back and forth she started to make the noises I've heard many times before. She couldn't fit the whole thing in so there was still a few inches of the silicone monster exposed as she worked it faster. As she sped up her thrusting I sped up my stroking. I told V what a naughty girl she was for playing with the big veiny toy on webcam. V may have led a sheltered life but there is lots of naughty bottled up in her and talking about it makes her even hotter. Webcams don't give the best view but I was watching intently to see if I could see her squirt when she came but then I felt my own orgasm approaching. I told V to watch closely as the cum began to ooze out of my cock, a bit more stimulation - physical from me, aural and visual from V - and then my cum spurted in the air. That was what it took to push V over the edge as she came too.

I cleaned up and V and I chatted for a few more minutes before we signed off for the night, satiated for now.

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