Monday, August 8, 2011

She said: Plan C

We've had comments in the past expressing amazement at how often we are able to get together. Though the fact is that getting together can sometimes be an intricate dance for us, it's one we've become quite adept at and we usually manage to see each other at least twice most weeks. Lunches are fairly easy - there's nobody keeping tabs on either of us, except perhaps the boss, but we both have a lot of flexibility there. Evenings after work are often possible and though there are two evenings that work particularly well for us both and allow for a longer time together, we are always careful to mix it up and not meet on the same nights every week. This means that by necessity sometimes our visits can be relatively short. We also go out to social events in the evenings from time to time - most times we are 'together' but there are other times we are both there, but not 'together' - and those can sometimes be even trickier to organize. Once we get by all of these hurdles, then we are still not home-free. Add to that mix traffic that can eat into our alone time, girly days and co-workers that like to work late and sometimes I have to feel thankful that we get to spend any time together at all!

The old adage of "where there's a will, there's a way" certainly applies to us, however. This night, Mr. I'mworkinglatetoday posed a bit of an unusual challenge we hadn't run into before. Mr. I'mworkinglatetoday has key-card access to our usual area, as this is where he normally works during the day - as well as when he stays late. Just our luck, this night he was working late, but in the regular office area. This meant that not only would our usual area be risky (having already been caught half-naked by one of L's co-workers, I had no desire for a repeat performance), but it also eliminated our usual Plan B - L's office. It was one of the short nights I mentioned above - we needed to be out before the cleaners arrived - so time was very limited, and we were both very aware of the clock ticking as we were deciding what to do when L came up with Plan C.

We went into the secured area, but instead of heading to our usual spot, we headed down a different hallway to another office - belonging to L's boss. With someone else having access to surprise us, this office had two benefits that our usual spot did was closer to the access door, so we'd hear the buzz of the key-card right away if someone was entering the area, but still have sufficient time to react and also the office door had a lock, where our usual area does not. We went in and closed and locked the door. I lowered and closed all the blinds in the big, bright corner office while L moved a meeting table to one side and spread our blanket on the floor. As I lay down beside him, L asked again if I was okay with the location, but I was fine with it. In fact, I mentioned how deliciously naughty it felt to fuck in his boss's office. He laughed and asked me if it didn't feel naughty fucking in his office. Of course, it did!

L set his alarm and then took me in his arms and kissed me. Our hands caressed each other as we kissed. I rolled up onto my knees and kissed my way down his body, stopping to lick his nipples and grazing my teeth and running my tongue along his chest and stomach. No time for subtlety, I took his cock in my mouth and he groaned as I licked and sucked him to an impressive state as quickly as possible. L wanted me on top today, so I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock.

Filled to the hilt, I started to move. It felt wonderful. Girly days were close, so not only was I extra horny, I was also extra sensitive and every movement seemed to hit all the right spots both internally and externally. I tried to mix it up - long, slow strokes, followed by shorter, faster ones - and it wasn't long before I had "that feeling" bubbling inside of me. "I'm close, baby" I whispered. He moved his hands to cover my breasts and pinched my nipples as his hands bore the weight of them, putting me over the edge. Several things happened at once now - a very powerful orgasm hit me - I could feel the intense contractions of my pussy squeezing his cock buried deep inside me. Simultaneously, I felt a sudden gush of wetness from where we were joined and L, with his eyes shut and head back, said, "I'm cumming, too!"

Tired, I lay on L's chest for a few moments, my pussy still convulsing around his cock from time to time. I could feel the wetness on my bottom and in his pubic hair and was silently glad that I had happened to bring a box of wipes that day to add to our mischief bag. Mostly recovered, I lifted myself off of L, to a bit of a surprise. Not only had I gushed all over L, but also there was also evidence that girly days were well and truly here!

Fortunately, L and I have talked about this eventuality before. Although he had assured me numerous times that it would not bother him in the least, he has always respected my hesitation to engage in sex so close to (or even during) girly days, as it is rooted in a bad past experience for me. Something very much the same happened to me unexpectedly once in my early days of marriage and to say that the reaction was 'very negative' would be a gross understatement of what actually happened. I truly never want to go through a demeaning experience like that again.

Thankfully, L really is made of sterner stuff and is always true to his word, so I trusted that he wouldn't mind and decided not to be too worried about it myself. Realizing by my mutterings what had happened and thinking I'd be mortified, he lay back with his eyes closed, as I busied myself opening the new package of wipes. Finally getting it going, I removed the condom from him and using multiple wipes, cleaned him thoroughly (okay, maybe a little more than was necessary - he seemed to be enjoying it!) before taking off to the bathroom to look after myself. By the time we were ready to leave, Mr. I'mworkinglatetoday had gone for the day and we had a few scant minutes before the cleaners were due. L walked me to my car and hugged and kissed me. Goodbye, until next time!

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  1. What a gentleman that L is!

    I personally don't like playing around girly days either but a lot of guys tell me they really don't mind, I think it's terrible that your husband gave you such a negative reaction and just lovely that L made you feel okay about it.