Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our HNT #38

This picture brings back memories of a fun day. We were messing around with the camera and after taking a number of pictures, we came up with the idea for this "hand bra" shot. L took the first shot (shown below), previewed the picture and pronounced that there was "too much squeeze". Laughing, we set up for a second shot and came up with the previously posted version that some of you may remember (see it here).

We've had some struggles this week and weren't able to get a picture for this week's HNT, so we had to resort to going through our "rejects" to choose one to use, and this is what we came up with. Enjoy!

Too much squeeze?


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  1. You call reject, I call perfect!
    Happy HNT!

  2. Thats a handful for sure.
    I like the "too much squeeze" look better than the soft cup look. It is more fun.
    Squeezing is good.

  3. That's the only way to tell if they're good or not. Look just perfect to me :)

  4. What a fun photo shoot that must have been.
    When L gets tired, may I be his stand in?


  5. awesome 'reject' lol

    squeezing is good unless it's the wrong type of melon :)



  6. Ah...What pleasure visiting the mammogrammers must be?