Monday, August 29, 2011

He said: Cleaner Interruptus

It had been a long dry spell for V and I for a number of reasons and because of that we had thrown caution to the wind and had scheduled our first session of back together sex for cleaner night.

We knew time was tight but instead of doing the sane thing which would have been to fuck, dress and go I had insisted that we go for round 2. That's how I ended up scrambling for my pants after pulling out of V's so inviting pussy in mid stroke after hearing the thunk of the door hitting the chair that I had used to block it it. It just wasn't fair, the cleaners were here early and they were depriving V and I of our naughty fun.

I know we had already had a perfectly serviceable fuck along with some dildo play but dammit that wasn't enough. It had been a month and we needed some serious sex time. We had been so lust fogged we hadn't considered the No Tell Motel, which in retrospect would have been a much better plan. Instead I was loading the mischief bag and my underwear into the trunk of my car with a case of half blue balls to deal with. At least V had remembered to give me back the underwear I had forgotten to pick up in the haste of dressing. It would have been difficult to explain the mens underwear in her purse. At least she had time to get her underwear back on. Coming home without a bra might also have resulted in questions better left unanswered.

I guess I shouldn't complain, I did get one dynamite fuck out of the afternoon where we both came but two would have been nicer. Oh well, there will always be another day.

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