Monday, November 29, 2010

Out and About: The Everything To Do With Sex Show

Not too long ago, trolling the internet, I found a website for the Everything To Do With Sex Show, which would soon be in our city. I mentioned it to L and we decided we'd like to go together. We looked over the lists of Main Stage Shows, Dungeon Stage Shows and Seminars, and based on what we were interested in seeing and the times they were offered, planned our visit accordingly. We arrived, got our tickets and headed inside.

As soon as we entered, we were approached by someone offering a free gift if we signed up with their website. Having a number of 'mischief' email addresses, I used one to sign up and got my coupon for a free vibrating cock ring. We walked down the front row to one end of the vast room and started our walk up and down the aisles. I've been to trade shows before, but never to a sex show and I was a little surprised at the clientele. I kind of expected the average visitors to be younger couples, perhaps in their 20's or early 30's. While that demographic was certainly represented, I was interested to see that there were also many older couples - many in their 50's and 60's - in attendance as well, holding hands as they walked around! Like us, most attendees looked like normal couples you might find next door. Had you ever been to a show like this before, L?

No, I hadn't either so I was curious to see what it was like. We arrived early in the afternoon so it wasn't very busy. We cruised up and down the aisles trying to get a general idea of what was there. It was like most other trade shows you may have attended, booths both big and small with vendors displaying their wares. From sex toys to bondage gear, strip clubs to tattooists there was a wide variety interesting things to see and buy. As we travelled the aisles there was an erotic fashion show underway at the back of the large show hall. Eventually we worked our way to the far back corner where a smaller stage had been set up for presentations. As we walked up, a woman - Lady J - dressed in leather was demonstrating tying up on a volunteer. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that this seminar area was call the Dungeon Stage and her presentation was entitled "I'm a Little Tied Up". She then moved on to discuss what she referred to as "pervertables". These are inexpensive items you can buy at the dollar store but can also be used for sexy play. She offered helpful tips on where to test clips to determine how much they would hurt while she applied her dollar store sourced clothespins to her willing volunteer.

Yes I think we got a lot of good ideas out of that presentation and I suspect a trip to the dollar store will be coming soon! The seminars were put on by Good for Her and they did a great job. I got a copy of their brochure - their seminars are varied and reasonably priced and I can't wait to sign up for some of them.
The first seminar we attended happened to be the one that I was most interested in. For a while now, I have wanted to do a lap dance for L as kind of a fun thing to get him going (I hope!) and to help get me out of my shell a bit more. We found seats and got comfortable, ready to watch the seminar, only to find out it was to be interactive! I thought, "What the heck!" and pulled out his chair so there'd be room for me to move around it and I got started learning the dance. I have to say I amazed myself. Several other couples also participated interactively, while many more just sat and looked on. We happened to be the only participating couple in the area where we sat so I think we stood out, but nonetheless, I found the fortitude to gyrate, run my hands all over my curvy body, dance and rub my (albeit fully clothed) butt and boobs all over L in public and even ended up sitting in his lap with my legs up in the air! What a blast! That night I was still so excited about it, I hastened to pick out some hot music and started to work out a more private offering for L. (I'm sure we'll share it with you when it happens, but in the meantime, shhh...don't tell L!)

The first seminar we attended was an introduction to lap dancing. The first thing the presenter had us do was unlink the carefully arranged chairs so participants could move a chair to an area of the room where they could practice their dance moves around it. My job was to sit in the chair and act as a prop for Vixen. Many of the women at the seminar were unaccompanied and had to dance to an empty chair. As the instructor led the room through a lap dance routine I was treated to views of numerous women doing their best sexy moves. Vixen was very understanding about my wandering eye and my focus returned to her as she lightly buffed my lap with her backside and rubbed her breasts over my neck and head from behind. We had been admonished that touching was not allowed it took great effort not to reach out and touch my curvy princess as she danced for me.

After the lap dance seminar we wandered through the interactive dungeon area of the show. This area housed helpful volunteers who were dressed in BDSM fetish gear and would both explain or demonstrate the intricacies of BDSM play. An array of BDSM tools and toys were spread out on tables for show goers to see and over to one side one of the volunteers with "Dungeon Slut" written on his back with permanent marker was being flogged. Nearby another dungeon volunteer was showing a show-going couple how to use a flogger. She was kneeling on a horse while her partner made a figure eight pattern on her jean clad backside under the watchful guidance of the flogging instructor.

They had a whole host of fascinating things to see in that dungeon, didn't they? There were people getting zapped with electricity, shibari demos and people being flogged, there were saw horses, stocks and mechanisms to suspend people by and even a display of everyday kitchen implements that could be used for sensory play - all punctuated by the frequent lethal-sounding snap of leather whips. We watched a dom as he worked on his sub and not only explained what he was doing, but also provided a lot of information regarding things to be mindful of for safe play.

The second seminar we attended - Sensational Oral Sex - was not one we had planned on in advance. The time came and we were right there and just decided to sit in and take a break from walking around. Alas, this seminar was NOT interactive and while the presenter, Carlyle, was very informative and entertaining overall (L laughed so much!) - and I was able to take away a tip or two - I felt most of the information covered was fairly basic. Does that make me an advanced cocksucker? I also have to wonder where she was able to purchase a stuffed vulva for demonstration purposes - I think it would make a great pillow/conversation starter for my tv room!

The two major takeaways from the oral sex seminar for me were that oral sex is not foreplay... yeah, she was very clear that oral sex is a sex act unto itself and should not be considered to be foreplay....yes, and to slow down. The presenter emphasised that when giving oral sex to a woman you can never go too slowly. She also reminded us that all people are different and when you find something that works with a particular person you should go with it. After the oral sex seminar was complete we wandered over to the main stage just in time to see Roxi Dlite perform a very entertaining burlesque style strip tease complete with large feather fans and pasties. The highlight of the show was when Roxi ascended into the air on a large chrome ring to complete her show with a sexy and acrobatic routine.

L takes in Roxi's show

I also found Roxi's show very entertaining, particularly since I am very interested in burlesque dancing and hope to take a class soon. We left the stage show area and stopped briefly at the Dungeon Stage where there was discussion about using electricity for play. We made our third (yes, third!) trip through the interactive dungeon where we both continued to be drawn to the activities. A fellow attendee - a bit of an exhibitionist, it seems - had dropped her pants and was having her thong-clad behind flogged. I looked at L with raised eyebrows - very interesting. I didn't say anything to L, but honestly, had he suggested I take a turn as a floggee over the horse whilst he learned the subtleties of flogging from the dungeon master, I would have been game. As we moved on, L put me in the stocks and took some pictures. Then we noticed a Seminar going on that had not been listed anywhere that we had seen and decided to join.

L put V in the stocks

There were only a few single chairs left in this much smaller seminar area, so we stood, each with both arms wrapped around the other, out of the way at the back as we watched Carrie Gray from Aslan Leather finish with her volunteer showing some ways to restrain your partner. Moving on to the next part of her seminar - spanking - Carrie asked for a volunteer. Should I? Could I? I was just about to put my hand up when another girl volunteered and was brought up to the front. Darn! I enjoyed the discussion anyway, and especially enjoyed the way Carrie rubbed hands over the volunteer's ass to 'sooth' after spanking and they way the volunteer was held while the spanking was being administered - Carrie was very hot and very engaging. When L, mind clearly still in the dungeon, bent over and whispered in my ear that he thought he'd like to flog me, it was all I needed to put me over the edge and I was horny for the rest of the afternoon!

Vixen has already told you about coming upon our next seminar where Carrie Gray demonstrated shibari and spanking. What she didn't tell you was how she was almost vibrating as I held her tightly standing there at the back of the small seminar area as Carrie's volunteer walked forward and leaned forward over the table in preparation for her spanking. When Carrie started open handed spanking the woman, Vixen almost melted in my arms.

After the seminar we went through the aisles one more time paying special attention to the glass dildos. V vacillated back and forth between buying one. After looking at many different styles she seemed particularly drawn to the Lotus and the Scorpius models at the Love Style Glass Adult Toys booth. Though she wasn't quite prepared to buy one on the spot she did take their information card for future reference. We stopped by the Condom Shack booth where we picked up a variety of single condoms to add to our mischief bag. Then it was off to Cupid's Boutique to do some vibrator shopping. The very helpful staff there offered their opinions and even installed batteries in the vibrators we were particularly interested in so we could test drive them.

V checking out a selection of glass dildos

Toy shopping with L was fun. We looked at a number of items as we went through the hall and discussed what would best suit our needs. Although they had number of booths selling glass dildos, the ones at the Love Style booth were clearly a cut above the rest. I kept the brochure they provided and I have found myself looking longingly at them a few times. I hope to be able to buy one for myself soon, but they are so lovely, I can see myself collecting them! I had told L in advance that I was interested in getting a vibrator - I've never owned one, but wanted it not for myself, but for us to play with together. We tried out at least 10 different types before finally choosing the one we did. Something I've wanted to try - and was actually mentioned in the Oral Sex seminar - involves using a vibrator as an enhancement to performing oral on L. All our toy purchases made, it was now early evening and we realized that the traffic in the hall had increased greatly and the aisles were now packed. We were both hungry and decided to leave and grab something to eat. We left the city behind and head back to the shopping mall in the suburbs where we had met earlier.

We parked and went into the mall. Since we each would have dinner waiting when we got home, we decided to make do with a snack. We found a place to sit and chatted about the show while we ate. Hunger for food sated, we head back out to sort out our purchases. I told L to hop in and I'd give him a ride over to his car. En route, I pulled into a parking spot in a dark, quiet area of the lot, turned off the engine and gave L what he calls "the look". He raised the arm of my bucket seat and undid my seatbelt as he pulled me over to his seat to kiss me. We kissed passionately for several minutes as I rubbed his cock through his pants. I stuck my index finger into his pants waist and playfully tugged twice on his belt. L immediately got my wordless code for "open up, I want in!" and pulled out his lovely cock to play. I kneeled between the seats and as L played with my hair with his right hand and ran his left over my ass, I let out all my horny frustration on his willing member. I soon had him raising up to pump into my mouth and just a few strokes later, after a whispered warning, he came in my mouth. I sucked him a while longer, then it was really time to pack up and head home.

I really enjoy spending time with L in all sorts of situations, sexual or otherwise and this day was no exception. I had a really great time, made a number of interesting contacts and got a bunch of new ideas of things for L and I to try - I can't imagine a more perfect day! Thanks, L, for a great day!

We browsed through the mall looking at shoes and dresses, had a small snack in the food court to hold us over until dinner time and then it was back to the car. What can I say, when Vixen gives me that look I'm putty in her hands. How could I disappoint her and not let her suck my cock? It was the perfect ending to a great day. We had such a good time we are already planning to attend Sexapalooza at the end of February.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our HNT - #2

L and I would like to wish all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving,
though everyone's welcome to answer that age-old question:

White or dark meat?

To see who else is playing this week, visit Osbasso and be sure to
leave him some extra love - he needs it this week!

Monday, November 22, 2010

She said: On My Knees

I have control issues. I know it. I have never been drunk, for example - mostly because there has never been anyone I trusted sufficiently to look after me in that state so that I don't do something very bad, because I know I would. At tipsy, I start shedding clothes and inhibitions - I can only imagine what drunk would bring! You all know I love to give blow jobs and always have - it's the ultimate win/win to me. He gets mind-blowing pleasure at the same time as I get the control. There's also the added bonus that I don't have to interact with my partner, just with his penis. Even during sex, I would never open my eyes, always afraid my partner would see too much. Until L, that was the status quo. Until L, I have never before felt free to let go of the tight control on my feelings and actions and completely be myself with someone - just to let go and let the chips fall where they may. It's very liberating and a little scary at the same time!

I had a date to meet L later that day when he messaged me to ask some questions about things I'd be comfortable with. I thought I'd be okay with everything he mentioned, but assured him that that he needn't worry, because if I were uncomfortable with something, I'd say so. He cryptically responded that that may not be possible.

I arrived at his office that evening. He told me to get undressed and when I had done so, he had me kneel down on the ground. He took my arms behind my back and secured my wrists with cable ties. He asked if I was okay and I told him I was fine, but just to be sure, he gave me a small bottle to hold in my bound hand and told me that if I wanted him to stop what he was doing for any reason, just drop it and he would stop right away. L is a smart man - it turns out that having this 'out' was just what I needed to be able to make it to the end of our encounter.

He undressed as I watched, then came over and held me by my hair. He told me he was going to fuck my face, so I should open up wide and take him in. At this point, he proceeded to ram his hard cock into my mouth. I started to deliver my usual blowjob and then realized this wasn't working that way - I was clearly not the one in control here. I could not do all my little tricks I do to make him moan - really, I could do little more than keep my mouth open for him to fuck me. I thought I was prepared for this, but I quickly realized that this was not just about giving head while being restrained.

With little time in between strokes to swallow, the saliva built up in my mouth and ran down his cock and my chin. Without me being able to control how deep or fast the strokes were, I gagged a few times, making tears stream down my face. My jaw ached from holding it open for so long and still he pumped into my mouth. A couple times I pulled back a bit to decrease penetration and try to swallow and catch my breath, but he would grab my hair and press into me deeper. I could feel his cock blocking my windpipe on the in-stroke and I sucked in air through my nose as best I could during the brief out-stroke.

Several times I considered dropping the bottle he put in my hands, but I didn't. I could do this; I wouldn't give up - I was determined not to. Finally, when I didn't think I could take any more, he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was in such a daze I didn't even understand why until the hot spurts of cum hit me in the face. The cum ran down my face and dripped down onto my chest.

I sat back on my legs exhausted, hunched over and tears streaming down my face. L snipped the restraints off and handed me a tissue and grabbing another, helped me clean up. He asked if I was okay and held me until I was able to talk. He chafed my wrists and fussed over the marks left by the ties and I soon felt fully recovered.

We talked a lot about that encounter. For me, it was very emotional and very intense. I think L was surprised to find that he liked it. Though he loves and needs to be touched, I think our exploration was as much of a revelation to him as it was for me, though in different ways. It was a very raw and powerful experience - one that I think begs further exploration.

He said: Vixen on the Edge

Both Vixen and I like to try new experiences so we occasionally discuss what we should try next. We talk about different scenarios but part of the fun is not necessarily telling the other person exactly what our plans are for when we meet up. Often we just get together and fool around with nothing particular in mind, this day was not to be one of them. Vixen had told me that she likes me to take charge, I had something in mind that I knew would test her limits.

Vixen always loves to suck my cock. When she arrived I told her to get undressed and kneel on the blanket. I saw excitement in her eyes tinged with a tiny amount of wariness. I told her to put her hands behind her back where I secured them with cable ties. "Make them tighter", she said. I ignored her request, I didn't want her arms to cramp up in the middle of our play. Vixen watched as I undressed. Then I put a bottle of lube in her hand and told her that if she wanted me to stop all she had to do was drop the bottle. She held the bottle in her hand, a look of resolve on her face.

I said, "Open your mouth." She complied. I laced my fingers into her hair as I thrust my cock into her mouth. Vixen takes pride in the fact that even though she has a bit of a gag reflex she can take me deeply. She has stopped wearing eye makeup when she might be blowing me so she doesn't end up with what she refers to as raccoon eyes. I knew I would have to be careful not to overstimulate her gag reflex - her gagging on my cock wouldn't be fun for her. I alternated between deep and shallow thrusts being careful not to stay too deep too long. I watched her face closely for any signs of distress, I knew she couldn't tell me to slow down or take it easy because her mouth was full and I didn't want her to have to resort to dropping the bottle. I wanted to take her to the edge, not push her over it.

Though I was holding Vixen's head she was doing her best to make my experience memorable even with her limited mobility. Her lips and tongue were working overtime as I fucked her face. I realized I had closed my eyes to immerse myself in the experience of her mouth on me. I quickly opened my eyes and checked to ensure I hadn't missed the sound of the bottle dropping in my moment of reverie. Vixen's safety valve was still tightly clutched in her hand. I was close to cumming and I didn't want her to choke so I pulled out at the very last second and unloaded onto Vixen's face. Her tightly closed eyes shot open in surprise at the first splash of cum. After I finished cumming I quickly cut the cable ties and took a picture of her cum splashed face. After a quick cleanup I laid her down on the blanket.

Vixen had a dazed look on her face so I held her as she recovered and then we talked about the intensity of the experience for both of us. Though Vixen remarked on how it had been uncomfortable on her knees and how surprised she was with the amount of cum she had cleaned off her face I certainly got the impression that she had found it an exciting and illuminating exploration. I had always thought that I would prefer the woman to be an unrestrained participant but this experience had been an eye opener for me; it was much more erotic and exciting than I had expected. I was sure this wouldn't be the last time Vixen and I would experiment with restraint and control.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First HNT Post

L and I were having a great time when he grabbed the camera to capture
this picture. That's not all that was captured!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

He said: A Day at the Races

The first time I visited a thoroughbred horse race was last year with a group from my local pub. It turned out to be quite an enjoyable afternoon and when I told Vixen about it she was very interested in going to the races too. Though it was getting late in the year we decided to try to sneak out for a few hours one afternoon so Vixen could experience the thrill of horse racing for herself. When the day came the weather was overcast and damp but luckily by the time we met up in the shopping centre parking lot near my office the sun had come out and it had turned into a cool slightly overcast autumn afternoon. Vixen hopped in my car and we headed off to the track. I led her in and guided her up the multiple levels to the restaurant area where we could watch the races in comfort. We had a table inside with easy access to the large patio and balcony overlooking the finish line. I helped Vixen to navigate the information in the race program. One thing about horse racing, the program gives you so much information that you can almost believe that you can figure out which horse is going to win.

You would think with a race every 30 minutes that time would pass slowly but between studying the program, eating and drinking, placing our bets and heading outside to watch the race being run the afternoon passed quickly. Vixen especially liked when she would walk down to the rail and I would press into her from behind, reaching around to embrace her tightly. This gave me the opportunity to bury my nose in her clean fragrant hair and occasionally sneak a kiss on her neck. We made a trip down to the paddock to look at the horses before the race then went to the rail to watch the horses that we had just seen in the paddock cross the finish line up close and personal.

Even though Vixen isn't a woman who is that enamoured of cold weather she didn't seems to notice that it wasn't the warmest day. Over the course of the afternoon and the seven races we bet on I managed to win three times. My twenty dollar grubstake was tripled and after paying for the cover charge and our drinks and food I still managed to leave the track with more money than I arrived with. On the way out we took a detour through the slot machine area and saw a couple of the new electronic blackjack games with the virtual video dealer. The games struck me as being slightly creepy, you can see a picture of one of these games here and decide for yourself.

Then it was back in the car for the drive back to the shopping centre parking lot. Parking lots can be exciting when Vixen is in the car and today was no exception. My car is small so we moved to Vixen's larger car with the front seat which we laughingly refer to as the couch. It wasn't long before my zipper was down and Vixen was going down on me. After about two minutes I saw a pickup truck with mall security marked on the door crusing the lot. When I warned Vixen she quickly popped up but added "Don't put that thing away yet". The truck drove by without the driver even glancing in our direction and Vixen quickly returned to giving me another of her fantastic blow jobs to remember. I rested my hand on the back of her head sending the not so subtle message to take me deep. Vixen likes to be directed and I was doing my best to make her happy as she made me happy.

Another vehicle approached, this time a large construction dump truck. Vixen was below the level of the windshield and I was past the point of caring whether a random truck driver figured out what was going on in the car. We purposely park in the farthest corner of the lot so we don't get disturbed, I guess dump truck drivers who are leaving their trucks in the mall lot overnight had the same idea because a few minutes later another dump truck pulled into the lot and parked. As I scanned the parking lot Vixen concentrated on sucking the head of my cock. My toes curled up in my shoes as I ran my fingers through her hair and told her what a good cock sucker she was. Vixen likes when I offer her dirty words of encouragement.

With her teeth lightly grazing my shaft she started to move quickly up and down. She took me deep into her throat, cupping my balls, then gently squeezing them and I couldn't hold out any longer. I came with a moan. Vixen isn't one to bail out right after the climax, instead she continued to gently caress my cock with her soft lips. After a few more moments of bliss I gently guided her upwards, we kissed. I put myself back in order, zipped up and caressed her breast while giving her a deep parting kiss. As I returned to my car for the trip home Vixen blew me a kiss as she drove off with a big smile on her face.

She said: They're At the Post

"Partly cloudy, chilly and a chance of rain. Should we still go?" That was the message I received from L on Thursday morning. We had been watching the weather over the past couple of days. We decided that since the horses run rain or shine, we'd still go. He sent me a link to a couple different restaurants in the facility that we could hang out and watch the races from. One seemed more bright and relaxed than the other, so I chose that one. I arranged to meet him at a parking lot near his workplace, where I left my car and jumped in with him.

He kissed me hello and handed me a sheaf of papers. "Your homework", he said. I sifted through and found some predictions from racing pundits and a listing for each of the races on the cards for that day that he had printed off the internet. I folded them and tucked them in my purse. After all, I had my own system! ;)

We chatted about various things on the way there and soon were turning into the parking lot. We hustled up to the door - it really was quite cold out. L took me by the hand and we hurried up to the chosen lounge. L paid the cover charge, got a couple programs and in we went. We had just missed the first race, so we ordered some drinks and L commented that it felt like we were on a date. Laughing, we opened our programs to the second race listing and he started to explain to me about how the betting works. After listening to L explain the odds and what kind of information is contained in the listing, it was hard to imagine that with all that disclosure and analysis, it could still be so hard to pick the winning horse! I fell back on my own method - that of choosing the horse with the best name. I picked a horse with a name evocative of sun, sand and surf. L showed me how to place my bet as he placed his own and we returned to our table to munch on cheese, crackers and fruit and talk while we waited for the race to start.

At post time, we pulled on our jackets and went outside to watch the race. I stood against the rail and L hugged me up from behind, his chin resting on my shoulder. My horse came dead last in a field of 5 horses, while L won the bet he placed. He was pretty excited and we hustled back inside to wait on the confirmed winner information before then cashing in his winning ticket. Back at our table, we continued to eat and drink as we decided how to bet on the third race. Again, I found a horse with a name meaningful to me and placed my bet. L placed his and a few minutes later, we head outside to watch. My horse led the race until near the end where it dropped back and placed 4th in a field of 6 horses. L's horse placed second.

We returned to our drinks. Maybe L was on to something with all this technical analysis stuff. I started comparing the horses with the good names to their stats. Interestingly, the better the name, the worse the stats were! I started trying to size up the beasts based on the stats - the number of runs for the year, how they ran in those outings, the odds, the prognostications of who would win - way too much information! I bet the fourth race on a horse with a really cute name and the only one with a female jockey. L placed his carefully thought out bet and we went outside to watch the race.

This was a longer race, so we went right down trackside to watch. I leaned at the rail with L behind me, his hands around me and tucked up under my jacket to keep warm. This race was more exciting and we were really starting to get into it, cheering for our horses. My horse placed 4th in a field of 10 horses. L's horse won. He was pretty happy to win again and we ran up the stairs and back inside to our table. L said he felt bad that I hadn't won, but honestly, I didn't care. I was having a blast.

The fifth race, we decided to go down to the paddocks so that I could see the horses. They are such beautiful animals and I really enjoyed the very spirited ones. I picked out two I liked. One of them, in addition to being feisty also seemed to have good stats too! The other one I just liked and decided to bet on them both. We placed our bets and left the paddocks to go watch the race. Yeah, neither of my horses won, got it...L's horse placed 1st again.

The sixth race went much like the fifth without the visit to the paddocks. The horse I liked scratched and I had to choose another one that didn't do well. L's horses came in in such a way that he won his more complicated bet. L was really excited this time. As we got inside, he said, "Give me a kiss" and he held me close and kissed me deeply before we turned to head back to our table.

It was hard to believe almost the whole afternoon had passed already. It was getting late and I would have to leave soon, so we decided that the 7th race would be our last. We perused the program, made our choices and bet what remaining credits we had on this, our last race. Neither of our horses succeeded in winning this time. L cashed in his remaining winning tickets and bill paid, we head off. I stopped to use the bathroom before leaving and came out to find L standing waiting for me and counting his winnings. He's really too adorable - like a big kid.

He took me by the hand and said he wanted to show me something. We went down a couple levels and he led me into the casino. As we walked around, I was amazed at the variety of games, the noise level and the number of people in the place. We did a walk through, stopping briefly to look at various games in progress and different slot machines before heading out to the lobby. Before leaving, we did a quick tour of their racing displays.

I had such a wonderful time. L kissed me deeply before I got into the car and we drove back to my car in a companionable silence. I really felt like L was as loathe to leave as I was and I invited him to come over to my car, which is more spacious and comfortable for a few minutes before I left. As he got in on the passenger side, I got in the driver's seat and slid right over on the bench seat until I was right beside him. I turned to hug him and buried my face in his neck, kissing and licking the sensitive skin behind his ear. I slid my left hand inside his jacket and ran it up and down his body. I slowly moved it down to his belt and as I ran my tongue teasingly across his bottom lip, I undid his belt, then pulled back and looked at him questioningly. L smiled at me and undid the rest for me, freeing his magnificent cock. I took him in my mouth and in no time had him moaning.

Resting his hand on my shoulder, L warned me that the parking lot was suddenly a beehive of activity - security cars cruising the lot passed by, as well as various trucks and their drivers pulling in to park for the day. Some of those drivers moved to their regular vehicles and head off home, while others hung around not far from us waiting for their rides. I really didn't want to stop, and though I did for a short moment while uncertain of the intentions of the security staff, I made sure L didn't 'pack up', because I wasn't done. Once I went back to work, it didn't take long before I had him lifting off the seat to push further into my mouth as he held the back of my head and I soon had him shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed and continued my ministrations for a minute or two more. Now it was time to 'pack up' and L did so, then pulled me close for a big hug and a passionate kiss. Before heading out to brave the traffic back home, I thanked him for a really great day.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We said: "They shall grow not old....."

L and I were IM'ing yesterday and I asked him if he was familiar with a quote I saw somewhere - "they shall grow not old....". He started quoting this poem to me. It was truly lovely and poignant and I realized that I hadn't heard it before. As I reflected on the day this morning, I felt compelled to look up the poem in its entirety.

We thought it would be fitting to share it here with you today, this day when we honour all those before us that gave their lives so that we can live the way we do today - proud, Canadian and free.

For the Fallen

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.

Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted;
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam.

But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night;

As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain;
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.

Laurence Binyon
(1869 - 1943)

Monday, November 8, 2010

He said: Computer Store Caper

V is a woman with needs but let me make it very clear, she is not needy. One particular Monday we got together on IM on Monday and tried to work out a meet up schedule for the week but because of our schedule commitments we ended up deciding that we would do something extra special Thursday afternoon that week. The next day V and I were chatting around lunchtime and I got the feeling that V was bit out of sorts. She seemed grouchy and when she said she was off to take a shower I could picture her stomping off to the shower with a black cloud floating over her head. A few hours later I cornered her on IM and found that she was grumpy because she regretted not meeting up with me that day. It was too late in the afternoon to plan an office meet up but I had plans for later that evening in V's direction and offered to meet her at our favourite computer store. V is a bit of a computer geek and browsing through the computer store with the occasional discreet ass grope or boob brush always cheers her up. I could feel the black cloud dissipating even over IM as she quickly agreed and we set a time.

The appointed time arrived and I so did I. I went inside and cruised around waiting for V to arrive and she soon tracked me down in the store. Afterwards I found out that she had pulled in only seconds behind me but I hadn't noticed her pull in. We cruised around the store for a while looking at the big screen TV's and netbooks while I teased V with secret caresses and gropes. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and growled "Let's get out of here" at me. We left the store hand in hand and climbed into her minivan. We headed off into the night and soon we arrived at a parking lot I knew so well. V drove around for a minute or two, finally settling on a spot at the edge of the lot with a five foot drop to the adjacent parking lot. I mentioned it to V and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow. She wasn't in enough of a lust fog that she was going to jump the curb. V and I kissed, hugged and caressed each other and before long V was ready to move to the next level. V needed to suck some cock. How did I know this? Perhaps it was her saying "I want to suck your cock", always music to my ears. I rearranged the rear view mirrors so that I could see the front of the nearby building and the entrance to the parking lot. While I was getting prepared so was V. She removed her shirt and knelled down between the front seats of the van. Soon her soft lips were sliding up and down on my cock as her lace covered breasts pressed against my leg. I have waxed poetical on V's blow job skills so I won't regale you with how she mixes up taking me deep into her throat, sucks just the head or licks up and down like my penis is a lollipop. I also won't mention the gentle ball sucking that she will occasionally throw in for good measure. It was hard not to close my eyes and revel in the feeling of her mouth on me but since her head was well below the level of the windshield I was responsible for keeping a watchful eye for anyone who might disturb our late night fun. Before long V was swallowing my cum, when we are in a parking lot I generally try not to keep her down there too long. She popped up with a big smile on her face and I gave her a deep soulful kiss while squeezing her breasts. After we returned to decency vis a vis our clothing I pointed to the picnic table about 100 yards away under some trees between two buildings and told her that I really should have bent her over the table and fucked her properly. She laughed and said she had wanted to take me into the back of the van and had me fuck her properly. In the end we had both settled for the safe option and to tell the truth I'd rather have a wonderful blow job in a warm car than the potential downside of getting caught with my pants down as happened to this hapless couple who were caught having sex in a park.

She said: The Petulant Vixen

I can be a real bundle of insecurities sometimes. L more often than not does a great job at erradicating and even preventing those feelings - he is accepting, non-judgemental and just a very kind person. I guess that when one, by word, deed or both, is made to feel worthless over the course of years, it takes a long time before you stop believing that, even when you know better. Every now and then, I still struggle.

L and I talk almost daily and each week - usually on Sunday or Monday - one of us usually asks the other when we will be available through the week so that we can plan our next assignation. We go through our schedules for the week and pick out times that would suit us both and decide what we'd like to do. Ideally, we meet at his office after work, but some weeks schedules make this impossible, so we might meet at a mall, a park or a store and just spend some time together.

I was a little down this one day - I blame it on the girly days - and those insecurities reared their ugly heads in a big way. It all started when I wanted to ask L when we could meet up for the week, but because I had initiated the question for the last few weeks running, I was feeling a little hesitant. Is he getting tired of me? Is he not interested in hooking up this week? I am always concerned about being a bother to him, of assuming too much. While still battling this out with myself (it was now Tuesday!), L messaged me to ask if we would be getting together that week.

After thanking him for asking me, which he probably found strange, I told him when I would be able to get away for the week. It came down to two options that would work for both of us. We could either meet at his office after work that same day or we could go to the racetrack on Thursday. L had visited the racetrack several weeks before and texted me several times from there. Clearly, he was enjoying it and when he heard that I had never been, he promised he would take me sometime. L left it to me to choose the option since either was fine with him.

So what did I choose? The reality was that I wanted to do both. In fact, in expounding on the pros and cons of the options with L, I tried every way I could think of to get him to suggest that we do both without coming right out and asking, but he wasn't biting. I really wanted to see L that day. It had been several days since I had seen him and I really needed some L time. At the same time, the weather was getting colder and the racetrack would soon suspend live horse racing for the season, so it seemed a more practical choice to go to the track together. Choosing both would probably have been okay with L, but I didn't want to speak up and ask. Funny part is, had he said he couldn't do both, I would have readily accepted that and been fine with it, so it wasn't like I was afraid of being rejected. I just phsyched myself into assuming that he wouldn't want to be with me twice in a week and wouldn't even venture to ask.

After waffling back and forth a bit, I finally told him to go ahead and make the choice. Then, reflecting on the fact that I've disappointed him in the past when he's given me the opportunity to take charge and I haven't been willing or able to step up, I immediately messaged him back to say that no, I would make the choice and I chose to go to the track on Thursday. We firmed up timing. About two minutes later, I realized I was feeling really annoyed and grumpy. Why? Well, because I still needed some L time..and I wasn't going to get any at the track. Honestly, I probably would have been equally annoyed had I chosen the other option. It was just that kind of day.

L realized I was grumpy and we talked a bit before I decided to take myself and my foul mood into the shower. By the time I finished and got back online, I was feeling much better. L gently chided me about feeling badly when plans don't work out and I tried to explain that I wasn't pouting or feeling annoyed with him at all, but rather I was annoyed with myself. I was losing out because I couldn't or wouldn't speak up and was perpetuating the problem by not being upfront to L about it. By this time, it was too late to meet him at his office anyway. L messaged that he was meeting some friends at 8:30 that night and he suggested that if I were 'interested', he 'might' be passing into our favourite electronics store on his way at approximately 7:00 pm.

This perked me up right away and I coyly made a couple of suggestions of things we could do 'if I were coming'. I guess from that, L got the impression I wasn't coming, because later in the conversation he said some things that lead me to ask if he were really going to be there or if he had just been teasing me. He responded that it had only been a thought and I left it at that. I had to get going at that point, so I said my goodbye and signed out, then kicked myself. I was doing it again - losing out because I wouldn't step up. I logged back on right away and caught L before he had signed out. I told him I wanted to see him tonight if he wanted to stop in at the electronics store, I'd be there. The poor man was (rightly) confused and wondered why I had changed my mind, but did agree right away to meet me.

Approaching from different directions, we arrived at the same time and I pulled into the parking lot right behind L. He didn't notice me and walked into the store as I climbed out of my vehicle. I walked in behind him and went over and said hi. By this time I was back to my normal self and felt like an ass for all the stuff that went on during the day, so right away I apologized for the craziness.

I don't know if he felt it too, but I was feeling a little awkward with him. He was probably proceeding with caution wondering if I had turned from my usual easy-going, go-with-the-flow self into some kind of psycho mistress-zilla. We looked around at a bunch of different things and chatted and things started to warm up with him brushing a hand across my ass or putting his hand on my shoulder as we paused to look at items. We moved to look at some computers in an out-of-the-way corner and I think I temporarily lost the ability to think when he wordlessly stepped forward and pressed me between the shelf and his body. As he stepped away, I turned to him and on tiptoe whispered in his ear, "Let's go somewhere".

He agreed to go wherever I wanted to go (deferring to me again!), so we left the store and hopped into my van. I drove to a parking lot nearby where we've been before. Surprisingly well-lit for the area, I was happy to spot one light standard that wasn't working and I parked under it. Between the very dark area not being serviced by the non-functioning light and the tinted windows in the van, I figured we'd be fine. He reached over, undid my seatbelt, swung up the armrest and pulled me over into his arms. I went happily and we hugged and kissed for a few minutes before I asked if I could suck his cock. As he freed himself, I took off my shoes and manoevered to kneel down between the seats so that I could reach him better. Remembering that he once mentioned how much he loved seeing it, I unbuttoned my shirt and rested my lace-covered tits on his leg before bending over and taking him in my mouth.

Ohmygosh I love sucking his cock! I took him deep inside my mouth, then ran my tongue around the head as I pulled back. I flicked his frenulum with my tongue, skidded my teeth down his length as I took him in again and then swallowed as the head of his cock reached the back of my throat. I lay my tongue flat against his shaft and pulled him back out again, dragging my tongue along the smooth skin and leaving extra saliva behind for my next pass, where I tightened my lips around him effectively squeezing him all the way down and sucking hard as I pulled him back out again. His moans a testament to his enjoyment, I continued to mix it up until he came hard in my mouth.

We sat a while longer, holding each other and talking. I so wanted to re-seat him in one of the back seats, strip down, straddle him and ride his cock until we both exploded, but I was too shy to say so and anyway it was already past the meeting time for his night out. I didn't want to keep him from his friends. I drove him back to the store parking lot and we kissed deeply before parting ways. I remember wondering on the way home if our meeting that night was in lieu of the track. I'd have to feel him out about that. Oh, the crazy things that go on in my mind.

Monday, November 1, 2010

He said: V and I Hit the Road

L and I share a common interest and I'm not talking about sex. If you read her post you will have seen all the plot development, I on the other hand am going to concentrate on the sex. Sorry if you thought this was going to be a wild horny weekend post, we both want to give that a try but scheduling around our real lives hasn't allowed that to happen yet.

I waited patiently for V to arrive at my office that day. All was prepared, the blinds were closed; my desk was cleared of papers. I could see V arrive through my office window and went to let her in and greet her properly. My standard greeting for V is to kiss her deeply while reaching down and giving her ass a good squeeze. While groping her over her clothes with my right hand I slipped my left hand into her pants so I could feel the warm, soft skin on her ass. She was wearing a thong as she normally does which makes in-pants groping so easy. I moved my right hand up to squeeze her breasts as I tongues battled. I really didn't want to do her right in the lobby so I disentangled myself, checked to make sure the door was locked and walked hand in hand with her to my office. We reached my office and closed the door, I raised her hands over her head and slipped her top off. She was wearing my favourite lacy bra, I turned her around and wordlessly guided her to lean over the desk. I pressed against her from behind while I reached around her to squeeze her lace covered tits. As I ground against her I kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobes. V loves that and I could tell from her moans and the way she pushed back against me that I had her full and undivided attention. I stood up, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the table top as my hands returned to squeezing her breasts. I took her nipples between my fingers and pulled and twisted them as I leaned back forward to take her right earlobe between my lips so I could gently suck it. When I was sure she was close to the boil I slipped her pants down and had her step out of them. She was still leaning forward over the desk, eyes closed with a grin so wide I thought her face would split. With the fingertips of one hand I continued to toy with her nipple while the other hand roamed over her backside. I caressed and pinched her ass and then let my fingertip stray between her cheeks. How could a woman who was so ass erotic not want to take the next step? My finger slipped lower and brushed over her pucker. I watched carefully for any signs of protest. V had informed me of her disastrous first and only anal experience and I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to upset her. Off came her thong and as far as I could tell it was clear sailing again. After kissing and biting her ass cheeks I reached for the lube and as stealthily as possible I applied a good quantity to my middle finger and slipped to back between V's cheeks and brought it to rest on my goal. I gently rubbed V's anus to get her used to the feeling of something back there, I pressed gently, with the just the tip of my finger entering her, she stopped moaning. I pulled my finger out and then penetrated her backside with just the tip yet again. I repeated this a few more times, each time letting my finger slip in just a little bit deeper until it was about halfway in. Then I stopped and let V get used to the feeling of having her ass penetrated by someone who knew what they were doing. I continued to kiss her nether cheeks with my finger in her backside. I could feel V's body relax and after a few moments I removed my finger. That was enough for today, I didn't want to rush things. I knew that at some point in the future V would be ready for more. "Are you ready to get fucked?" I asked her. It wasn't a question V needed to answer. I wiped off my finger as I guided her down onto the blanket on the floor. She was hot and ready as I slipped my cock into her pussy. I kissed her deeply as I pushed inside her, she kissed and pushed back. Her feet were up in the air as she gave herself to me. I don't know what it is about seeing a woman's feet in the air as she gets fucked but it sure gets me going. I sucked her nipple as I ground up against her clit. V was writhing and moaning below me as I came. I rested on top of her with my cock still buried in her pussy as we kissed and basked in the after sex glow. Alas all good things must come to and end and we needed to hit the road so we cleaned up, dressed up and began our trip.

After the events of the day which included some naughty texting back and forth we returned for my office to eat our takeout dinner and watch porn. After polishing off dinner and cleaning up V had me divest myself of my pants. She then dropped to her knees and started to give me one of her mind blowing blow jobs. She goes deep, she sucks only the head she alternates between just enough tooth contact to make thing interesting and a smooth silky experience. Though I love fucking V her blow jobs are indescribable. She loves sucking cock and does her best to make it an experience to remember. Seeing V on her knees sucking my cock is a sight that makes me happy irrespective of the the wonderful feelings that she imparts. Though V always is quite happy when I cum in her mouth this time I decided I was going to cum in her pussy. I held off and stopped her before the inevitable occurred and directed her back to the floor where I climbed on top and giving her the banging she deserved. The sound of thigh against thigh, me telling her how wet and tight she was, telling how much I enjoyed fucking her, my encouraging comments to her to cum as I fucked her hard and fast soon pushed us both over the edge and our orgasms arrived so close together it wasn't important. Satiated and sweaty we reveled in the post orgasm glow. We parted as we we began with a mutual deep kiss and me squeezing V's ass.

She said: Day Trip

L and I share a number of common interests. Sex and porn we've already touched on - and I'm sure we'll continue to write about those - however we do have another interest that takes up a fair bit of time in our lives and it is this interest indirectly that leads me to write today's post. L is a member of a group where this interest is expressed and enjoyed. I won't expand further on the nature of the group here - the story can be told without the specifics - but they meet every week or two throughout the warmer months. Soon after we discovered that we had yet another thing in common, L told me about the group. I thought it was a really great idea and he invited me to join them. Thinking he was just being polite due to my enthusiasm, I just smiled and said a non-committal "that would be fun".

A couple weeks later, L messaged me to say that there was an outing planned for the following day and asked if I was coming. I hadn't expected him to bring it up again and wasn't prepared to go either, so I put him off saying I'd go next time. His response...."promise me?"...caught me off guard. At that point, I finally realized that he was quite serious about it and really wanted me to come. Much as I was genuinely interested, I had to work through things in my head. You see, it is the kind of activity where our family members occasionally get involved. L and I discussed it at length and worked out what would be required from each of us. It was a bit of a daring plan....and of course, I had already promised. I never break a promise.

The next outing soon rolled around and off I went to check out the group. I showed up at the meeting place and saw L at his car. A crowd of people stood nearby. I approached one of them and asked if they were members of the group and they were. I asked a little about the group and indicated my interest in joining. They asked me how I heard about them and I told them that I had been searching for such a group on the internet and found information about them, their usual meeting place and that day's outing there.

I felt a little odd that first day. Innately shy, I feel very awkward meeting new people though I don't think other people see me as being a shy person. With maturity and a job that requires me to be assertive to be effective, I have learned to speak up, make eye contact and be more direct, warm and cordial with my conversations, but the inner workings of my mind haven't changed a bit. It's a very difficult experience for me. L, by comparison, is not as shy, but is very reserved. At first I thought him rather stern, though he has warmed up a lot since we first met. He is really a warm, thoughtful and caring person with a smile that lights up his handsome face.

That first night, one gentleman in particular took me under his wing and introduced me to a couple of people nearby. When we finally got to L, I looked him straight in the eye and introduced myself and shook his hand. As the evening commenced, many people made a point of coming to talk to me and introduce themselves. Everyone in the group was warm and welcoming...well, almost everyone.

L had slipped back into his normal reserved self and did such a good job of pretending he didn't know me that I actually started to feel uncomfortable. The few times our eyes met, he seemed to look right through me. I got not a smile or a wink...nothing. I totally understood the need for it, and truly, I would never, never, never do anything to cause trouble for L, but my natural timidity and the difficulty I have being around so many strangers and trying not to appear shy and awkward was quite a ordeal for me...until I got the text. I think he could tell I was struggling a bit and that one little sentence of encouragement with a little naughtiness thrown in made all the difference to me. I sailed through the rest of the evening and went home that night happy in my decision to join the group.

Of course, that first day was the most difficult. As we 'got to know each other' within the group - a whole different side to L, by the way - we could interact more and chat here and there. Always he sends me little texts. When I least expect it, I'll get a message and find it's from him. Often they are something like "It's taking every ounce of restraint I have to stop me from squeezing your ass". They always make me laugh or at least put a big smile on my face. Sometimes they make me blush. At times, I'll just respond to the message with my own naughtiness. Other times, I'll look up and casually glance around until I see him. Our eyes will meet and I can see his eyes dance, even though his face is straight. So we play our little cat and mouse game.

One weekend our outing was taking us out of town on a day trip. As we talked about this leading up to the outing, we realized that due to various other household committments, we each would be attending the outing alone! We decided to spend as much of the day together as we could. We organized to carpool and in addition, we decided to meet early at his office to have some play time before leaving on the outing.

The Sunday morning of the outing it was a lovely sunny day and I pulled up in front of his office to find him already there and waiting for me. We went together into his office and while I closed the blinds he retrieved our stash of condoms, lubes and toys from his desk. L took charge right away. He pulled off my t-shirt and bent me over his desk. As he rubbed his crotch against my ass, he undid my bra and leaned over me, wrapping his arms around me to cup my breasts and play with my nipples. He kissed down my back and then slid my pants down to my ankles. My panty followed and he moved his ministrations to my ass. He squeezed and bit my ass as I moaned in pleasure. Leaning over me and pressing me into his cold desk, he reached for the lube. I heard the snick of the lid opening, then felt his lubed finger rim my ass. I tensed slightly - although we had talked about ass play and I was interested in it, I have had a single experience with anal it wasn't a good one. I was a little nervous about it, but trusting him and knowing he wouldn't hurt me, I willed myself to relax. After a short period of (painless!) penetration, he withdrew his finger and pulled me upright.

We kissed as we shed our remaining clothes. We moved to lay on the blanket and kissed and petted until we couldn't wait any longer. L drove into me over and over as I whispered dirty words of encouragement into his ear. The tension built until finally I went over the edge and L followed soon after. We lay intertwined on the blanket, nuzzling and stroking each other for a long while before we heard a car door. L checked and the cleaners had arrived so we got up and got packed up.

As we packed our stuff up, I noticed L had brought an extra t-shirt and I snagged it and put it on, packing my own shirt in my bag. One of my favourite things is L's smell. He doesn't wear cologne and his personal smell is all man - I love it. Sometimes when I'm on my way home after we've been together I can smell him on my body. I've never experienced that phenomenon with anybody before and I thought it would be kind of nice to not only be able to wear his shirt openly for the day, but also to be able to wallow in his smell. Of course, the shirt was clean, so there wasn't much to smell, but the thought of it kept me happy all day. We finished packing up and head out of town.

We enjoyed the two-hour drive together. I brought one of my laptops at L's request and L had provided me with some porn clips to keep me entertained along the way. Of course, he had already seen them and had, in fact, chosen them with me in mind. After each one, he asked me what I liked or didn't like about them. The drive was clear sailing with no traffic issues, so in what seemed like no time we had reached our destination and found parking.

Besides arriving together and leaving together, we interacted in our usual way during the outing. It was a fun and interesting day and gave us a lot to chat about on our way back to his office. As we reached the outskirts of the city, L asked me if I'd like to go to dinner before we head back to his office where I'd left my car. I told him while I was hungry, rather than go to a restaurant to sit and eat, I'd prefer to get something quick and healthy and eat in his office alone with him. L bought two chicken dinners - one with fries for him and a baked potato for me - and we settled in to eat as we watched porn and talked. We had forgotten to ask for cutlery, but everything was easily eaten with fingers and we hungrily dispatched our food.

After washing face and hands, I moved to kneel in front of L in his office chair. I ran my hands up under his shirt and soon had it off and his pants undone. I took him in my mouth and played with him until he stopped me saying he wanted to fuck me. We moved to the floor and L fucked me hard and fast until we both were spent and exhausted. We lay nuzzling, caressing and softly chatting for quite some time before we realized it was already dark outside and we should really head home. I was a wonderful day.