Monday, November 8, 2010

He said: Computer Store Caper

V is a woman with needs but let me make it very clear, she is not needy. One particular Monday we got together on IM on Monday and tried to work out a meet up schedule for the week but because of our schedule commitments we ended up deciding that we would do something extra special Thursday afternoon that week. The next day V and I were chatting around lunchtime and I got the feeling that V was bit out of sorts. She seemed grouchy and when she said she was off to take a shower I could picture her stomping off to the shower with a black cloud floating over her head. A few hours later I cornered her on IM and found that she was grumpy because she regretted not meeting up with me that day. It was too late in the afternoon to plan an office meet up but I had plans for later that evening in V's direction and offered to meet her at our favourite computer store. V is a bit of a computer geek and browsing through the computer store with the occasional discreet ass grope or boob brush always cheers her up. I could feel the black cloud dissipating even over IM as she quickly agreed and we set a time.

The appointed time arrived and I so did I. I went inside and cruised around waiting for V to arrive and she soon tracked me down in the store. Afterwards I found out that she had pulled in only seconds behind me but I hadn't noticed her pull in. We cruised around the store for a while looking at the big screen TV's and netbooks while I teased V with secret caresses and gropes. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and growled "Let's get out of here" at me. We left the store hand in hand and climbed into her minivan. We headed off into the night and soon we arrived at a parking lot I knew so well. V drove around for a minute or two, finally settling on a spot at the edge of the lot with a five foot drop to the adjacent parking lot. I mentioned it to V and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow. She wasn't in enough of a lust fog that she was going to jump the curb. V and I kissed, hugged and caressed each other and before long V was ready to move to the next level. V needed to suck some cock. How did I know this? Perhaps it was her saying "I want to suck your cock", always music to my ears. I rearranged the rear view mirrors so that I could see the front of the nearby building and the entrance to the parking lot. While I was getting prepared so was V. She removed her shirt and knelled down between the front seats of the van. Soon her soft lips were sliding up and down on my cock as her lace covered breasts pressed against my leg. I have waxed poetical on V's blow job skills so I won't regale you with how she mixes up taking me deep into her throat, sucks just the head or licks up and down like my penis is a lollipop. I also won't mention the gentle ball sucking that she will occasionally throw in for good measure. It was hard not to close my eyes and revel in the feeling of her mouth on me but since her head was well below the level of the windshield I was responsible for keeping a watchful eye for anyone who might disturb our late night fun. Before long V was swallowing my cum, when we are in a parking lot I generally try not to keep her down there too long. She popped up with a big smile on her face and I gave her a deep soulful kiss while squeezing her breasts. After we returned to decency vis a vis our clothing I pointed to the picnic table about 100 yards away under some trees between two buildings and told her that I really should have bent her over the table and fucked her properly. She laughed and said she had wanted to take me into the back of the van and had me fuck her properly. In the end we had both settled for the safe option and to tell the truth I'd rather have a wonderful blow job in a warm car than the potential downside of getting caught with my pants down as happened to this hapless couple who were caught having sex in a park.

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