Monday, November 1, 2010

She said: Day Trip

L and I share a number of common interests. Sex and porn we've already touched on - and I'm sure we'll continue to write about those - however we do have another interest that takes up a fair bit of time in our lives and it is this interest indirectly that leads me to write today's post. L is a member of a group where this interest is expressed and enjoyed. I won't expand further on the nature of the group here - the story can be told without the specifics - but they meet every week or two throughout the warmer months. Soon after we discovered that we had yet another thing in common, L told me about the group. I thought it was a really great idea and he invited me to join them. Thinking he was just being polite due to my enthusiasm, I just smiled and said a non-committal "that would be fun".

A couple weeks later, L messaged me to say that there was an outing planned for the following day and asked if I was coming. I hadn't expected him to bring it up again and wasn't prepared to go either, so I put him off saying I'd go next time. His response...."promise me?"...caught me off guard. At that point, I finally realized that he was quite serious about it and really wanted me to come. Much as I was genuinely interested, I had to work through things in my head. You see, it is the kind of activity where our family members occasionally get involved. L and I discussed it at length and worked out what would be required from each of us. It was a bit of a daring plan....and of course, I had already promised. I never break a promise.

The next outing soon rolled around and off I went to check out the group. I showed up at the meeting place and saw L at his car. A crowd of people stood nearby. I approached one of them and asked if they were members of the group and they were. I asked a little about the group and indicated my interest in joining. They asked me how I heard about them and I told them that I had been searching for such a group on the internet and found information about them, their usual meeting place and that day's outing there.

I felt a little odd that first day. Innately shy, I feel very awkward meeting new people though I don't think other people see me as being a shy person. With maturity and a job that requires me to be assertive to be effective, I have learned to speak up, make eye contact and be more direct, warm and cordial with my conversations, but the inner workings of my mind haven't changed a bit. It's a very difficult experience for me. L, by comparison, is not as shy, but is very reserved. At first I thought him rather stern, though he has warmed up a lot since we first met. He is really a warm, thoughtful and caring person with a smile that lights up his handsome face.

That first night, one gentleman in particular took me under his wing and introduced me to a couple of people nearby. When we finally got to L, I looked him straight in the eye and introduced myself and shook his hand. As the evening commenced, many people made a point of coming to talk to me and introduce themselves. Everyone in the group was warm and welcoming...well, almost everyone.

L had slipped back into his normal reserved self and did such a good job of pretending he didn't know me that I actually started to feel uncomfortable. The few times our eyes met, he seemed to look right through me. I got not a smile or a wink...nothing. I totally understood the need for it, and truly, I would never, never, never do anything to cause trouble for L, but my natural timidity and the difficulty I have being around so many strangers and trying not to appear shy and awkward was quite a ordeal for me...until I got the text. I think he could tell I was struggling a bit and that one little sentence of encouragement with a little naughtiness thrown in made all the difference to me. I sailed through the rest of the evening and went home that night happy in my decision to join the group.

Of course, that first day was the most difficult. As we 'got to know each other' within the group - a whole different side to L, by the way - we could interact more and chat here and there. Always he sends me little texts. When I least expect it, I'll get a message and find it's from him. Often they are something like "It's taking every ounce of restraint I have to stop me from squeezing your ass". They always make me laugh or at least put a big smile on my face. Sometimes they make me blush. At times, I'll just respond to the message with my own naughtiness. Other times, I'll look up and casually glance around until I see him. Our eyes will meet and I can see his eyes dance, even though his face is straight. So we play our little cat and mouse game.

One weekend our outing was taking us out of town on a day trip. As we talked about this leading up to the outing, we realized that due to various other household committments, we each would be attending the outing alone! We decided to spend as much of the day together as we could. We organized to carpool and in addition, we decided to meet early at his office to have some play time before leaving on the outing.

The Sunday morning of the outing it was a lovely sunny day and I pulled up in front of his office to find him already there and waiting for me. We went together into his office and while I closed the blinds he retrieved our stash of condoms, lubes and toys from his desk. L took charge right away. He pulled off my t-shirt and bent me over his desk. As he rubbed his crotch against my ass, he undid my bra and leaned over me, wrapping his arms around me to cup my breasts and play with my nipples. He kissed down my back and then slid my pants down to my ankles. My panty followed and he moved his ministrations to my ass. He squeezed and bit my ass as I moaned in pleasure. Leaning over me and pressing me into his cold desk, he reached for the lube. I heard the snick of the lid opening, then felt his lubed finger rim my ass. I tensed slightly - although we had talked about ass play and I was interested in it, I have had a single experience with anal it wasn't a good one. I was a little nervous about it, but trusting him and knowing he wouldn't hurt me, I willed myself to relax. After a short period of (painless!) penetration, he withdrew his finger and pulled me upright.

We kissed as we shed our remaining clothes. We moved to lay on the blanket and kissed and petted until we couldn't wait any longer. L drove into me over and over as I whispered dirty words of encouragement into his ear. The tension built until finally I went over the edge and L followed soon after. We lay intertwined on the blanket, nuzzling and stroking each other for a long while before we heard a car door. L checked and the cleaners had arrived so we got up and got packed up.

As we packed our stuff up, I noticed L had brought an extra t-shirt and I snagged it and put it on, packing my own shirt in my bag. One of my favourite things is L's smell. He doesn't wear cologne and his personal smell is all man - I love it. Sometimes when I'm on my way home after we've been together I can smell him on my body. I've never experienced that phenomenon with anybody before and I thought it would be kind of nice to not only be able to wear his shirt openly for the day, but also to be able to wallow in his smell. Of course, the shirt was clean, so there wasn't much to smell, but the thought of it kept me happy all day. We finished packing up and head out of town.

We enjoyed the two-hour drive together. I brought one of my laptops at L's request and L had provided me with some porn clips to keep me entertained along the way. Of course, he had already seen them and had, in fact, chosen them with me in mind. After each one, he asked me what I liked or didn't like about them. The drive was clear sailing with no traffic issues, so in what seemed like no time we had reached our destination and found parking.

Besides arriving together and leaving together, we interacted in our usual way during the outing. It was a fun and interesting day and gave us a lot to chat about on our way back to his office. As we reached the outskirts of the city, L asked me if I'd like to go to dinner before we head back to his office where I'd left my car. I told him while I was hungry, rather than go to a restaurant to sit and eat, I'd prefer to get something quick and healthy and eat in his office alone with him. L bought two chicken dinners - one with fries for him and a baked potato for me - and we settled in to eat as we watched porn and talked. We had forgotten to ask for cutlery, but everything was easily eaten with fingers and we hungrily dispatched our food.

After washing face and hands, I moved to kneel in front of L in his office chair. I ran my hands up under his shirt and soon had it off and his pants undone. I took him in my mouth and played with him until he stopped me saying he wanted to fuck me. We moved to the floor and L fucked me hard and fast until we both were spent and exhausted. We lay nuzzling, caressing and softly chatting for quite some time before we realized it was already dark outside and we should really head home. I was a wonderful day.

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