Monday, November 15, 2010

She said: They're At the Post

"Partly cloudy, chilly and a chance of rain. Should we still go?" That was the message I received from L on Thursday morning. We had been watching the weather over the past couple of days. We decided that since the horses run rain or shine, we'd still go. He sent me a link to a couple different restaurants in the facility that we could hang out and watch the races from. One seemed more bright and relaxed than the other, so I chose that one. I arranged to meet him at a parking lot near his workplace, where I left my car and jumped in with him.

He kissed me hello and handed me a sheaf of papers. "Your homework", he said. I sifted through and found some predictions from racing pundits and a listing for each of the races on the cards for that day that he had printed off the internet. I folded them and tucked them in my purse. After all, I had my own system! ;)

We chatted about various things on the way there and soon were turning into the parking lot. We hustled up to the door - it really was quite cold out. L took me by the hand and we hurried up to the chosen lounge. L paid the cover charge, got a couple programs and in we went. We had just missed the first race, so we ordered some drinks and L commented that it felt like we were on a date. Laughing, we opened our programs to the second race listing and he started to explain to me about how the betting works. After listening to L explain the odds and what kind of information is contained in the listing, it was hard to imagine that with all that disclosure and analysis, it could still be so hard to pick the winning horse! I fell back on my own method - that of choosing the horse with the best name. I picked a horse with a name evocative of sun, sand and surf. L showed me how to place my bet as he placed his own and we returned to our table to munch on cheese, crackers and fruit and talk while we waited for the race to start.

At post time, we pulled on our jackets and went outside to watch the race. I stood against the rail and L hugged me up from behind, his chin resting on my shoulder. My horse came dead last in a field of 5 horses, while L won the bet he placed. He was pretty excited and we hustled back inside to wait on the confirmed winner information before then cashing in his winning ticket. Back at our table, we continued to eat and drink as we decided how to bet on the third race. Again, I found a horse with a name meaningful to me and placed my bet. L placed his and a few minutes later, we head outside to watch. My horse led the race until near the end where it dropped back and placed 4th in a field of 6 horses. L's horse placed second.

We returned to our drinks. Maybe L was on to something with all this technical analysis stuff. I started comparing the horses with the good names to their stats. Interestingly, the better the name, the worse the stats were! I started trying to size up the beasts based on the stats - the number of runs for the year, how they ran in those outings, the odds, the prognostications of who would win - way too much information! I bet the fourth race on a horse with a really cute name and the only one with a female jockey. L placed his carefully thought out bet and we went outside to watch the race.

This was a longer race, so we went right down trackside to watch. I leaned at the rail with L behind me, his hands around me and tucked up under my jacket to keep warm. This race was more exciting and we were really starting to get into it, cheering for our horses. My horse placed 4th in a field of 10 horses. L's horse won. He was pretty happy to win again and we ran up the stairs and back inside to our table. L said he felt bad that I hadn't won, but honestly, I didn't care. I was having a blast.

The fifth race, we decided to go down to the paddocks so that I could see the horses. They are such beautiful animals and I really enjoyed the very spirited ones. I picked out two I liked. One of them, in addition to being feisty also seemed to have good stats too! The other one I just liked and decided to bet on them both. We placed our bets and left the paddocks to go watch the race. Yeah, neither of my horses won, got it...L's horse placed 1st again.

The sixth race went much like the fifth without the visit to the paddocks. The horse I liked scratched and I had to choose another one that didn't do well. L's horses came in in such a way that he won his more complicated bet. L was really excited this time. As we got inside, he said, "Give me a kiss" and he held me close and kissed me deeply before we turned to head back to our table.

It was hard to believe almost the whole afternoon had passed already. It was getting late and I would have to leave soon, so we decided that the 7th race would be our last. We perused the program, made our choices and bet what remaining credits we had on this, our last race. Neither of our horses succeeded in winning this time. L cashed in his remaining winning tickets and bill paid, we head off. I stopped to use the bathroom before leaving and came out to find L standing waiting for me and counting his winnings. He's really too adorable - like a big kid.

He took me by the hand and said he wanted to show me something. We went down a couple levels and he led me into the casino. As we walked around, I was amazed at the variety of games, the noise level and the number of people in the place. We did a walk through, stopping briefly to look at various games in progress and different slot machines before heading out to the lobby. Before leaving, we did a quick tour of their racing displays.

I had such a wonderful time. L kissed me deeply before I got into the car and we drove back to my car in a companionable silence. I really felt like L was as loathe to leave as I was and I invited him to come over to my car, which is more spacious and comfortable for a few minutes before I left. As he got in on the passenger side, I got in the driver's seat and slid right over on the bench seat until I was right beside him. I turned to hug him and buried my face in his neck, kissing and licking the sensitive skin behind his ear. I slid my left hand inside his jacket and ran it up and down his body. I slowly moved it down to his belt and as I ran my tongue teasingly across his bottom lip, I undid his belt, then pulled back and looked at him questioningly. L smiled at me and undid the rest for me, freeing his magnificent cock. I took him in my mouth and in no time had him moaning.

Resting his hand on my shoulder, L warned me that the parking lot was suddenly a beehive of activity - security cars cruising the lot passed by, as well as various trucks and their drivers pulling in to park for the day. Some of those drivers moved to their regular vehicles and head off home, while others hung around not far from us waiting for their rides. I really didn't want to stop, and though I did for a short moment while uncertain of the intentions of the security staff, I made sure L didn't 'pack up', because I wasn't done. Once I went back to work, it didn't take long before I had him lifting off the seat to push further into my mouth as he held the back of my head and I soon had him shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed and continued my ministrations for a minute or two more. Now it was time to 'pack up' and L did so, then pulled me close for a big hug and a passionate kiss. Before heading out to brave the traffic back home, I thanked him for a really great day.

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