Monday, November 1, 2010

He said: V and I Hit the Road

L and I share a common interest and I'm not talking about sex. If you read her post you will have seen all the plot development, I on the other hand am going to concentrate on the sex. Sorry if you thought this was going to be a wild horny weekend post, we both want to give that a try but scheduling around our real lives hasn't allowed that to happen yet.

I waited patiently for V to arrive at my office that day. All was prepared, the blinds were closed; my desk was cleared of papers. I could see V arrive through my office window and went to let her in and greet her properly. My standard greeting for V is to kiss her deeply while reaching down and giving her ass a good squeeze. While groping her over her clothes with my right hand I slipped my left hand into her pants so I could feel the warm, soft skin on her ass. She was wearing a thong as she normally does which makes in-pants groping so easy. I moved my right hand up to squeeze her breasts as I tongues battled. I really didn't want to do her right in the lobby so I disentangled myself, checked to make sure the door was locked and walked hand in hand with her to my office. We reached my office and closed the door, I raised her hands over her head and slipped her top off. She was wearing my favourite lacy bra, I turned her around and wordlessly guided her to lean over the desk. I pressed against her from behind while I reached around her to squeeze her lace covered tits. As I ground against her I kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobes. V loves that and I could tell from her moans and the way she pushed back against me that I had her full and undivided attention. I stood up, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the table top as my hands returned to squeezing her breasts. I took her nipples between my fingers and pulled and twisted them as I leaned back forward to take her right earlobe between my lips so I could gently suck it. When I was sure she was close to the boil I slipped her pants down and had her step out of them. She was still leaning forward over the desk, eyes closed with a grin so wide I thought her face would split. With the fingertips of one hand I continued to toy with her nipple while the other hand roamed over her backside. I caressed and pinched her ass and then let my fingertip stray between her cheeks. How could a woman who was so ass erotic not want to take the next step? My finger slipped lower and brushed over her pucker. I watched carefully for any signs of protest. V had informed me of her disastrous first and only anal experience and I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to upset her. Off came her thong and as far as I could tell it was clear sailing again. After kissing and biting her ass cheeks I reached for the lube and as stealthily as possible I applied a good quantity to my middle finger and slipped to back between V's cheeks and brought it to rest on my goal. I gently rubbed V's anus to get her used to the feeling of something back there, I pressed gently, with the just the tip of my finger entering her, she stopped moaning. I pulled my finger out and then penetrated her backside with just the tip yet again. I repeated this a few more times, each time letting my finger slip in just a little bit deeper until it was about halfway in. Then I stopped and let V get used to the feeling of having her ass penetrated by someone who knew what they were doing. I continued to kiss her nether cheeks with my finger in her backside. I could feel V's body relax and after a few moments I removed my finger. That was enough for today, I didn't want to rush things. I knew that at some point in the future V would be ready for more. "Are you ready to get fucked?" I asked her. It wasn't a question V needed to answer. I wiped off my finger as I guided her down onto the blanket on the floor. She was hot and ready as I slipped my cock into her pussy. I kissed her deeply as I pushed inside her, she kissed and pushed back. Her feet were up in the air as she gave herself to me. I don't know what it is about seeing a woman's feet in the air as she gets fucked but it sure gets me going. I sucked her nipple as I ground up against her clit. V was writhing and moaning below me as I came. I rested on top of her with my cock still buried in her pussy as we kissed and basked in the after sex glow. Alas all good things must come to and end and we needed to hit the road so we cleaned up, dressed up and began our trip.

After the events of the day which included some naughty texting back and forth we returned for my office to eat our takeout dinner and watch porn. After polishing off dinner and cleaning up V had me divest myself of my pants. She then dropped to her knees and started to give me one of her mind blowing blow jobs. She goes deep, she sucks only the head she alternates between just enough tooth contact to make thing interesting and a smooth silky experience. Though I love fucking V her blow jobs are indescribable. She loves sucking cock and does her best to make it an experience to remember. Seeing V on her knees sucking my cock is a sight that makes me happy irrespective of the the wonderful feelings that she imparts. Though V always is quite happy when I cum in her mouth this time I decided I was going to cum in her pussy. I held off and stopped her before the inevitable occurred and directed her back to the floor where I climbed on top and giving her the banging she deserved. The sound of thigh against thigh, me telling her how wet and tight she was, telling how much I enjoyed fucking her, my encouraging comments to her to cum as I fucked her hard and fast soon pushed us both over the edge and our orgasms arrived so close together it wasn't important. Satiated and sweaty we reveled in the post orgasm glow. We parted as we we began with a mutual deep kiss and me squeezing V's ass.

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