Monday, May 30, 2011

He Said: The Best Laid Plans

It seemed like such a simple plan. Go to the horse races, have something to eat and drink, head back to the office for some naughty sex to celebrate V's birthday. We met at my office and headed off to the track. We got there a little bit late and I stopped to add some money to my betting card which meant that we didn't have time to get our bets in on the second race but we weren't in a big hurry, there were still eight races to go. We settled in at our table to make our picks for the third race and order some food and a couple of drinks. We placed our bets and headed outside on the the cool and overcast day to watch the race. When V's phone rang I knew it couldn't be good news and after a short conversation she confirmed it by telling me that she had to head home almost right away because one of her kids needed the car. She was as close to tears as I've ever seen her. Our food had arrived so we ate quickly which gave us enough time to put bets on the next race. We both lost our bets and hustled out to the car and back to my office.

When we arrived at my office I asked V if she had enough time to come inside for a few minutes. V and I went inside and quickly undressed. This was a quickie of the first order and I set my phone alarm for 30 minutes. V took the challenge to get me ready in a hurry in stride after a few kisses she went downstairs with a vengeance. With V as fluffer I was quickly ready to perform in my role as birthday present cock. Her position of choice was missionary because she likes the way my curved cock rubs her just the right way in all the right places. Though we were in a hurry I used all my manly staying power skills to ensure that V came first. Dirty talking, nipple biting and a few other secret tricks that I can't possibly reveal publicly but which we can perhaps discuss some day over a beer or two. I did my best to give V a good hard pounding knowing the slap of skin on skin was something that could push her over the edge. I fucked her, she fucked me back and it wasn't long before she was cumming with the moans that I had become quite familiar with over the year since our first time. After a few minutes of snuggling the alarm jarred us back to reality and we quickly dressed and parted with a kiss as V hurried home to solve her family car crisis. Not quite what we had planned but a memorable day especially since it was capped off with a orgasms for all.

She said: V's Birthday Treat

It was my birthday and L wanted to do something special. He had several great ideas (he really does think of the most fun things to do!), but Mother Nature wasn't cooperating and it was still too cold outdoors to participate in many of them, so he asked me if I'd like to go to the racetrack again. We had such a great time last time that I readily agreed.

When the day came, I was happy to be going out - I certainly wasn't having an enjoyable birthday at home. I got up and made breakfast for everyone, tidied up and in fact interacted with each member of my household, yet up until it was time to leave the house at noon, nobody had even acknowledged that it was my birthday. I left and quickly realized that the car was running on fumes - once again the children had used all my gas and left me hanging. Already well out of my neighbourhood, I pulled into the next gas station I came to. When I went to pay, I realized that I didn't have my wallet with me and I was annoyed as I remembered one of my kids asking me for some change earlier - I guess when they took what they needed, my wallet did not get returned to my purse. While it's fortunate that I always keep some cash stashed away outside of my wallet for emergencies and was able to pay for the gas, it also meant that I didn't have my driver's license with me. I was already a fair distance from home and loathe to return, so I continued on. I met up with L at his office, and with a big, smiling "Good morning, Birthday Girl!" and an even bigger hug and a kiss, he bundled me into his car and we took off.

We decided to go to the same restaurant at the track where we were before. We liked it there - it was large and open and the food was good. It also had doors to the outdoors where we could watch the races in stadium seating or right down at the rails at track level. As we got seated, the second race was already being run. You may recall that I'm not much of a horse picker, my method up to this point was to pick the horse with the most interesting or meaningful name - something that amused L to no end. This time, however, I was ready. I had downloaded and printed the race program off the internet and had read up on the horses and had my picks ready for the first four races. Imagine how I felt when the very horse I was planning to bet on in that second race won! I was going to have a good race day, I just knew it!

We got a couple drinks and pored over the program to make our picks for the third race. I pulled out my program, but was so distracted chatting with L that I never even looked at it. When he stood up and suggested we go and place our bets, I got up too, figuring I'd remember the name of the horse I had painstakingly researched. We got to the betting terminal and as I scanned the name of the horses, I found the one. I placed my bet, then moved to the side to let L place his bet. L went further down in the list than I had and I noticed another familiar name and realized I had picked the wrong horse. L said I could probably change the bet if I went to the window quickly, but that was too much trouble and I left things as they were. L, as it happens, bet on that horse and guess what? It won!

While we were outside watching that race, my phone rang. Apparently, I had forgotten that I had promised the use of the car to one of the children and in order to avert a major crisis and possibly a disaster of great magnitude, I had to have my car home in an hour. WTF?!! I couldn't believe I had forgotten. Using guilt and playing the "birthday" card, I negotiated and slight concessions were made and as a result I managed to get two hours, but nonetheless, when I hung up, I was so upset I was nearly in tears. Here L had gone through all this trouble to do something sweet for me and now we had to cut the day short and leave! We decided we could stay for one more race and then had to head back to his office and my car. We quickly went inside, ordered some food and had just about finished eating when the fourth race ran. I bet a chunk of the remaining funds on the betting card L had given me for my birthday on I-don't-even-know-which-horse. Doesn't matter - the nag placed last.

We managed to leave the track with a fair amount of time to spare as we headed back to L's office. I was pretty quiet, I think - I was feeling terrible that I had spoiled the day he had planned for me. As we pulled into the parking lot, sensitive to my time issues, L asked me if I was planning to come inside with him. "If you want me to", I answered and he laughed and shook his head - of course he wanted me to. We went inside and quickly undressed. We didn't even have an hour. L set his alarm so that we wouldn't overstay and I fell into his arms.

We kissed and caressed each other and I slid down his body to my knees and licked the length of his cock. My hands were resting on his hips and he took them in his own and pulled me to stand, leading me to our blanket. He grabbed a condom and said that since it was my birthday, I could choose the position. He was rock hard, so I knew missionary would be good and said as much. I lay back as he covered me and slid in to the hilt. As the head of his hard curved cock rubbed along my g-spot, we both moaned in pleasure and more than once, he stopped or slowed down so that he could last a little longer. At last, he picked up the pace and I writhed under him as I heard the sound of our bodies slapping together. I arched as I came loud and hard and sent him tumbling over the edge too.

We lay together for a very few minutes, languishing in our replete state until the alarm went off. Reluctantly, we got dressed and packed up and I apologized again for having to cut our time short. I have to say, though, that in spite of how many little things conspired to make my day a less than happy one, a few hours in L's company along with some of his TLC went a long, long way to making it into a very special day, indeed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our HNT #28

This won't hurt at all......

Well.....maybe just a bit....

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Monday, May 23, 2011

She said: Queen of Denial

From time to time when L and I are together, we discuss what is going on with other bloggers. Sometimes it's in the vein of "can you believe it?", but at other times, we commiserate with others in this community - when infidelity bloggers are caught by their significant others, we talk about how we can tighten up to make sure that doesn't happen to us; when our blogger "friends" are having problems, we talk about that too.

Recently, one of our blogger friends - someone whose blog we read, follow and enjoy - blogged about how frustrated she was feeling about how things were going with her sex life. As it happens, I relate pretty closely to this blogger. From things she's written, I see that we have very many things in common and to me, she feels like a kindred spirit.

We're both married to men with a lower libido and have gone years with no sex at all, only unlike mine, her marriage has happily survived and indeed gone on to be quite satisfying overall. She has recently become quite interested in male chastity and her husband seems willing to be subjected to those restrictions. While she enjoys the erotic nature of that type of play, it also causes a very unfortunate downside for her.

You see, the problem she's having is that he gets so excited when they are in bed, he often cannot contain himself (pun intended) long enough to satisfy her first. Once he's finished, then she feels that there is undue pressure for her to get off quickly and it completely kills the mood for her. To me, this is not so surprising after a long period of denial. L had some interesting ideas about how to combat this. I have to say that as outlandish as some of them sound to me, I really cannot dismiss them, as L has proven time and time again that he is a much better judge of people and analyzer of situations than I. I, however, had a few ideas for a different approach that I would use in the same situation that I would like to share.

During our discussion, L asked me how I would feel if we were together every day, but he made me wait a week or more at a time without having sex. That was easy to answer. I told him that at the end of that time, I'd be climbing him like a jungle gym! But on further reflection, I think I might also start to feel a bit resentful that we could only play when he said it was okay to do so. Furthermore, if I were really not happy about the situation, I might not even put much effort into the encounter when it did finally happen, preferring to just focus on my own orgasm and not be as concerned about his pleasure.

The point of this discussion however is not to judge or look down my nose at things that make other people happy - goodness knows L and I indulge in things - many we don't even write about - that many might find unpalatable. No...we wanted to help our friend with some suggestions as to how she could handle her situation; to perhaps provide new points of view that may be helpful to get things back on track for her.

1. My first suggestion would be to pull back on the chastity thing, even if just temporarily. That would provide her with an opportunity to work on a couple other items that are of paramount importance: libido and stamina.

2. There are as many ways to increase a lower libido as there are reasons for it in the first place. Assuming all is well medically and emotionally, one of the best ways to increase libido is exercise. Starting even a light exercise routine can make a marked difference. I know life is busy and it's often hard to fit this stuff in, but it could also be together time for them, going for a walk nightly, for example. According to L, blowjobs are also great for increasing libido. He calls them a "kickstart". Hmmmm.

3. I think much more frequent sex/masturbation would help with the stamina problem. Since she enjoys controlling his ejaculations, would it not also be control to have him masturbate a couple times a day? Masturbating and backing off when the feeling of orgasm is imminent is a good exercise to help focus on his body and to 'learn' to have more control. Used in conjunction with L's wooden spoon method, I can see this suggestion having value.

4. Desensitizing or numbing creams used during sex can also help to reduce stimulation to make him longer lasting. The last few times I've been in a sex shop, there has been a constant stream of men buying these creams, so they are clearly quite popular.

I know our friend is very sensitive about saying things to hurt his feelings and this is good. Good frank conversation, understanding and flexibility while working together on some of these items will go a long way. I hope that these ideas are helpful to her and that with or without them, she will be able to move past her frustrations and move on to something better.

He said: Advice to the Frustrated

One of our blog readers who is also a blogger has written about her trials and tribulations with her hubby who - how shall we say it - tends to go off early leaving her with blue pussy, the female equivalent of blue balls. In order to help her with this vexing problem I will take a detour from writing my normal tale of sexual debauchery to offer Libidinous Man's tips for making your man last. As this is a common problem I'm sure other of our readers may find this of interest.

Tip 1: The Wooden Spoon Method

Keep your eye on him and ask him if he feels like he is close to cumming. If he answers in the affirmative rap gently but firmly on the balls with the wooden spoon. This will generally dissuade him from spilling his seed too soon.

Tip 2: Multiple Gloves for Love

Friction is your enemy. Have him wear two or three tight condoms. I find that a tight condom prevents friction on the sensitive parts of the cock. Less friction means lasting longer.

Tip 3: Desensitize Him With More Sex

The more sex the better. Fuck at least once a day, more cumming means he will get used to the feeling of cumming and may allow him to increase control. Less excitement is better when you want a man to last longer.

Tip 4: Cage the Cock

A cock cage will help prevent the friction that is the enemy of lasting longer. I sounds harsh but you need to cum first. Cage up his cock and let him use his fingers and lips to satisfy you. Remind him that the cage is for his benefit too.

Tip 5: Go for the Twofer

It's a well known fact that men last longer after they have cum for the first time. The obvious solution is to wait the appropriate time and then try again.

Well enough pontificating from me. Perhaps some of our gentle readers have something to add.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our HNT #27

Smooth or stubble? I like to feel both against my body - the smooth skin caressing mine a sharp contrast to the graze of the stubble over my sensitive skin. Which do you prefer? I can't decide.

Mmmm...I can still feel those nibbles and licks.....


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Monday, May 16, 2011

He said: Bite Her!

Who'd have thought a few oysters could turn me into a ravening beast? We had stopped in for a few oysters and some shrimp at the same local restaurant where we had first met. I introduced V to oysters which she did not take an immediate fancy to, though she did like the jumbo shrimp. Then it was back to the office for some foreplay that involved me nibbling on her back. Well perhaps nibbling isn't quite the word to describe it. Maybe I did give her some little love bites but I swear I didn't break the skin and they didn't seem that hard at the time. V was enjoying it so much I guess I got a bit carried away. Only later did the full extent of my toothsome pursuit become so glaringly obvious. How many ways can you say oops and I'm sorry? I think I found them all that day. Luckily I didn't notice the marks until after I had given V a good banging. When she cums she tends to get a bit relaxed and mellow which is a good state for telling a woman that she has to wear high collars for a week.

The camera made it look worse than it did to my eye. Now don't you go and say that's only because I was trying to minimize my culpability in the whole affair. I'm not trying to suggest that it was V's fault because she has too sensitive a back or anything like that. Well, maybe I am - I really didn't think I bit her that hard. I think it's the fault of my strong manly jaw. Well no matter, the upshot is that I am going to limit any love bites to her posterior in the future and we can put this whole embarrassing incident behind us.

I think it is important to note that even with the unexpected developments on the day in question we still managed to have two sessions of mind blowing, orgasm inducing and moan producing sex that day. We certainly know where our priorities lie.

V suggested I include a picture so you can see how terrible I was, it's a late addition but here it is.

She said: Bite Me!

I love being with L. Sometimes we get together to have sex and other times we spend time together over lunch or other social situations, but since we are both friends and lovers, my very favourite times are when our time is a little less restricted and we can combine both social and intimate activities. This story is about one such day.

Recently we went back to the restaurant where we had our very first meet and we had a lovely lunch together. At that time, we noticed there was a weekday evening special that piqued our interest, not to mention our taste buds. L had suggested that I could come visit him on that particular weeknight sometimes and we could go have a drink and the special while we waited for the office to clear out. I am involved in activities on that particular night for a good part of the year, but there came a day recently when due to a cancellation, I was able to meet with L instead and he remembered the special and suggested we go.

I parked in a parking lot close to L's office and he came and picked me up. We chatted easily as we drove to the restaurant, heading into the bar area when we got there. L asked if I'd prefer to sit at the bar or at one of the bistro tables, but since they all had those very tall chairs, it didn't really matter to me. When I stand beside those chairs, the level of the seat is at my waist or higher, so it's always a bit of a chore to climb up into them, though once perched with my feet on the foot bar, I'm okay. Our lovely server - the same one we had on our last visit - took our order for drinks and the special.

So you're probably wondering what the special was. Before I tell you, let me just say that dining with L has been an interesting experience for me. While by virtue of my culture I eat a lot of foods that might be considered unusual, they are certainly not unusual to me. Having lead a very sheltered life, I have never had the opportunity to be adventurous with foods from other cultures and so there are a lot of foods that I realize are really quite mainstream for most that I simply have never tried. I have had the opportunity to try a number of new things with L. Some I liked, some I was surprised at because the taste or texture was not at all what I expected and yet others I could certainly live without ever trying again. The important thing is that the company's always great. He has broadened my horizons in so many ways!

So as pedestrian as this is going to sound to many of you, the special was oysters or jumbo cocktail shrimp offered for the low price of $1.00 each. The shrimp I knew I could handle, as I've tried and enjoyed those many times in the past. The oysters I wasn't so sure about. We ordered a half dozen of each and helped ourselves to the antipasto bar, cocktail sauce and bread before digging in. L ate the first oyster while I wasn't looking, so I missed watching how he went about doing it. I grabbed a shrimp and peeled it while we talked. Occasionally when L wanted to say something more risque, he'd lean over and say it in my ear and his deep rumble was nearly my undoing more than once.

He then had a shrimp, and asked me if I wasn't going to try the oysters. Though I had every intention of trying them, I must have looked sceptical, as he leaned over and said in my ear that if I could swallow his cum, I could certainly eat an oyster. Giggling, I reached for one and as I studied it, he started to explain a bit about how they shuck them and how they are eaten, etc. In doing so, he answered a few questions I had and when he picked up a second oyster, I watched him closely to see how he did it. I again looked at the oyster in my hand and he told me that if I didn't feel comfortable slurping it out of the shell, I could use my fork, but that slurping it was part of the experience, so slurp I did. Like I do with all food, regardless of what it is, I chewed it until it was mush and swallowed it. I was surprised - and not necessarily pleasantly - by the texture of the oyster - it was like jelly! - and it had an aftertaste I could have done without.

L looked at me expectantly and not wanting to disappoint, I smiled and pronounced it "edible". I also leaned over and whispered in his ear that it was just like some of the sexual things we've tried. You should always try it at least twice before you decide you don't like it. He smiled at me and watched as I picked up a second oyster to try. This time, instead of chewing it so much, I slurped it, had a couple quick chews just to break up the size of it and swallowed it....and it went down much better than the first one did. In fact, I didn't mind it at all. I had another two shrimp and some of the antipasto and I was done. L finished off the rest and his beer and we settled up the bill and left for his office.

L dropped me back to my car and I drove it over to his office and parked. Everyone was gone and we went inside and set up. While he went to organize securing the door, I lay down on my stomach and was raised up on my elbows going through our stash of condoms to find a couple that I know L particularly likes. L returned and lay down beside me, showing me a ping pong paddle he brought with him. He swatted me a few times with it - and the noise was very impressive - but it was too stingy for me, as was the handle of the brush he tried right after. L crawled up my body and lay down the length of my back and alternately kissed and bit my shoulders and neck while he slid his hands under my arms and played with my breasts.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love, love, love when he does this. The feeling of being completely enclosed by him and feeling the weight of his whole body on mine and having his face buried in my neck, nipping and kissing my shoulders, neck and cheeks and nuzzling in my hair is just the fucking hottest thing ever and makes me feel beyond sexy and desirable. As his cock got harder and harder, it rubbed along my slit as it hung down between my legs, the tip just gently brushing over my clit each time. Then he kicked it up a notch by adding a little lube and slotting his hard cock into the crack of my ass and when those nips started turning into harder bites, I just felt myself gush. The more I moaned, the more he bit me. Given long enough, I'm pretty sure he could bring me to orgasm this way.

He turned me over and drove his cock into me and we fucked in a frenzy until we both came hard within moments of each other. Wow - the sex was just fantastic. L moved away to get something and when he returned I was sitting with my back to him. He made a sound that made me think something was very wrong. I turned to see what was going on and realized he was looking at my back. He went and got the camera and took a pic to show me. I took one look at the image of my shoulders with at least 7 angry-looking bite marks across them and stunned, all I could say was, "Oh, [insert L's real name here]".

Poor L was really upset. He apologized several times and swore he'd never do it again. I had to speak up. I cannot speak to how that act made L feel, but the thought of him not ever doing it again when it had brought me such incredible pleasure just didn't sit right with me. I reassured him over and over that since he is the only one that sees me undressed, this was going to be okay and that I certainly DID want him to do it again. Sure, to ensure my safety, we have to be careful of marks that are not covered by my clothes, but a slip-up now and then is okay as long as I know they're there. The very first time I slept with L, he accidentally left a hickey on my neck and neither of us had any idea it was there. I am thankful that the only person that saw it was aware of my situation and realizing that it couldn't be from my husband, gently pointed it out to me so that I was able to take steps to hide it until it faded. I also have accidentally left L with a hickey on his neck after some careless play. In this case, I came to realize that a regular t-shirt was not sufficiently high-collared to cover these marks and I spent the whole week wearing collared shirts to remain undetected. They turned from an angry red to a brilliant purple and then to yellow before finally fading just over a week later. Though they didn't actually look like bite marks, it was just as well they weren't seen - neither L nor I could think of a plausible excuse to use to explain them should they have been detected!

We didn't have much time before we'd have to pack up, so we got busy on round two. Sheathing his supremely hard cock into my waiting pussy, he banged me fast and hard until we were both panting and writhing. We gasped out a volley of words back and forth to each other, coherent sentences not possible or required - "faster - that's it - more - harder - close - yesss". We came within moments of each other and when L collapsed exhausted on my chest, I held him there, face buried in my neck. I kissed his head and stroked his back as we both caught our breath and slowly recovered from the wild ride. Eventually he got up and with a grin on his face, he said I was much louder than usual. I responded that it was because the sex was even better than usual and smiled. It was getting quite late, so we packed up and after a lingering hug and kiss, we parted until next time.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our HNT #26

L is a great nipple nibbler.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

He said: V Meets Big Purple

V is such a sweety. Even though she knew I hadn't started my post for this week she didn't even mention it to me. Some weeks I find blogging such a chore and this is one of them. V's writing style is so detailed and descriptive I sometimes get hard again reading her posts about our times together and this week is no exception.

This weeks tale started out as many of our times together do, V aching for sex and me aching to supply it to her. The difference this time - we smoked a joint before and V got stuck. Most times times V can cum close to when I do but today she was still working her way up the hill when I was coasting down the other side. That's when I reached for Big Purple and slipped him inside of her. Big Purple is my nickname for the Jelly Royales Dong Junior sex toy that we had picked from the wide selection of dildos offered for review from the nice folks at Eden Fantasies. Though V seemed slightly surprised at the new feelings she was experiencing I leaned down to lick and suck her clit. She moaned in encouragement and appreciation. I'm glad we had Big Purple at hand because even with our big jelly friend stuffed in her and me working on her clit it took more than a minute or two to get V to the top of the mountain. When we crested the mountain it seems we broke the dam on a mountain stream because there was a big wet puddle on the blanket.

Then it was on to to a session of ass play which culminated in me leaving a puddle of man juice on the small of V's back. We then had a picnic of cheese, meat and olives on the dry parts of our blanket while we watched some porn. Then it was on to round three. V climbed into the saddle and rode me like the experienced cowgirl she is. When she came we both noticed strange squishy sounds, evidently the mountain stream had been unleashed yet again.

I promise to be more creative and wordy next time, but since you stuck around to the end here is a pic of Big Purple for your troubles. By the way I know he looks kind of pink in the picture but Big Purple is a much better name than Big Pink, don't you think?

She said: Very Effective Pain Killers

Girly days were finally over and I couldn't wait to get laid. While we had lunch during the week, there had been no opportunity for more than a quick bj in the car. L arranged for us to get together on a weekend afternoon at his office. I had been struggling with a headache for a few days - unfortunately not an unusual occurrence for me - so L had suggested we start with smoking a joint. The hope was that it would alleviate at least some of the pain. Since sex has also helped with my headaches in the past, I figured between the two potential remedies, I'd soon be as good as new.

We smoked outside behind the building and then returned inside. I felt absolutely nothing from the joint, except perhaps a little bit of headache relief. L said he felt a slight buzz, but not much. We got undressed and lay down on our blanket. After a few kisses, L asked me to suck his cock, which I happily did. When he was hard enough, he donned a condom and lay me on my back. I guided his cock into my waiting pussy and we started to move together. I love the way he fills me up and the friction of his cock as he slides in and out of me. Though it felt wonderful, I was very sluggish mentally, due to the headache and just couldn't seem to get there, despite L's best efforts. L came soon after I I started to talk dirty and begged him to cum for me. He lay with me for a couple minutes before he got up to sit between my bent knees. Before you know it, I felt my pussy being stretched open. "What's that?", I asked. "It's Big Purple", he replied. That's his name for the new
sex toy we just got from Eden Fantasys, the Jelly Royales Dong Junior.

I wasn't surprised to feel the bit of stretch - while it's not a particularly long dildo, it's pretty thick - quite a monster, really. L started fucking me with the dildo and playing with my clit with his fingers at the same time. I moaned appreciatively - though not as good as L filling me, it did feel good. Then L brushed his tongue over my clit and it felt like a zap of electricity hit me. That really got me going. I started fucking the dildo, raising my hips and pushing back on his strokes while he continued to lick and suck my clit. He picked up the speed and was now fucking me at a furious rate with the dildo, while I got my hand involved. I stiffened and exploded. Literally. Giant wet spot again. While I was initially quite sceptical about it, I think based on the number of dildos available at EF, we made a good choice. Seriously though, it has me wondering....if this was the 'Junior', what's the Senior like? :P

I graciously volunteered to lie in the wet spot - after all, it was of my making. L lay on his back and I lay beside him on my stomach, my head resting on his arm. We talked for a bit, then he got up and I remained on my stomach, raising up to rest on my elbows. He lay on top of me. I never get tired of's so hot. I feel his entire length and some of his weight covering me, feel his breathing in my ear and on my neck, feel his tongue and lips caressing my shoulders and neck and ears, his cheeks nuzzling my hair, his arms around me, sometimes holding me in a gentle choke hold, sometimes tucked up under my arms, playing with my tits.'s heaven. Then he made it even better by squirting some lube on my ass and slotting his cock in for a slide. I wiggled my ass against his cock as he stroked and before long, he had cum on my backside and was taking pictures.

I got cleaned up and we decided to take a break and have a snack. We pulled out our food - cheeses, crackers, kolbassa, olives and veggies and dip - and watched porn and ate until we were both full. I packed up the leftovers for L to have for his lunch the next day. L then asked me if I'd like to be flogged. I agreed and he suggested we try something a little different. He had me kneel on a chair, instead of standing bent over the table, which seemed to work out well. He spanked me with his hand, with a brush, used the slut paddle on me and two different floggers. It's interesting how your state of mind on a given day dictates how much you can tolerate. Some days, I can't get enough, where others it doesn't take long for me to cry uncle.

L suggested we have one more round of sex before we had to leave. We went back over to the blanket and started kissing him and working my way down to suck his cock. When he was monumentally hard, he donned a condom and had me hop on top to ride him. I like this position a lot - it's almost a guarantee for me to cum and I am usually able to make L cum like this too. I started riding and L commented a number of times about how good it felt. I concurred. A couple of times, L slipped out and I guided him back in with my hand. After the second time, I kept my hand close by to intervene if necessary. Moments later I came hard and I felt a huge flood of girl juice envelope L's cock. I pulled my hand out and it was literally dripping wet. After a quick moment to pull myself together, I continued riding L, only now I was so soaked that our every movement elicited loud, wet, squooshy noises. L hadn't felt the gush as I had and seemed rather surprised and curious about these sudden noises.

Being so wet now, there was a lot of slipping and sliding and L decided we should finish up with me on my back. Moving onto my back, he settled between my legs and I guided his cock into me to pick up where we had left off. After he came, L commented on how soaked I had suddenly become when I was riding him - he thought something unusual had definitely happened there. He was very curious to know where all the extra girl juice had come from and quite frankly, I didn't have an answer. I suspect female ejaculation, or squirting..but I haven't had a chance to research it yet.

Still gently moving inside of me, L put more of his weight on me and we put our arms around each other. We lay like that for a couple minutes, knowing we had to pack up and leave. We had already stayed past the time we had agreed upon. He asked me how my head was feeling and when I took stock, I realized that for the first time in days, it was clear and pain-free. Smiling, we packed up and dressed and before parting company, he showed me a surprise for another day. My head has been full of ideas ever since.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our HNT #25

My collar came with a normal little padlock, but I wanted something
a little more....girly. I was delighted when I found this rhinestone
studded padlock at Northbound Leather. It was just what I had hoped to find.

Locked and Leashed

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Monday, May 2, 2011

He said: V makes a booty call

I was out at an event, I got horny so I IM'd V asking her if she wanted to come over for a fucking the next day. I'm terrible, aren't I? Thinking she is at my beck and call whenever I need to relieve my sexual tension. She said yes and even though I felt guilty about it later I didn't let her cancel. Fucking at the office saves us loads of cash and makes it easy for us to get together on short notice but one really can't go to one's colleagues and tell them they have to clear out because you have naughty plans and they are cock blocking you. I was bound and determined not to settle for a quick BJ in the parking lot so when the appointed time came and our usual spot was inaccessible I told V to make her way discreetly to my office while I ran interference. She made it undiscovered but I knew we couldn't spend that much time together, a locked office door with a car still in the parking lot would raise too many question. After the preliminary kissing and removal of clothes I cleared a spot on my desk and tapped it with my hand. V looked confused. 'Sit here', I told her and she she smiled. I had been remiss in not eating her pussy in our previous few meetings and it was time to remedy that. I knelt on the floor and dived in. V seemed appreciative of my pussy licking skills but even more so when I wheeled my office chair in for her to rest her foot on. If you look carefully in the picture below you can see the butt prints and hand prints that were left on my desk when we were done. After giving her clit a good nibbling and sucking I sat in the chair and V returned the favour.

It wasn't long before she had me hard and ready. I had her lay on the office floor and spread wide for me as I slipped between her open thighs and slipped my cock into her. We didn't have much time so I fucked her hard and fast. This wasn't a problem for V because she really likes it hard and fast. I almost broke out laughing as I watched her try to stifle her moans and sighs out of fear we would be discovered. V was so turned on by the naughtiness of it all that she came first and like a rocket even stifled and bottled up as she was. I held her and kissed her deeply before I resumed thrusting on a quest to cum myself. It didn't take very much longer before I pushed deep inside and unloaded.

We cleaned up, got dressed and I spirited her out of the office after a quick kiss and a hug. All told we probably took about 30 minutes to complete the act. It was fast but it was also fun and smoothed off the horny edge of our libidos for a few more days.

She said: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Sir!

Late one evening, after having attended a function, L sent me an IM asking me if I could come see him after work the following day. I said I could and we went on to chat about other topics. Later the following day as we chatted from work, I finally asked him if I should still come, since he hadn't mentioned it all day. That's when I found out that L hadn't mentioned it because he was feeling bad that he had asked me to come. We've had this conversation before....L sometimes feels guilty for taking me away from my family so much. The reality is, nobody in my household needs me for anything, so there is no hardship to them if I am not there. Oh, I cook and clean like every wife and mother, but once those things are taken care of, I'm of little further use. I asked L one important question...did he want me to come. He said he did and I replied quite simply, "Then I'll come." I don't know anybody that wouldn't prefer to be where they are wanted!

I arrived exactly on time and texted him to let him know. He responded that there were still a few people hanging around, but that while he went to run interference, he wanted me to walk in the front door and straight down to his office and to wait there for him. I moved my car into his building's parking lot, but before I could get out, L came outside to meet me. A slight change of plan had become necessary, but in the end, I managed to make it into his office undetected. I stood quietly behind the door until he returned.

When he got back, he explained to me that several of the employees had decided to get together to work late on a project in the area of the building where we usually meet. Not only did we have to get me inside unchallenged, but it was also going to be a little tricky to get me back out without being seen. It was also clear that we wouldn't be able to spend very much time, since it would be highly suspicious if any of them wandered back into the office area to find his door closed and locked while he was on the premises - and his car would attest to that. It also meant that we'd have to keep our usual moans, laughter and shrieks of pleasure to a minimum, too!

As soon as the door was locked, so were our lips. We kissed and hugged for a few moments, then broke apart to get undressed. He took me by the hand and pulled me toward his desk. Wordlessly, he motioned to his desk. Not sure if he wanted me to bend over his desk or something else, I looked at him questioningly and he told me to come sit on the edge. He placed me where he wanted me and as I balanced with my butt on the edge of his desk, both legs raised and held in the air, one hand resting on the desk behind me and the other stroking his head and shoulders, L was on his knees in front of me licking, nipping and tongue-fucking my pussy while his hands stroked my thighs and grabbed my ass to pull me in closer. It was awesome. He sucked a hickey onto each thigh before standing up for a long kiss - mmmm....I do love to taste myself on his lips!

Of course I wanted to reciprocate, so I had him sit in his swivel chair and I in turn knelt at his feet and sucked his cock to a most impressively hard state. As he donned a condom, he asked if I preferred to be on top or on the bottom. Unable to decide, I told him to choose and he told me to lie on my back. He drove into me hard and oh, it felt so good. His cock gets the most beautiful curve to it when it's really, really hard and then it hits all the good spots. As excited and stimulated as we both were, we both lasted surprisingly long. L made a joke teasing me and we had a laugh about it, then we started whispering dirty things to each other, which is always a huge turn-on for us both. Trying so very hard to contain myself, I thought I was going to explode when I orgasmed, such was the magnitude. L actually stopped and hugged my writhing body for a moment before we resumed. He went at it hard for a few minutes more before he finally came, too. No time for cuddles this day, we got up right away and started packing up. My legs still shook with the intensity of my climax.

Both fully dressed now, L left to once again run interference so I could get out...then quickly returned. We were so intent on executing the exit strategy, that we had forgotten to say goodbye. He kissed me and squeezed my hand. I watched as he left again and as soon as he was through the door, effectively blocking anyone from coming through, I scampered down the hall and out the door to my car. Though we jokingly called it a quickie, there was nothing really quick about it, though we did spend less time together than we are usually able to. It turned out to be a most lovely impromptu visit.