Monday, May 30, 2011

He Said: The Best Laid Plans

It seemed like such a simple plan. Go to the horse races, have something to eat and drink, head back to the office for some naughty sex to celebrate V's birthday. We met at my office and headed off to the track. We got there a little bit late and I stopped to add some money to my betting card which meant that we didn't have time to get our bets in on the second race but we weren't in a big hurry, there were still eight races to go. We settled in at our table to make our picks for the third race and order some food and a couple of drinks. We placed our bets and headed outside on the the cool and overcast day to watch the race. When V's phone rang I knew it couldn't be good news and after a short conversation she confirmed it by telling me that she had to head home almost right away because one of her kids needed the car. She was as close to tears as I've ever seen her. Our food had arrived so we ate quickly which gave us enough time to put bets on the next race. We both lost our bets and hustled out to the car and back to my office.

When we arrived at my office I asked V if she had enough time to come inside for a few minutes. V and I went inside and quickly undressed. This was a quickie of the first order and I set my phone alarm for 30 minutes. V took the challenge to get me ready in a hurry in stride after a few kisses she went downstairs with a vengeance. With V as fluffer I was quickly ready to perform in my role as birthday present cock. Her position of choice was missionary because she likes the way my curved cock rubs her just the right way in all the right places. Though we were in a hurry I used all my manly staying power skills to ensure that V came first. Dirty talking, nipple biting and a few other secret tricks that I can't possibly reveal publicly but which we can perhaps discuss some day over a beer or two. I did my best to give V a good hard pounding knowing the slap of skin on skin was something that could push her over the edge. I fucked her, she fucked me back and it wasn't long before she was cumming with the moans that I had become quite familiar with over the year since our first time. After a few minutes of snuggling the alarm jarred us back to reality and we quickly dressed and parted with a kiss as V hurried home to solve her family car crisis. Not quite what we had planned but a memorable day especially since it was capped off with a orgasms for all.


  1. Oooh, quite curious to find out what those secret tricks are...I'll buy the beers :)

  2. I'll buy the second round - if it gets us more secrets! ;)