Monday, May 9, 2011

She said: Very Effective Pain Killers

Girly days were finally over and I couldn't wait to get laid. While we had lunch during the week, there had been no opportunity for more than a quick bj in the car. L arranged for us to get together on a weekend afternoon at his office. I had been struggling with a headache for a few days - unfortunately not an unusual occurrence for me - so L had suggested we start with smoking a joint. The hope was that it would alleviate at least some of the pain. Since sex has also helped with my headaches in the past, I figured between the two potential remedies, I'd soon be as good as new.

We smoked outside behind the building and then returned inside. I felt absolutely nothing from the joint, except perhaps a little bit of headache relief. L said he felt a slight buzz, but not much. We got undressed and lay down on our blanket. After a few kisses, L asked me to suck his cock, which I happily did. When he was hard enough, he donned a condom and lay me on my back. I guided his cock into my waiting pussy and we started to move together. I love the way he fills me up and the friction of his cock as he slides in and out of me. Though it felt wonderful, I was very sluggish mentally, due to the headache and just couldn't seem to get there, despite L's best efforts. L came soon after I I started to talk dirty and begged him to cum for me. He lay with me for a couple minutes before he got up to sit between my bent knees. Before you know it, I felt my pussy being stretched open. "What's that?", I asked. "It's Big Purple", he replied. That's his name for the new
sex toy we just got from Eden Fantasys, the Jelly Royales Dong Junior.

I wasn't surprised to feel the bit of stretch - while it's not a particularly long dildo, it's pretty thick - quite a monster, really. L started fucking me with the dildo and playing with my clit with his fingers at the same time. I moaned appreciatively - though not as good as L filling me, it did feel good. Then L brushed his tongue over my clit and it felt like a zap of electricity hit me. That really got me going. I started fucking the dildo, raising my hips and pushing back on his strokes while he continued to lick and suck my clit. He picked up the speed and was now fucking me at a furious rate with the dildo, while I got my hand involved. I stiffened and exploded. Literally. Giant wet spot again. While I was initially quite sceptical about it, I think based on the number of dildos available at EF, we made a good choice. Seriously though, it has me wondering....if this was the 'Junior', what's the Senior like? :P

I graciously volunteered to lie in the wet spot - after all, it was of my making. L lay on his back and I lay beside him on my stomach, my head resting on his arm. We talked for a bit, then he got up and I remained on my stomach, raising up to rest on my elbows. He lay on top of me. I never get tired of's so hot. I feel his entire length and some of his weight covering me, feel his breathing in my ear and on my neck, feel his tongue and lips caressing my shoulders and neck and ears, his cheeks nuzzling my hair, his arms around me, sometimes holding me in a gentle choke hold, sometimes tucked up under my arms, playing with my tits.'s heaven. Then he made it even better by squirting some lube on my ass and slotting his cock in for a slide. I wiggled my ass against his cock as he stroked and before long, he had cum on my backside and was taking pictures.

I got cleaned up and we decided to take a break and have a snack. We pulled out our food - cheeses, crackers, kolbassa, olives and veggies and dip - and watched porn and ate until we were both full. I packed up the leftovers for L to have for his lunch the next day. L then asked me if I'd like to be flogged. I agreed and he suggested we try something a little different. He had me kneel on a chair, instead of standing bent over the table, which seemed to work out well. He spanked me with his hand, with a brush, used the slut paddle on me and two different floggers. It's interesting how your state of mind on a given day dictates how much you can tolerate. Some days, I can't get enough, where others it doesn't take long for me to cry uncle.

L suggested we have one more round of sex before we had to leave. We went back over to the blanket and started kissing him and working my way down to suck his cock. When he was monumentally hard, he donned a condom and had me hop on top to ride him. I like this position a lot - it's almost a guarantee for me to cum and I am usually able to make L cum like this too. I started riding and L commented a number of times about how good it felt. I concurred. A couple of times, L slipped out and I guided him back in with my hand. After the second time, I kept my hand close by to intervene if necessary. Moments later I came hard and I felt a huge flood of girl juice envelope L's cock. I pulled my hand out and it was literally dripping wet. After a quick moment to pull myself together, I continued riding L, only now I was so soaked that our every movement elicited loud, wet, squooshy noises. L hadn't felt the gush as I had and seemed rather surprised and curious about these sudden noises.

Being so wet now, there was a lot of slipping and sliding and L decided we should finish up with me on my back. Moving onto my back, he settled between my legs and I guided his cock into me to pick up where we had left off. After he came, L commented on how soaked I had suddenly become when I was riding him - he thought something unusual had definitely happened there. He was very curious to know where all the extra girl juice had come from and quite frankly, I didn't have an answer. I suspect female ejaculation, or squirting..but I haven't had a chance to research it yet.

Still gently moving inside of me, L put more of his weight on me and we put our arms around each other. We lay like that for a couple minutes, knowing we had to pack up and leave. We had already stayed past the time we had agreed upon. He asked me how my head was feeling and when I took stock, I realized that for the first time in days, it was clear and pain-free. Smiling, we packed up and dressed and before parting company, he showed me a surprise for another day. My head has been full of ideas ever since.

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  1. I am in desperate of a good, long fucking and reading this has only fueled it. Three times, I am a bit jealous.