Monday, May 30, 2011

She said: V's Birthday Treat

It was my birthday and L wanted to do something special. He had several great ideas (he really does think of the most fun things to do!), but Mother Nature wasn't cooperating and it was still too cold outdoors to participate in many of them, so he asked me if I'd like to go to the racetrack again. We had such a great time last time that I readily agreed.

When the day came, I was happy to be going out - I certainly wasn't having an enjoyable birthday at home. I got up and made breakfast for everyone, tidied up and in fact interacted with each member of my household, yet up until it was time to leave the house at noon, nobody had even acknowledged that it was my birthday. I left and quickly realized that the car was running on fumes - once again the children had used all my gas and left me hanging. Already well out of my neighbourhood, I pulled into the next gas station I came to. When I went to pay, I realized that I didn't have my wallet with me and I was annoyed as I remembered one of my kids asking me for some change earlier - I guess when they took what they needed, my wallet did not get returned to my purse. While it's fortunate that I always keep some cash stashed away outside of my wallet for emergencies and was able to pay for the gas, it also meant that I didn't have my driver's license with me. I was already a fair distance from home and loathe to return, so I continued on. I met up with L at his office, and with a big, smiling "Good morning, Birthday Girl!" and an even bigger hug and a kiss, he bundled me into his car and we took off.

We decided to go to the same restaurant at the track where we were before. We liked it there - it was large and open and the food was good. It also had doors to the outdoors where we could watch the races in stadium seating or right down at the rails at track level. As we got seated, the second race was already being run. You may recall that I'm not much of a horse picker, my method up to this point was to pick the horse with the most interesting or meaningful name - something that amused L to no end. This time, however, I was ready. I had downloaded and printed the race program off the internet and had read up on the horses and had my picks ready for the first four races. Imagine how I felt when the very horse I was planning to bet on in that second race won! I was going to have a good race day, I just knew it!

We got a couple drinks and pored over the program to make our picks for the third race. I pulled out my program, but was so distracted chatting with L that I never even looked at it. When he stood up and suggested we go and place our bets, I got up too, figuring I'd remember the name of the horse I had painstakingly researched. We got to the betting terminal and as I scanned the name of the horses, I found the one. I placed my bet, then moved to the side to let L place his bet. L went further down in the list than I had and I noticed another familiar name and realized I had picked the wrong horse. L said I could probably change the bet if I went to the window quickly, but that was too much trouble and I left things as they were. L, as it happens, bet on that horse and guess what? It won!

While we were outside watching that race, my phone rang. Apparently, I had forgotten that I had promised the use of the car to one of the children and in order to avert a major crisis and possibly a disaster of great magnitude, I had to have my car home in an hour. WTF?!! I couldn't believe I had forgotten. Using guilt and playing the "birthday" card, I negotiated and slight concessions were made and as a result I managed to get two hours, but nonetheless, when I hung up, I was so upset I was nearly in tears. Here L had gone through all this trouble to do something sweet for me and now we had to cut the day short and leave! We decided we could stay for one more race and then had to head back to his office and my car. We quickly went inside, ordered some food and had just about finished eating when the fourth race ran. I bet a chunk of the remaining funds on the betting card L had given me for my birthday on I-don't-even-know-which-horse. Doesn't matter - the nag placed last.

We managed to leave the track with a fair amount of time to spare as we headed back to L's office. I was pretty quiet, I think - I was feeling terrible that I had spoiled the day he had planned for me. As we pulled into the parking lot, sensitive to my time issues, L asked me if I was planning to come inside with him. "If you want me to", I answered and he laughed and shook his head - of course he wanted me to. We went inside and quickly undressed. We didn't even have an hour. L set his alarm so that we wouldn't overstay and I fell into his arms.

We kissed and caressed each other and I slid down his body to my knees and licked the length of his cock. My hands were resting on his hips and he took them in his own and pulled me to stand, leading me to our blanket. He grabbed a condom and said that since it was my birthday, I could choose the position. He was rock hard, so I knew missionary would be good and said as much. I lay back as he covered me and slid in to the hilt. As the head of his hard curved cock rubbed along my g-spot, we both moaned in pleasure and more than once, he stopped or slowed down so that he could last a little longer. At last, he picked up the pace and I writhed under him as I heard the sound of our bodies slapping together. I arched as I came loud and hard and sent him tumbling over the edge too.

We lay together for a very few minutes, languishing in our replete state until the alarm went off. Reluctantly, we got dressed and packed up and I apologized again for having to cut our time short. I have to say, though, that in spite of how many little things conspired to make my day a less than happy one, a few hours in L's company along with some of his TLC went a long, long way to making it into a very special day, indeed.


  1. It's so sweet; how nice he wanted to make the day for you.

    Happy belated birthday x

  2. My luck is shit at games of chance, which is why I don't gamble, but I've always wanted to go to the races. Glad you managed a good time together despite the disappoinments.

    And a late Happy Birthday wish to you! :)


  3. Belated happy birthday V, pity your kids ruined your day

  4. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! L was sweet enough to take me out again a couple days later - I'm such a lucky girl!