Monday, May 2, 2011

She said: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Sir!

Late one evening, after having attended a function, L sent me an IM asking me if I could come see him after work the following day. I said I could and we went on to chat about other topics. Later the following day as we chatted from work, I finally asked him if I should still come, since he hadn't mentioned it all day. That's when I found out that L hadn't mentioned it because he was feeling bad that he had asked me to come. We've had this conversation before....L sometimes feels guilty for taking me away from my family so much. The reality is, nobody in my household needs me for anything, so there is no hardship to them if I am not there. Oh, I cook and clean like every wife and mother, but once those things are taken care of, I'm of little further use. I asked L one important question...did he want me to come. He said he did and I replied quite simply, "Then I'll come." I don't know anybody that wouldn't prefer to be where they are wanted!

I arrived exactly on time and texted him to let him know. He responded that there were still a few people hanging around, but that while he went to run interference, he wanted me to walk in the front door and straight down to his office and to wait there for him. I moved my car into his building's parking lot, but before I could get out, L came outside to meet me. A slight change of plan had become necessary, but in the end, I managed to make it into his office undetected. I stood quietly behind the door until he returned.

When he got back, he explained to me that several of the employees had decided to get together to work late on a project in the area of the building where we usually meet. Not only did we have to get me inside unchallenged, but it was also going to be a little tricky to get me back out without being seen. It was also clear that we wouldn't be able to spend very much time, since it would be highly suspicious if any of them wandered back into the office area to find his door closed and locked while he was on the premises - and his car would attest to that. It also meant that we'd have to keep our usual moans, laughter and shrieks of pleasure to a minimum, too!

As soon as the door was locked, so were our lips. We kissed and hugged for a few moments, then broke apart to get undressed. He took me by the hand and pulled me toward his desk. Wordlessly, he motioned to his desk. Not sure if he wanted me to bend over his desk or something else, I looked at him questioningly and he told me to come sit on the edge. He placed me where he wanted me and as I balanced with my butt on the edge of his desk, both legs raised and held in the air, one hand resting on the desk behind me and the other stroking his head and shoulders, L was on his knees in front of me licking, nipping and tongue-fucking my pussy while his hands stroked my thighs and grabbed my ass to pull me in closer. It was awesome. He sucked a hickey onto each thigh before standing up for a long kiss - mmmm....I do love to taste myself on his lips!

Of course I wanted to reciprocate, so I had him sit in his swivel chair and I in turn knelt at his feet and sucked his cock to a most impressively hard state. As he donned a condom, he asked if I preferred to be on top or on the bottom. Unable to decide, I told him to choose and he told me to lie on my back. He drove into me hard and oh, it felt so good. His cock gets the most beautiful curve to it when it's really, really hard and then it hits all the good spots. As excited and stimulated as we both were, we both lasted surprisingly long. L made a joke teasing me and we had a laugh about it, then we started whispering dirty things to each other, which is always a huge turn-on for us both. Trying so very hard to contain myself, I thought I was going to explode when I orgasmed, such was the magnitude. L actually stopped and hugged my writhing body for a moment before we resumed. He went at it hard for a few minutes more before he finally came, too. No time for cuddles this day, we got up right away and started packing up. My legs still shook with the intensity of my climax.

Both fully dressed now, L left to once again run interference so I could get out...then quickly returned. We were so intent on executing the exit strategy, that we had forgotten to say goodbye. He kissed me and squeezed my hand. I watched as he left again and as soon as he was through the door, effectively blocking anyone from coming through, I scampered down the hall and out the door to my car. Though we jokingly called it a quickie, there was nothing really quick about it, though we did spend less time together than we are usually able to. It turned out to be a most lovely impromptu visit.

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