Monday, May 16, 2011

She said: Bite Me!

I love being with L. Sometimes we get together to have sex and other times we spend time together over lunch or other social situations, but since we are both friends and lovers, my very favourite times are when our time is a little less restricted and we can combine both social and intimate activities. This story is about one such day.

Recently we went back to the restaurant where we had our very first meet and we had a lovely lunch together. At that time, we noticed there was a weekday evening special that piqued our interest, not to mention our taste buds. L had suggested that I could come visit him on that particular weeknight sometimes and we could go have a drink and the special while we waited for the office to clear out. I am involved in activities on that particular night for a good part of the year, but there came a day recently when due to a cancellation, I was able to meet with L instead and he remembered the special and suggested we go.

I parked in a parking lot close to L's office and he came and picked me up. We chatted easily as we drove to the restaurant, heading into the bar area when we got there. L asked if I'd prefer to sit at the bar or at one of the bistro tables, but since they all had those very tall chairs, it didn't really matter to me. When I stand beside those chairs, the level of the seat is at my waist or higher, so it's always a bit of a chore to climb up into them, though once perched with my feet on the foot bar, I'm okay. Our lovely server - the same one we had on our last visit - took our order for drinks and the special.

So you're probably wondering what the special was. Before I tell you, let me just say that dining with L has been an interesting experience for me. While by virtue of my culture I eat a lot of foods that might be considered unusual, they are certainly not unusual to me. Having lead a very sheltered life, I have never had the opportunity to be adventurous with foods from other cultures and so there are a lot of foods that I realize are really quite mainstream for most that I simply have never tried. I have had the opportunity to try a number of new things with L. Some I liked, some I was surprised at because the taste or texture was not at all what I expected and yet others I could certainly live without ever trying again. The important thing is that the company's always great. He has broadened my horizons in so many ways!

So as pedestrian as this is going to sound to many of you, the special was oysters or jumbo cocktail shrimp offered for the low price of $1.00 each. The shrimp I knew I could handle, as I've tried and enjoyed those many times in the past. The oysters I wasn't so sure about. We ordered a half dozen of each and helped ourselves to the antipasto bar, cocktail sauce and bread before digging in. L ate the first oyster while I wasn't looking, so I missed watching how he went about doing it. I grabbed a shrimp and peeled it while we talked. Occasionally when L wanted to say something more risque, he'd lean over and say it in my ear and his deep rumble was nearly my undoing more than once.

He then had a shrimp, and asked me if I wasn't going to try the oysters. Though I had every intention of trying them, I must have looked sceptical, as he leaned over and said in my ear that if I could swallow his cum, I could certainly eat an oyster. Giggling, I reached for one and as I studied it, he started to explain a bit about how they shuck them and how they are eaten, etc. In doing so, he answered a few questions I had and when he picked up a second oyster, I watched him closely to see how he did it. I again looked at the oyster in my hand and he told me that if I didn't feel comfortable slurping it out of the shell, I could use my fork, but that slurping it was part of the experience, so slurp I did. Like I do with all food, regardless of what it is, I chewed it until it was mush and swallowed it. I was surprised - and not necessarily pleasantly - by the texture of the oyster - it was like jelly! - and it had an aftertaste I could have done without.

L looked at me expectantly and not wanting to disappoint, I smiled and pronounced it "edible". I also leaned over and whispered in his ear that it was just like some of the sexual things we've tried. You should always try it at least twice before you decide you don't like it. He smiled at me and watched as I picked up a second oyster to try. This time, instead of chewing it so much, I slurped it, had a couple quick chews just to break up the size of it and swallowed it....and it went down much better than the first one did. In fact, I didn't mind it at all. I had another two shrimp and some of the antipasto and I was done. L finished off the rest and his beer and we settled up the bill and left for his office.

L dropped me back to my car and I drove it over to his office and parked. Everyone was gone and we went inside and set up. While he went to organize securing the door, I lay down on my stomach and was raised up on my elbows going through our stash of condoms to find a couple that I know L particularly likes. L returned and lay down beside me, showing me a ping pong paddle he brought with him. He swatted me a few times with it - and the noise was very impressive - but it was too stingy for me, as was the handle of the brush he tried right after. L crawled up my body and lay down the length of my back and alternately kissed and bit my shoulders and neck while he slid his hands under my arms and played with my breasts.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love, love, love when he does this. The feeling of being completely enclosed by him and feeling the weight of his whole body on mine and having his face buried in my neck, nipping and kissing my shoulders, neck and cheeks and nuzzling in my hair is just the fucking hottest thing ever and makes me feel beyond sexy and desirable. As his cock got harder and harder, it rubbed along my slit as it hung down between my legs, the tip just gently brushing over my clit each time. Then he kicked it up a notch by adding a little lube and slotting his hard cock into the crack of my ass and when those nips started turning into harder bites, I just felt myself gush. The more I moaned, the more he bit me. Given long enough, I'm pretty sure he could bring me to orgasm this way.

He turned me over and drove his cock into me and we fucked in a frenzy until we both came hard within moments of each other. Wow - the sex was just fantastic. L moved away to get something and when he returned I was sitting with my back to him. He made a sound that made me think something was very wrong. I turned to see what was going on and realized he was looking at my back. He went and got the camera and took a pic to show me. I took one look at the image of my shoulders with at least 7 angry-looking bite marks across them and stunned, all I could say was, "Oh, [insert L's real name here]".

Poor L was really upset. He apologized several times and swore he'd never do it again. I had to speak up. I cannot speak to how that act made L feel, but the thought of him not ever doing it again when it had brought me such incredible pleasure just didn't sit right with me. I reassured him over and over that since he is the only one that sees me undressed, this was going to be okay and that I certainly DID want him to do it again. Sure, to ensure my safety, we have to be careful of marks that are not covered by my clothes, but a slip-up now and then is okay as long as I know they're there. The very first time I slept with L, he accidentally left a hickey on my neck and neither of us had any idea it was there. I am thankful that the only person that saw it was aware of my situation and realizing that it couldn't be from my husband, gently pointed it out to me so that I was able to take steps to hide it until it faded. I also have accidentally left L with a hickey on his neck after some careless play. In this case, I came to realize that a regular t-shirt was not sufficiently high-collared to cover these marks and I spent the whole week wearing collared shirts to remain undetected. They turned from an angry red to a brilliant purple and then to yellow before finally fading just over a week later. Though they didn't actually look like bite marks, it was just as well they weren't seen - neither L nor I could think of a plausible excuse to use to explain them should they have been detected!

We didn't have much time before we'd have to pack up, so we got busy on round two. Sheathing his supremely hard cock into my waiting pussy, he banged me fast and hard until we were both panting and writhing. We gasped out a volley of words back and forth to each other, coherent sentences not possible or required - "faster - that's it - more - harder - close - yesss". We came within moments of each other and when L collapsed exhausted on my chest, I held him there, face buried in my neck. I kissed his head and stroked his back as we both caught our breath and slowly recovered from the wild ride. Eventually he got up and with a grin on his face, he said I was much louder than usual. I responded that it was because the sex was even better than usual and smiled. It was getting quite late, so we packed up and after a lingering hug and kiss, we parted until next time.

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  1. Rookie mistake, chewing those oysters.
    You gotta slurp 'em girl!

    And I know just what you mean by loving the sensation of being covered. And the nuzzling and biting? Hot!