Monday, September 27, 2010

He said: Cliff side Forest Fun

After our previous forest adventure V, ever the intrepid explorer, decided to scout out the forested area across the river in the park where she had first leaned me up against the tree. Afterwards she excitedly IM'd me to tell what her explorations had uncovered. She had found the perfect concealed area in the forest for us to have some fun.

On the agreed upon day she and I met in a parking lot near to the selected spot. I jumped into her car for the short trip to the dead end street where she parked and we gathered up our blanket for the walk down the cliff side. As we left the car V gently scolded me when I grabbed her in a lustful way. She was worried someone might see us from one of the houses on the street. V had found a place where the cliff face had transitioned to a steep dirt trail through the mostly open forest to the river below. V was worried that if we walked all the way down to the river we might be too tired to have a rip roaring good time so she had selected a reasonably flat spot off the trail about half way down the hillside. In what had seemed like a good idea at the time the spot she had picked had slight incline, almost like a natural recliner. We spread out the blanket and started doing what two horny people in the woods on a blanket do. Mindful of the semi public area that we occupied we knew that we would have to get things done with as much speed as practical. This was not the time for a slow languid session of romantic sex but instead the time for a quick and lusty bang in the woods. Enough clothes were divested to make the act practical after a short bout of kissing, mutual caressing and fondling. Preplanning on my part allowed me to get my pants and underwear off without removing my shoes which turned out to be a very good thing. The problem with our chosen spot soon became apparent as I pushed into V. Even though the leaves were dry they slipped against each other. As I tried to push into V my feet would slide in the leaves making my thrusting less than spectacular. Whenever V tried to reposition herself she would start sliding down the hill. I like nibbling on V and evidently the mosquitoes did too. While leaving me unmolested for the most part they feasted on her. Between the lack of a firm footing and the mosquitoes it was not one of our most passionate times together but we did have a fun lusty time and I managed to get the job done and elicit more than one moan of pleasure from V between the giggles as I tried not to slide down the hillside and the squishing of the bloodthirsty mosquitoes.

After we had dressed and cleaned up V took me the rest of the way down the hill to show me the other places and things she had found on her adventures. We made note of some more level spots in case we ever decided to return for some more cliff side fun.

She said: Cliffside Forest Fun

The park we often go to has a fairly wide river running through it. The opposite side of the river always looks so peaceful and quiet (and well off the beaten track), so we decided to see how we could get there and if we could find any suitable spots where we could lay down our blanket. Together we perused Google Maps to try and determine how to get there without having to cross the river. Although we came up with a few ideas, our subsequent reconnaissance found fences where we didn't expect them as well as cliffsides we thought were paths based on what we could see from the satellite map.

Not to be deterred, I took a second trip there on my own and found, much further in than we had looked previously, a path leading into the woods and down the side of the ravine. Despite it being very steep going, I was able to walk right down to the river and indeed ended up almost exactly across the river from where we stood wondering what was on the other side not too long before. With great trauma to my ass muscles, I climbed back up from whence I came, having found a couple decent spots and excited to share with L.

I was a little concerned about the steepness of the path and the possibility of injury. I had visions of either having to confess my secret to a friend so that they could help me get L out of there and transport him somewhere more within the realm of where he's "supposed to be" or even worse, having to explain to Mrs. L why her husband was at the hospital in dire need of medical attention and how I "just happened by" at the most opportune moment. I'm not sure why I wasn't concerned for myself, but L and I discussed the situation and since he thought the climb would be no problem for him, I sucked it up and we decided to go there the following week.

It had been a rainy week, but with the heavy tree canopy, the ground was quite dry in the woods. The day dawned sunny and became hotter as it went on. L came and picked me up and we parked near the entrance to the woods and walked in, hand in hand. We soon came to the steep descent and walked down nearly a third of the way before I pulled L off the path to show him the first spot I had found.

Not far off the path there was a wide trench-like area starting at the base of a tree downward in a very steep incline. I hopped down into the trench and showed L that we could not be seen unless someone was standing right above us. He jumped in after me and we started shedding clothes as we kissed. Stopping only long enough to spread the blanket over the leaf bedding and to place our valuables at the base of the tree so they wouldn't get lost in the leaves, before long, L and I were going at it like bunnies. Turns out it was quite a challenge. Not only was I swarmed by mosquitoes the minute I got naked, but I also had another problem. I am very agile and flexible - something that frequently impresses L - but I had some real difficulty even participating on that incline. The area was so steep that any attempt to even lift my feet off the ground resulted me me sliding down the hill!

Somehow we managed through L brushing the mosquitoes off my face and me hanging on for dear life and laughed about it as we dressed again and decided to continue down the hill to the water. We made it down without incident and explored a bit down by the river (of course, finding a lovely flat spot that would have been perfect!) before heading back up the steep trail. Half way up we stopped for a rest. I was mildly irritated to see that L didn't even seem winded, while my ass and thigh muscles screamed in protest and my face was flushed and sweaty.

As we chatted later that evening and planned our next outing, I complained bitterly about the number of mosquito bites inflicted on me. To L's single bite, I had at least 8, including one on my face and another on my ass. I think I've had enough woods for a while!

Monday, September 20, 2010

He said: V and the Tree

V has a thing for running water so one day we met for lunch and headed for park near her office that has a nice river. This particular day heavy rains had swollen the river and prevented us from from crossing the river where we usually would sit on the rocks kiss and talk. Instead we headed to a different area of the park where there was an open area scattered with trees. I laid out the blanket and we laid down, kissing and groping soon followed. I stood V up and leaned her against a nearby tree trunk, Squeezing her between my body and the trunk I continued to have my way with her. The particulars of what exactly I did to V have been chased from my memory because of what happened next.

V got a mischievous look in her eye and swapped places with me. V likes to think she is shy but would a shy woman ask if she could suck my cock in the middle of a public park? More than a little turned on with the thought of getting a blowjob in public I helped V out by opening my fly and pulling out my cock. V dropped to her knees and went to work. Perhaps work is the wrong word to use, for her fellatio isn't a job, it's a vocation. Not only did her mouth feel wonderful but looking down at V on her knees brought out the caveman in me. It was very erotic and I couldn't resist taking her head in my hands, fingers in her hair, guiding and controlling her. See what I mean about bringing out the caveman in me. Though I could have stayed there all day I knew that the longer we continued the riskier our encounter became. I let myself go and told V that launch was imminent. V pulled back slightly as I came. V made sure I was nice and clean before I tucked myself away and we returned to the blanket. No sooner had this happened when we were beseiged with dog walkers, strolling couples and other miscellaneous park users.

Time was running short as we packed up the blanket and returned to the car. In our reverie had we missed someone else walking by? The thought was slightly embarassing and also exciting. Lunch with V is always an adventure.

She said: Just Me, L and The Tree

Having grown up on an island, I have a real affinity for water and knowing this, L always seems to be able to find lovely parks with rivers or creeks running through them where we can meet. I recently spent a period of time without a car and L was really great about traveling to my end of the city to visit me. L would pick me up at my office and we'd drive to various parks to spend some time together.

This day, I walked a short distance away from work to meet up with L. From there, he drove us to a nearby park. We had come to this park a few times previously and always walked along the water to a secluded area where we would sit and talk, hug, kiss and sometimes more. On this occasion however, heavy rains the previous day made walking through to our normal spot impossible due to the high water level, so we drove to a different area within the park. We climbed up and over a small hill, blanket in hand and came to a small deserted clearing with a few large trees.

After checking that the ground was sufficiently dried out, L spread the blanket in a shaded area close to a tree. Before I could sit on the blanket, he backed me up against the tree to kiss me deeply. L is very observant and picks up on things I don't even realize I'm doing. In this way, he has learned very quickly what I like. One thing he noticed at our very first meeting is that I love being trapped between his body and an immovable object. He is a big man and I love the overpowered, dominated yet protected feeling it gives me. After a few very passionate kisses, I got an idea and shuffled L around until he was the one pressed up against the tree.

I asked L, between kisses, if I could suck his cock. Nodding his assent, I looked down several kisses later to realize that L had already pulled his cock out of his lowered zipper. When had that happened? Fuck! L has the most gorgeous cock - it's just the perfect length and very thick...and from this vantage point, it looked extremely inviting. I excitedly dropped to my knees and took him greedily in my mouth.

As I ran my hands up his thighs and around his ass, I fisted his khakis, forcing him deeper into my mouth. I'm sure I've mentioned that I love to suck cock. I love everything about it....the sensation of his engorged cock as it rubs along my teeth and across the roof of my mouth, the way it touches the back of my throat, the hard softness as it glides over my tongue, his taste, the way he tugs on my hair and most of all, the sexy sounds that he makes as I do it. As L tugged and stroked my hair, I tugged and stroked his cock, licking and swirling with my tongue as I alternated between suction and deep penetration into my throat. I knew L was close when he started to move his hips in time with the strokes. Moments later, he came in my mouth and I devoured every drop.

Not sure why I was feeling a little shy at this point, but I looked up and with a small smile told him that was the first time I had ever got on my knees in front of a man. He pulled me up and hugged me and we moved to lay down on the blanket where we spent our remaining time chatting, kissing and fondling each other. Right around this point, the clearing suddenly became like Grand Central Station - a couple walking hand in hand went by, followed by another group with several children. A dog walker approached from another direction. Were we so focused that we didn't notice the activity around us or were we just lucky to find that few minutes of utter stillness where we could spend a few pleasurable minutes uninterrupted? I like to think the latter.

Monday, September 13, 2010

He said: Trip to the Airport

I was scheduled to make a business trip and was temporarily carless. V, being the sweety she is, offered to give me a ride to the airport. She asked me to research the route and see if there was a convenient park for us to visit on the way. I asked her to be sure to wear something accessible. She arrived at my office to pick me up, we drove to the park I had found, parked then began to explore the surroundings. We walked, we kissed, we groped each other. At one point we ended up sitting on a convenient semi-secluded concrete porch outside of a utility building with my fingers buried in her hot juicy pussy while we necked like crazed teenagers. Unfortunately it was not secluded enough for what we really wanted to do as we were occasionally interrupted by dog walkers and other park users strolling by. Eventually we disentangled and headed for a pathway through the woods.

V had done as I had requested and worn a long skirt which had made it very convenient to finger her. As we walked the paths through the woods looking for a more private spot we came upon a gate in the fence which bordered the wooded area. I maneuvered V so she was pressed between the gate and my body looking through the metal bars. Our fingers were intertwined and I held her hands above her head. Being enclosed and held tightly is something that really gets V going. I rubbed my body up and down her ass and then got a brilliant idea and kissed my way down V's back starting at her ears taking a short break to give her neck a good nibbling. I knelt down, lifted her skirt baring her ass and gently but firmly bit her on the cheek. I continued to bite, kiss and pinch her ass cheeks as she moaned and muttered unintelligibly.

I led V into the woods where I was soon sitting sans pants leaning against a tree with V in my lap sliding up and down me. She had prepared me using her awesome oral skills but weren't in the best position and at some point I slipped out. That didn't slow V down as she continued to rub and grind her clit against me. When our lust was sated she dismounted. I picked the various bits of forest debris from between my cheeks after which we dressed and returned to the car.

V drove me the rest of the way to the airport and sent me off with a box of cookies and a big smile on my face. Later that evening I sat in my hotel room eating the cookies V had provided and mused on the events of the day. It made for an interesting shower when I reached my hotel room that night and washed off the road grime of the day and the small bits of leaf that I had missed in my hasty forest clean up. Next time we decide to do it in the forest I will remember either to bring along a blanket or make sure V is on the bottom.

She said: Lift to the Airport

Not too long after I met L, he had to go away on business for a few days. Knowing that his trip would mean I likely wouldn't see him for over a week, I asked how he was getting to the airport on the given day. Since he was planning to take a taxi, I offered to pick him up at work and drive him to the airport. L accepted my offer and so we managed to have one of our most interesting encounters yet.

A master researcher, L had gone online and scoped out a park that was close to the airport, so we drove there from his office. L is always expounding the merits of skirts and dresses over pants, so I wore a skirt that day. In a last-minute moment of devilment, I had also decided to go commando.

The park was quite busy - there were people eating lunch, walking dogs and also a large crew mowing the lawns. Holding hands, we walked for a bit around the park and soon stopped at a picnic table beside a deserted tennis court. There, he kissed me passionately. L has this cute habit. As he kisses me, he feels around outside my clothes trying to decide what kind of underwear I'm wearing. Often, it's a thong, which seems to put a smile on his face. This day, however, he seemed delighted to realize, after a number of kisses and much groping, that there was no underwear - L is a great fan of having me "accessible".

After a short stop at the picnic table, L took me by the hand and we moved up some steps to the porch of a small utility building. We sat close, hugging and kissing before L leaned over and trailed his hand up under my skirt. His magic fingers slid along my wetness and I moaned and squirmed in pleasure.....until I opened my eyes and saw a dog close by. The owner couldn't be far behind!

We followed a different route back around to the parking area and on the way came upon a path leading into a wooded area. We took this path, holding hands and stopping every now and then to kiss. Not too much further in, we came to a smaller offshoot footpath. Tugging on his hand, I headed down this smaller path. The path ended at a tall locked gate, solid metal at the bottom and chain link at the top. I walked up to the gate, curling my fingers through the chain link and peering through to the other side where there was an open field. In the distance, a man walked along a footpath across the field, which stretched between a road in the distance on my left and the park on the right.

I was about to turn back when L covered both my hands with his, linking our fingers together. Leaning in against me, he pressed my body into the fence, kissing my neck and frotting against my backside. Unlinking our hands, he moved down my body until he knelt behind me. Raising my skirt, he kissed, kneaded, pinched and raked his nails over my ass, eliciting moans of pleasure. Then he bit me! My moans of pleasure became cries of ecstasy as I writhed against the gate, fingers still clinging to the fence.

L stood up, encircled my waist with his arms and growled in my ear, "I want to fuck you." Well, I was all for that....except there was really nowhere to go! He took me by the hand and pulled me into a denser wooded area. We picked our way through low-hanging branches, over decaying logs and through the debris of twigs and leaves present on the forest floor. He pulled me around behind the trunk of a large tree, effectively hiding us from the path. Leaning into me, he pinned me to the tree, kissing me passionately, his hands roaming freely between my hips and my breasts. We were both highly excited as I turned us around and lowered myself to the forest floor and he knelt between my legs.

Simultaneously, we realized this wasn't going to happen today. Between a low branch scraping my cheek and the terrible discomfort of the twigs and sticks poking us through my clothing and on his knees, our ardour cooled fairly quickly. With a sigh, he leaned back and sat up close to the base of the tree where there was less debris and pulled me onto his lap. As we held each other and kissed and chuckled at our misadventure, I was glad that it wasn't just about the sex and that we could still just enjoy our time together and laugh at ourselves in this way. I think our relationship is very special.

A short while later, we got up and adjusted ourselves and walked back along the path to the parking area. I dropped him off at the airport and headed home. Later that night, as I Instant Messaged with L from his hotel room, we had a good laugh as L complained about the sticks and leaves that were stuck in his underwear when he hopped into the shower that evening. Let's hope the next time we are in the woods, things go a little better!

Monday, September 6, 2010

He said: Retail Therapy, Parking Lot Tales

One day V and I decided to meet up on a Saturday morning to do some shopping. Normally I am not enthusiastic about trolling the malls but V has made me look at retail therapy in a whole new light. After meeting in a local computer supershop where V purchased some memory for her laptop we retired to her car in the parking lot where I, with my best manly tool-using skills slipped my memory stick into V's expansion slot. Well actually it was the DIMM that V had purchased but I bet I got you going, didn't I? We then toddled off in V's car which I like to call the couch on wheels to a nearby hardware store where we browsed for some things V need for a home fix-it job. Items purchased, it was back the the couch on wheels. V asked if I wanted to see where she had worked in the dim distant pass so off we went. She bobbed and weaved through the non-descript industrial park until we arrived at an empty parking lot beside a multistory office building.

Kissing, fondling, ear and neck nibbling soon ensued. Then V said those magic words "I want to suck your cock". Who was I to refuse her? Before you could say "unzip and get it out" I had done so and V was making my day so much better. Mindful of our previous parking lot adventure this time I kept an eagle eye out for cars of any ilk entering the parking lot. Though V's lips and tongue felt wonderful as she gave me the type of blowjob that epic poems are written about, I knew that I couldn't keep her down there too long. The chances of us being discovered were proportional to the amount of time she continued bestowing her oral gifts on me. After our conservation area adventure V had confided to me that no one had ever cum in her mouth. I had almost committed an inexcusable faux pas. So I said to her "I'm going to cum" expecting her to withdraw and perhaps finish me with her hand. I was surprised and delighted when she did nothing of the sort and instead continued to suck me with renewed vigour. Not wanting to disappoint the lady I came, and boy did it feel good. She smacked her lips and made a very cute remark which maybe she will remember and put in her version of this story.

Since this occasion V and I have engaged in retail therapy a number of additional times. After V had me follow her around the grocery store while she picked up a few things we returned to her former office parking lot. That time there was a guy standing outside the building smoking. This did not phase V in the least, he seemed not to pay any attention to us.

After a trip to the Apple store where I discreetly fondled V's ass while she not so discreetly fondled an iPad we segued to the far corner of the parking lot where V did what she does so well as I kept watch with cars speeding by us on the ring road that passed about twenty feet from where we were parked. I came with a woman looking at me and smiling from a city bus that passed. I'm sure she knew what I was up to though I'm not sure if she could see V from her vantage point.

When V asked if I wanted to help her shop for shoes I couldn't say yes fast enough. Flash to another suburban mall parking lot where being the crafty guy I am I parked in the raised parking structure which was not as packed with cars as the ground level outdoor parking lots. After V bought a very cute pair of shoes with my help and picked up some takeout to take home with her, we retired to my car where V rewarded me for my assistance. Luckily the person who owned the SUV parked beside us didn't show up to get their car while V was working her magic but a few cars did pass behind us as they worked their way down the circular ramp of the parking structure. The day almost ended on a jarring note when as I drove V back to her house I almost went through a red light in my post coital fog. V snapped me out of my reverie just in time, I guess friends don't let friends cum and drive.

She said: Retail Therapy and Parking Lot Tales

I used to love shopping, but I think I shopped myself out years ago. I now have no patience for shopping. In fact, there are people I WILL NOT shop with any more simply because I no longer feel the need to wander around looking at every damned thing in the store and then buy none of it in the end and I truly want to throttle anyone that shops in this way.

When L said that like most men, he doesn't care for shopping, I assured him he would enjoy shopping with me. Shopping with me is painless. I know what I want when I enter the store and being a decisive person, they either have what I want or they don't. I don't agonize over buying something. If I'm not loving it, then I'm not buying it. I think L was more than a little skeptical about believing that this could be so at first, but since he now jumps at the chance of a shopping trip, I think he's finally convinced.

Our first outing was an easy initiation for L - we went to two "guy stores". We first went to a large electronics store to get some RAM for my notebook. I thought it was adorable that L offered to install the DIMM for me, seeing as I am an IT tech. He did a great job though, and it was lovely to be looked after for a change! We then went to a hardware store to find some parts I needed for a home repair. As we left the hardware store, I told L that I used to work in this neighbourhood and asked him if he'd like to see where I had worked.

I drove through a nearby industrial area to the low-rise building that I worked in a number of years previous. As we sat in the deserted parking lot, I explained to L the kind of setup we had in the building, which was rather unique. Staring at me intently, I could tell L just wanted to kiss me. I leaned in and kissed him instead. As things became hot and heavy, I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his cock. Obligingly, L undid his belt and opened his pants so I could have at it. I took him deep in my mouth and as I swirled and licked - and he moaned appreciatively - I thought that this would be the first time that I would suck L to a "happy ending". His precum tasted so good....I wondered if I could....? As he got very close, L rested his hand on my arm and warned me that he was going to cum. Right at that moment, I decided I wanted to try....I took him deeper in my mouth and when he came, I downed everything he had to offer. A little shy, since L knew I had never swallowed before, I looked up at him. "Yummy!", I said with a small smile.

Soon after, we decided on another trip to the electronics store and I needing some grocery items, we ended up in the grocery store. L was patient as I grabbed a few items and we headed for the line. As we waited our turn, L stepped up very close and pressed his body up against mine from behind. I stuck my arm behind my back to hold his hand, but with L being at least 8 inches taller than I, my hand brushed across his cock. I turned to apologize, as it truly was an accident, when I saw a man in the next line watching us with disapproval. Blushing, I turned to face forward. Soon it was our turn and we were on our way. As we left the parking lot, I slyly looked over at L and asked, "Would you like to see where I used to work?" He seemed happy to get a second tour.

A couple weeks later, I went shopping with my sister-in-law and - very unlike me - fell in love with a pair of Christian Louboutain shoes. Much as I loved them, they were obscenely expensive and I really couldn't justify the expenditure, so to cheer me up, L suggested he and I go to the mall to see if we could find me another suitably sexy pair of shoes. L held my hand as we worked our way down the mall, stopping in all the shoe stores on the way. I wore a cleavage-baring shirt that L clearly appreciated, as his gaze frequently wandered to the deep opening. He also frequently brushed up against me, grazed my ass with his fingers and stopped to kiss me often. We soon found a pair of shoes I really liked and when I tried them on, they were very comfortable. L thought they were sexy, so I bought them. Our last stop was to pick up some takeout. As I stood waiting for my order, L pressed up behind me and rested his big hands around my shoulders. As his fingers traced circles on my skin, he rubbed his hardening cock into my backside. Honestly, shopping with L is like one long session of foreplay and I couldn't wait to get back to his car.

Happily, L's car was flanked on both sides by large SUV's so unless one of those two driver's showed up, we would have a bit of privacy. I sucked him until he came in my mouth and happily swallowed the evidence. Not wanting to push our luck, he fixed his clothes and we left to take me home. Poor L was in such a fog, he nearly ran a red light. Though I saw the light was red, I didn't say anything until I was sure he wasn't planning to stop - I didn't want to come off as either a nervous passenger or a backseat driver. L is, in fact, an excellent driver. Truth be told, I usually prefer to drive than to be driven, but I am completely comfortable with L behind the wheel. He can drive me anytime! ;)

Yet another day I fellated L in a busy mall parking lot facing an even busier road. Though I paid no attention to the activity around me - I get very focused on the task at hand - I think L was more than a little excited about getting a blowjob in such a public place. He swore after that a woman in a passing bus smiled at him! I assured him that she probably smiled in response to the big grin on his face at the time.

We have been shopping numerous times now and I especially enjoy trips to the Apple Store, where we play around with the iPads while we play around with each other. I love when he stands behind me and surrounds me, resting his head on my shoulder and wrapping his arms around me. Together, like some two-headed, four-armed beast, we play Plants vs. Zombies together on the iPad. What fun! I think I'm beginning to enjoy shopping again!