Monday, September 13, 2010

She said: Lift to the Airport

Not too long after I met L, he had to go away on business for a few days. Knowing that his trip would mean I likely wouldn't see him for over a week, I asked how he was getting to the airport on the given day. Since he was planning to take a taxi, I offered to pick him up at work and drive him to the airport. L accepted my offer and so we managed to have one of our most interesting encounters yet.

A master researcher, L had gone online and scoped out a park that was close to the airport, so we drove there from his office. L is always expounding the merits of skirts and dresses over pants, so I wore a skirt that day. In a last-minute moment of devilment, I had also decided to go commando.

The park was quite busy - there were people eating lunch, walking dogs and also a large crew mowing the lawns. Holding hands, we walked for a bit around the park and soon stopped at a picnic table beside a deserted tennis court. There, he kissed me passionately. L has this cute habit. As he kisses me, he feels around outside my clothes trying to decide what kind of underwear I'm wearing. Often, it's a thong, which seems to put a smile on his face. This day, however, he seemed delighted to realize, after a number of kisses and much groping, that there was no underwear - L is a great fan of having me "accessible".

After a short stop at the picnic table, L took me by the hand and we moved up some steps to the porch of a small utility building. We sat close, hugging and kissing before L leaned over and trailed his hand up under my skirt. His magic fingers slid along my wetness and I moaned and squirmed in pleasure.....until I opened my eyes and saw a dog close by. The owner couldn't be far behind!

We followed a different route back around to the parking area and on the way came upon a path leading into a wooded area. We took this path, holding hands and stopping every now and then to kiss. Not too much further in, we came to a smaller offshoot footpath. Tugging on his hand, I headed down this smaller path. The path ended at a tall locked gate, solid metal at the bottom and chain link at the top. I walked up to the gate, curling my fingers through the chain link and peering through to the other side where there was an open field. In the distance, a man walked along a footpath across the field, which stretched between a road in the distance on my left and the park on the right.

I was about to turn back when L covered both my hands with his, linking our fingers together. Leaning in against me, he pressed my body into the fence, kissing my neck and frotting against my backside. Unlinking our hands, he moved down my body until he knelt behind me. Raising my skirt, he kissed, kneaded, pinched and raked his nails over my ass, eliciting moans of pleasure. Then he bit me! My moans of pleasure became cries of ecstasy as I writhed against the gate, fingers still clinging to the fence.

L stood up, encircled my waist with his arms and growled in my ear, "I want to fuck you." Well, I was all for that....except there was really nowhere to go! He took me by the hand and pulled me into a denser wooded area. We picked our way through low-hanging branches, over decaying logs and through the debris of twigs and leaves present on the forest floor. He pulled me around behind the trunk of a large tree, effectively hiding us from the path. Leaning into me, he pinned me to the tree, kissing me passionately, his hands roaming freely between my hips and my breasts. We were both highly excited as I turned us around and lowered myself to the forest floor and he knelt between my legs.

Simultaneously, we realized this wasn't going to happen today. Between a low branch scraping my cheek and the terrible discomfort of the twigs and sticks poking us through my clothing and on his knees, our ardour cooled fairly quickly. With a sigh, he leaned back and sat up close to the base of the tree where there was less debris and pulled me onto his lap. As we held each other and kissed and chuckled at our misadventure, I was glad that it wasn't just about the sex and that we could still just enjoy our time together and laugh at ourselves in this way. I think our relationship is very special.

A short while later, we got up and adjusted ourselves and walked back along the path to the parking area. I dropped him off at the airport and headed home. Later that night, as I Instant Messaged with L from his hotel room, we had a good laugh as L complained about the sticks and leaves that were stuck in his underwear when he hopped into the shower that evening. Let's hope the next time we are in the woods, things go a little better!

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