Monday, September 13, 2010

He said: Trip to the Airport

I was scheduled to make a business trip and was temporarily carless. V, being the sweety she is, offered to give me a ride to the airport. She asked me to research the route and see if there was a convenient park for us to visit on the way. I asked her to be sure to wear something accessible. She arrived at my office to pick me up, we drove to the park I had found, parked then began to explore the surroundings. We walked, we kissed, we groped each other. At one point we ended up sitting on a convenient semi-secluded concrete porch outside of a utility building with my fingers buried in her hot juicy pussy while we necked like crazed teenagers. Unfortunately it was not secluded enough for what we really wanted to do as we were occasionally interrupted by dog walkers and other park users strolling by. Eventually we disentangled and headed for a pathway through the woods.

V had done as I had requested and worn a long skirt which had made it very convenient to finger her. As we walked the paths through the woods looking for a more private spot we came upon a gate in the fence which bordered the wooded area. I maneuvered V so she was pressed between the gate and my body looking through the metal bars. Our fingers were intertwined and I held her hands above her head. Being enclosed and held tightly is something that really gets V going. I rubbed my body up and down her ass and then got a brilliant idea and kissed my way down V's back starting at her ears taking a short break to give her neck a good nibbling. I knelt down, lifted her skirt baring her ass and gently but firmly bit her on the cheek. I continued to bite, kiss and pinch her ass cheeks as she moaned and muttered unintelligibly.

I led V into the woods where I was soon sitting sans pants leaning against a tree with V in my lap sliding up and down me. She had prepared me using her awesome oral skills but weren't in the best position and at some point I slipped out. That didn't slow V down as she continued to rub and grind her clit against me. When our lust was sated she dismounted. I picked the various bits of forest debris from between my cheeks after which we dressed and returned to the car.

V drove me the rest of the way to the airport and sent me off with a box of cookies and a big smile on my face. Later that evening I sat in my hotel room eating the cookies V had provided and mused on the events of the day. It made for an interesting shower when I reached my hotel room that night and washed off the road grime of the day and the small bits of leaf that I had missed in my hasty forest clean up. Next time we decide to do it in the forest I will remember either to bring along a blanket or make sure V is on the bottom.

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