Monday, September 20, 2010

He said: V and the Tree

V has a thing for running water so one day we met for lunch and headed for park near her office that has a nice river. This particular day heavy rains had swollen the river and prevented us from from crossing the river where we usually would sit on the rocks kiss and talk. Instead we headed to a different area of the park where there was an open area scattered with trees. I laid out the blanket and we laid down, kissing and groping soon followed. I stood V up and leaned her against a nearby tree trunk, Squeezing her between my body and the trunk I continued to have my way with her. The particulars of what exactly I did to V have been chased from my memory because of what happened next.

V got a mischievous look in her eye and swapped places with me. V likes to think she is shy but would a shy woman ask if she could suck my cock in the middle of a public park? More than a little turned on with the thought of getting a blowjob in public I helped V out by opening my fly and pulling out my cock. V dropped to her knees and went to work. Perhaps work is the wrong word to use, for her fellatio isn't a job, it's a vocation. Not only did her mouth feel wonderful but looking down at V on her knees brought out the caveman in me. It was very erotic and I couldn't resist taking her head in my hands, fingers in her hair, guiding and controlling her. See what I mean about bringing out the caveman in me. Though I could have stayed there all day I knew that the longer we continued the riskier our encounter became. I let myself go and told V that launch was imminent. V pulled back slightly as I came. V made sure I was nice and clean before I tucked myself away and we returned to the blanket. No sooner had this happened when we were beseiged with dog walkers, strolling couples and other miscellaneous park users.

Time was running short as we packed up the blanket and returned to the car. In our reverie had we missed someone else walking by? The thought was slightly embarassing and also exciting. Lunch with V is always an adventure.

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  1. I like that she brought out your inner caveman. :-) Thanks for linking to my Monday Memories!