Monday, September 6, 2010

She said: Retail Therapy and Parking Lot Tales

I used to love shopping, but I think I shopped myself out years ago. I now have no patience for shopping. In fact, there are people I WILL NOT shop with any more simply because I no longer feel the need to wander around looking at every damned thing in the store and then buy none of it in the end and I truly want to throttle anyone that shops in this way.

When L said that like most men, he doesn't care for shopping, I assured him he would enjoy shopping with me. Shopping with me is painless. I know what I want when I enter the store and being a decisive person, they either have what I want or they don't. I don't agonize over buying something. If I'm not loving it, then I'm not buying it. I think L was more than a little skeptical about believing that this could be so at first, but since he now jumps at the chance of a shopping trip, I think he's finally convinced.

Our first outing was an easy initiation for L - we went to two "guy stores". We first went to a large electronics store to get some RAM for my notebook. I thought it was adorable that L offered to install the DIMM for me, seeing as I am an IT tech. He did a great job though, and it was lovely to be looked after for a change! We then went to a hardware store to find some parts I needed for a home repair. As we left the hardware store, I told L that I used to work in this neighbourhood and asked him if he'd like to see where I had worked.

I drove through a nearby industrial area to the low-rise building that I worked in a number of years previous. As we sat in the deserted parking lot, I explained to L the kind of setup we had in the building, which was rather unique. Staring at me intently, I could tell L just wanted to kiss me. I leaned in and kissed him instead. As things became hot and heavy, I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his cock. Obligingly, L undid his belt and opened his pants so I could have at it. I took him deep in my mouth and as I swirled and licked - and he moaned appreciatively - I thought that this would be the first time that I would suck L to a "happy ending". His precum tasted so good....I wondered if I could....? As he got very close, L rested his hand on my arm and warned me that he was going to cum. Right at that moment, I decided I wanted to try....I took him deeper in my mouth and when he came, I downed everything he had to offer. A little shy, since L knew I had never swallowed before, I looked up at him. "Yummy!", I said with a small smile.

Soon after, we decided on another trip to the electronics store and I needing some grocery items, we ended up in the grocery store. L was patient as I grabbed a few items and we headed for the line. As we waited our turn, L stepped up very close and pressed his body up against mine from behind. I stuck my arm behind my back to hold his hand, but with L being at least 8 inches taller than I, my hand brushed across his cock. I turned to apologize, as it truly was an accident, when I saw a man in the next line watching us with disapproval. Blushing, I turned to face forward. Soon it was our turn and we were on our way. As we left the parking lot, I slyly looked over at L and asked, "Would you like to see where I used to work?" He seemed happy to get a second tour.

A couple weeks later, I went shopping with my sister-in-law and - very unlike me - fell in love with a pair of Christian Louboutain shoes. Much as I loved them, they were obscenely expensive and I really couldn't justify the expenditure, so to cheer me up, L suggested he and I go to the mall to see if we could find me another suitably sexy pair of shoes. L held my hand as we worked our way down the mall, stopping in all the shoe stores on the way. I wore a cleavage-baring shirt that L clearly appreciated, as his gaze frequently wandered to the deep opening. He also frequently brushed up against me, grazed my ass with his fingers and stopped to kiss me often. We soon found a pair of shoes I really liked and when I tried them on, they were very comfortable. L thought they were sexy, so I bought them. Our last stop was to pick up some takeout. As I stood waiting for my order, L pressed up behind me and rested his big hands around my shoulders. As his fingers traced circles on my skin, he rubbed his hardening cock into my backside. Honestly, shopping with L is like one long session of foreplay and I couldn't wait to get back to his car.

Happily, L's car was flanked on both sides by large SUV's so unless one of those two driver's showed up, we would have a bit of privacy. I sucked him until he came in my mouth and happily swallowed the evidence. Not wanting to push our luck, he fixed his clothes and we left to take me home. Poor L was in such a fog, he nearly ran a red light. Though I saw the light was red, I didn't say anything until I was sure he wasn't planning to stop - I didn't want to come off as either a nervous passenger or a backseat driver. L is, in fact, an excellent driver. Truth be told, I usually prefer to drive than to be driven, but I am completely comfortable with L behind the wheel. He can drive me anytime! ;)

Yet another day I fellated L in a busy mall parking lot facing an even busier road. Though I paid no attention to the activity around me - I get very focused on the task at hand - I think L was more than a little excited about getting a blowjob in such a public place. He swore after that a woman in a passing bus smiled at him! I assured him that she probably smiled in response to the big grin on his face at the time.

We have been shopping numerous times now and I especially enjoy trips to the Apple Store, where we play around with the iPads while we play around with each other. I love when he stands behind me and surrounds me, resting his head on my shoulder and wrapping his arms around me. Together, like some two-headed, four-armed beast, we play Plants vs. Zombies together on the iPad. What fun! I think I'm beginning to enjoy shopping again!

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  1. I can see why you enjoy shopping so much! This is the first time I ever enjoyed reading a post about shopping!

    (I'm sure the constant fellatio had nothing to do with it... hehe)