Monday, September 20, 2010

She said: Just Me, L and The Tree

Having grown up on an island, I have a real affinity for water and knowing this, L always seems to be able to find lovely parks with rivers or creeks running through them where we can meet. I recently spent a period of time without a car and L was really great about traveling to my end of the city to visit me. L would pick me up at my office and we'd drive to various parks to spend some time together.

This day, I walked a short distance away from work to meet up with L. From there, he drove us to a nearby park. We had come to this park a few times previously and always walked along the water to a secluded area where we would sit and talk, hug, kiss and sometimes more. On this occasion however, heavy rains the previous day made walking through to our normal spot impossible due to the high water level, so we drove to a different area within the park. We climbed up and over a small hill, blanket in hand and came to a small deserted clearing with a few large trees.

After checking that the ground was sufficiently dried out, L spread the blanket in a shaded area close to a tree. Before I could sit on the blanket, he backed me up against the tree to kiss me deeply. L is very observant and picks up on things I don't even realize I'm doing. In this way, he has learned very quickly what I like. One thing he noticed at our very first meeting is that I love being trapped between his body and an immovable object. He is a big man and I love the overpowered, dominated yet protected feeling it gives me. After a few very passionate kisses, I got an idea and shuffled L around until he was the one pressed up against the tree.

I asked L, between kisses, if I could suck his cock. Nodding his assent, I looked down several kisses later to realize that L had already pulled his cock out of his lowered zipper. When had that happened? Fuck! L has the most gorgeous cock - it's just the perfect length and very thick...and from this vantage point, it looked extremely inviting. I excitedly dropped to my knees and took him greedily in my mouth.

As I ran my hands up his thighs and around his ass, I fisted his khakis, forcing him deeper into my mouth. I'm sure I've mentioned that I love to suck cock. I love everything about it....the sensation of his engorged cock as it rubs along my teeth and across the roof of my mouth, the way it touches the back of my throat, the hard softness as it glides over my tongue, his taste, the way he tugs on my hair and most of all, the sexy sounds that he makes as I do it. As L tugged and stroked my hair, I tugged and stroked his cock, licking and swirling with my tongue as I alternated between suction and deep penetration into my throat. I knew L was close when he started to move his hips in time with the strokes. Moments later, he came in my mouth and I devoured every drop.

Not sure why I was feeling a little shy at this point, but I looked up and with a small smile told him that was the first time I had ever got on my knees in front of a man. He pulled me up and hugged me and we moved to lay down on the blanket where we spent our remaining time chatting, kissing and fondling each other. Right around this point, the clearing suddenly became like Grand Central Station - a couple walking hand in hand went by, followed by another group with several children. A dog walker approached from another direction. Were we so focused that we didn't notice the activity around us or were we just lucky to find that few minutes of utter stillness where we could spend a few pleasurable minutes uninterrupted? I like to think the latter.


  1. Let's assume that nobody walked by while you worked--that it was FATE for you to suck his cock that day. ;)

  2. I'm with Letch. Hopefully it was fate. I love the sexy sounds, too. Mmm...