Monday, September 27, 2010

He said: Cliff side Forest Fun

After our previous forest adventure V, ever the intrepid explorer, decided to scout out the forested area across the river in the park where she had first leaned me up against the tree. Afterwards she excitedly IM'd me to tell what her explorations had uncovered. She had found the perfect concealed area in the forest for us to have some fun.

On the agreed upon day she and I met in a parking lot near to the selected spot. I jumped into her car for the short trip to the dead end street where she parked and we gathered up our blanket for the walk down the cliff side. As we left the car V gently scolded me when I grabbed her in a lustful way. She was worried someone might see us from one of the houses on the street. V had found a place where the cliff face had transitioned to a steep dirt trail through the mostly open forest to the river below. V was worried that if we walked all the way down to the river we might be too tired to have a rip roaring good time so she had selected a reasonably flat spot off the trail about half way down the hillside. In what had seemed like a good idea at the time the spot she had picked had slight incline, almost like a natural recliner. We spread out the blanket and started doing what two horny people in the woods on a blanket do. Mindful of the semi public area that we occupied we knew that we would have to get things done with as much speed as practical. This was not the time for a slow languid session of romantic sex but instead the time for a quick and lusty bang in the woods. Enough clothes were divested to make the act practical after a short bout of kissing, mutual caressing and fondling. Preplanning on my part allowed me to get my pants and underwear off without removing my shoes which turned out to be a very good thing. The problem with our chosen spot soon became apparent as I pushed into V. Even though the leaves were dry they slipped against each other. As I tried to push into V my feet would slide in the leaves making my thrusting less than spectacular. Whenever V tried to reposition herself she would start sliding down the hill. I like nibbling on V and evidently the mosquitoes did too. While leaving me unmolested for the most part they feasted on her. Between the lack of a firm footing and the mosquitoes it was not one of our most passionate times together but we did have a fun lusty time and I managed to get the job done and elicit more than one moan of pleasure from V between the giggles as I tried not to slide down the hillside and the squishing of the bloodthirsty mosquitoes.

After we had dressed and cleaned up V took me the rest of the way down the hill to show me the other places and things she had found on her adventures. We made note of some more level spots in case we ever decided to return for some more cliff side fun.

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