Monday, October 4, 2010

She said: At the Riverside

Once again we found ourselves at the park, walking hand in hand along the river. The day was sunny and very warm. We were looking for somewhere quiet and off the beaten track as I had a strong desire to taste L's cock and I'm sure he had a strong desire to let me.

We decided to explore farther along the river than we had previously. In order to do so, we had to traverse a series of large boulders which jutted out from a high embankment. Wearing a very sexy little sundress and my usual flip-flops, I nonetheless attacked the first boulder with enthusiasm. From the top of this boulder, I skipped over to the next one...and so on, some of them being quite a stretch. Then I came to the final boulder in the series which was much further apart from the boulder I now stood on than the others had been. As I stopped and contemplated my next move, L - close behind me all the way - asked if I was okay.

I responded to say that I was sizing up the best way to get across that final boulder. I didn't want to fall into the water below! I removed my flip-flops - that seemed like a good first step. I handed L my shoes and my phone - I needed two free hands for this one. As I held on to the embankment with one hand, I stepped on a protruding piece of earth and using it as a step, swung myself over to the final boulder. Pleased with myself, I turned to take back my phone and shoes so that L could follow only to find that L, being much taller and longer of leg than I, had already stepped effortlessly over the to the last boulder with no effort at all, despite having his hands full.

A few steps further on we came to some smaller boulders, these ones just over waist high. L leaned me over one, pinning me as he ran his hands up the back of my legs to my ass. I had worn a thong under the dress and he squeezed and pinched my exposed cheeks as he ravished my neck with licks and kisses. As I turned my head and kissed him fiercely, he pulled the thong aside and immersed his fingers in my soaking wet pussy. I moaned and writhed as I enjoyed the onslaught.

Ever since the Conservation Area, I am always trying to be more aware of our what's going on around us, particularly when we are engaging in behaviours not entirely suitable for our surroundings. At this point, I thought I heard the echoed cries of kids playing the in the woods across the river. I stiffened and signalled L to stop. At this point, I couldn't see or hear anyone, so I turned to say as much to L and was totally turned on to see him leaning against another rock sucking my juices off his fingers.

I walked over to him and despite the stones that littered the ground, I kneeled down and undid his belt and fly and freed his lovely cock. As I ministered to his appreciative member, a group of kids broke out of the woods across the river from where he stood with me kneeling in front of him. Even though I was blocked from view by the same rock that I had been draped over not long before I was thankful that they were pretty far away from us and didn't seem to pay us any attention at all.

Chuckling - and perhaps a little frustrated - we decided to go back the way we came and spread our blanket in a quiet spot under a tree that we passed along the way. As we lay on our blanket, chatting, hugging and caressing each other, I once again reached down to pull him out. L sat up so he could keep watch while I took him deep in my mouth. While I devoted all my concentration to giving him the best blow job he's ever had, he stroked and caressed me, moving from my hair to my back and finally to my bare ass cheeks.

We cuddled a little longer once he had his happy ending before packing up and heading back to our respective offices. Wonder what we'll get up to next time!

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