Monday, October 18, 2010

He Said: The Movies Are Premiered

V and I got together for a lazy Sunday afternoon; V brought some food I brought the final cuts of the two videos. V was nervous because she was the star of the show. My role was primarily as stunt cock. V has done such a good job describing the afternoon it's almost superfluous for me to cover the same ground. It was much less of a daunting afternoon for me since I had seen the videos multiple times and all that was required of me was to stay hard and then cum. The most memorable parts of the afternoon were sitting at my desk nearly naked with V watching the world premiere of Oral Fun and V Gets Basted eating our lunch.

At some point when I had V on her back and was giving her the fucking she so richly deserved I glanced up to see that she had hooked her feet over the two desks in the office which made her so open and allowed me to really reach that spot that really makes V moan when my member rubs against it. V is a very aural woman and also loves the sound of my body slapping against her as I bang her. Now I know the word bang might have some negative connotations to some but V likes to hear as well as feel when we have sex and I try my best to make our sexual interludes as memorable as possible for her and for me.

When I watched the videos I made with V I got hard watching her working her oral magic on my member and watching the head of my cock poke out between from between her magnificent breasts. By the end of our afternoon together we had decided that there would be a second cinematic interlude in our future. Now that is a story that is begging to be told.

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