Monday, October 11, 2010

He said: Making a Movie or Two

You just had to know that a couple who like to engage in naughtiness in public places would eventually get around to putting themselves on video. V and I are no exception. We made a date during girlie days for the grand event and at the appointed time I found myself lying on my back with V kneeling between my legs giving me one of her wonderful blow jobs. V was uncharacteristically nervous about being videoed so I had put on some of her favourite porn both to relax and turn her on. In retrospect it was completely unnecessary, V loves performing oral so much that no prompting or guidance was required.

Watching through the viewfinder while V worked her oral magic was a surreal experience. There was a certain degree of detachment while I concentrated on making sure I didn't shake the camera too much and that the scene was properly framed. I could tell V was a bit uncomfortable because she wouldn't look at the camera. At one point I reached down and gently stroked her arm. She barely reacted, later she told me that she had almost jumped out of her skin when I touched her because she was so focused on the task at hand. My videographer's detachment couldn't prevent the pleasurable feelings from penetrating to the pleasure centres of my brain and I gave V the happy ending that she deserved.

After a suitable break we decided to move on to a tit fuck. This was the first time that V and I had participated in this particular sex act so we were inexperienced virgins. I dragged a chair over and perched myself on the arm of the chair while V lubed up her cleavage. V has great breasts and was very motivated. Gentlemen, if you have never had a tit fuck I'd urge you to give it a try especially if your woman has soft pillowy breasts. Even though V had some issues keeping my slippery cock under control at first she soon got the hang of it. The feeling was indescribable so I won't try to describe it but it did feel very, very good. As the saying goes "All good things must end" and I soon was basting V's breasts with my man sauce. After kissing the head of my cock she nonchalantly rubbed my cum over her breasts. All captured on video for us to watch over and over again.

V was nervous about watching herself on video and wanted us to watch the videos the first time together. Later that night as I edited the raw footage, the hardness that watching the scenes induced in my pants made me insist that V let me send her a short clip from each video. That day a star was born.

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