Monday, October 25, 2010

She said: Fun with Filming, Part 3

We have a pretty good setup. L's workplace has an area separate from the offices that is perfect for our after-hours trysts and we try to make use of it as often as possible with our schedules. Since few work in this area and even fewer have after-hours access, it is a "safe" place to meet - or so we thought.

I had purchased a number of lingerie items online and had promised L a fashion show so he could decide which he liked best. I had worn one item under my workout clothing and had a couple others in a carry bag along with a belly dancing costume I had picked up on a lark.

Traffic was terrible that day and I arrived later than usual. This would really cut into our limited time together. While L set up "our spot", I quickly deposited my purse and the carry bag on one of the chairs and popped around the corner to pull off my outer clothing and adjust the mini dress I had on underneath. The dress was more revealing than not, being simply a sheath with so many decorative slashes it really left little to the imagination. As is my habit, I folded my jeans and shirt and hung them neatly over the back of the chair.

Having done so, I then leaned forward over the back of the chair to remove the other items from my carry bag when I heard a sound to the front of me. Since L was behind me in the room setting up, my eyes zoomed to the entrance door and I was startled to see the door swinging open. As he walked in and called out to L, my eyes locked with those of a young man. I'm sure my face reflected the startled look that was on his.

Even though I stood behind the chair, he still had a stellar view of my almost bare boobs and the open slashes right down the side of the dress from top to bottom. My entire body heated with the flush of embarrassment, I broke eye contact and lowered my head, busying myself with "searching in my bag for something".

L, hearing what turned out to be a co-worker we didn't realize was working late, assessed the situation very quickly and headed the young man off at the pass, turning him away from me and herding him back out the door as they discussed whatever he had come to talk about, both completely ignoring the almost naked woman in the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, I dropped the fake nonchalant attitude, went into panic mode and made a beeline into the next room where I was unable to do anything more than sit on the floor in the corner, completely sucked into as small a ball as possible in my mortification. Not only was I horrified and embarrassed at being caught in such a position by a strange man, but I was also really worried for L - would there be a problem for him? A few moments after, I heard L return to the outer room.

He called my name, but I didn't answer - I was still too distraught. Eventually he found me sitting in my corner and came and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of me and we talked it out. Seems in our hurry he had forgotten to lock the outer door, as he usually would. He was convinced his young co-worker wouldn't cause a problem, as he had not even acknowledged seeing me when speaking to L.

As always, L made me see a different side of things - the humour of it and how our unexpected guest probably viewed the situation. It was a struggle, but I was able to pull myself together and decided to make the best of it. Feeling somewhat better, we went on to have our fashion show. I even donned the belly dancing costume and did an impromptu dance for L. I didn't have to ask if he enjoyed it - the ear to ear grin said it all. After choosing his favourite item from the show, L asked if he could once again film me giving him a blow job. With my consent, he stepped into the light and started filming as I went to work.

Surprisingly - and in spite of the earlier shock - I felt much more relaxed this time, even looking up at L with sultry eyes. Him standing this time, the vantage point was a little different from the first movie. As he gently caressed my arm and tugged at my hair with his free hand, I sucked and teased him until he came in my mouth. I have a few more ideas for some future filming which I have communicated to L, including how we can achieve multiple camera angles, continuity, etc. while maintaining our privacy by filming ourselves. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's created a monster!

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