Monday, October 11, 2010

She said: Fun with Filming, Part 1

We are two very sexual people who share a lot in common, including an appreciation of porn. We both porn surf a fair bit and often exchange links to scenarios that we find particularly titillating or reminiscent of our own individual fantasies. Not only are they an excellent source of sexual fodder in general, but with discussion, they also provide ideas on how to enact each others' fantasies by understanding what it is about the fantasy that is such a turn on to the other!

I believe in this case, we started out with the mutual fantasy of making our own porn, though strictly for our own private consumption. L is quite interested in filming and editing, so it was almost a natural extension of that, while I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. A match made in heaven, really - until the camera started rolling and I suddenly felt too shy to be the confident porn star.

I was pretty uncomfortable at first. It was during my girly days, so we were filming a blow job. Though we had already watched some porn on the monitor and I was totally into the idea of it, I remember doing everything possible to ignore the camera and to just focus on pleasuring L, as I normally do. Doesn't every woman have body image issues of some kind? I'm no different and every now and then that nasty voice in my head would wonder how awful this would look. Would my more than ample breasts look too saggy? Would my ass look too big? I just kept telling myself that L accepts me as I am and since he would be the only one viewing it, it would be fine.

We finished up and L took a look at the film - I wasn't ready to look just yet. We then decided to try something that had been on our list. I had seen a home porn movie of a man tit-fucking a woman. I wanted to try this. I've mentioned before L is much taller, but we managed to find a chair that would bring him to the right height where I could kneel in front of him. I lubed up his cock and we got to work.

Unlike the first movie, where I was stiff and uncomfortable, this one was lots of fun. My hands, slippery with lube, kept slipping off my boobs as I held them together around his cock and we were laughing and really had a great deal of fun with it. Finally we got the hang of it and I was just about to ask if it was doing anything for him when L came all over my chest. As I rubbed it all over my tits, I leaned over to lick the last drop of cum from the tip of his cock. Releasing him from between my tits, I ran my hands up and down his cock enjoying the slick feel of all the lube. I felt compelled to lean over and lick along his shaft....and made an absolutely horrified "yuck" face. I had to explain to L that I got a mouthful of the lube we used, which tasted just awful! Needless to say, I won't be using that lube again...and yes, there will be another time. We both had lots of fun with that one.

Later that evening, L advised that he had finished editing the film from earlier in the day. He was going to send it to me, but I asked him not to. I was afraid to look - in fact, I didn't know if I could look at all. I wanted to be with him the first time I saw it - I knew I'd need him there with me to help me get through it. He begged me to at least let him send me a short clip - he was excited by how "hot" it looked. If L, who has seen tons of porn, thought it was hot, who was I to argue? I finally capitulated and he sent me a clip a few seconds long of each. I had to agree that I didn't look so bad at all, once I got over the "omigod, that's me!!" feeling. We decided that we would film another blow job scene another time soon after watching these two movies together. After all, what would be the worst that could happen?

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  1. This is something I'll never do, for obvious privacy reasons, even though it's an incredibly hot idea. :)

    Tit fucking can take some practice to get good at; it looks great in porn, but it's deceptively difficult to get a good rhythm going, without continuing to slip out. So you did very good for a first try!

    Also, they make edible lube, so that might help at the end, when he's already lubed up but you just can't keep your mouth off of him. ;)