Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We are comment whores too or should that be comment sluts?

Like all bloggers V and I appreciate your feedback. Now we are not so needy that I am going to beg you for comments or threaten to take my posts down and go home if you don't leave a comment but we do like comments about as much as we like sex. Well that's not strictly true, we like sex more. While poking through the Blogger dashboard I realized that anonymous comments were disabled by default so I turned them on. Now you don't even need to register or login with Blogger or Google to leave a comment. Riff Dog, the star of infidelity blogging has instructions on leaving comments in this post, including a nice instructional image with arrows and everything.

V and I are hard at work on next Monday's post on our first out of town trip so until then if you like what you read tell your friends and perhaps, if you feel so moved, leave a comment.

Monday, October 25, 2010

He Said: Fun With Filming, The Great Expose

V is a trooper, let me say that right up front. After we had watched the first two videos we had shot V and I decided that we would try to improve on our first efforts now that she was more comfortable with seeing herself on screen. Plans were made and times were arranged. A bit of background first, V and I often play at my office after hours in a separate section from the main office which has limited access by the staff. This day I was involved in a customer issue when V arrived so I let her in to the private area and went back to my office. I spent a few minutes discussing the issue with one of my junior colleagues and then headed back to V.

V likes to surprise me sometimes by dressing up; one day she had a corset under her clothes. On this day she had decided to wear an outfit that she had purchased on-line. When IMing she will sometimes share links to lingerie sites with me and we will discuss what we think of various outfits. I walked through the door to see V wearing the outfit pictured below.

This is not V, but this is the dress she was wearing!

V and I have an expression we use to explain when we do something silly or stupid when we are together. We say we were are in a lust fog. Well I must have been in a lust fog when I returned to V because I forgot the most important thing to remember when you are fooling around at the office, make sure you lock the door. As she looked at me, instead of her usual playful or sultry visage her expression was that of abject horror as she looked past me. As I turned I saw that my colleague had followed me into the room. I'd like to tell you that I instantly sized up the situation, weighed my options and then cunningly put my carefully considered plan into action but that would be bullshit. Instead I switched into total instinct mode and turned my coworker around and walked him out of the room never once acknowledging that there was a half naked woman in the room. We finished our discussion on the customer issue and he went home.

Though I was outwardly calm and collected I was freaking out as I returned to the room where I left V. She was nowhere to be seen and I was worried that she had thrown on her clothes and fled in panic. After a few seconds of searching I found her crouched in a dark corner still dressed in her revealing outfit. I sat down with her and assured her that she needn't worry about me, my coworker was leaving in two weeks and was smart enough not to confront me or ask any questions that might be embarrassing to me. Luckily he also had never met my wife and I assured her that if anything came up I'd simply tell him that my wife had come to surprise me and wasn't it funny that instead she had been surprised. One thing that may have made it slightly easier for V was that she had still been wearing her panties. This is where V's ability to put things behind her became apparent. After spending a few minutes talking her down from the metaphorical ledge instead of her deciding to gather up her clothes and head home she decided that since she had went to all the trouble of coming to visit me and we would just carry on as if nothing happened. Perhaps V felt that after her recent traumatic experience she deserved a good fucking.

We even shot some video that day. The first video starts off with V on her knees sucking my cock and asking if I'm going to cum in her mouth. When I tell her that I'm going to cum in her pussy she doesn't seem disappointed at all and returns to sucking me. She is much more relaxed being on camera this time and looks up at me as she alternates between taking me deep into her mouth, sucking and licking then running her lips up and down the bottom of the shaft. V has some brown girl heritage and the contrast between my stark white cock and her slightly brown skin makes the video even more erotic. I've always had a thing for brown girls and V certainly satisfies my brown girl needs. The video ends with her practically flying off to get a condom. She was a girl with a mission.

Now sex with V is always good but sometimes it is indescribable. We haven't figured out what makes it so special but no matter the reason when we get into this zone we rub each other in the best possible way. As soon as I climbed on top of V and slipped between her widely spread thighs I knew this was going to be one of those times. I'm generally a pretty quiet guy when I am in the saddle but this time the moans and groans were coming from deep inside as I fucked V's hot, tight, wet pussy. V likes the sound of thighs smacking against thighs, this day the room was filled with my moans, her moans and the sound of skin against skin. I alternated between kissing her deeply and sucking and biting her nipples as I gave her the fucking she deserved. V gets a look on her face when she is really feeling it, I call it her "I'm getting fucked grin" and she certainly had it this time. I'm not sure that we came at the same time but it was very close. I rested on top of her as we both basked in the glow of sex that was so good that I don't have the words to explain it. Eventually I disengaged and we laid side by side on the blanket, sweaty and satiated.

Did you think we were done? Goodness no. After a few more minutes of rest we decided to shoot some more video. I don't think there has ever been a time when V has not been ready to suck my cock. This time I stood and took V kneeling in front of me and sucking me. What was special was that this time she kept her glasses on. Maybe it's just me but having my cock sucked by a woman wearing glasses seems to be even hotter. Maybe it's the whole naughty librarian thing. I experimented with shooting some video from the side so I could get that classical porn movie blow job side view. My cock looked so big from that view and V's mouth looked so small. V has often told me that she is a bit of a gagger but she still takes me as deep as she can when sucking me, that's dedication for you. As I held the video camera with one hand I reached down with the other to rest my hand on the back of V's head. Sometimes V likes to be controlled and though I know some women don't like it when a man holds and directs their head during a blow job it's something that V relishes. I held her head so she couldn't pull back too far as I could feel that my cumming was imminent. I'm really glad V is a swallower because that minute or two after I cum when she continues to gently suck the head of my cock is heaven. The video ends with V kissing the head of my cock and looking up with a big smile on her face, positively glowing. What a great way to end a day that started off in such a disastrous fashion.

She said: Fun with Filming, Part 3

We have a pretty good setup. L's workplace has an area separate from the offices that is perfect for our after-hours trysts and we try to make use of it as often as possible with our schedules. Since few work in this area and even fewer have after-hours access, it is a "safe" place to meet - or so we thought.

I had purchased a number of lingerie items online and had promised L a fashion show so he could decide which he liked best. I had worn one item under my workout clothing and had a couple others in a carry bag along with a belly dancing costume I had picked up on a lark.

Traffic was terrible that day and I arrived later than usual. This would really cut into our limited time together. While L set up "our spot", I quickly deposited my purse and the carry bag on one of the chairs and popped around the corner to pull off my outer clothing and adjust the mini dress I had on underneath. The dress was more revealing than not, being simply a sheath with so many decorative slashes it really left little to the imagination. As is my habit, I folded my jeans and shirt and hung them neatly over the back of the chair.

Having done so, I then leaned forward over the back of the chair to remove the other items from my carry bag when I heard a sound to the front of me. Since L was behind me in the room setting up, my eyes zoomed to the entrance door and I was startled to see the door swinging open. As he walked in and called out to L, my eyes locked with those of a young man. I'm sure my face reflected the startled look that was on his.

Even though I stood behind the chair, he still had a stellar view of my almost bare boobs and the open slashes right down the side of the dress from top to bottom. My entire body heated with the flush of embarrassment, I broke eye contact and lowered my head, busying myself with "searching in my bag for something".

L, hearing what turned out to be a co-worker we didn't realize was working late, assessed the situation very quickly and headed the young man off at the pass, turning him away from me and herding him back out the door as they discussed whatever he had come to talk about, both completely ignoring the almost naked woman in the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, I dropped the fake nonchalant attitude, went into panic mode and made a beeline into the next room where I was unable to do anything more than sit on the floor in the corner, completely sucked into as small a ball as possible in my mortification. Not only was I horrified and embarrassed at being caught in such a position by a strange man, but I was also really worried for L - would there be a problem for him? A few moments after, I heard L return to the outer room.

He called my name, but I didn't answer - I was still too distraught. Eventually he found me sitting in my corner and came and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of me and we talked it out. Seems in our hurry he had forgotten to lock the outer door, as he usually would. He was convinced his young co-worker wouldn't cause a problem, as he had not even acknowledged seeing me when speaking to L.

As always, L made me see a different side of things - the humour of it and how our unexpected guest probably viewed the situation. It was a struggle, but I was able to pull myself together and decided to make the best of it. Feeling somewhat better, we went on to have our fashion show. I even donned the belly dancing costume and did an impromptu dance for L. I didn't have to ask if he enjoyed it - the ear to ear grin said it all. After choosing his favourite item from the show, L asked if he could once again film me giving him a blow job. With my consent, he stepped into the light and started filming as I went to work.

Surprisingly - and in spite of the earlier shock - I felt much more relaxed this time, even looking up at L with sultry eyes. Him standing this time, the vantage point was a little different from the first movie. As he gently caressed my arm and tugged at my hair with his free hand, I sucked and teased him until he came in my mouth. I have a few more ideas for some future filming which I have communicated to L, including how we can achieve multiple camera angles, continuity, etc. while maintaining our privacy by filming ourselves. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's created a monster!

Monday, October 18, 2010

He Said: The Movies Are Premiered

V and I got together for a lazy Sunday afternoon; V brought some food I brought the final cuts of the two videos. V was nervous because she was the star of the show. My role was primarily as stunt cock. V has done such a good job describing the afternoon it's almost superfluous for me to cover the same ground. It was much less of a daunting afternoon for me since I had seen the videos multiple times and all that was required of me was to stay hard and then cum. The most memorable parts of the afternoon were sitting at my desk nearly naked with V watching the world premiere of Oral Fun and V Gets Basted eating our lunch.

At some point when I had V on her back and was giving her the fucking she so richly deserved I glanced up to see that she had hooked her feet over the two desks in the office which made her so open and allowed me to really reach that spot that really makes V moan when my member rubs against it. V is a very aural woman and also loves the sound of my body slapping against her as I bang her. Now I know the word bang might have some negative connotations to some but V likes to hear as well as feel when we have sex and I try my best to make our sexual interludes as memorable as possible for her and for me.

When I watched the videos I made with V I got hard watching her working her oral magic on my member and watching the head of my cock poke out between from between her magnificent breasts. By the end of our afternoon together we had decided that there would be a second cinematic interlude in our future. Now that is a story that is begging to be told.

She said: Fun with Filming, Part 2

Allow me to set the scene. It's Sunday - early afternoon and we are at L's office. Being a Sunday, we have a larger block of time together than usual. Wanting to share some of my culture with L, I brought some food. The plan was to have some lunch while we screened our porn and then spend the rest of the time enjoying each other, though that order of things changed the minute we were in his office.

L started kissing me and slipped his hands up my top to knead my breasts. As we moaned simultaneously, he broke the kiss just long enough to remove my top and reached around to undo my bra as he resumed kissing me. Topless now, I just had to feel his skin against mine and I undid the buttons on his shirt and spread it wide open. I reached down to rub his cock through his pants - he was already hard. Mmmmm. His hands were down the back of my pants, rubbing my ass. I started to unbuckle his belt and by mutual unspoken consent we pulled apart to quickly finish undressing ourselves.

We spread a blanket and lay on the floor in his office between two desks. L sucked and bit my nipples, sending me into paroxysms. I arched my body into his and slid my leg in between his, bending my knee to rest on his rock hard cock. He reached around and spanked my ass, then soothed it with his palm. He rolled me onto my back and I prepared for his entry. I am very flexible and I had my knees slightly bent with my legs spread wide for him, one foot hooked on the corner of each of the two desks. I was so ready for him. L wasted no time pushing himself deep inside me. We fucked with abandon, making little noise but tandem panting and whispers and the slap of our bodies against each other. We finished and lay for a few minutes spent and entwined together before reluctantly getting up.

L then cued up the movie while I put out the food. Sitting a few feet apart in office chairs, L started up the movie as we started to eat. My image flashed on the screen - I'm on my knees between L's legs, cock in mouth, hands caressing his hips. I glanced over at L to see a big smile on his face. He looked at me - and realized immediately I was not enjoying this as much as he was. Not only was I blushing furiously, I didn't know where to look. Certainly not at the screen!

Putting down his plate, L grabbed the arm of my chair and pulled me over until I was as close to him as he could get me. Then he put his arm around me and leaned in and gave me a big squeeze. L talked through the movie as it ran - pointed out the little observations he had made (since he had viewed the film a number of times already) that made it so hot for him and really made me see the movie through his eyes. He admitted to me that even though the editing he had done was minimal, there was no way he would compromise his creation by leaving in anything that didn't look good. Only somewhat convinced, I held his hand tightly as he re-cued the first movie and we proceeded to watch both movies in their entirety.

I tried and have been trying to watch the movies from a different point of view - to forget that it was me there sucking his cock and instead view it as another piece of porn that L was sharing with me. The more I watched from that aspect, the more I appreciated many things about them....the camera angles, the background, the interaction between the 'stars' and on the whole, how fricking sexy the movies are. Even today I have only watched them a handful of times, but each time I do, I am more and more accepting of the fact that that's me on there, with my lover. I'm pretty sure I'd be agreeable to doing this again - in fact, I'm sure there will be a next time!

Monday, October 11, 2010

He said: Making a Movie or Two

You just had to know that a couple who like to engage in naughtiness in public places would eventually get around to putting themselves on video. V and I are no exception. We made a date during girlie days for the grand event and at the appointed time I found myself lying on my back with V kneeling between my legs giving me one of her wonderful blow jobs. V was uncharacteristically nervous about being videoed so I had put on some of her favourite porn both to relax and turn her on. In retrospect it was completely unnecessary, V loves performing oral so much that no prompting or guidance was required.

Watching through the viewfinder while V worked her oral magic was a surreal experience. There was a certain degree of detachment while I concentrated on making sure I didn't shake the camera too much and that the scene was properly framed. I could tell V was a bit uncomfortable because she wouldn't look at the camera. At one point I reached down and gently stroked her arm. She barely reacted, later she told me that she had almost jumped out of her skin when I touched her because she was so focused on the task at hand. My videographer's detachment couldn't prevent the pleasurable feelings from penetrating to the pleasure centres of my brain and I gave V the happy ending that she deserved.

After a suitable break we decided to move on to a tit fuck. This was the first time that V and I had participated in this particular sex act so we were inexperienced virgins. I dragged a chair over and perched myself on the arm of the chair while V lubed up her cleavage. V has great breasts and was very motivated. Gentlemen, if you have never had a tit fuck I'd urge you to give it a try especially if your woman has soft pillowy breasts. Even though V had some issues keeping my slippery cock under control at first she soon got the hang of it. The feeling was indescribable so I won't try to describe it but it did feel very, very good. As the saying goes "All good things must end" and I soon was basting V's breasts with my man sauce. After kissing the head of my cock she nonchalantly rubbed my cum over her breasts. All captured on video for us to watch over and over again.

V was nervous about watching herself on video and wanted us to watch the videos the first time together. Later that night as I edited the raw footage, the hardness that watching the scenes induced in my pants made me insist that V let me send her a short clip from each video. That day a star was born.

She said: Fun with Filming, Part 1

We are two very sexual people who share a lot in common, including an appreciation of porn. We both porn surf a fair bit and often exchange links to scenarios that we find particularly titillating or reminiscent of our own individual fantasies. Not only are they an excellent source of sexual fodder in general, but with discussion, they also provide ideas on how to enact each others' fantasies by understanding what it is about the fantasy that is such a turn on to the other!

I believe in this case, we started out with the mutual fantasy of making our own porn, though strictly for our own private consumption. L is quite interested in filming and editing, so it was almost a natural extension of that, while I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. A match made in heaven, really - until the camera started rolling and I suddenly felt too shy to be the confident porn star.

I was pretty uncomfortable at first. It was during my girly days, so we were filming a blow job. Though we had already watched some porn on the monitor and I was totally into the idea of it, I remember doing everything possible to ignore the camera and to just focus on pleasuring L, as I normally do. Doesn't every woman have body image issues of some kind? I'm no different and every now and then that nasty voice in my head would wonder how awful this would look. Would my more than ample breasts look too saggy? Would my ass look too big? I just kept telling myself that L accepts me as I am and since he would be the only one viewing it, it would be fine.

We finished up and L took a look at the film - I wasn't ready to look just yet. We then decided to try something that had been on our list. I had seen a home porn movie of a man tit-fucking a woman. I wanted to try this. I've mentioned before L is much taller, but we managed to find a chair that would bring him to the right height where I could kneel in front of him. I lubed up his cock and we got to work.

Unlike the first movie, where I was stiff and uncomfortable, this one was lots of fun. My hands, slippery with lube, kept slipping off my boobs as I held them together around his cock and we were laughing and really had a great deal of fun with it. Finally we got the hang of it and I was just about to ask if it was doing anything for him when L came all over my chest. As I rubbed it all over my tits, I leaned over to lick the last drop of cum from the tip of his cock. Releasing him from between my tits, I ran my hands up and down his cock enjoying the slick feel of all the lube. I felt compelled to lean over and lick along his shaft....and made an absolutely horrified "yuck" face. I had to explain to L that I got a mouthful of the lube we used, which tasted just awful! Needless to say, I won't be using that lube again...and yes, there will be another time. We both had lots of fun with that one.

Later that evening, L advised that he had finished editing the film from earlier in the day. He was going to send it to me, but I asked him not to. I was afraid to look - in fact, I didn't know if I could look at all. I wanted to be with him the first time I saw it - I knew I'd need him there with me to help me get through it. He begged me to at least let him send me a short clip - he was excited by how "hot" it looked. If L, who has seen tons of porn, thought it was hot, who was I to argue? I finally capitulated and he sent me a clip a few seconds long of each. I had to agree that I didn't look so bad at all, once I got over the "omigod, that's me!!" feeling. We decided that we would film another blow job scene another time soon after watching these two movies together. After all, what would be the worst that could happen?

Monday, October 4, 2010

He said: At the Riverside

V and I visited our favourite park one sunny lunch time blanket in hand. We strolled hand in hand from the parking lot down the riverside trail and then onto the river bank. Clambering over the rocks and dirt piles we made our way to a secluded spot among the waist high boulders. V had worn a skirt as I had instructed and after some preliminary kissing and groping I turned her to face the rock and had her lean forward. I worked my fingers into her sopping wet pussy and worked them back and forth as she moaned in pleasure. Between my fingers, the kisses and bites on her exposed ass she was soon quite worked up. She took charge and moved away from the rock. I knew what she wanted so I opened my zipper and extracted my cock. She dropped to her knees and began to suck me with her normal gusto and vigour. Just as things were getting very close to a successful conclusion I heard voices. Though V was relatively well concealed it would be clear to anyone coming upon us what we were up to. Reluctantly we disengaged just as we saw two kids pop out of the trees on the other side of the river about 100 yards away. They were far enough away and we were well enough hidden that they could only see us from chest level up, if they saw us at all. They didn't appear to notice us as I tucked myself back into my clothes after which we slowly worked our way back upriver away from them. The river was moving fast enough that it was unlikely that they would cross the river.

The voices faded into the distance as we found flat sandy spot to spread out our blanket where so we soon took up where we left off. There was a slight change of position, I was laying on my back with V kneeling between my legs. I won't bore you with the details other than to tell you that our lusty mission was completed without further disruption. After the deed was done and our clothes were rearranged to restore our modesty we basked in the sun for a few minutes before returning to the car.

She said: At the Riverside

Once again we found ourselves at the park, walking hand in hand along the river. The day was sunny and very warm. We were looking for somewhere quiet and off the beaten track as I had a strong desire to taste L's cock and I'm sure he had a strong desire to let me.

We decided to explore farther along the river than we had previously. In order to do so, we had to traverse a series of large boulders which jutted out from a high embankment. Wearing a very sexy little sundress and my usual flip-flops, I nonetheless attacked the first boulder with enthusiasm. From the top of this boulder, I skipped over to the next one...and so on, some of them being quite a stretch. Then I came to the final boulder in the series which was much further apart from the boulder I now stood on than the others had been. As I stopped and contemplated my next move, L - close behind me all the way - asked if I was okay.

I responded to say that I was sizing up the best way to get across that final boulder. I didn't want to fall into the water below! I removed my flip-flops - that seemed like a good first step. I handed L my shoes and my phone - I needed two free hands for this one. As I held on to the embankment with one hand, I stepped on a protruding piece of earth and using it as a step, swung myself over to the final boulder. Pleased with myself, I turned to take back my phone and shoes so that L could follow only to find that L, being much taller and longer of leg than I, had already stepped effortlessly over the to the last boulder with no effort at all, despite having his hands full.

A few steps further on we came to some smaller boulders, these ones just over waist high. L leaned me over one, pinning me as he ran his hands up the back of my legs to my ass. I had worn a thong under the dress and he squeezed and pinched my exposed cheeks as he ravished my neck with licks and kisses. As I turned my head and kissed him fiercely, he pulled the thong aside and immersed his fingers in my soaking wet pussy. I moaned and writhed as I enjoyed the onslaught.

Ever since the Conservation Area, I am always trying to be more aware of our what's going on around us, particularly when we are engaging in behaviours not entirely suitable for our surroundings. At this point, I thought I heard the echoed cries of kids playing the in the woods across the river. I stiffened and signalled L to stop. At this point, I couldn't see or hear anyone, so I turned to say as much to L and was totally turned on to see him leaning against another rock sucking my juices off his fingers.

I walked over to him and despite the stones that littered the ground, I kneeled down and undid his belt and fly and freed his lovely cock. As I ministered to his appreciative member, a group of kids broke out of the woods across the river from where he stood with me kneeling in front of him. Even though I was blocked from view by the same rock that I had been draped over not long before I was thankful that they were pretty far away from us and didn't seem to pay us any attention at all.

Chuckling - and perhaps a little frustrated - we decided to go back the way we came and spread our blanket in a quiet spot under a tree that we passed along the way. As we lay on our blanket, chatting, hugging and caressing each other, I once again reached down to pull him out. L sat up so he could keep watch while I took him deep in my mouth. While I devoted all my concentration to giving him the best blow job he's ever had, he stroked and caressed me, moving from my hair to my back and finally to my bare ass cheeks.

We cuddled a little longer once he had his happy ending before packing up and heading back to our respective offices. Wonder what we'll get up to next time!