Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our HNT #7 - Favourite of 2010

Having only very recently started posting HNT pictures, we have very few to choose from for this weeks post, where we are to post our favourite HNT from 2010. In spite of having so few to choose from, we found it really difficult to choose a favourite. The fact that they were posted in the first place obviously indicates that they have already gone through a very intense review and have pleased not just one but both of us in some way. Also, we have been very lucky in that we seem to have been able to salvage several possible HNT shots each time we have had a picture-taking session, where our expectation was to be lucky to get even a single suitable one. In the end, L left it to me to choose and so I chose this offering which was posted on American Thanksgiving with the caption "White or dark meat?". It was well-received, garnering the second highest number of comments of all our posts to date.

The reason I chose this picture was that I think it was the most interesting to work with. The photograph in its entirety makes me laugh every time I see it. Everything in it is discombobulated - the composition was terrible, the facial expressions goofy, my unattractive bits for all to see - it's all there. Yet, I was able to crop it in such a way as to get not one, but two possible postable pictures out of it! Also, the contrast in our skin colours was so striking - though I am mixed race, it's not really that I am so dark, but that L is so fair! All in all, this post was a lot of fun for us. Here is the original picture...and as a bonus, we are including another small piece of the same picture. L and I hope you enjoy them and wish all our readers a happy, healthy and decidedly naughty 2011!

Happy New Year!


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Monday, December 27, 2010

We said: Hotel Dilemma

Something a little different this week, V and I reach out to our readers to help us with a vexing problem. Can you help V and I have a happy new year? I'll turn it over to V to tell you about our dilemma.

On one of our summer picnics, L lay back on his elbows beside the river and pondered a question I ask him every now and then. In an effort to ensure that we are open and honest and communicate with each other, I initiate a talk about 'us' every so often. I first ask if he continues to be happy with our arrangement and is getting out of it all the things we got together for in the first place. Following an affirmative answer, I always then ask him if there anything he's thought of to add to our bucket list - things he'd want to do or try with me that we have not yet touched on. This was the question L pondered and his answer made me laugh.

We've had sex (in some form or other) in the woods, leaned over a desk, in the front seat of a car, in the back seat of a car, in a park, on a chair, in a conservation area, on the floor, in a parking lot, on a desk, leaned over a chair, leaned over a rock.....but never in a bed. L wanted to be with me in a bed. I've mentioned before that we have a great setup at L's workplace and it works fine for us - it really does. The money we save on hotels we can spend having lunches together and doing other activities. As a special treat however, and as our Christmas present to each other, we wanted to book a hotel.

It would be difficult bordering on the impossible for me to get away overnight, so we thought we would book a room and meet up early in the day and spend the entire day together as we please. We researched different hotels in different parts of the city, read reviews, read about the amenities offered (spa packages, jacuzzis, swimming pools, restaurants, etc). We figured if we were going to spring for a hotel as a treat, we wanted to go someplace better than average and do something extra special (and that we've never done before) like a couples massage. I even went and bought a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit and some toys for the occasion!

We found a fabulous option in BC, where the spa offers rooms that can be rented for the afternoon. The room includes a king sized bed, but has an area with dual massage tables. The idea is that you start your time with a couples massage, then are left to your own devices in the private room for the rest of the afternoon. Another option found in Winnipeg had a king sized bed in a room with it's own massive hot tub and a fireplace - again, available by the day as a getaway. Alas, we found no such options in the Toronto area. Although we did find several hotels that were to the standard we had hoped for and that also met some of the amenity expectations we had, we were very disappointed to realize that other factors were going to make this harder than we expected. This is where we are hoping to be able to turn to our readers for assistance and advice. We need some help!

Most hotels we've found offer a 3 pm check in and an 11 am check out. Either way, that allows us very little time together, since we can essentially only be there during office hours or slightly beyond. That timing would allow us only a couple hours one day and then return for a couple hours the next morning at best. Are there no hotels that offer early morning check ins or check outs that are later in the day? Either option would allow us more time together. Also acceptable would be to rent the room by the day with no overnight stay. What has been your experience with hotels and motels in your area? Have you ever arrived early in the morning and been able to get a room for the day? Is it harder at the "better" hotels than it is at the local No Tell motel? Is our dream destined to cost us a two night stay? Has anybody come across any nice "getaway day" locations in the Toronto area? Any tips or advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our HNT #6 - Three Christmas Wishes

We have decided to gift three HNT'ers with presents from under our tree, so without further ado Libidinous Santa, with the help of his little Vixen Elf, bestows presents on the following bloggers:

When Heelsnstocking climbs up on Santa LM's lap she is receiving the zip ties (aka riot cuffs). She has been a naughty girl this year and Santa thinks she needs to be restrained. Naughty can be so nice. What's that V? *Santa leans over as V whispers shyly in his ear* Of course you can play with her while she's restrained! You don't mind, do you Heels?

Daft Scots Lass present is the hairbrush so she can keep her beautiful mane under control. While Vixen Elf styles her lovely tresses Santa will put her over his knee because nothing goes better with red hair than a pink backside.

Last but not least Black Pearl is going to find the chocolate body paint in her stocking this year. Libidinous Santa and Vixen Elf will even hand deliver it - between Santa's white chocolate, Vixen's milk chocolate and Black Pearl's dark chocolate, we three will have a sweet time together.

Libidinous Santa and the Vixen Elf wish you all a very Merry Christmas! To see who else is playing this week, visit Osbasso.


Monday, December 20, 2010

He said: Lunch Date

Voluptuous V and I decided to get together for lunch one day and unfortunately living in a northern clime means that now that the lazy hazy days of summer are behind us a picnic beside the river is out of the question. After a bit of discussion Voluptuous V and I decided to pick up a couple of pizza slices and find a nice scenic park to admire the fall foliage while eating our lunch. Long time readers will know that when Voluptuous V and I end up in a parking lot I tend to end up very satisfied. Even though she loves to apply her oral ministrations I sometimes feel a bit guilty for not reciprocating. Whipping it out in a parking lot is one thing but when a woman unzips her jeans it still doesn't give a guy much to work with, especially in the front seat of a car. In the hopes of making our time together even more enjoyable I gently urged her to wear a skirt so she was more accessible. My mind hearkened back to the day beside the river when Voluptuous V had worn a skirt and I leaned her forward against a large boulder and explored her to both our delights.

Voluptuous V came by my office to pick me up and as soon as I got into the car I could smell the pizza. We drove off to the infamous park where we had been surprised by the police as detailed in our conservation area posts. Large and well treed it was the perfect place for a quiet lunch. When we arrived we found the gate closed and locked. I had forgotten that the conservation areas usually close for the season after Thanksgiving. The pizza was cooling and both Voluptuous V and were getting hungry and horny. I navigated Voluptuous V to an alternative park that I pass on the way to work everyday and we pulled in to the parking lot. The parking lot seemed smaller once we were in in than it had looked from the street but we didn't really have enough time to find another one. We ate our pizza and chatted. Pizza soon finished, chatting turned to kissing and caressing as I slipped my hand under Voluptuous V skirt. Moving her panties to the side I rubbed her smooth pussy. Voluptuous V is a waxer and likes to be smooth and I have grown to appreciate a smooth pussy too. Warm and wet I continued to rub her pussy paying special attention to her clit, occasionally dipping a finger inside. Voluptuous V is a vocal girl so it was easy to know whether I was hitting the spot by the volume and frequency of her moans. I really wanted to get down there and use my mouth but alas the front seat of the car just wasn't big enough to let me make that a reality. Voluptuous V didn't seem to mind as I nibbled her ear, kissed her neck and rubbed her clit with increasing speed and force. Not too hard, not too soft but just the right amount of pressure to have Voluptuous V cumming like a freight train. She's not a screamer but she is a loud moaner and the sound of her orgasm is music to my ears.

Now it was my turn, zipper down, cock out and Voluptuous V was soon returning the favour. The only problem with parking lot blow jobs is that it's my responsibility to watch for disruptions. When parked 50 metres from a busy road there are plenty of vehicles and people to keep an eye on. Watching someone walking by on the sidewalk, oblivious to what is going on a short distance away adds a certain amount of naughty pleasure to the act. As the cars whizzed by Voluptuous V took me deep in her mouth. She didn't start off shallow but instead went deep and let the head enter her throat. Voluptuous V kept me deep, only pulling back slightly so she could breath. I quickly glanced down, all I could see was the top of her head, bobbing up and down just a bit. She worked her tongue and teeth expertly on my member to the point where I couldn't just sit there, I began to thrust up slightly. The feel of Voluptuous V's mouth on my cock was so good that even with the distraction of keeping my eyes peeled for disruptions it wasn't very long before I was cumming too. Voluptuous V gently sucked me after, not rushing at all and then popped up for a kiss. There is something about kissing a smiling woman who has just deep throated you and swallowed your cum in a parking lot that leaves a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Another quick kiss as Voluptuous V dropped me off at my office and a warning from me that she had to be careful driving back because she was still in a lust fog and our lunch date was at an end.

She said: Car Date

I was hankering for some L time and sent him a message mid-week asking if he would be available at lunch that day. He was tied up with a customer visit, but suggested we could meet on Friday. The cold weather had well and truly set in by this time, putting an end to our picnics. Preferring to spend time alone with L than in a crowded restaurant, I suggested we pick up some pizza slices and find a parking area with a nice view where we could sit and eat. I spent a little time looking over a map of his work environs and had a couple of green areas in mind that were fairly close to his office.

Thursday night, L sent me a message suggesting that I wear a skirt to our car date. For most women, this would probably not be a hard thing to do, but I am a woman that owns the bare minimum of clothing. Don't get me wrong, I like to be stylish and look good in my clothes - in fact, I am really fussy about what I will and won't wear - but I prefer quality over quantity. As I've mentioned before, if I don't love it, I don't buy it. Another consideration is that I work in a male-dominated industry and tend to wear the same types of clothing as my counterparts - casual pants and shirts. As a result, my wardrobe goes from casual to fancy dress with very little in between. I brought these points up to L as well as to remind him that I HATE to be cold and the thought of wearing a skirt out in this weather left me....well, cold. His final comment was something to the effect that a car date would be much more fun for me if I was accessible.

Hmmmm - that got me thinking. I did have a pair of thigh-high stockings I hadn't as yet worn. I must have a skirt somewhere. I had already planned to wear a shirt with buttons. I dug around and the next morning I donned my high heels with a skirt and blouse and headed off to work. At lunchtime, I head over to L's office and picked him up. We went to his local pizza place, got a couple slices and head off to find someplace to eat, only to find that the park we had in mind to visit was closed for the season. We drove around a bit until L remembered another nice park nearby and directed me to it. We parked in the lot, chatted and ate our pizza.

Lunch finished, I slid over closer to L. As we started kissing, he ran his hand up my outer thigh under my skirt. When he reached the spot where stockings ended and skin began, he broke the kiss to raise my skirt and admire the lacy tops. He pushed my legs apart and moving my panty to one side, he slid his fingers along my soaking wet slit. Following the slit up to the front, he rubbed his wet finger over my clit. For the next few minutes, I moaned, writhed and panted with my face buried in his neck as he leaned over my body fingering me. When he moved slightly to kiss me, I spread my legs wider, raising myself off the seat to meet his questing hands. In short order, a powerful orgasm rocked my world and I cried out as my pussy pulsed and jolted. L held me and gently kissed my ear, cheek and neck as I recovered. Dazedly, I opened my eyes and smiled at him. Wow - that was truly amazing.

"Your turn now?", I asked, glancing down to indicate he should undo his belt and open his pants. L obliged and I bent over and took him in my mouth. I sucked the length of him, teasing with both teeth and tongue. As L became harder and got closer to his own peak, he began to raise himself off the seat, pumping into my mouth. Rather than pulling back to limit penetration, I opened my throat and let his cock slide right down each thrust. He moaned loudly into the quiet confines of the car as he came hard in my mouth. I linked fingers with his as I continued to gently suck his cock for a few minutes more before finally kissing the head and sitting upright. L kissed me deeply and I spent the next few minutes snug in his arms.

Soon it was time for him to head back to work and we chatted amiably as I drove him back to his office. He left me with a deep, soulful kiss, a caution to drive back safely and a promise to talk to me later. At this point feeling quite relaxed and lethargic, I was more ready for sleep than for the drive back across the city, but nonetheless I promised I'd be careful and stole another quick kiss before he hopped out and I drove off back to my office.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our HNT #5 - Christmas Theme

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a 'safe' holiday season with lots of treats under the tree! What gift would you choose from under our tree of fun?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

She said: L is Stiff!

L and I were IMing one Saturday night when he asked if I had any free time the next day. I was going out to dinner at a friend's home late in the afternoon, but there was certainly a window of opportunity to spend a couple hours with L after lunch and still get home in time to head out to dinner.

We met at his office at the agreed-upon time and went inside. No sooner did we get our stuff put down and set up, then my phone rang. I had no choice but to take the call and by the time I finished on the phone, L was stretched out face down on the blanket, completely naked. I smiled and started stripping down to join him when L said that he was feeling stiff. I giggled, but then was assured that he was feeling stiff from an activity earlier in the day and asked if I would give him a massage. I love giving L massages and have done so several times. I was happy to oblige again.

Dressed in just my matching bra and panty, I grabbed the massage oil from our bag of tricks and poured some in my hand. L immediately said I wasn't doing it right - I was supposed to ask him what 'options' he wanted. (Who reads too many blogs now?) When I did so, he responded that he wanted a 'full service' massage. I agreed, though in my naivité I had no idea what exactly that entailed - I figured I could find out later. I rubbed my hands together to warm up the oil before starting to rub his neck and shoulders. I gave him a good thorough massage from his neck and shoulders, down his back to his butt. I climbed over in between his slightly spread legs and continued the massage with his thighs, calves and feet, one at a time. Then working my way back up his legs, I poured a generous amount of lube in my hands and rubbed his balls between his parted legs before rubbing some lube down the crack of his ass. Since turnaround is fair play, I decided that it was a good time for some ass play. I gently slid my finger into his butt and worked it forward, feeling for his prostate. I rubbed firmly for a few moments before sliding back out and asking my 'customer' to turn over.

I stepped away to clean my hands while he flipped over. When I returned, I leaned over him for a quick kiss and instead got many kisses and caresses. He undid and removed my bra and while he gently played with my tits, I resumed his massage. Pouring more massage oil in my hands, I again warmed it up and started at his shoulders and chest working down his stomach. I avoided his cock altogether and instead continued down each of his legs, having again climbed in between his parted legs. I worked my way back up to his cock. I poured some more lube and started giving him a hand job. I'd never given a hand job before and I basically alternated between two moves I had read about. The first one, I made a ring at the base of his cock with my middle finger and thumb and squeezing firmly, I slid up and down the length of him. The second involved holding his cock in my entire hand, thumb and index finger circled and facing up, then reaching the top, I opened my hand, let my palm slide over the top of his cock and I slid back down with the reverse grip, thumb and index finger facing down.

By now his cock was rock hard and I really wanted a taste. "What exactly does a 'full service massage' include?", I finally asked with a flirty mischievous smile. Laughing, L said it was the massage, followed by me climbing on top and fucking him. Well, Yeeeeehawwwww!! That sounded good to me! First, I needed a quick taste. After asking him to choose a condom from our bag of tricks and to open it for me, I took a few quick sucks of his yummy cock. He handed me the condom, which I unrolled and slid on over his lubed cock. I climbed on top and with help from my guiding hand, lowered myself onto him. Holy carp, I was soaked!

I started to move, every stroke feeling like it could be the one. The sensations were amazing, everything rubbing in the right places at the right times. As the tension built, I felt like I was at the crest of the hill, but just couldn't get myself over the hump (so to speak!). I rode that crest for some time, my inner muscles throbbing with the amazing sensations, but still no orgasm. It was definitely working for L. He was moaning with abandon and I picked up the pace. After a few more strokes, he came loudly. I laughed and said I had been sure I was going to cum first. I slowed my pace back down and ground my clit into his pubic bone, hoping the added stimulation would help. After a short while like that, I raised myself up and lay L's cock in such a way as to be able to slide along the length of it. His cock head bumped my clit with every stroke as I slid and ground on him, but still I couldn't seem to get over that hump. I was starting to get a little frustrated. I generally don't mind at all if I don't cum, but really, IT WAS RIGHT THERE!! L laughed as he held me and told me not to try so hard. That made me laugh, too and I decided to give up. L decided to pick up the torch and fingered me while biting my nipples. As great as it all felt, I just couldn't get there and finally, at my suggestion, he gave up too.

I snuggled up beside L and we lay skin to skin, stroking and caressing each other. We started having a rather amusing conversation about what's going on with some of the other blogs we read and plans for our own blog. We laughed and talked and stroked and kissed and really had the most wonderful time. I know L felt badly that he had asked me to meet him with such a short lead time, but I was happy I was able to work it out. There have been more massages both before that day and since, but none have come close to the intimate, laughter-filled, amazing time we had that day. It was just perfect.

He said: My First Erotic Massage

Voluptuous Vixen and I often exchange links to blogs we like and follow. One of the blogs we have been reading is Happyendingz - Confessions of an Erotic Masseuse. CJ is an erotic massage therapist and her blog is both entertaining and informative. CJ has educated me on massage parlour lingo and techniques, VV has also read some of CJ's posts but not in the same depth as I have.

Through circumstances that really aren't relevant I ended up standing almost motionless for an hour in the centre of a closed road on a cold day. When I returned to the car and bent down to climb inside it felt like my back was going to snap. Crap, how was I going to give VV the banging she was expecting when I could barely move? It was too late to cancel so I packed up and headed off to the office. We were barely inside when VV's phone rang. This happens occasionally and VV usually doesn't answer but after checking who was calling she decided she better answer. While VV took the call I laid out our blanket, undressed and laid down on my stomach to wait for her to finish.

When she was done with her call I explained that my back was stiff because of my earlier activities. As I was explaining she was undressing. I complained that she was supposed to get me to choose my option before she undressed. It might be worthwhile for you to read CJ's Massage Parlor Code Words and Lingo page before proceeding any further, trust me it will make things less confusing. She immediately caught the reference to CJ's blog and responded that she was going to stop at her bra and panties. As she retrieved the massage oil from our bag of tricks she inquired as to my choice of options. I responded that I wanted "full service". I could tell the VV was a novice masseuse because she readily agreed without even negotiating a higher fee. VV then proceeded to give me a very nice massage. Not only was it relaxing but it also worked the kinks out of my back.

VV worked her way down to my ass and I guess decided to also give me an internal massage because I felt her drizzling oil between my butt cheeks, followed by a finger which first slide up and down between them before it gently is slipped inside me. After a few minutes of internal exploration she withdrew her finger and asked me to roll over. She climbed on top of me and as she began to massage my upper chest I unclipped her bra and removed it so I could play with her nipples and breasts. I was unable to distract her with kisses and caresses, VV remained resolute and continued to massage her way down to my feet. After working her way down to my feet she came back up my legs and began working on my cock massaging it gently and firmly. It wasn't until afterward that she told me she had been researching hand jobs techniques in preparation for just such an occasion. One of my pet names for VV is "Research Girl" and it was obvious that her research skills were benefiting me immensely. She finally asked me to explain 'full service'. She was very happy when I explained that it involved her removing her panties and letting me give her an internal massage with my rock hard cock. I passed her a condom since I have read that it's the SP's responsibility to put on the love glove. VV couldn't resist giving Mr. Yummy a few quick sucks before she unrolled it onto me. She then guided me inside her as she settled on top of me. I like it when VV goes on top, not only do I get to lie back and enjoy the ride but I also get to play with her magnificent tits. As she slid up and down and ground against me I reveled in the feeling of tightness and warmth. I was determined to hold off cumming until she did. I've had sex with VV enough times to know when she is going to go off and for some reason this time though she got close to the peak a few times she never made it over the top even with me pulling on her nipples which is usually a slam dunk orgasm trigger. Finally I couldn't hold out any more and unloaded deep inside her. We tried a couple of other stimulation techniques but VV never made it to orgasm nirvana. We decided to give up before VV got too frustrated and moved on to a post coital post mortem kiss and cuddle. It was then they we came to the conclusion that because the cleaners hadn't come to clean the office she was likely subconsciously listening for them to arrive and that was distracting her just enough to prevent the fireworks. Even though she didn't cum VV still considered the afternoon a roaring success and I gave her quite a nice tip to show my appreciation for her efforts.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our HNT #4

The calm after the storm......

The Lovers in Repose


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Monday, December 6, 2010

She said: V Takes Charge

L told me early on that he has no desire to be dominated by a woman and quite frankly, that suits me just fine, as I have no desire to dominate L in the least. I love that he's a take charge kind of guy and I can't help but admire that he's not at all afraid to go after what he wants, after all, that's how he got me in the first place! Although I am no longer shy around L (well, almost never - he can still sometimes make me blush!), I sometimes am still timid about saying what I want. I suspect that although I am trying very hard to be the master of those feelings, that may always be a work in progress for me.

As a means of pushing myself to be more forward and assertive, I asked L if I could be 'in charge' one day when we're together. He was absolutely willing to relinquish the control to me, however he was sceptical as to whether I would be able to actually do it or not. He pointed out to me that there were several occasions where even though he had deferred to me to try and give me the chance to assert myself, I had failed to step up and he thought that might happen again. Once he pointed this out to me and I saw it from his viewpoint, I had to agree that that did appear to be the case. He said I was a chicken. Since them's fightin' words, I was more determined than ever to ensure that I executed my plan and not back down this time.

I formulated my plan and started to gather the appropriate tools - restraints, blindfold, feathers, silk scarves, chocolate sauce and paintbrush and Altoids and was ready to go. Later that week, I packed up my gear and headed off to see L. On the way, I stopped at a fast food place that vended fountain pop and got a small drink with lots of ice and a large hot tea. Now I was all set.

L, always the gentleman, met me at my car and helped me bring my bag of goodies inside. We got inside and I gave him a brief kiss, got him undressed and seated in a comfy chair. First item out of my bag of tricks was the blindfold. I applied the blindfold, then bound his wrists to the chair using two silk scarves which I tied in a bow - I thought they'd be more comfortable than the restraints and I wanted to be able to remove them quickly and easily later. I then removed my outer clothing. Underneath, I was wearing his favourite red lacy bra with matching crotchless panties, thigh-high stockings and a pair of sexy shoes we had bought together on one of our retail therapy trips.

I started out by walking very quietly around the chair. I leaned over behind him, put my lips to his ear and very softly asked if he was comfortable. Confirming that he was, I moved back around to the front of him, the soft melodious tinkle of my bangles the only sound piercing the silence. Taking and holding a sip of the hot tea in my mouth, I used the feather to stroke his body. Swallowing the tea, I leaned down to take his erect nipple in my mouth, dragging my flat tongue over it. As I moved around behind the chair, I ran my tongue around the shell of his ear. Continuing with the feather, I popped an ice cube into my mouth and gave the same treatment to his other nipple. He gasped at the shock of my now-cold tongue. I leaned over and kissed him, my cold tongue swirling with his hot one.

I opened the jar of chocolate, coated the brush with it and wafted it under his nose. Then I painted his nipples with it. I painted a line of chocolate down his body, finishing by painting his cock head. Putting the chocolate away, I took another sip of the hot tea. Not swallowing this time, I opened my lips against his painted nipple and flicked with my tongue as the hot tea melted the chocolate off. I went after the other nipple, licking off the chocolate in long, flat-tongued swipes. The chocolate tasted exactly as if you had bitten into a chocolate-covered strawberry. Yummy! Ensuring that I had licked until all the stickiness had been removed, I moved to lick the chocolate on his chest.

With him sitting in the chair, this was much harder for me to reach. I'm not very tall and it was hard to lean over him far enough to reach the chocolate without tumbling into his lap, so I moved in front of him and knelt between his legs. It was still a stretch to get high enough to get all the chocolate off, but I was certainly in perfect position for when I traced that line down to its end. I wanted L restrained because I wanted him to concentrate on what I was doing to him and not worry about touching and pleasuring me. I also wanted me to be able to focus on what I could do to please L, rather than be distracted by his touch. With his very large hands restrained at the wrists, he still had a fair bit of leeway though and he caressed my arms with his fingers whenever he could. Next time, I'll have to bind his actual hands to the chair!

I didn't take L into my mouth right away. I licked and bit his inner thighs, pressed my nose into his balls and licked them with short strokes of a dry, hard tongue. I licked the length of him and slowly sucked all the chocolate off his head. Licking him like a lollipop, I worked my way back down to his balls as I used my hands to grab an Altoid from the tin. I popped it in my mouth and kissed my way back up his head as I let it start to dissolve in my mouth. Curiously hot, indeed. I took L in deep and covered his cock with my hot minty saliva. As I pulled back and the cool air hit his minted cock, he groaned.

Getting just the reaction I was hoping for, I went to town on his rock-hard member and soon I felt the pulsing that told me his end was close. Moving fast, I pulled the ends of the silk ties to release his hands pulled him out of my mouth just long enough to tell him to stand and quickly remove the blindfold. I remained kneeling below him and pulled him out of my mouth just in time for him to cum all over my face, though my aim wasn't the best and most of it ended up running down my breasts. I was sorry that didn't work out better - I knew this was a fantasy of L's and I was thrilled to be able to work it in to my plan as a surprise for him. Next time, I'll let him do the aiming.

After cleaning myself up, we moved to lie on our blanket. L licked and bit at my nipples, ran his fingers through the slick, wet folds of my pussy and decided he wanted to fuck me. We always have great sex, but sometimes it is just phenomenal. Not sure what it is, but I can only describe it by saying that the sensations are just so jacked up that even the normally reserved L can't contain himself. When these special times happen, even the slightest movement can elicit great moans of pleasure from us both and we have sometimes even cum at the same time. Happily, this was one of those times and when we had both erupted in paroxysms of pleasure, L lay on top of me, nuzzled in my breasts and me running my hands through his hair as we both recovered from a breathtaking experience.

He said: V Runs the Show

When Vixen said she wanted to run the show on one of our meet ups I was curious to see what she had in mind. As I've said previously sometimes we discuss in advance what we are going to do, other times are completely unplanned other than time or place and sometimes I surprise her with some new variation during our playtime. She was careful not to even give me a hint of her plans other than to tease me by telling me a package had arrived that she had been waiting for. Even though I tried my best to find out what had been delivered, she was completely mum.

The appointed time arrived and I found myself blindfolded, naked and tied to a chair. Vixen moved quietly around me so I used my spidey sense to to determine where she was and grope her if she passed too close. I often close my eyes when Vixen and I are sexually intertwined so the blindfold didn't bother me at all. I even closed my eyes when blindfolded because I found it easier to concentrate on the sensations of Vixen touching me with her hands and what I later found out was a feather. At one point I could smell chocolate. If you read Vixen's post you will have a better idea about what happened, from my point of view it was sensations and smells, the occasional rustling. Vixen didn't tell me what she was doing and with what. I felt cool lips on one nipple, hot lips on the other. The hot feeling when she altoided my cock. Is altoided a verb? Most of the time Vixen hovered maddeningly out of reach flitting here and there. All the time I was getting harder and harder. Finally when I thought I was going to explode with so much force that my cum would hit the roof Vixen released my arms and ordered me to stand up and remove my blindfold. What did I see, Vixen on her knees with her mouth open. That girl sure does like to suck cock and I wasn't going to contradict her at this point. The details of the blow job she applied to my rigid member aren't important, I was so turned on that it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. I warned Vixen of my impending explosion and she surprised me by grabbing my cock and pulling back. She directed my spurting cum all over her face. What a sight she was, eyes closed with a big smile on her face, my emission slowly running down her face.

Vixen cleaned up and after a few minutes to refresh and recharge on the blanket I climbed between her widely spread thighs and proceeded to gave her a good hard fucking. Vixen especially likes the way my upward curving cock rubs her just the right way and has told me that the shape of my cock reminds her of the G spot stimulators we saw at the sex toy show. Pretty soon between the moaning and the smacking sound of thigh against thigh the room was filled with the sounds of pleasure. Being the second time around I was in no hurry to cum so I could really work over Vixen's pussy, grinding my pubic bone against her clit and pushing deep inside her. She was hot and wet and we both rode the wave of pleasure until we came with a simultaneous crash. Vixen had certainly succeeded in providing a memorable evening.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our HNT #3

It's a good thing L has big hands!

You're in good hands with L....


Pay Osbasso a visit to see who else is playing this week.