Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our HNT #6 - Three Christmas Wishes

We have decided to gift three HNT'ers with presents from under our tree, so without further ado Libidinous Santa, with the help of his little Vixen Elf, bestows presents on the following bloggers:

When Heelsnstocking climbs up on Santa LM's lap she is receiving the zip ties (aka riot cuffs). She has been a naughty girl this year and Santa thinks she needs to be restrained. Naughty can be so nice. What's that V? *Santa leans over as V whispers shyly in his ear* Of course you can play with her while she's restrained! You don't mind, do you Heels?

Daft Scots Lass present is the hairbrush so she can keep her beautiful mane under control. While Vixen Elf styles her lovely tresses Santa will put her over his knee because nothing goes better with red hair than a pink backside.

Last but not least Black Pearl is going to find the chocolate body paint in her stocking this year. Libidinous Santa and Vixen Elf will even hand deliver it - between Santa's white chocolate, Vixen's milk chocolate and Black Pearl's dark chocolate, we three will have a sweet time together.

Libidinous Santa and the Vixen Elf wish you all a very Merry Christmas! To see who else is playing this week, visit Osbasso.



  1. Beautiful Pics... :)
    and Nice gifts too
    Merry Merry :)
    Shibari xoxo

  2. Sexy gifts and a Vixen elf? It is a merry, merry Christmas... :)

  3. HHNT and Happy Holidays!!

    Love the fluff!

  4. So pleased I made bad santas list!

    And it sounds like I'd be giving and recording at the same time if that naughty elf gets it's way with me :)

  5. Such great gifts! Hehe... I love this. HHNT! Have a lovely yet deviant Christmas.
    LGS xx

  6. Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas.

  7. Love your tree! Vixen Elf is lovely. Have a Merry Christmas!