Monday, December 13, 2010

She said: L is Stiff!

L and I were IMing one Saturday night when he asked if I had any free time the next day. I was going out to dinner at a friend's home late in the afternoon, but there was certainly a window of opportunity to spend a couple hours with L after lunch and still get home in time to head out to dinner.

We met at his office at the agreed-upon time and went inside. No sooner did we get our stuff put down and set up, then my phone rang. I had no choice but to take the call and by the time I finished on the phone, L was stretched out face down on the blanket, completely naked. I smiled and started stripping down to join him when L said that he was feeling stiff. I giggled, but then was assured that he was feeling stiff from an activity earlier in the day and asked if I would give him a massage. I love giving L massages and have done so several times. I was happy to oblige again.

Dressed in just my matching bra and panty, I grabbed the massage oil from our bag of tricks and poured some in my hand. L immediately said I wasn't doing it right - I was supposed to ask him what 'options' he wanted. (Who reads too many blogs now?) When I did so, he responded that he wanted a 'full service' massage. I agreed, though in my naivité I had no idea what exactly that entailed - I figured I could find out later. I rubbed my hands together to warm up the oil before starting to rub his neck and shoulders. I gave him a good thorough massage from his neck and shoulders, down his back to his butt. I climbed over in between his slightly spread legs and continued the massage with his thighs, calves and feet, one at a time. Then working my way back up his legs, I poured a generous amount of lube in my hands and rubbed his balls between his parted legs before rubbing some lube down the crack of his ass. Since turnaround is fair play, I decided that it was a good time for some ass play. I gently slid my finger into his butt and worked it forward, feeling for his prostate. I rubbed firmly for a few moments before sliding back out and asking my 'customer' to turn over.

I stepped away to clean my hands while he flipped over. When I returned, I leaned over him for a quick kiss and instead got many kisses and caresses. He undid and removed my bra and while he gently played with my tits, I resumed his massage. Pouring more massage oil in my hands, I again warmed it up and started at his shoulders and chest working down his stomach. I avoided his cock altogether and instead continued down each of his legs, having again climbed in between his parted legs. I worked my way back up to his cock. I poured some more lube and started giving him a hand job. I'd never given a hand job before and I basically alternated between two moves I had read about. The first one, I made a ring at the base of his cock with my middle finger and thumb and squeezing firmly, I slid up and down the length of him. The second involved holding his cock in my entire hand, thumb and index finger circled and facing up, then reaching the top, I opened my hand, let my palm slide over the top of his cock and I slid back down with the reverse grip, thumb and index finger facing down.

By now his cock was rock hard and I really wanted a taste. "What exactly does a 'full service massage' include?", I finally asked with a flirty mischievous smile. Laughing, L said it was the massage, followed by me climbing on top and fucking him. Well, Yeeeeehawwwww!! That sounded good to me! First, I needed a quick taste. After asking him to choose a condom from our bag of tricks and to open it for me, I took a few quick sucks of his yummy cock. He handed me the condom, which I unrolled and slid on over his lubed cock. I climbed on top and with help from my guiding hand, lowered myself onto him. Holy carp, I was soaked!

I started to move, every stroke feeling like it could be the one. The sensations were amazing, everything rubbing in the right places at the right times. As the tension built, I felt like I was at the crest of the hill, but just couldn't get myself over the hump (so to speak!). I rode that crest for some time, my inner muscles throbbing with the amazing sensations, but still no orgasm. It was definitely working for L. He was moaning with abandon and I picked up the pace. After a few more strokes, he came loudly. I laughed and said I had been sure I was going to cum first. I slowed my pace back down and ground my clit into his pubic bone, hoping the added stimulation would help. After a short while like that, I raised myself up and lay L's cock in such a way as to be able to slide along the length of it. His cock head bumped my clit with every stroke as I slid and ground on him, but still I couldn't seem to get over that hump. I was starting to get a little frustrated. I generally don't mind at all if I don't cum, but really, IT WAS RIGHT THERE!! L laughed as he held me and told me not to try so hard. That made me laugh, too and I decided to give up. L decided to pick up the torch and fingered me while biting my nipples. As great as it all felt, I just couldn't get there and finally, at my suggestion, he gave up too.

I snuggled up beside L and we lay skin to skin, stroking and caressing each other. We started having a rather amusing conversation about what's going on with some of the other blogs we read and plans for our own blog. We laughed and talked and stroked and kissed and really had the most wonderful time. I know L felt badly that he had asked me to meet him with such a short lead time, but I was happy I was able to work it out. There have been more massages both before that day and since, but none have come close to the intimate, laughter-filled, amazing time we had that day. It was just perfect.


  1. How delightful and delicious! Isn't great when lack of planning gets the best results!!

  2. I love the playfulness between you two. You've got a good thing going. :)