Monday, December 20, 2010

She said: Car Date

I was hankering for some L time and sent him a message mid-week asking if he would be available at lunch that day. He was tied up with a customer visit, but suggested we could meet on Friday. The cold weather had well and truly set in by this time, putting an end to our picnics. Preferring to spend time alone with L than in a crowded restaurant, I suggested we pick up some pizza slices and find a parking area with a nice view where we could sit and eat. I spent a little time looking over a map of his work environs and had a couple of green areas in mind that were fairly close to his office.

Thursday night, L sent me a message suggesting that I wear a skirt to our car date. For most women, this would probably not be a hard thing to do, but I am a woman that owns the bare minimum of clothing. Don't get me wrong, I like to be stylish and look good in my clothes - in fact, I am really fussy about what I will and won't wear - but I prefer quality over quantity. As I've mentioned before, if I don't love it, I don't buy it. Another consideration is that I work in a male-dominated industry and tend to wear the same types of clothing as my counterparts - casual pants and shirts. As a result, my wardrobe goes from casual to fancy dress with very little in between. I brought these points up to L as well as to remind him that I HATE to be cold and the thought of wearing a skirt out in this weather left me....well, cold. His final comment was something to the effect that a car date would be much more fun for me if I was accessible.

Hmmmm - that got me thinking. I did have a pair of thigh-high stockings I hadn't as yet worn. I must have a skirt somewhere. I had already planned to wear a shirt with buttons. I dug around and the next morning I donned my high heels with a skirt and blouse and headed off to work. At lunchtime, I head over to L's office and picked him up. We went to his local pizza place, got a couple slices and head off to find someplace to eat, only to find that the park we had in mind to visit was closed for the season. We drove around a bit until L remembered another nice park nearby and directed me to it. We parked in the lot, chatted and ate our pizza.

Lunch finished, I slid over closer to L. As we started kissing, he ran his hand up my outer thigh under my skirt. When he reached the spot where stockings ended and skin began, he broke the kiss to raise my skirt and admire the lacy tops. He pushed my legs apart and moving my panty to one side, he slid his fingers along my soaking wet slit. Following the slit up to the front, he rubbed his wet finger over my clit. For the next few minutes, I moaned, writhed and panted with my face buried in his neck as he leaned over my body fingering me. When he moved slightly to kiss me, I spread my legs wider, raising myself off the seat to meet his questing hands. In short order, a powerful orgasm rocked my world and I cried out as my pussy pulsed and jolted. L held me and gently kissed my ear, cheek and neck as I recovered. Dazedly, I opened my eyes and smiled at him. Wow - that was truly amazing.

"Your turn now?", I asked, glancing down to indicate he should undo his belt and open his pants. L obliged and I bent over and took him in my mouth. I sucked the length of him, teasing with both teeth and tongue. As L became harder and got closer to his own peak, he began to raise himself off the seat, pumping into my mouth. Rather than pulling back to limit penetration, I opened my throat and let his cock slide right down each thrust. He moaned loudly into the quiet confines of the car as he came hard in my mouth. I linked fingers with his as I continued to gently suck his cock for a few minutes more before finally kissing the head and sitting upright. L kissed me deeply and I spent the next few minutes snug in his arms.

Soon it was time for him to head back to work and we chatted amiably as I drove him back to his office. He left me with a deep, soulful kiss, a caution to drive back safely and a promise to talk to me later. At this point feeling quite relaxed and lethargic, I was more ready for sleep than for the drive back across the city, but nonetheless I promised I'd be careful and stole another quick kiss before he hopped out and I drove off back to my office.

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  1. Wonderful date! What could be better than pizza and orgasms?