Monday, December 6, 2010

She said: V Takes Charge

L told me early on that he has no desire to be dominated by a woman and quite frankly, that suits me just fine, as I have no desire to dominate L in the least. I love that he's a take charge kind of guy and I can't help but admire that he's not at all afraid to go after what he wants, after all, that's how he got me in the first place! Although I am no longer shy around L (well, almost never - he can still sometimes make me blush!), I sometimes am still timid about saying what I want. I suspect that although I am trying very hard to be the master of those feelings, that may always be a work in progress for me.

As a means of pushing myself to be more forward and assertive, I asked L if I could be 'in charge' one day when we're together. He was absolutely willing to relinquish the control to me, however he was sceptical as to whether I would be able to actually do it or not. He pointed out to me that there were several occasions where even though he had deferred to me to try and give me the chance to assert myself, I had failed to step up and he thought that might happen again. Once he pointed this out to me and I saw it from his viewpoint, I had to agree that that did appear to be the case. He said I was a chicken. Since them's fightin' words, I was more determined than ever to ensure that I executed my plan and not back down this time.

I formulated my plan and started to gather the appropriate tools - restraints, blindfold, feathers, silk scarves, chocolate sauce and paintbrush and Altoids and was ready to go. Later that week, I packed up my gear and headed off to see L. On the way, I stopped at a fast food place that vended fountain pop and got a small drink with lots of ice and a large hot tea. Now I was all set.

L, always the gentleman, met me at my car and helped me bring my bag of goodies inside. We got inside and I gave him a brief kiss, got him undressed and seated in a comfy chair. First item out of my bag of tricks was the blindfold. I applied the blindfold, then bound his wrists to the chair using two silk scarves which I tied in a bow - I thought they'd be more comfortable than the restraints and I wanted to be able to remove them quickly and easily later. I then removed my outer clothing. Underneath, I was wearing his favourite red lacy bra with matching crotchless panties, thigh-high stockings and a pair of sexy shoes we had bought together on one of our retail therapy trips.

I started out by walking very quietly around the chair. I leaned over behind him, put my lips to his ear and very softly asked if he was comfortable. Confirming that he was, I moved back around to the front of him, the soft melodious tinkle of my bangles the only sound piercing the silence. Taking and holding a sip of the hot tea in my mouth, I used the feather to stroke his body. Swallowing the tea, I leaned down to take his erect nipple in my mouth, dragging my flat tongue over it. As I moved around behind the chair, I ran my tongue around the shell of his ear. Continuing with the feather, I popped an ice cube into my mouth and gave the same treatment to his other nipple. He gasped at the shock of my now-cold tongue. I leaned over and kissed him, my cold tongue swirling with his hot one.

I opened the jar of chocolate, coated the brush with it and wafted it under his nose. Then I painted his nipples with it. I painted a line of chocolate down his body, finishing by painting his cock head. Putting the chocolate away, I took another sip of the hot tea. Not swallowing this time, I opened my lips against his painted nipple and flicked with my tongue as the hot tea melted the chocolate off. I went after the other nipple, licking off the chocolate in long, flat-tongued swipes. The chocolate tasted exactly as if you had bitten into a chocolate-covered strawberry. Yummy! Ensuring that I had licked until all the stickiness had been removed, I moved to lick the chocolate on his chest.

With him sitting in the chair, this was much harder for me to reach. I'm not very tall and it was hard to lean over him far enough to reach the chocolate without tumbling into his lap, so I moved in front of him and knelt between his legs. It was still a stretch to get high enough to get all the chocolate off, but I was certainly in perfect position for when I traced that line down to its end. I wanted L restrained because I wanted him to concentrate on what I was doing to him and not worry about touching and pleasuring me. I also wanted me to be able to focus on what I could do to please L, rather than be distracted by his touch. With his very large hands restrained at the wrists, he still had a fair bit of leeway though and he caressed my arms with his fingers whenever he could. Next time, I'll have to bind his actual hands to the chair!

I didn't take L into my mouth right away. I licked and bit his inner thighs, pressed my nose into his balls and licked them with short strokes of a dry, hard tongue. I licked the length of him and slowly sucked all the chocolate off his head. Licking him like a lollipop, I worked my way back down to his balls as I used my hands to grab an Altoid from the tin. I popped it in my mouth and kissed my way back up his head as I let it start to dissolve in my mouth. Curiously hot, indeed. I took L in deep and covered his cock with my hot minty saliva. As I pulled back and the cool air hit his minted cock, he groaned.

Getting just the reaction I was hoping for, I went to town on his rock-hard member and soon I felt the pulsing that told me his end was close. Moving fast, I pulled the ends of the silk ties to release his hands pulled him out of my mouth just long enough to tell him to stand and quickly remove the blindfold. I remained kneeling below him and pulled him out of my mouth just in time for him to cum all over my face, though my aim wasn't the best and most of it ended up running down my breasts. I was sorry that didn't work out better - I knew this was a fantasy of L's and I was thrilled to be able to work it in to my plan as a surprise for him. Next time, I'll let him do the aiming.

After cleaning myself up, we moved to lie on our blanket. L licked and bit at my nipples, ran his fingers through the slick, wet folds of my pussy and decided he wanted to fuck me. We always have great sex, but sometimes it is just phenomenal. Not sure what it is, but I can only describe it by saying that the sensations are just so jacked up that even the normally reserved L can't contain himself. When these special times happen, even the slightest movement can elicit great moans of pleasure from us both and we have sometimes even cum at the same time. Happily, this was one of those times and when we had both erupted in paroxysms of pleasure, L lay on top of me, nuzzled in my breasts and me running my hands through his hair as we both recovered from a breathtaking experience.


  1. It sounds breathtaking indeed! Well done, V. :)

    I don't want a dominant woman either--there can't be two--but that doesn't mean the woman can't take charge sometimes, and control the action. ;)