Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our HNT #20

I told L a long time ago that I wanted a picture with my lipstick on his cock for my personal collection. He agreed, I got out my red lipstick and we tried, but the lipstick, made to last all day, just wouldn't rub off. Gotta love MAC! So, I went and bought a cheapo lipstick and we tried again. This time, we had more success in that the lip prints worked perfectly, but we were in a hurry to get on with the good stuff and we didn't check the picture until later, only to find that it was too blurry to be usable. When we were next together, we were sure to reshoot. We thought we took more care, but once again the shot was unusable. Third time's a charm?

From her lips to his stomach (Take 3)


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Monday, March 28, 2011

She said: An Eventful Day

I thought it was the most clever thing, but then L is a very smart man. Before leaving his office for the weekend, he set up a webcam pointing to the garbage bin in his office. This way, before meeting me there over the weekend, he was able to connect to it from home to check whether the cleaners had been there yet or not. With so many embarrassing close calls with the cleaners lately, we were both loathe to run into them again so soon.

I left home early, as I had a couple of errands to run that could be dealt with in L's office neighbourhood just as well as in my own. I was nearly there when I got a text message from L - the cleaners had not yet been to the office, so he wanted to know if I was okay with going to a hotel or motel. I texted back that I was fine with that. Errands completed, I went to his office and waited just a few short minutes before he arrived.

He suggested a small motel that was close by that he had scoped out very early in our time together and I agreed. We drove over and I waited in the car. I was disappointed when I saw L returning - I thought he had been unable to secure a room, as he seemed empty handed - but then I saw the flash of the red keychain. We went ahead inside. It was tired and dingy, but it was clean and smelled fresh. Anyhow, I was there to be with L, not for the decor!

We unpacked our mischief bag and got undressed. I had told L a few days before about the new collar I recently bought at Northbound Leather and he asked me to wear it for him. Anna at Northbound had added a pretty little O-ring to a lovely narrow collar that secured with a lock and I thought it was pretty hot.

Apparently, so did L. After securing the lock and pocketing the keys, he opened up a bag and pulled out a leather lead and snapped it on to my little O-ring, then pulled me close for a kiss. He wanted to check the door to ensure it was locked before we got started and as he head off for the door, I turned in the other direction to fold my clothes....and quickly realized I was going with L to check the door!

My new collar

We finished undressing, turned down the bed and crawled in. We hadn't spent much time physically together over the past couple of weeks and those times when we were together, first L then I were so sick, it was difficult to enjoy each other to the fullest. Frankly, I had missed L's kisses and we started out doing just that....kissing and stroking each other and just enjoying feeling our naked bodies touching.

L's nipples are very sensitive and I nipped them with my teeth, then soothed them with my tongue. I stroked random patterns on his stomach, over his hip bone and up his thighs before I finally stroked his cock to a full erection. L donned a condom and manoeuvred me onto my back. Still holding the lead, he slid into my pussy with ease. Though we both wanted a hard fuck, we went slow, because we also wanted it to last. He whispered to me that he was so turned on and excited he didn't think he could last and I whispered back that I was so fucking happy that I could make him feel that way. After a few minutes of slow languorous strokes, L stepped up the pace as I raised my hips to meet his every stroke. He came and I swiftly followed.

We snuggled together for a while, murmuring and quietly chatting to each other about this and that until L remembered that we needed to take some pictures for HNT. We grabbed the camera and some props and proceeded to take some pictures. That done, I told L what I'd like to do next and he agreed.

He relaxed on the bed while I lubed up my fingers and a butt plug and I played with his ass for a while, alternating between the two. I slid the butt plug in and out of his ass for a bit then, adding more lube, I replaced the plug with first one finger, then two. Suddenly, L expressed some discomfort with what I was doing when he'd been fine all along. We after realized that when I had applied the additional lube, I inadvertently used one that had a "warming and tingling" component to it that was proving a little uncomfortable for him. Feeling badly, I went and got a warm, wet washcloth and cleaned all the external lube off of him. We lay down spooning and after a minute or two, he said that he felt much better.

It didn't take long before L started rubbing his cock on my ass, sticking it between my butt cheeks. I love the feel of that and I was wiggling and offering resistance and even had a hand in there helping out. Then he bit me. Hard. On my shoulder. I was unable to contain the loud moan and he bit me again. And again. On my shoulder. On my arm. The harder he bit me, the louder I moaned. The more I moaned, the harder he got. The harder he got, the more turned on I got. You see how that was working? He put on a condom and we continued our play. His intention was to fuck my pussy, but then I asked him for it in the ass.

When the time's right, it's right. In a way, this was a really big deal for me, having been brutally taken anally years ago. Between my trust that L wouldn't hurt me, L's discovery of my "ass eroticism" and having read many, many articles and how-to's on the subject, I have worked up the desire to try again. We knew we would eventually, but he has been slow and patient with me and I knew that he was waiting for me to give him the go-ahead when I was ready. Maybe I was just ready, or maybe just too turned on to worry about it, but we went for it. L used lots of lube and I was shocked that there was no pain at all. In fact, it was a great experience that I can't wait to try again.

After another restorative cuddle period, L wanted to try out another position we hadn't tried before. Picture L lying on his side with his knees bent, while I lay on my back, with one leg thrown over his waist and the other over his thighs. We had a marathon session in this position and it felt amazing. He played with my tits or held me while I got leverage by holding on to his waist and his knees. Even though it didn't seem as strenuous, we fucked vigorously and both of us were quite sweaty and exhausted in the end.

The day rate paid for the room dictated that we had to be out by a certain time and when we finished that last session, we were just a few minutes away from that time. We packed up our stuff, cleaned up and dressed before heading out. We had to be out of the motel, but neither of us were in a big hurry to go home yet, so we decided to be a bit nostalgic and have a quick bite to eat at the same restaurant where we met for the very first time. We shared an appetizer and an entrée and had a wonderful time chatting and enjoying our food before it was finally time to take our leave.

I felt very mellow and satisfied all evening long. On reflection, it was a great afternoon all around - first time in a motel, our second time coming together in a bed, two new positions tried and enjoyed and me finally in a positive headspace about anal sex, a position the thought of which has only elicited memories of pain and feelings of fear for so many years - and all in a few short hours. Now that was an afternoon well spent! Thank you, L!

He said: Oh No, the Cleaners Haven't Been Here!

V and I had some plans for some weekend afternoon fun at my office but when we arrived we found what we had expected from the webcam inspection that the cleaners hadn't cleaned the offices yet. After the debacle of being caught stoned by them we had decided not to risk getting caught again. When V and I had first met I had found a local No Tell Motel that we had never used because we had been using my office instead. I suggested we go there and V asked if we wanted to take one car or two. I said we should take two because I had visions of driving across the city looking for a motel that offered a reasonable day rate if the one I had researched turned out to unacceptable. We had only planned on getting together for a few hours and it seemed wasteful to rent a room for the whole night. No reason to worry, the motel clerk asked for $42 with a $3 deposit when we returned the key. The room was nothing special, the carpet had surely seen better days but the sheets looked clean enough and the the room wasn't too cool. We kissed we started to take off our clothes and I put on V's latest acquisition. She had bought a new collar which locked with a small padlock. I locked it on her neck and clipped on the leather leash I had purchased. As I kissed her neck and gently pulled on the leash she watched herself reflected in the mirror and moaned. We heard noises outside the room and I led V to the door so I could check that the door was locked even though V told me she had locked it. I ignored what she said because I wanted her to find out what wearing a leash was really like. Then I led her to bed where she got the kisses I had been withholding when I had been sick because I didn't want her to catch my cold. It didn't take much rolling around in the bed before I was hard as a rock. I told V to lay on her back and spread her legs, I climbed on top and slid into her hot wet pussy. I didn't want to cum too quickly so I fucked V slowly, after a few minutes of slow languid fucking I sped to fuck V faster and harder which is the way she really likes to be fucked. I moaned, V groaned and we almost came together. V likes me to tell her when I cum, sometimes just telling her I am cumming pushes her over the edge. This was one of those times. We snuggles for a few minutes and I reminded V that we need to retake some of the HNT pictures we had previously taken because they were out of focus. We snapped a few pics including some of V's collar and leash that may show up in an HNT post in the future. Then we engaged in pillow talk for a few minutes before V decided to lube up her fingers and play with my butt. I was fine at first and she was being very gentle but it became progressively less comfortable. I asked V to stop and noticed that my butt felt like it was on fire. It was then we discovered that V had accidentally used the tingling lube. The effect soon dissipated with some TLC from V. I had V roll onto her side so we could spoon. I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks and playfully bit her arm. not very hard at all. She moaned so I bit a different spot, she moaned some more so I continued to bite her arm and back. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and noticed how wet she was and was thinking I would fuck her from behind so I retrieved a condom and rolled it on. "You are going to need some lube" V remarked. I was a bit confused for a few seconds, V was so wet I couldn't understand why I would need lube. Then I got it, V wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I made sure to avoid the tingling lube and squirted a liberal amount in my hand which I applied to my hard cock. Then I slipped my cock between V's cheeks and slipped into her. My hand was still covered with lube and I didn't know what to do with it. I mentioned my dilemma to V and she told me to rub the lube on her. Having no better options I rubbed my hand over V's breast. V asked if I was inside her when I replied in the affirmative she seemed surprised that it didn't hurt. I moved gently and slowly while I continued to cover her with love bites her moans pushed me over the edge, I came and we caressed and nuzzled for a few minutes until I softened and slipped out of V. We both cleanup up and snuggled for a while before I thought I was ready for another go. A threefer can be a bit taxing but I wanted to introduce V to what I will call the T position where I am the top of the T and she is the upright part. Actually she was more L shaped but when coupled together the combination looks more like a T. I wasn't sure if I could come for a third time and this session of fucking went on for quite a while. The T position isn't very strenuous to maintain and with the low intensity of the thrusting we probably spent 20 minutes coupled together. By the time we came we were both sweaty but satiated. Our time in the room was almost at and end as I unlocked V's collar and we packed our toys back in the mischief bag. We didn't have to head home right away so we stopped by the restaurant where we had met for the first for some snacks to hold us over until supper. It was a relaxing end to a very satisfying day. I stopped by the office on the way home to drop off the mischief bag and add the pictures we had taken to our shared directory and noticed that the office had been cleaned. We had dodged discovery and prevented more embarrassment with our motel tryst.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our HNT #19

V said: I've taken quite a fancy to L pulling my hair lately.
L said: Yes, I figured that out when I pulled it and she begged me to pull it harder.

A fist full of curls


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Monday, March 21, 2011

He said: Being Sick Sucks, And Not in a Good Way

Waking up in the middle of the night with a sore throat that made it painful to swallow was the first inkling that I had a cold. After a few days had passed I didn't think it was fair that I cancel my meeting with V as long as I told her that I wasn't in tip top shape and that she would have to do most of the work. I did warn her that I had a cold and since I didn't want her to catch it I was going to forego kissing her. She was disappointed at the prospect of no lip to lip contact but agreed that it was probably for the best.

When V arrived I laid out the blanket and let her work her TLC on my cold-ravaged body. She took the lead, and with her oral assistance I soon rose to the occasion. V climbed up on top and before long I forgot about my stuffy nose and congested lungs as she slid up and down my hard cock. She did all the work and I got to reap the benefits. Perhaps as a result of the congestion from my cold V came before I did. I did help with some nipple tweaking and some dirty encouraging talk along the way.

I didn't think that I was up for a twofer this time so after a brief respite I pulled out "Glassy", which is my pet name for V's new double ended glass dildo and lubed it up. Note to self, when it comes to glass dildos a lot of lube is not required. I overdid it and applied far too much lube. A little bit of clean up and Glassy slipped between V's pussy lips. I worked the bumpy glass dildo in and out, rotated it around and did my best to reach all the sensitive spots inside V's pussy. Her hand moved to play with her clit and it wasn't long before V was having her first glass dildo orgasm. We cleaned up ourselves, the toys, and the room. After dressing we parted with a kiss and went on our way.

I know this is a short post but truth be told I am still getting over my cold. I promise I will do better next time.

She said: Just What the Doctor Ordered

He started it. I was trying to put off our very first meeting, as I didn't want to give him my cold. True, I was almost over it. I have a fairly deep voice that becomes even more so when affected by a cold and when we spoke on the phone he thought my "Kathleen Turner voice" very sexy. I think he thought I was chickening out - which I wasn't - when he insisted that he "wasn't afraid of my cold", so I went. That exchange has really set the tone for every sniffle or cough we've had in all that time since that first day. We haven't made any attempts to avoid each other while we were sick and it had worked out just fine up to now. This time, however, L was really sick.

I was going over to meet him after work and he made it very clear that he was taking precautions and had no intentions of kissing me at all that evening. Wtf? No kissing? I tried his line on him and told him I wasn't afraid of his cold, but my arguments fell on deaf ears. The deal was I could come see him, but no kissing. Thinking he'd cave anyway, I accepted his terms, making him promise to give me extra kisses everywhere else to make up for the lack of mouth kissing.

When I showed up I realized just how unwell he was really feeling and I felt badly. I asked him why he didn't just cancel - I could easily have come another day. He teasingly said that he didn't want to disappoint me, as he had experienced me in a snit over IM before and he didn't want to go there again. Really, I think he didn't cancel because he needed some hugs and cuddles to make him feel better - some sexual healing, if you will.

He didn't seem as though he'd have the energy to take the lead, so I had him lie down and relax while I did the work. His body was very hot to the touch - I'm sure he had a bit of a fever. I kissed his neck and ran my tongue around the shell of his ear, gently nipping the lobe. He hadn't shaved and I rubbed my cheek against his stubbly one. I stroked my hands up and down his chest, soothing him...relaxing him. I hugged him, resting my cheek on his chest and he weaved his fingers in my hair. I slid down a little further and licked at the tip of his semi-erect cock. He groaned softly, encouraging me to get bolder. I slid right down and held his cock upright in my hand as I gently licked his balls. One last lick up his balls and along the whole length of him and I took him into my mouth.

Licking and sucking him until he was hard as a rock, I then sheathed him with the condom and straddled him. As usual, I was soaked and I slid right down the length of him on the first try. I moved up to kiss him and he turned his head away, allowing me to only kiss him on the cheek. We've mentioned before that I am short and L is tall. This means that we don't always fit together they way we'd want to in some positions. For example, I cannot ride him and kiss him or nuzzle his neck at the same time - it's one or the other. So I stuck to the riding.

Arms tucked close into his body, I leaned forward and rubbed my tits on his chest at the same time as I slid myself up and down his cock, grinding my clit into his pubic bone in both directional strokes. He lay very still with his eyes shut, but his moans told me what I needed to know. He raised his arms and took both my boobs into his big hands, cupping their weight in his palms. As I quickly approached orgasm, he pinched my nipples and whispered for me to cum for him. I did so with abandon and after a brief pause, continued to work his cock until he came too.

He stayed hard for a long time after that and I continued riding him until I had run out of energy. Tired, I slid up and hugged him hard, burying my face in his neck. I rolled off of him and curled up, tucked in under his arm, my head on his chest. After a short rest, he sat up and asked if I'd like to play with Scorpius, my new double-ended dildo. I agreed and he took it out of its suede pouch and asked me which end I wanted to try. I chose the end with studs along the shaft and he applied a generous amount of lube to it. He sat cross-legged between my parted bent legs as I lay down. He slowly inserted it and from here, he'd have to tell you what exactly he did with it. I felt the bumps of the studs sliding inside me and it all felt very good. Soon I joined in with my hand and he joined in with his free hand and I came hard.

We didn't hang around much longer. L was looking quite tired by this point and I'm sure he just wanted to get home so he could lie down for a while. After a final hug, a kiss on my cheek and a promise to drive safely, we said goodbye...until next time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our HNT #18

Hit me with your best shot..... away!


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Monday, March 14, 2011

He said: Did You Miss Me? Better Late Than Never

I have suffered through a cold for the past two weeks and that, coupled with an out of town commitment last weekend meant that I didn't get my post written for this week. V, always sweet but also very organized and goal oriented reminded me a couple of times that I had missed my deadline. I think by now she has given up on me. She's out for dinner tonight so I thought now that I'm feeling better I'd sit down and jot down some notes about pot day number two. Our first time V had some issues with the pot and her throat so this time I rolled the joint thinner so that she had a better chance of being able to tolerate the smoke.

As you have already read it worked since by halfway through the joint V had her shirt open, her bra unclipped. How could I resist? As I slipped my cock under the front of her bra between her magnificent breasts I briefly considered turning her around and fucking her on the picnic table. The used condoms and the occasional pair of panties we find behind our building suggests that we were not the first to engage in sexual activity back there but it was the middle of the afternoon and someone could drive around the building at any time. We had been interrupted enough times in the past that I was a tad bit skittish about being outside and so exposed. I convinced V that privacy and warmth trumped the spontaneity of sex in the parking lot so in we went.

Unlike our previous herb experience this time I barely felt the effects of the joint. Or so I thought. Getting hard was easy, and through my slightly warped perception I also seemed harder than usual. I was like a fucking machine. V likes the sound of thigh colliding with thigh even though our mingled moans and occasional bursts of dirty talk almost drowned them out. The sex was energetic but relaxed, no rushing instead almost pure pleasure. I suspect my ability to participate in the threefer that V has previously described with such a short recharge time between sessions may have been a result of the "herbal viagra" we had ingested. After our three sessions of very satisfy sex, some licking of V's gloriously smooth pussy and some manual stimulation V broke out the picnic lunch and I succumbed to the munchies.

Though we won't be using it every time I'm sure we will be experimenting with pot occasionally in the future. By the way, I'm not offended that no one asked where I was this week.

She said: Joint Venture

I arrived a bit late for our assignation - I had stopped at the grocery store to pick up some additional items to have with our planned indoor picnic. As I parked, he came outside to get something out of the trunk of his car and we walked in together. While I unpacked, he rolled a joint and we went out the back door by a picnic table to smoke it. I sat on one of the benches while he stood over me and lit up.

After our first experiment, I had expressed my disappointment the next day about not feeling any effects from the pot smoking. After some discussion, I came to realize that my expectations were completely skewed. I had been expecting to feel as though I had drunk too much - tipsy and out of control. Really, in retrospect I can say I felt two things. First of all, though I am a very relaxed and calm person normally, I did feel even more so than usual. I was extremely relaxed, uninhibited and completely aware of every minute part of me. I was also very, very affectionate and felt a little like having taken a truth serum. As such, I approached this day's session quite differently and focused on those feelings and had a completely different experience as a result.

After the first three puffs, I felt the sense of complete relaxation steal over me. The joint needed relighting and L turned away to do so. It was cold out, but not freezing - in fact, I was feeling a little hot, so although I had my jacket on, it was not zipped up. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled the halves to the sides, then reached around and undid my bra and pulled it up. Then I slouched down so that my ass leaned on the edge of the bench and my upper back leaned against the picnic table. L turned back with the lit joint to find me in this position. In my defense, I have had an idea for an HNT picture in my head for some time now and keep trying to explain it to L - I just decided I'd show him instead.

L handed me the joint and while I took another drag or two, he starting playing with my tits. His cold, cold hands on my hot skin felt amazing. He moved closer, his legs flanking mine. We finished smoking and he opened his zipper and pulled out his cock, leaning forward and resting it between my boobs. I played with him, squeezing my tits around him for a while, then bent over and took him in my mouth and sucked with gusto. Now there are always people outside there working at neighbouring buildings, regardless of the day of the week. Believe me when I say I have absolutely no idea if there was anyone else around to see what we were up to or not. No clue. I was so focused that everything except L and I was completely off the radar. L suggested we move inside and we walked back through the building to 'our' room, tits and cock still out and bouncing along as we went.

We undressed and he came and took me by the hand and led me over to the blanket. We lay in each other's arms for a moment before I decided to pick up where I had left off outside. I kissed his neck, then his nipples and dragged my tongue down his abdomen as I sat up and positioned myself to deep throat his cock. Holding him deep in my throat, I moved my head from side to side. In doing so, I could feel the head of his cock rubbing back and forth across the back of my tongue and on my throat and if his moans were anything to go by, he felt it just fine too. Several more strokes and he was hard as a rock and together we applied the condom. I lay back and he covered me, sliding into my hot, wet pussy.

Fuck! The condom was a Magnum Twister - it had spiral ridges along it - and I swear I could feel every bump and slide magnified well beyond normal. In fact, my mind ran much like a movie, cutting away to intently focus on different parts of me as we went through the encounter - his teeth grazing my neck, hands gripping my hair and pulling, the slide of his wet lips and tongue over mine, the rasping of his tongue along my nipples, the head of his cock running along the inside of me and the incredible sexiness of his mouth, hovering close over mine, open but not touching, our breath mingling as we worked together - wild and rampant - toward the finish. I felt everything in minute detail. He came moments after I had one of the most explosive and satisfying orgasms of my life.

I'm not sure if my concept of time was skewed, but it seemed to me that we only had about 30 seconds of recovery when L started to gear up for round two. Within a couple minutes he was donning another condom and we were going at it again. Much like the first time, the sensations were amazing - each stroke was as delicious as the last and we whispered dirty thoughts to each other, each pushing the other to cum again. I did first, his tugging on my hair putting me over the edge. L came loudly soon after.

At this point, we took a bit of a break. We snuggled close to each other, me still on my back and him scooched in very close to me on his side with one arm beside me and his head on a little pillow. We locked fingers on his lower hand, while he held me with his free arm and kissed and bit my shoulder and buried his face in my neck. I kept trying to snuggle in even closer, but I couldn't seem to get as close as I wanted to be, so after a couple of minutes, I turned to face him and we intertwined our bodies so that we touched from head to toe. I could feel his cock, which was trapped between our thighs, beginning to get hard again and I reached down and took him in my hand, gently playing with him. He eventually reached over and grabbed another condom.

Applying it, he slid into me for a third go. Soon after, L pulled out and decided to go down on me instead. While he licked and sucked on my clit, he slid a finger into my pussy. He paused for a moment, changing positions and then resumed. Fisting is on my bucket list and I realized he was trying to work it out. I could feel his fingers stretching and filling me and the heavy pressure on my pubic bones as he twisted his hands to try and gain access. He told me after that he thought there was no way he could ever fist me, as he had been completely unable to get his large hands by the unyielding bones, but it didn't matter. The amazing feeling of pressure and fullness I felt as he twisted his hands in conjunction with having my cunt licked and sucked was just incredible. After a while he removed his fingers, but before I had a chance to mourn the loss of them, he inserted a finger in my ass. It all felt so good.

Tired out, we decided to stop for the day and eat our picnic lunch. While he went to wash his hands, I put out turkey kolbasa, cheeses, crackers and olives and we enjoyed our snack while watching porn and chatting. After a little more together time, we packed up. It was amazing how much garbage we had generated between the picnic and all the condoms and tissues that were littering our surrounds! Where are those cleaners when you want them?! Everything cleared away and once again it its place, we left to go home, another wonderfully satisfying encounter at an end.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our HNT #17

L and I got together a few days ago, but poor L was more
than a little under the weather. Even though he wasn't in the mood
for sexy pictures, he was at least up for a little fingering and lots of hugs.


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Monday, March 7, 2011

She said: Can a Bus Dream?, Part 2

Continued from last week:

We lay there for a very long time, incredibly relaxed, just drifting as we gently caressed and stroked each other......until we heard the handle of the door turn followed by a loud thud that made our eyes simultaneously fly open in panic. L, thank goodness, had not only locked the main door, but also has gotten into the habit of blocking the door to 'our' room with a club chair. Between the size of the chair and the resistance from the carpet, we thought it would be a very effective door stop - now we know for sure! Ever since we were surprised by his colleague the day he forgot to lock the door (see story here), we have been taking this extra precaution. We realized it had to be the cleaners, as nobody else would have a key to breach the outer door, or would want to, on a weekend.

In my haste and panic to get dressed, I must have turned my shirt fourteen different ways before I figured out how to get it on. WTF?! I was beginning to think that perhaps I was impaired and I nearly turned to L for help until I realized he was having his own problems! I once again dressed without my underwear and hastily jammed them into a bag. While L, dressed now, went over to deal with the cleaners, I speedily went through the room picking up evidence of our activities, like condom wrappers, tissues and other mischief bag items and getting everything packed up into their bags. I moved like a whirlwind and when L returned, I sat relaxed (well, the illusion of relaxed, anyway - my hands were shaking!) in a chair, bags all packed and tucked away in the corner, looking for all the world as though we had been sitting enjoying a chat when the intrusion came.

The cleaners had moved on to deal with another area first and we decided to move to L's office and eat our lunch there - I had made soup and baked bread. Just as we finished eating, the cleaners came in to his office, did their thing and moved on. L closed and locked his door and turned to me with a gleam in his eye. He unpacked and spread his blanket on the floor, removed his pants and told me to do the same. Then he signalled me to mount him. Intrigued by this daring move - the cleaners were working just outside his door - I climbed on.

Again, that incredibly intense feeling grabbed me. As I rode him, L stroked his fingers along my thighs, then moved to lie back with his hands linked behind his head. I was getting close and I could hear the cleaners moving around outside the door. Closer....and oh, my God this was going to be a phenomenal orgasm. I tumbled over and it was all I could do not to cry out with the intensity of the feeling. L realized and grabbing me by the hair with both hands and said "No screaming!" as he pulled me down and kissed me hard. I honestly don't know how I managed to stay quiet, but beyond some hoarsely whispered profanity I succeeded. I needed a minute to recover before I could resume, but resume I did. As I took him through his paces, moving from a trot to a canter and then to a gallop, L moaned appreciatively and soon raced past the finish line.

As soon as we finished, we quickly cleaned up and got dressed, packing the blanket away, clearing the garbage and so on. We opened the door, but there were no cleaners in sight. L queued up an episode of a favourite sitcom and we watched, laughing and holding hands. As soon as it ended, it was time to pack up and leave to go home. Neither my disappointment that once again I was unable to feel the effects of the pot nor the residual sore throat, which lasted well into that night could not overshadow the sated and happy glow that enveloped me as I drove home.

He said: V meets Herb, Part 2

After being knocked out of my lust induced reverie by the thumping of the door against the chair I jumped up and raced naked to the door. Not the best plan in retrospect. As I reached the door I could see that the person on the other side was trying to open it. "Just a minute" I called out and then turned around trying to find my clothes. V was already dressed and was gathering up the items from our mischief bag and condom wrappers. We left the room avoiding eye contact with the cleaners who were working in a different part of the office. We scurried off to my office where we ate the lunch V had so thoughtfully provides and watched some porn to help calm us down from our recent scare. As the cleaners moved through the office and came within earshot of the video we switched from porn to watching our favourite sitcom.

We vacated my office while the cleaners did their thing. After the cleaners finished we returned to my office and locked the door. I opened up the blanket and laid it on the floor. Having sex on the floor while the cleaners were finishing the rest of the office appealed to V and my exhibitionist tendencies because we were soon naked, me lying on my back with V impaled on my cock. V can get quite noisy during sex and having to keep her moans and exclamations bottled up seemed to increase the intensity of the experience for her. It could also have been the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the background that reminded us we were not alone or even the residual effects of the pot but V and I fucked like we had never fucked before. What a cliche heh? I played with V's nipples as she rode me faster and harder. V came first and I came soon after. We spent a few minutes basking in the post sex glow before we kissed and retired to our respective cars for the drive home.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our HNT #16

L and I visited Sexapalooza this past weekend. While we felt the Everything To Do With Sex show we attended several months ago was much better, there was one silver lining. The vendor with the amazing glass dildos was there and had a special show price on the very two-headed king of a dildo I had wanted. I snapped it up and we can't wait to play with it!

Behold, Scorpius!

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