Monday, March 28, 2011

He said: Oh No, the Cleaners Haven't Been Here!

V and I had some plans for some weekend afternoon fun at my office but when we arrived we found what we had expected from the webcam inspection that the cleaners hadn't cleaned the offices yet. After the debacle of being caught stoned by them we had decided not to risk getting caught again. When V and I had first met I had found a local No Tell Motel that we had never used because we had been using my office instead. I suggested we go there and V asked if we wanted to take one car or two. I said we should take two because I had visions of driving across the city looking for a motel that offered a reasonable day rate if the one I had researched turned out to unacceptable. We had only planned on getting together for a few hours and it seemed wasteful to rent a room for the whole night. No reason to worry, the motel clerk asked for $42 with a $3 deposit when we returned the key. The room was nothing special, the carpet had surely seen better days but the sheets looked clean enough and the the room wasn't too cool. We kissed we started to take off our clothes and I put on V's latest acquisition. She had bought a new collar which locked with a small padlock. I locked it on her neck and clipped on the leather leash I had purchased. As I kissed her neck and gently pulled on the leash she watched herself reflected in the mirror and moaned. We heard noises outside the room and I led V to the door so I could check that the door was locked even though V told me she had locked it. I ignored what she said because I wanted her to find out what wearing a leash was really like. Then I led her to bed where she got the kisses I had been withholding when I had been sick because I didn't want her to catch my cold. It didn't take much rolling around in the bed before I was hard as a rock. I told V to lay on her back and spread her legs, I climbed on top and slid into her hot wet pussy. I didn't want to cum too quickly so I fucked V slowly, after a few minutes of slow languid fucking I sped to fuck V faster and harder which is the way she really likes to be fucked. I moaned, V groaned and we almost came together. V likes me to tell her when I cum, sometimes just telling her I am cumming pushes her over the edge. This was one of those times. We snuggles for a few minutes and I reminded V that we need to retake some of the HNT pictures we had previously taken because they were out of focus. We snapped a few pics including some of V's collar and leash that may show up in an HNT post in the future. Then we engaged in pillow talk for a few minutes before V decided to lube up her fingers and play with my butt. I was fine at first and she was being very gentle but it became progressively less comfortable. I asked V to stop and noticed that my butt felt like it was on fire. It was then we discovered that V had accidentally used the tingling lube. The effect soon dissipated with some TLC from V. I had V roll onto her side so we could spoon. I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks and playfully bit her arm. not very hard at all. She moaned so I bit a different spot, she moaned some more so I continued to bite her arm and back. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and noticed how wet she was and was thinking I would fuck her from behind so I retrieved a condom and rolled it on. "You are going to need some lube" V remarked. I was a bit confused for a few seconds, V was so wet I couldn't understand why I would need lube. Then I got it, V wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I made sure to avoid the tingling lube and squirted a liberal amount in my hand which I applied to my hard cock. Then I slipped my cock between V's cheeks and slipped into her. My hand was still covered with lube and I didn't know what to do with it. I mentioned my dilemma to V and she told me to rub the lube on her. Having no better options I rubbed my hand over V's breast. V asked if I was inside her when I replied in the affirmative she seemed surprised that it didn't hurt. I moved gently and slowly while I continued to cover her with love bites her moans pushed me over the edge, I came and we caressed and nuzzled for a few minutes until I softened and slipped out of V. We both cleanup up and snuggled for a while before I thought I was ready for another go. A threefer can be a bit taxing but I wanted to introduce V to what I will call the T position where I am the top of the T and she is the upright part. Actually she was more L shaped but when coupled together the combination looks more like a T. I wasn't sure if I could come for a third time and this session of fucking went on for quite a while. The T position isn't very strenuous to maintain and with the low intensity of the thrusting we probably spent 20 minutes coupled together. By the time we came we were both sweaty but satiated. Our time in the room was almost at and end as I unlocked V's collar and we packed our toys back in the mischief bag. We didn't have to head home right away so we stopped by the restaurant where we had met for the first for some snacks to hold us over until supper. It was a relaxing end to a very satisfying day. I stopped by the office on the way home to drop off the mischief bag and add the pictures we had taken to our shared directory and noticed that the office had been cleaned. We had dodged discovery and prevented more embarrassment with our motel tryst.

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