Monday, March 14, 2011

She said: Joint Venture

I arrived a bit late for our assignation - I had stopped at the grocery store to pick up some additional items to have with our planned indoor picnic. As I parked, he came outside to get something out of the trunk of his car and we walked in together. While I unpacked, he rolled a joint and we went out the back door by a picnic table to smoke it. I sat on one of the benches while he stood over me and lit up.

After our first experiment, I had expressed my disappointment the next day about not feeling any effects from the pot smoking. After some discussion, I came to realize that my expectations were completely skewed. I had been expecting to feel as though I had drunk too much - tipsy and out of control. Really, in retrospect I can say I felt two things. First of all, though I am a very relaxed and calm person normally, I did feel even more so than usual. I was extremely relaxed, uninhibited and completely aware of every minute part of me. I was also very, very affectionate and felt a little like having taken a truth serum. As such, I approached this day's session quite differently and focused on those feelings and had a completely different experience as a result.

After the first three puffs, I felt the sense of complete relaxation steal over me. The joint needed relighting and L turned away to do so. It was cold out, but not freezing - in fact, I was feeling a little hot, so although I had my jacket on, it was not zipped up. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled the halves to the sides, then reached around and undid my bra and pulled it up. Then I slouched down so that my ass leaned on the edge of the bench and my upper back leaned against the picnic table. L turned back with the lit joint to find me in this position. In my defense, I have had an idea for an HNT picture in my head for some time now and keep trying to explain it to L - I just decided I'd show him instead.

L handed me the joint and while I took another drag or two, he starting playing with my tits. His cold, cold hands on my hot skin felt amazing. He moved closer, his legs flanking mine. We finished smoking and he opened his zipper and pulled out his cock, leaning forward and resting it between my boobs. I played with him, squeezing my tits around him for a while, then bent over and took him in my mouth and sucked with gusto. Now there are always people outside there working at neighbouring buildings, regardless of the day of the week. Believe me when I say I have absolutely no idea if there was anyone else around to see what we were up to or not. No clue. I was so focused that everything except L and I was completely off the radar. L suggested we move inside and we walked back through the building to 'our' room, tits and cock still out and bouncing along as we went.

We undressed and he came and took me by the hand and led me over to the blanket. We lay in each other's arms for a moment before I decided to pick up where I had left off outside. I kissed his neck, then his nipples and dragged my tongue down his abdomen as I sat up and positioned myself to deep throat his cock. Holding him deep in my throat, I moved my head from side to side. In doing so, I could feel the head of his cock rubbing back and forth across the back of my tongue and on my throat and if his moans were anything to go by, he felt it just fine too. Several more strokes and he was hard as a rock and together we applied the condom. I lay back and he covered me, sliding into my hot, wet pussy.

Fuck! The condom was a Magnum Twister - it had spiral ridges along it - and I swear I could feel every bump and slide magnified well beyond normal. In fact, my mind ran much like a movie, cutting away to intently focus on different parts of me as we went through the encounter - his teeth grazing my neck, hands gripping my hair and pulling, the slide of his wet lips and tongue over mine, the rasping of his tongue along my nipples, the head of his cock running along the inside of me and the incredible sexiness of his mouth, hovering close over mine, open but not touching, our breath mingling as we worked together - wild and rampant - toward the finish. I felt everything in minute detail. He came moments after I had one of the most explosive and satisfying orgasms of my life.

I'm not sure if my concept of time was skewed, but it seemed to me that we only had about 30 seconds of recovery when L started to gear up for round two. Within a couple minutes he was donning another condom and we were going at it again. Much like the first time, the sensations were amazing - each stroke was as delicious as the last and we whispered dirty thoughts to each other, each pushing the other to cum again. I did first, his tugging on my hair putting me over the edge. L came loudly soon after.

At this point, we took a bit of a break. We snuggled close to each other, me still on my back and him scooched in very close to me on his side with one arm beside me and his head on a little pillow. We locked fingers on his lower hand, while he held me with his free arm and kissed and bit my shoulder and buried his face in my neck. I kept trying to snuggle in even closer, but I couldn't seem to get as close as I wanted to be, so after a couple of minutes, I turned to face him and we intertwined our bodies so that we touched from head to toe. I could feel his cock, which was trapped between our thighs, beginning to get hard again and I reached down and took him in my hand, gently playing with him. He eventually reached over and grabbed another condom.

Applying it, he slid into me for a third go. Soon after, L pulled out and decided to go down on me instead. While he licked and sucked on my clit, he slid a finger into my pussy. He paused for a moment, changing positions and then resumed. Fisting is on my bucket list and I realized he was trying to work it out. I could feel his fingers stretching and filling me and the heavy pressure on my pubic bones as he twisted his hands to try and gain access. He told me after that he thought there was no way he could ever fist me, as he had been completely unable to get his large hands by the unyielding bones, but it didn't matter. The amazing feeling of pressure and fullness I felt as he twisted his hands in conjunction with having my cunt licked and sucked was just incredible. After a while he removed his fingers, but before I had a chance to mourn the loss of them, he inserted a finger in my ass. It all felt so good.

Tired out, we decided to stop for the day and eat our picnic lunch. While he went to wash his hands, I put out turkey kolbasa, cheeses, crackers and olives and we enjoyed our snack while watching porn and chatting. After a little more together time, we packed up. It was amazing how much garbage we had generated between the picnic and all the condoms and tissues that were littering our surrounds! Where are those cleaners when you want them?! Everything cleared away and once again it its place, we left to go home, another wonderfully satisfying encounter at an end.

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  1. I am very envious the spare time you two seem to manage to be together.
    I dream of the day i have the time for a 3peat.