Monday, January 31, 2011

He said: Is Shibari a Verb?

The circumstances that had me sending links to Kinbaku sites to V have escaped me. The result found me in Loew's trying to pick out a rope that was would be soft enough that I could tie the the simple but intricate patterns in our first session of rope play without damaging V's skin or hurting her. I hadn't told V that I planned to bring some rope for the play date we had planned for the next day, I wanted to surprise her. I finally settled on 100 feet of rope in a colour that I thought would contrast nicely with V's skin tone. V had picked a few shibari patterns that she liked in our Internet browsing so after the initial kissing, fondling and getting naked she helped me to measure the rope. I wasn't sure how long the whole process would take and was surprised how quickly I could complete the pattern following the handy Internet directions that I pulled up on a close by monitor. After the first tie was complete I showed V a couple of tying videos I found on V looked so cute walking around the room in her rope harness and she seemed quite comfortable.

It had taken so little time to do the first tie that we tried a couple of the other ones. I have included links at the bottom of this post to the patterns we tried. I even went off the grid and tried a freehand tie of my own doing my best to create a rope bra. Not entirely successful but I did learn some lessons about tying breasts. Their squooshiness makes them hard to contain.

I had another surprise for V, I had bought a $20 thrift store leather jacket and turned it into a flogger. Neither V or I had experienced a flogger so after I practiced flogging her she practiced flogging me. Flogging is so much easier on the hand than spanking. It took quite a bit of flogging to get V to the stage of pinkness I was looking for. Before flogging her I had tied V's hands using the tie illustrated on the twisted monk website. I don't think flogging is a good name to describe the activity though. Flogging sounds so harsh when, at least for us, the sensations were less intense than an open handed spanking. Perhaps that was because I had used a relatively light leather to make the flogger. It was a bit stingy but not bad at all. A word of advice, I had brought the video camera and set it on a tripod. When we reviewed the video later we realized why it's better when someone is holding the camera, the angle didn't capture what we really wanted to see.

We still had some time left after the tying and the flogging and with the video camera handy I was determined to get a video of V smiling with my cum on her face. V got on her knees and worked her oral magic on my cock while I acted as cameraman. When it came time for the money shot I realized that aiming my cock with one hand and the camera with the other was harder than I thought. The camera does both stills and video and in the switching modes and the lust fog I was worried that instead of videoing the magic moment I had taken a few stills instead. Later review showed I wasn't as addled as I thought and that money shot was on video as well as on V's face. If you leave lots of very nice comments I may even let you see some of the pics someday soon.

Here are the links to the sites and the tied we used:
(simple but nice)

She said: Rope Play

We've been interested in shibari since we attended the rope play and spanking seminar at the Everything About Sex Show months ago. One evening as we chatted, L sent me several links to sites that provided step by step how-to's for rope play. He asked me to go through the tutorials to see if I could find one I'd like and that one day during my Girly Days (which were imminent), we'd play with the rope. I ended up picking out a few I liked. The problem was, I saw too many configurations that I thought were beautiful!

We got together a few days later and I joined him at his office after work. As L walked in, sticking out the top of our Mischief Bag was 100 ft of rope. I couldn't wait to try it! We unpacked all our stuff and after undressing he called me over and told me to raise my hands in the air as he measured off 30 ft of rope to try the first tie. Before he started, he explained that it was just regular rope from the hardware store and that he was a little concerned that it might not be soft enough for my skin. As it happens, the rope was very soft and worked perfectly for the purpose. As he followed along with the tutorial on a nearby computer, he moved around me, wrapping and tying as he went. I closed my eyes and thoroughly enjoyed the sensations - I loved the feel of his hands on my body, sliding over my skin, gently urging me to turn this way and that, the pulling and tightening and most of all the hum of the rope ends as they were pulled along and through other pieces of rope already in place. I remember wondering what that hum would feel like if the rope harness was tied through my legs and up through my ass cheeks. By the time my rope bra was tied in place, I was very wet!

After taking a number of pictures, L untied me and tried a different configuration rope bra. Gaining confidence and assured that the rope wasn't leaving marks on my skin, this second attempt was tied even tighter and I ended up keeping it on to the end of our time together that day. I really wanted to leave it on and wear it home under my clothing, but I was afraid of being discovered. It was unbelievably comfortable and made me feel very secure. I told L it made me feel like I was being hugged. I absolutely loved it.

In addition to the rope, L had another surprise for me that day. He reached into the mischief bag and pulled out a flogger. Inspecting it, I was impressed. It was an excellent first attempt that L had fabricated himself using a leather jacket purchased at a thrift store - a tip we got from the Pervertables session at the same sex show. He bent me over the table and started to experiment with it, using a figure eight motion and varying degrees of force. I found it interesting that it was not as intense as being spanked with his hand, but still stingy - and enjoyable - nonetheless. Certainly I could endure being flogged for a much longer period of time than I could being spanked.

Turning the tables, I administered a flogging to L - and I think he liked it! L was concerned that a stray strand of the flogger might inadvertently smack his balls, so as I flayed his ass, he cupped his balls in his hand. Hmmm. I wanted in on this, especially since not an hour before, I had been (teasingly) accused of being "obsessed with his balls", so when I saw this opportunity, it was too much of a gift to pass by. I casually changed position to stand immediately beside L. Not knowing what I was up to, he stood upright but I gently guided him back down to the position, reached under and took his balls in my left hand and proceeded with flogging him with my right. So now as his ass was flayed with the stinging strips of leather, his balls were also being massaged and I could feel his cock growing along my inner wrist.

Soon L stood up and kissed me deeply, his cock pressing into my belly. He reached around behind me and grabbed the ropes in his fist. Turning, he guided me away from the table where he lowered his hand, thereby forcing me down to my knees. As he reached for the video camera with one hand, he guided my head toward his cock with the other. I sucked him long and hard as he talked dirty to me. When he said he was going to cum on my face, I mischievously looked up and removed my glasses without breaking stride with my ministrations. He laughed and soon pulled his cock out of my mouth. As he finished himself off, I knelt waiting with my mouth open, like a baby bird waiting to be fed. I urged him to "give it to me" and the anticipated eruption finally came, the first hot spurt hitting the corner of my mouth. The second arced through the air and landed in my hair and over my closed eye. The third and final surge hit my cheek and ran down to cover my mouth. My face covered in his cum, I looked up at him and smiled, eyes dancing. What fun!

When I returned from cleaning up, L seemed a little down and when I asked him, he said that somehow the camera seemed to have not been filming during the blowjob and subsequent shooting of his load on my face. He was so disappointed! I happily assured him that we could do it again some other time to ensure that he captured that sequence on tape, particularly since it's something that he loves to see. He's been talking for a long time about taking a picture of my smiling face covered in his cum. That seemed to make him feel better. Later that night, as we chatted online, L let me know that he had been mistaken and he had, indeed, captured the great finale on tape. Of course L, being a filming perfectionist, would have preferred if the action had been more properly framed, so we may need to do it again anyway!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our HNT #11

Excuse the quality of the photo - I'm flying solo today and was rather hard pressed to find something to use that hadn't already been earmarked for future posts or other purposes, so I extracted this frame out of a video we took recently! Enjoy!

L putting the squeeze on me.....


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Monday, January 24, 2011

She said: iPad Shopping

After our downtown shopping trip, I did get to see L one more time before the holidays were over when I asked him if he could meet me at a suburban mall to help me with a purchase I was making. He agreed and we set up a time to meet. Just before I left the house, I got a text message from him asking me to "do him a favour" and wear the present he bought for me. I was already a step ahead and had on the studded collar with a cleavage-baring top he hadn't seen before. With my scarf and jacket over top, it would leave him wondering if I had complied.

I arrived several minutes before L, but waited in the mall in front of the store for him. Just as I had hoped, the always-busy store was much less crowded first thing in the morning on a weekday and I was almost as excited to finally buy myself an iPad as I was to see L. He texted me that he was parking and would be with me soon. He hadn't parked where I thought he would and therefore approached me from a different direction than expected, catching me with my back to him as I leaned on the railing. Running his hands over my bottom, he leaned over my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. For a split second, I was startled, then relaxed at the familiar and unmistakable feel of L. We talked for a few moments before heading into the store.

We readily found someone to help and as I spoke to the saleslady about the merits of one model over another, L stood quietly by my side, occasionally prompting me about things I should ask. At one point, when we were just wrapping up the decision-making portion of the transaction and moving to the paying part, L had drifted away to look at another item. Waiting until he turned his attention back to me, I made quite a show of undoing my jacket and removing my scarf, commenting on how warm it was in the store. I watched his eyes take in the collar and decolletage before looking up and locking with mine. As I flashed my best "I wanna fuck you" look, I caught a quick sexy look back from him before I turned and headed for the cashier's desk. Having made my purchase, we went to have a quick light breakfast at the coffee shop before leaving the mall.

I suggested to L that since we were parked in different parts of the lot and the exit to get to my vehicle was right by the coffee shop, I could give him a ride around the mall to his car. He agreed. Getting into my vehicle, we negotiated the parking lot in search of his car. Well, not really. I was in search of a quiet corner where I could have some L time. I spotted a dark corner in a covered parking area and pulled in. My vehicle was surrounded by an empty car on the driver's side and an empty space on the other between my vehicle and the wall.

I turned off the ignition and slid over to kiss L. Having been apart for a while, we were all over each other. Kisses, hugs and caresses were shared and when L reached down and slid one hand down the back of my pants to squeeze my ass while the other freed and cupped my breasts and played with my nipples. I reached down and started to massage his cock through his pants. If the massive bulge in his pants wasn't sufficient testament to how turned on he was, the moans of pleasure would have made it clear. I increased the pressure on his cock, dragging my nails down the length of him through his pants. His arms around me tightened and he bit my neck, then growled in my ear, "If it wasn't that time of the month, I'd take you in the back seat and fuck you right now."

Things were pretty hot and heavy by now and it was right about this time that I felt him stiffen and hold me so I couldn't move away. I raised my head slightly and was horrified to see that a car had pulled into the empty spot beside us. I whispered to him that there was a car there and he said that he had seen it and I realized that he had turned his body and was shielding me. Things cooled down slightly as the sole occupant - a man - exited the car and went into the mall. I resumed massaging his cock through his pants as I asked him what he wanted me to do for him. Pretending to think about it for a moment, he finally decided that he might enjoy it if I sucked his cock and let him cum in my mouth.

He barely had the words out and I had his belt undone and his pants unzipped to find that he was going commando. Ya gotta love easy access! I bent over and took him in my mouth, taking him deep into the back of my throat. I moved my head from side to side and felt the head of his cock rubbing on the sides of my throat. Pulling back, I let my tongue lave the length of him until it hit the crown, then swirled my tongue around that edge before going down on him again. Again and again I took him in and out of my mouth, mixing up the sensations by grazing with my teeth, applying pressure down the length of him with my lips, using the flat of my tongue and holding him deep inside and rubbing him with the back of my throat by moving my head from side to side.

As he moaned an affirmation of his pleasure, I knew he wanted to cum badly - he started raising his hips off the seat to meet my every stroke and threaded his fingers through my hair, pulling on it. I increased the speed of my strokes and I felt his cock begin to throb and pulse intensely just before he filled my mouth with copious amounts of cum. His fingers relaxed their grip on my hair, stroking now instead of pulling and his body sunk back into the seat as I continued to gently suck on his cock. I milked him, squeezing the base with my fingers and running my tightened hand up the length of him, then licked off the pearl of cum that leaked out as a result.

I sat back up and he held me and we kissed for a few minutes more before finally pulling out of the spot and resuming our search for L's car. Thanking him for joining me, I dropped him off at his car and head home with a serious lust fog going on. I needed to be fucked in the worst way, but I'd have to wait for another day for that.

He Said: Oh No! Shopping Again! Wink.

All the stars were finally aligned for V to purchase her iPad so Saturday morning found us in a suburban mall shopping for iPads. V had vacillated back and forth between 3G and no 3G and how big she wanted it to be but had finally come to a decision. After greeting her with a hug, kiss and a butt squeeze we entered the Apple Store. I don't think Apple pays people enough because none of the guys in the Apple Store can afford a sharp razor as witnessed by the plethora of male Apple staff with haffabeards. V mercifully avoid the unshaven staff and picked a cute, perky woman to guide her through the process of giving Steve Jobs her money for a thin slab of glass which is perfect for protecting your house from zombies or helping the birds get their revenge on the egg stealing pigs.

Resisting the urge to ask Apple girl if she wanted to join us in a threesome I meandered the store while V worked out the details of her transaction. Then we went to the back of the store so V could pay which seemed to take forever. I reminded V that she needed to buy some gift cards because an iPad without games is like a day without sunshine. She responded by flashing me a big grin, making a comment about it being hot in the store and removing her scarf so I could see that she was wearing her formal collar. She opened her coat to give me an eyeful of the girls. If you've read this blog before you know how shopping trips end and I hoped that I'd soon be teasing and pulling her nipples in a secluded corner of the parking lot. As we left the store with her purchases she asked me if she could give me a ride to my car. Being old and decrepit I readily agreed but strangely instead of taking me to my car we ended up in a secluded corner of the parking lot. Soon we were sharing spit and surprise, surprise my hand was in V's bra squeezing the breast with which she had teased my in the store a few minutes before. It was at that point that I heard a car pull in to the empty parking spot behind. What is one to do when caught boobhanded in a parking lot? Rule #1 is avoid eye contact. Luckily my back was too him as he exited his vehicle as I pulled V in close and tried to adopt a posture that didn't say "Hey dude, there are two people making out in the car you just parked beside".

His interruption was soon a distant memory as V got down to working on my business. I'm not going to go into great details on the expertise with which V sucked my cock because she tells it much better than I. As soon as V's lips touch my cock my memory gets a bit foggy anyways. Unfortunately V's coat prevented me from seeing her collar as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. Other than enjoying V's oral skills my job when we are having fun in a parking lot is to keep watch to make sure we aren't surprised. This allowed me to think deep thoughts when a car pulled a couple of spots away from us. Do people notice things in parking lots? Did the woman exiting her car see me sitting there and wonder what I was up too or was she completely unaware of what was going on just steps from her? Deep thought from a guy who was enjoying a stellar blow job. Sadly though no matter how good it feels all good things must end and though I appreciate how good things feel I also don't want V to get a sore jaw and my concentration returned to our front seat fun. It wasn't long before V was happily swallowing my cum. She is very conscientious and doesn't pop right up when the deed is done but instead languishes with her mouth on my member gently licking and sucking me clean.

She popped up with a big smile on her face. I put everything back in order and gave her a long deep kiss. She drove me the rest of the way to my car and then headed off to enjoy her new toy. I drove back home with a smile on my face. What a great way to start my weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our HNT #10 - Collar or Choker?

In our last blog post V and I described our collar shopping trip and I revealed a picture of one the collars I purchased for V. She decided she didn't want to get one that had a D ring on it because she wanted to be able to wear it without it screaming BDSM. Calling what she purchased a collar is probably a misnomer because it's really more of a snap closing leather choker. We've included a few extra pics below to show some details. The first picture maintains our "rule" that both of us must appear in our HNT pictures (though we have relaxed that rule in the past for click-throughs). I know the quality isn't very good, it's a frame from when we were experimenting with our video camera. If you are looking for these items on the Northbound leather website they are called bands. They come in various sizes so they can worn around different body parts depending on your preference.


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Monday, January 17, 2011

He said:V Gets Her Christmas Present

During the week between Christmas and New Year I had a 9 o'clock appointment downtown and since I knew V was off work I asked her if she wanted to join me for some shopping and lunch after my appointment. We hadn't seen each other for a while because of family Christmas committments so she readily agreed. After my appointment was done V and I met and headed off to the Apple Store to fondle the iPads. V had decided she wanted one and wanted to do a bit more research before she laid her money down. While she fondled the iPad I stood close behind her and fondled her backside.

Click here to see the collar at the Northbound site

V had visited Northbound Leather a few months before to investigate getting a custom made leather bra and we had decided to stop in so she could ask some additional questions. We browsed around the store while we waited for the woman V had spoken to before finish off with another customer. I paid special attention to the kilts because V had told me how much she liked them. We saw one she especially liked, a longer white leather kilt. I think she likes kilts because she likes the idea of being able to get access to me at a moments notice. V had also wanted to buy her friend a leather collar but as we browsed around the ones we saw seemed a little extreme for V's friend. V was looking for a collar that didn't quite scream BDSM and that could be worn under more vanilla circumstances. Though the collars with the D rings were hot they really would not be appropriate evening wear. The picture shows the style that V wasn't too happy with. While browsing we saw straitjackets, leather face masks, ball gags and all manner kinky leather gear. I picked up a leather arm binder and we puzzled over which way it was supposed to be worn. We saw high heeled leather boots that were so high that they they would have reached V's waist. The store was warm and V and I removed our coats and left them on a conveniently located couch in the centre of the store. V discussed her leather bra options as I continued to browse the store. Even though Northbound has lots of kink wear they also have some very nice leather jackets for sale. After discussing her bra V asked Anna about collars and she quickly led us to an area of the store that had collars that didn't scream "Put me on a leash and lead me around the room". After some discussion over the size V picked out a collar for her friend and also two that she wanted to try on. I offered to help V put them on so she handed them to me and lifted her hair out of the way. I snapped the first one around her neck and led her to the mirror. I could tell she liked the way it looked. I unsnapped the first one, offhandedly mentioning that I wanted to be careful not to pull V's hair when Anna added in "At least not now". V also liked the look of the second collar but wasn't sure she wanted to spend the money for both since she was saving up for her iPad. When she began digging in her purse I told her that I'd buy both of them for her as a Christmas present. V had already given me a Christmas present, two very nice and sexy books called "The Big Book of Breasts" and "Sex Is Fun!: Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex. I had felt a bit guilty because the two books were much nicer present than I had given her. V had even gotten the author of "Sex is Fun" to autograph it for me.

She told me she'd thank me properly later as I paid for the items and we left the store. We went across the street for lunch, browsed through a few more stores including a combination condom and sex toy store and then went back to my car. V had taken transit so I offered to drive her as close to home as was practical. As we crawled along the expressway we chatted about things that sound good in the abstract but are impractical or difficult in practice and our conversation turned to whether getting a blow job while driving was one of them. V asked if I thought I could drive while she sucked my cock. I assured her I could but warned her that I might not be able to come because I would have to concentrate on driving. I was sorely tempted to ask her to give it a try but the slow traffic and the daylight would have made it way too risky. V wanted to pick up a few things so she asked me to drop her at the strip mall near her house. We parked behind the mall by the tall wooden fence separating the parking lot from the residential area just adjacent to it. We kissed for a few minutes and then V asked if she could suck my cock. How could I say no to the woman who I had collared a few hours earlier? As V went to work on me in the small front seat of my car I kept watch. When we had parked I hadn't realized that we were only about 10 feet from a passage through the fence. Was someone going to come through before we could finish? Though V was concerned that she wasn't getting me as deep as she would have liked because of the cramped quarters I was thanking my lucky stars that she loved to give blow jobs so much. Someone was walking towards us and I was debating on whether to ask V to stop when they went through another gap in the fence about 50 yards from us. A few more minutes and I came, V swallowed. Afterwards we cuddled as best we could before V went to do her shopping and I headed for home.

If you have stuck around this long you get a special treat, a picture of V wearing one of her new collars. Want to see the other one? Come back for HNT and she'll model the other one for you.

She said: Shopping with L

Although it was to be expected and is understood, I was still a little down knowing that I would be unable to see L for nearly two weeks during the holidays -I knew I'd miss him. Things didn't end up as badly as I thought though, as we were still able to keep in touch every day via IM when we thought that even that might not be possible. One night while we were chatting, L asked me if I'd meet him downtown one morning the following week. He had an early appointment, but suggested we could spend the remainder of the day shopping afterwards. I was quite happy with this plan, as I had not expected to see him until the new year.

The morning in question soon came and I easily found him. His appointment done with, we went into the large downtown mall to look around a bit. After the requisite visit to play with the iPads at the Apple Store and each of us purchasing some small items in the mall, we decided to take a walk up Yonge St. to Northbound Leather. Though we've both been there before, we had never been there together and I was really looking forward to it. I like to go on a particular day of the week, when Anna is working. Not only is she extremely helpful and pleasant person to deal with, she is also a spicy little Sicilian with eyes as fiery as her personality. Every time I see her, I think, "I want to look just like her".

We entered the store and started looking around. I had told L months ago about how the last time I was in the store, they had these two male mannequins wearing nothing but black leather masks with Doberman ears and black leather kilts. I assure you that those leather kilts were the fricking hottest thing I've ever seen on a man - even if they weren't real men! Long after I left the shop that day, I drooled over that mannequin - hell, I'm still drooling over it. This day with L, the displays had changed and there was a single male mannequin wearing a white leather kilt. Not as hot as the black ones previously, but still pretty hot.

God love L....what was the first thing he did in the shop? He walked straight over and started looking at the kilts. He checked out the long ones, then the short ones and even held one up to himself on the hanger. I just stood there and watched as he did this and I have to say I just felt like a million bucks. "Why?", you might ask. Well, here it is....L listens to me. Really listens. He knows what I like, what I dislike. He understands me. Mostly because he has taken the time to get to know me - not just the 'me' that everybody sees, but the true 'me'. On top of all of that, he actually considered - even if it was just for that brief moment - wearing a black leather kilt because he knew I'd love it. He's the best.

Moving on from the kilts, we made our way down to the back of the store stopping to show each other items of interest. I finally spotted Anna and said hello and she greeted me with her usual cheery smile. She was with other customers, but I told her what I was interested in and we wandered around while we waited for her to finish. She soon came to help us and after speaking with her about a leather bra I was looking into having custom made, I asked her to show me some of the leather collars as I wanted to purchase one for a friend.

Anna brought out a few different ones to choose from and I decided on a very plain leather one for my friend - I didn't think she'd be very comfortable with an embellished one. I tried on the plain one myself and really liked it. L suggested I try on a studded one that I had looked at and I really liked the way it looked too. I also really liked the way L came around behind me and fastened it for me. We had left our jackets and my purse on the sofa at the back of the store, so I went back to grab them so that I could pay, debating as I went on whether I should get a collar for myself also. When I returned, I found that L was in the process of purchasing both the plain and studded ones for me as my Christmas present! I was delighted with his gifts and thanked him for his thoughtfulness. Paying for the gift for my friend, we chatted for a minute more with Anna, promised to consider a fetish boat cruise she hosts annually each summer and then left and headed back toward the mall.

By this time, it was lunch time and we spotted a small restaurant that looked enticing and went in. After a short conversation with the server who was both surprised and pleased that L had been to her country several times, we ate and chatted before heading back out into the cold. As we head back toward the car, we stopped into a condom shop on the way and perused the various varieties. As you saw on our Christmas Tree, we like to try different condoms and probably have more than a dozen different types in our 'mischief bag'. Finding nothing particularly interesting, we took a brief look at the toys before moving on. Though it would have been nice to warm up a bit, we eschewed walking through the mall for the last block and detoured to take a look at a hotel we had read about on the internet. As we mentioned in a previous post, we have been looking for a place to have a special day.

Retrieving his car, we alternately talked and sat in amiable silence as L drove me home to the suburbs - or as close to home as we could! We ended up parked behind my local strip mall and quite frankly, after a full week of not having seen him, followed by a whole day of being good and only availing myself of a hug, I was all over the poor man. We kissed passionately and held each other for some time until finally I couldn't take it any longer and I popped the question: "Can I suck your cock, baby?"

Responding in the affirmative, L freed himself and I must say, nothing could have been better in that moment. I leaned over and took him in my mouth and immediately had a dilemma. L's car is quite small and has bucket seats. I'm not very tall and with having to lean over the centre console, I was severely restricted as to how much cock I could get into my mouth. At first, my mind raced....should I hop up and kneel on the seat? Too obvious? Is he getting any enjoyment from this, being that I can barely reach? Since he got harder and harder and he threaded his fingers through my hair, I just assumed it was working for him as is and I kept on. It wasn't long before he gripped my hair in his fist and moaned that he was cumming. Sucking him a while longer, I finally raised up and kissed him deeply. With a big hug and one last kiss, I said goodbye and hopped out of the car, walking the rest of the way home as he pulled out of the lot. One more week to go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our HNT #9

Imagine my pleasure, when after two long weeks of no play time,
L said he had one more very special present for me!

*click* to see my unwrapped gift....(NSFW)


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Monday, January 10, 2011

She said: On the desk?

The holidays were fast approaching and we knew that due to family commitments, it would be a while before we could be together again. We decided to get a couple of visits in to tide us over for the next week or two. We decided to meet after work the next night, then have lunch together a couple days later. L then recalled that he had a holiday function to attend that night, plus it was the night the cleaners come, but we ultimately decided that meeting for a limited time was better than not seeing each other at all and continued with our plans.

L had told me that the park where we had lunch recently does a fantastic light display for Christmas. He had promised to take me there to see the lights, but something always seemed to come up - we had either been really short on time, forgotten, or it wasn't dark enough when I visited to make that possible. Now that it gets dark fairly early, we decided to meet up at 5 pm and go see the lights, hoping that his workplace would be cleared out by the time we got back.

I picked L up and he gave me a quick kiss and buckled up as we drove off to the park. Right away, I could see that it was something special. The walkways and parking lot were tree-lined and every tree had been decorated with red and blue lights. We parked and got out. I stopped to zip up my jacket and put on some mittens, as it was fairly cold. L took me by my mittened hand and led me to the entrance where there was a long arched framework covered in fairy lights, which we admired as we walked through the bower. Exiting at the other end, we followed the path to the right, soon coming to a Christmas tree laden with lights of several colours. As the music emanated from the tree, the lights flashed, timed to the music in different colour arrangements. There must have been more than a thousand lights on that one tree! As we walked the loop of the park, there were other displays along the way. I enjoyed the walk immensely and thanked L for thinking of taking me there.

We headed back to his workplace to find that his co-worker was still there, so rather than sit outside in the cold waiting for him to leave so we could use our usual spot we decided to go into L's office instead. We got inside and locked the door and while I removed my jacket and scarf, L closed the blinds. That done, he came over and kissed me properly. The shirt I wore zipped down the front, so it was quick and easy to remove and in no time, he had me topless. After several passionate kisses, L asked me to take my pants off. I hesitated. One of the slats of the vertical blinds was not closing properly and knowing his colleague was parked just outside that window, I was concerned that he could see in. It's one thing for L to see me starkers, but though I have exhibitionist tendencies, I was feeling a little shy about inadvertently baring myself to yet another co-worker! L adjusted the slat as best he could, but since it wasn't working out, he suggested we turn out the lights instead.

Once he did so, I felt better about it. His monitor provided sufficient light to manage by. I removed my pants, as did L and he looked at me and patted the edge of his desk in front of him as he sat in his office chair. I raised my eyebrows. "You want me up on your desk?" I asked surprised. He responded in the affirmative, patting the desk again - he wanted to eat my pussy.

I hopped up on his desk and laid back, as instructed. Now I have to say that prior to being with L, my experience with this particular act has been extremely limited and it is something that I am still not completely comfortable with. I tend to prefer to give rather than to receive and this is no exception. Don't get me wrong - it feels great and L is clearly very good at it, but I find it very difficult to orgasm in this way, though I occasionally do. I think the sensations are too overwhelming.

Happily, on this day L's ministrations did lead to an orgasm and as he took me by the hands to sit me back up to kiss me, I told him that I didn't know how he could work at the desk after this - if I were him, I'd be constantly thinking about my lover being splayed across the desk, writhing and moaning like a wanton and would never get any work done. As I then kissed him, I licked my juices from around his mouth and his chin while I ran my fingers through his hair

"Want to try something?", he asked me. I smiled - he knows I'm always game. With me still sitting on the edge of his desk, he moved around to the other side and lying me back he held me under my arms and slid me across the top of the desk toward him until my head tipped backward over the edge. After getting an affirmative response to his query about my comfort with the position, he slid his cock into my mouth and I was able to take him very deeply into my throat in this open position, my nose pressed into his balls. I liked it because not only could he play with my tits on the desk right in front of him, but also I could run my hands over his body and I scraped my nails down his back before grabbing his ass in both hands.

I sucked him like this for some time before he said he wanted to fuck me. He pulled out of my mouth and again moved around the desk. Sliding me back over to the other edge, he slid into me and started fucking me. With one foot on tiptoe on the armrest of his chair and the other held in the air, I was soon tired as I tried to keep myself as wide open as possible to allow for maximum penetration. L recognized this and slid his arms under my legs for a short while before I finally stretched them straight up, my ankles resting on his shoulders. L wrapped his arms around my legs and picked up the pace. His cock slamming into my pussy felt awesome and this different position intensified the feeling. L told me after that he liked this position also.

After a while, we decided to move onto the ground and L lay down on the blanket. I crawled up from his feet and slid my body over him until I could reach to kiss him. I kissed him several times before licking, nipping, kissing and sucking my way down his body to his cock, which I took in my mouth. Working every inch of his cock and moving to give his balls some attention now and then, I sucked him until he came in my mouth. L then apologized because he wanted to cum inside me as he fucked me. I smiled as he sheepishly said he couldn't help himself - I love it when he loses control. The fact that I can have that effect on him is very empowering and I love it.

I lay down beside L and snuggled into his arms, but we knew we didn't have much longer together. Just as we decided we needed to get ready to leave so that L wasn't late for his party, there was a knock at the window. I looked at L horrified, but he assured me that his colleague would often tap on his office window as a signal that he was off on his way home. We got up and quickly dressed, hustling out the door. While we do enjoy just being together, we were nonetheless thankful that we had decided to use L's office instead of waiting for the other employee to leave. Used to seeing each other every few days, I was not looking forward to being apart for the holidays...and I was right - it felt like forever.

He said: Voluptuous V on the Desktop

Though office fun does have its merits there are some downsides. Sometimes people decide they want to stay late and work and the cleaners come around to clean the office twice a week after everyone leaves. On the days that the cleaners come our window of opportunity is reduced. After visiting the Christmas light display and returning to find that our normal play area was still not available because of one keener who wanted to burn the midnight oil I suggested to V that we retire to my office for our playtime. After closing the blinds and some preliminary kissing and groping I told V to get naked so I could eat her pussy. While she stripped I put my monitors on a white screen and turned off the overhead lights to make the room a little darker and more conducive to fun. I removed my shirt and rolled my chair up to my desk. V laid flat on her back on my desk and put her feet on the chair arms spreading herself wide while I leaned forward to suck and nibble on her clit. I alternated between sucking on her clit and licking up and down her her lips. My desk has a smooth top and as I pressed my face between V's legs she slowly started to move away from me. I reached up with both hands and grasped her wrists. Not only did this allow me to pull her closer to me I'm sure V liked the subtle sense of restraint that me holding her gave her. I hadn't shaved since that morning so I also rubbed my bristly chin over V's pussy lips. Soon my face was covered with V's juices. V's moaning increased in frequency and volume, a few more hard licks and a good taking her clit between my lips and sucking hard pushed her over the edge. I stood and leaned over to give V a kiss after which she licked my chin, tasting herself on me.

I asked V to lay back as I moved around to the other side of the desk. Then I helped her to slide so that she could hang her head off the edge of the desk. She's a smart woman and knew what I had in mind. I slid my cock into her open mouth, I could feel the head of my cock enter her throat. I watched her carefully to make sure she didn't choke and asked her if she was doing ok. V sucked while I ran my hands over her breasts paying special attention to her nipples. I didn't want to cum without fucking V so I told her to slide back to the other side of the desk while I put on a condom. On her back legs akimbo my office was soon filled with the sound of thigh against thigh. We ended up with V's legs straight up in air. Though the sex was great it was hard to keep V from moving away as I banged her the way she likes it, hard and fast. I suggested we move to the floor and V agreed.

By the time V had gotten off the desk top I had cleared a space and spread a blanket. We laid down and after kissing hugging and caressing V kissed her way down my body and took my cock in her mouth. I swear my plan was to cum inside her but V's oral skills are so stellar that by the time I remembered that was the plan it was too late and V had my cum in her mouth. We kissed and snuggled for a few more minutes before getting dressed so we could be gone by the time the cleaners arrived.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our HNT #8

I've asked L to talk about this week's picture......
V has very shiny curly dark hair that interestingly looks almost gray in this photograph because of the flash of the camera. Thought you should know that so you don't think I'm a granny effer.

........because it's impolite for me to talk with my mouth full!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

He said: V Gets a Pink Bottom

Sometimes I think our readers prefer V to me. She gets all the comments, you'd think I was a hack writer or something. It was my idea to start this blog and now I must live in her shadow. I work out the scenarios, provide the venue and she gets all the glory. I know what I'll do, I'll offer something she doesn't - pictures. Read to the end of this post and I promise you a look at V's pink spanked bottom. On with the story.

On this day I laid out an array of toys for V to discover on the round table that has become our playground. Some rope, some silk scarves a pair of handcuffs. I left the door unlocked so when she arrived she could come in, explore and discover. In the past we have had problems with our disparity in height when I bend V over the table so this time I got a few packages of paper for her to stand on so that her pelvis was tilted just right making it easier for me to fuck her from behind once I had her bent over the table. When she texted me to tell me she had arrived I replied that she should come in and I would join her in a few minutes. I wanted to giver her time to look around and get juicy and hot thinking about what was in store for her.

I gave V five minutes to get settled and then entered the darkened room. Keeping the chit chat to the bare minimum I ordered her to undress, stand on the paper packages and bend over the table. She quickly stripped to her underwear and did as she was instructed as I placed the blindfold over her eyes. She bent over the table edge and grasped the far edge with her hands as I tied her legs to the table with silk scarves. I began to spank her ass with my open hand. As I alternated cheeks her ass slowly began to turn pink. Her gentle ow's became more vehement as I laid more and more smacks on her increasingly sensitive ass. One especially loud "ow" convinced me that she had enough so I picked up my camera to document my handiwork.

Then I opened the lube bottle and dribbled lube down the furrow between her ass cheeks. I teased her pucker with my index finger then slowly used my finger to push the lube inside. I continued to play with her backside, eventually slipping another finger inside. A few a more smacks on each cheek produced an interesting squeezing on my encased fingers as my other hand made contact with her pink cheeks. After taking a few more pics of my fingers buried in her backside I removed my fingers and cleaned up. Then before her ass cheeks could cool I grasped her hips and slid my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy.

After all the foreplay she was so ready to be fucked. Unfortunately her paper pedestals were just a touch too high so I had to stand on my toes to really thrust deeply and after a few minutes my legs were starting to cramp so I pulled out and moved to the side of the table. Stripping off the condom I grabbed the hair at the back of V's head and guided her lips to my cock. She obediently sucked my cock running her tongue up and down my shaft while grazing me lightly with teeth. I didn't want to cum just yet, I wanted to surprise V so I pulled my cock from her mouth, untied her legs and ordered her to her knees. As I removed her blindfold she knew what to do and opened her mouth to accept me. After a few more minutes of V's heavenly oral pleasure I pulled my cock from her mouth. V had deduced what was coming and had closed her eyes before the cum shower began.

After taking a picture of her cum covered face I did my best to wipe the sperm off her face with a tissue. When I realized that all I was doing was smearing it around I led V to the bathroom so she could clean herself up properly. When she returned we snuggled on the blanket for a few minutes until with V's help I was ready to go again. I rolled her onto her back and gave her a fast hard fucking before it was time to leave.

My only regret of the day was that I had forgotten to ask V to smile before I took the picture of her cum covered face. Oh well, another item added to the list. Thanks for sticking around to the end, as promised her is a picture of V's pink spanked ass cheeks. Cute, aren't they? If you look carefully you can see a little smear of lube on her left cheek.

V's pink cheeks after spanking

She said: Bound and Spanked

L and I are both interested in exploring our sexuality and stretching our boundaries in whatever ways we find mutually acceptable. We often have discussions about things we'd like to try and many of our stories we've shared with you reflect those experiences - fucking in the great outdoors, performing sexual acts in public places and filming ourselves to name a few.

Often, however, there are inspired moments where we deviate from the "list" that's always in the back of our minds and spontaneously discover wonderful things about ourselves and each other. Things we have never tried - sometimes things we've never imagined trying. Often things that we want to continue doing and even expanding upon. It seems for every item we can cross off the (virtual) list, there are a one or two more that can be added and I, for one, look forward to continuing to share this journey with L. In this vein, we had already played a bit with restraint and lack of control. I was interested in pushing the envelope a little further and moving more outside of my comfort zone. Though I have some control issues, the thought of tying me up and having his way with me both excited and scared the hell out of me at the same time.

The evening we met to play, we purposely didn't speak during the day. I arrived at L's office and texted him that I was outside. He texted me back with instructions to enter the area where we usually meet, lock the door behind me and proceed to "our" room and let him know when I get there. Never having gone in on my own before - he always meets me at the door or at the car - I was feeling a little nervous. I followed the instructions I was provided, texting him that I was in and grabbed a seat to wait. The room was fairly dark - I had no idea how to turn on the lights - but I could see enough to identify a table off to the side with a number of items on it clearly set out for me. Not having spoken to him all day, not knowing what to expect, I was feeling a little uncomfortable and unsure of myself and I purposely avoided looking to see what the items were and instead just sat quietly waiting for L.

Soon, I heard the door and L walked in. He said a terse hello and told me to take my shirt and pants off. He stood waiting and once I had followed his order, I took his outstretched hand and he walked me over to the table. L had set up an end of the small table and planned to bend me over the table and have his way with me. He had thought of everything. There were lots of intimidating things on the table, like bungee cords and handcuffs as well as items that reflect L's true caring nature, like two piles of paper reams for me to stand on (so I could comfortably bend over the table and still keep my feet in contact with the floor, since I'm short) and a rolled up blanket to cushion my hips against the hard edge of the table. I stepped up onto the paper pedestals and assumed the position. He blindfolded me and though he did not bind my hands, my ankles were tied to the table legs using the silk scarves.

Ready now, he leaned over me and kissed my back as he undid my bra. Leaving my thong in place, he spanked my bare ass over and over again until I hissed air in through my teeth and arched my back at each stroke. My skin burned and tingled but still he continued. Suddenly, he stopped. I listened closely to try and work out what he was doing. I heard a clicking sound and realized he was taking a picture. He spanked me a few more times and reached over to my right where I remembered the lube bottle sat. I heard the snick of the lid and tried to relax in anticipation of what was to come.

He teased his finger around my butt hole and with a little pressure, slipped it in. He poured more lube and I could feel the cold liquid dribble down the crack of my ass and meet up with his buried finger. He gently fucked me with his finger and soon added a little more lube and a second finger. He smacked my ass hard with his other hand and I tightened around his fingers as they slid in for another stroke. He paused for what seemed like a long time and I again heard the faint whirring and clicking that indicated he was taking more pictures. He removed his fingers and I could hear the sounds of him cleaning his hands.

I strained listening to get an idea where he was. I heard more picture taking before he again came around behind me. Standing on the ground between my paper pedestals, he ran his cock along my soaking slit before slipping it home. He fucked me hard, while alternating between grabbing my ass and raking his nails down my back. I held on to the table, my feet on tiptoe as he drove into me, so turned on by his dirty talk and the power behind his thrusts. He pulled out after a while and I felt bereft. He was beside me and I heard what must have been him removing the condom. He pulled my head over to the edge of the table and told me to suck his cock. I sucked for few strokes before he pulled away, untied my legs and removed the blindfold. He lead me away from the table, pushed me down to my knees and pushed his cock back in my mouth. Holding on to his thighs, I sucked him until again he pulled away, this time to spray his load all over my face.

After taking a picture of his handy work, he handed me a tissue to clean up but there was so much of it that attempts to wipe it away really just succeeded in spreading it all over. So much easier to swallow the evidence! We realized I'd need to go wash my face, but since it was all in my eyelashes, I didn't want to open my eyes (I said that I heard that cum in your eyes stings and he responded that I read too many, so he took me by the hand and guided me to the washroom. I rinsed my eyes, dried them with a paper towel, then looked in the mirror. Not only was it all in my hair, but also because of my smeared eye makeup, I now looked rather like a raccoon. Great. I soaped up my hands and did a full facial wash and went back in with wet hair and completely devoid of makeup.

L was lying on the blanket waiting for me when I returned. I lay down beside him and snuggled into his arms. We lay quietly for a long time, gently holding and caressing each other. As we became aroused, I raised my head from his chest and reached up to kiss and nuzzle his neck. As my caresses became more aggressive, I licked his nipples and ran my hand over his hard cock. He squeezed my ass and dragged his teeth over my nipples, rolling me to my back. Condom on, he pushed deep into me as he continued to lick and bite my nipples. I writhed beneath him, raising my hips and pushing back to increase the penetration, grinding against him with every stroke. I was close when he came, but I wasn't worried - I knew he wouldn't stop right away. A few more strokes and I came. We lay there dozing until his alarm indicated it was time to go. Sometimes I wish we could just stay and sleep.