Monday, January 17, 2011

He said:V Gets Her Christmas Present

During the week between Christmas and New Year I had a 9 o'clock appointment downtown and since I knew V was off work I asked her if she wanted to join me for some shopping and lunch after my appointment. We hadn't seen each other for a while because of family Christmas committments so she readily agreed. After my appointment was done V and I met and headed off to the Apple Store to fondle the iPads. V had decided she wanted one and wanted to do a bit more research before she laid her money down. While she fondled the iPad I stood close behind her and fondled her backside.

Click here to see the collar at the Northbound site

V had visited Northbound Leather a few months before to investigate getting a custom made leather bra and we had decided to stop in so she could ask some additional questions. We browsed around the store while we waited for the woman V had spoken to before finish off with another customer. I paid special attention to the kilts because V had told me how much she liked them. We saw one she especially liked, a longer white leather kilt. I think she likes kilts because she likes the idea of being able to get access to me at a moments notice. V had also wanted to buy her friend a leather collar but as we browsed around the ones we saw seemed a little extreme for V's friend. V was looking for a collar that didn't quite scream BDSM and that could be worn under more vanilla circumstances. Though the collars with the D rings were hot they really would not be appropriate evening wear. The picture shows the style that V wasn't too happy with. While browsing we saw straitjackets, leather face masks, ball gags and all manner kinky leather gear. I picked up a leather arm binder and we puzzled over which way it was supposed to be worn. We saw high heeled leather boots that were so high that they they would have reached V's waist. The store was warm and V and I removed our coats and left them on a conveniently located couch in the centre of the store. V discussed her leather bra options as I continued to browse the store. Even though Northbound has lots of kink wear they also have some very nice leather jackets for sale. After discussing her bra V asked Anna about collars and she quickly led us to an area of the store that had collars that didn't scream "Put me on a leash and lead me around the room". After some discussion over the size V picked out a collar for her friend and also two that she wanted to try on. I offered to help V put them on so she handed them to me and lifted her hair out of the way. I snapped the first one around her neck and led her to the mirror. I could tell she liked the way it looked. I unsnapped the first one, offhandedly mentioning that I wanted to be careful not to pull V's hair when Anna added in "At least not now". V also liked the look of the second collar but wasn't sure she wanted to spend the money for both since she was saving up for her iPad. When she began digging in her purse I told her that I'd buy both of them for her as a Christmas present. V had already given me a Christmas present, two very nice and sexy books called "The Big Book of Breasts" and "Sex Is Fun!: Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex. I had felt a bit guilty because the two books were much nicer present than I had given her. V had even gotten the author of "Sex is Fun" to autograph it for me.

She told me she'd thank me properly later as I paid for the items and we left the store. We went across the street for lunch, browsed through a few more stores including a combination condom and sex toy store and then went back to my car. V had taken transit so I offered to drive her as close to home as was practical. As we crawled along the expressway we chatted about things that sound good in the abstract but are impractical or difficult in practice and our conversation turned to whether getting a blow job while driving was one of them. V asked if I thought I could drive while she sucked my cock. I assured her I could but warned her that I might not be able to come because I would have to concentrate on driving. I was sorely tempted to ask her to give it a try but the slow traffic and the daylight would have made it way too risky. V wanted to pick up a few things so she asked me to drop her at the strip mall near her house. We parked behind the mall by the tall wooden fence separating the parking lot from the residential area just adjacent to it. We kissed for a few minutes and then V asked if she could suck my cock. How could I say no to the woman who I had collared a few hours earlier? As V went to work on me in the small front seat of my car I kept watch. When we had parked I hadn't realized that we were only about 10 feet from a passage through the fence. Was someone going to come through before we could finish? Though V was concerned that she wasn't getting me as deep as she would have liked because of the cramped quarters I was thanking my lucky stars that she loved to give blow jobs so much. Someone was walking towards us and I was debating on whether to ask V to stop when they went through another gap in the fence about 50 yards from us. A few more minutes and I came, V swallowed. Afterwards we cuddled as best we could before V went to do her shopping and I headed for home.

If you have stuck around this long you get a special treat, a picture of V wearing one of her new collars. Want to see the other one? Come back for HNT and she'll model the other one for you.


  1. I would have never guessed that was a collar. I've always wondered about choker-style necklaces -- it is a collar or an accessory -- guess this doesn't clear it up for me. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun time in the leather shop. The smell alone would be worth going in. I have a local boot shop that I visit for a fix. (smell and boots) ;)

    I just recently started listening to the Sex Is Fun podcasts and am loving them, so I think I need to look for that book. Great gifts - all around!