Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our HNT #10 - Collar or Choker?

In our last blog post V and I described our collar shopping trip and I revealed a picture of one the collars I purchased for V. She decided she didn't want to get one that had a D ring on it because she wanted to be able to wear it without it screaming BDSM. Calling what she purchased a collar is probably a misnomer because it's really more of a snap closing leather choker. We've included a few extra pics below to show some details. The first picture maintains our "rule" that both of us must appear in our HNT pictures (though we have relaxed that rule in the past for click-throughs). I know the quality isn't very good, it's a frame from when we were experimenting with our video camera. If you are looking for these items on the Northbound leather website they are called bands. They come in various sizes so they can worn around different body parts depending on your preference.


Thanks for coming by! Visit Osbasso to see who else is playing this week.


  1. Seems to work as a collar just fine.. hehe.. have fun!
    LGS xx

  2. collar!

    I will have mine on Wednesday tied to the bed, blindfolded and then im getting a surprise if im a good girl ive been told.

  3. That's a really nice collar. Subtle. It also looks very nice on V.

  4. quite lovely. She looks very good as your collared queen.

  5. Lass and Ms. Discontented,

    If you ever make it to Toronto V and I will take you to Northbound and help you to pick out one of your very own.


    Subtle was what we were going for.


    The versatility was what V was looking for.


    You are a naughty girl, make sure you get a good spanking too.