Monday, January 10, 2011

She said: On the desk?

The holidays were fast approaching and we knew that due to family commitments, it would be a while before we could be together again. We decided to get a couple of visits in to tide us over for the next week or two. We decided to meet after work the next night, then have lunch together a couple days later. L then recalled that he had a holiday function to attend that night, plus it was the night the cleaners come, but we ultimately decided that meeting for a limited time was better than not seeing each other at all and continued with our plans.

L had told me that the park where we had lunch recently does a fantastic light display for Christmas. He had promised to take me there to see the lights, but something always seemed to come up - we had either been really short on time, forgotten, or it wasn't dark enough when I visited to make that possible. Now that it gets dark fairly early, we decided to meet up at 5 pm and go see the lights, hoping that his workplace would be cleared out by the time we got back.

I picked L up and he gave me a quick kiss and buckled up as we drove off to the park. Right away, I could see that it was something special. The walkways and parking lot were tree-lined and every tree had been decorated with red and blue lights. We parked and got out. I stopped to zip up my jacket and put on some mittens, as it was fairly cold. L took me by my mittened hand and led me to the entrance where there was a long arched framework covered in fairy lights, which we admired as we walked through the bower. Exiting at the other end, we followed the path to the right, soon coming to a Christmas tree laden with lights of several colours. As the music emanated from the tree, the lights flashed, timed to the music in different colour arrangements. There must have been more than a thousand lights on that one tree! As we walked the loop of the park, there were other displays along the way. I enjoyed the walk immensely and thanked L for thinking of taking me there.

We headed back to his workplace to find that his co-worker was still there, so rather than sit outside in the cold waiting for him to leave so we could use our usual spot we decided to go into L's office instead. We got inside and locked the door and while I removed my jacket and scarf, L closed the blinds. That done, he came over and kissed me properly. The shirt I wore zipped down the front, so it was quick and easy to remove and in no time, he had me topless. After several passionate kisses, L asked me to take my pants off. I hesitated. One of the slats of the vertical blinds was not closing properly and knowing his colleague was parked just outside that window, I was concerned that he could see in. It's one thing for L to see me starkers, but though I have exhibitionist tendencies, I was feeling a little shy about inadvertently baring myself to yet another co-worker! L adjusted the slat as best he could, but since it wasn't working out, he suggested we turn out the lights instead.

Once he did so, I felt better about it. His monitor provided sufficient light to manage by. I removed my pants, as did L and he looked at me and patted the edge of his desk in front of him as he sat in his office chair. I raised my eyebrows. "You want me up on your desk?" I asked surprised. He responded in the affirmative, patting the desk again - he wanted to eat my pussy.

I hopped up on his desk and laid back, as instructed. Now I have to say that prior to being with L, my experience with this particular act has been extremely limited and it is something that I am still not completely comfortable with. I tend to prefer to give rather than to receive and this is no exception. Don't get me wrong - it feels great and L is clearly very good at it, but I find it very difficult to orgasm in this way, though I occasionally do. I think the sensations are too overwhelming.

Happily, on this day L's ministrations did lead to an orgasm and as he took me by the hands to sit me back up to kiss me, I told him that I didn't know how he could work at the desk after this - if I were him, I'd be constantly thinking about my lover being splayed across the desk, writhing and moaning like a wanton and would never get any work done. As I then kissed him, I licked my juices from around his mouth and his chin while I ran my fingers through his hair

"Want to try something?", he asked me. I smiled - he knows I'm always game. With me still sitting on the edge of his desk, he moved around to the other side and lying me back he held me under my arms and slid me across the top of the desk toward him until my head tipped backward over the edge. After getting an affirmative response to his query about my comfort with the position, he slid his cock into my mouth and I was able to take him very deeply into my throat in this open position, my nose pressed into his balls. I liked it because not only could he play with my tits on the desk right in front of him, but also I could run my hands over his body and I scraped my nails down his back before grabbing his ass in both hands.

I sucked him like this for some time before he said he wanted to fuck me. He pulled out of my mouth and again moved around the desk. Sliding me back over to the other edge, he slid into me and started fucking me. With one foot on tiptoe on the armrest of his chair and the other held in the air, I was soon tired as I tried to keep myself as wide open as possible to allow for maximum penetration. L recognized this and slid his arms under my legs for a short while before I finally stretched them straight up, my ankles resting on his shoulders. L wrapped his arms around my legs and picked up the pace. His cock slamming into my pussy felt awesome and this different position intensified the feeling. L told me after that he liked this position also.

After a while, we decided to move onto the ground and L lay down on the blanket. I crawled up from his feet and slid my body over him until I could reach to kiss him. I kissed him several times before licking, nipping, kissing and sucking my way down his body to his cock, which I took in my mouth. Working every inch of his cock and moving to give his balls some attention now and then, I sucked him until he came in my mouth. L then apologized because he wanted to cum inside me as he fucked me. I smiled as he sheepishly said he couldn't help himself - I love it when he loses control. The fact that I can have that effect on him is very empowering and I love it.

I lay down beside L and snuggled into his arms, but we knew we didn't have much longer together. Just as we decided we needed to get ready to leave so that L wasn't late for his party, there was a knock at the window. I looked at L horrified, but he assured me that his colleague would often tap on his office window as a signal that he was off on his way home. We got up and quickly dressed, hustling out the door. While we do enjoy just being together, we were nonetheless thankful that we had decided to use L's office instead of waiting for the other employee to leave. Used to seeing each other every few days, I was not looking forward to being apart for the holidays...and I was right - it felt like forever.

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  1. I can also find it to be a little difficult to relax while getting oral. I like to give rather than recieve as well. Sometimes the sensations are great, but other times its downright painful. Sounds like L, had the right combo.