Monday, January 3, 2011

He said: V Gets a Pink Bottom

Sometimes I think our readers prefer V to me. She gets all the comments, you'd think I was a hack writer or something. It was my idea to start this blog and now I must live in her shadow. I work out the scenarios, provide the venue and she gets all the glory. I know what I'll do, I'll offer something she doesn't - pictures. Read to the end of this post and I promise you a look at V's pink spanked bottom. On with the story.

On this day I laid out an array of toys for V to discover on the round table that has become our playground. Some rope, some silk scarves a pair of handcuffs. I left the door unlocked so when she arrived she could come in, explore and discover. In the past we have had problems with our disparity in height when I bend V over the table so this time I got a few packages of paper for her to stand on so that her pelvis was tilted just right making it easier for me to fuck her from behind once I had her bent over the table. When she texted me to tell me she had arrived I replied that she should come in and I would join her in a few minutes. I wanted to giver her time to look around and get juicy and hot thinking about what was in store for her.

I gave V five minutes to get settled and then entered the darkened room. Keeping the chit chat to the bare minimum I ordered her to undress, stand on the paper packages and bend over the table. She quickly stripped to her underwear and did as she was instructed as I placed the blindfold over her eyes. She bent over the table edge and grasped the far edge with her hands as I tied her legs to the table with silk scarves. I began to spank her ass with my open hand. As I alternated cheeks her ass slowly began to turn pink. Her gentle ow's became more vehement as I laid more and more smacks on her increasingly sensitive ass. One especially loud "ow" convinced me that she had enough so I picked up my camera to document my handiwork.

Then I opened the lube bottle and dribbled lube down the furrow between her ass cheeks. I teased her pucker with my index finger then slowly used my finger to push the lube inside. I continued to play with her backside, eventually slipping another finger inside. A few a more smacks on each cheek produced an interesting squeezing on my encased fingers as my other hand made contact with her pink cheeks. After taking a few more pics of my fingers buried in her backside I removed my fingers and cleaned up. Then before her ass cheeks could cool I grasped her hips and slid my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy.

After all the foreplay she was so ready to be fucked. Unfortunately her paper pedestals were just a touch too high so I had to stand on my toes to really thrust deeply and after a few minutes my legs were starting to cramp so I pulled out and moved to the side of the table. Stripping off the condom I grabbed the hair at the back of V's head and guided her lips to my cock. She obediently sucked my cock running her tongue up and down my shaft while grazing me lightly with teeth. I didn't want to cum just yet, I wanted to surprise V so I pulled my cock from her mouth, untied her legs and ordered her to her knees. As I removed her blindfold she knew what to do and opened her mouth to accept me. After a few more minutes of V's heavenly oral pleasure I pulled my cock from her mouth. V had deduced what was coming and had closed her eyes before the cum shower began.

After taking a picture of her cum covered face I did my best to wipe the sperm off her face with a tissue. When I realized that all I was doing was smearing it around I led V to the bathroom so she could clean herself up properly. When she returned we snuggled on the blanket for a few minutes until with V's help I was ready to go again. I rolled her onto her back and gave her a fast hard fucking before it was time to leave.

My only regret of the day was that I had forgotten to ask V to smile before I took the picture of her cum covered face. Oh well, another item added to the list. Thanks for sticking around to the end, as promised her is a picture of V's pink spanked ass cheeks. Cute, aren't they? If you look carefully you can see a little smear of lube on her left cheek.

V's pink cheeks after spanking


  1. ouch.
    sounds like you had a nice time though. :)

  2. I love that you have pics to document your fun! My husband and I need to do that more. Perhaps that should be my sexual new years resolution...

    Thanks for the post and the red cheekies!


  3. Yum. Sounds like my idea of a fabulous time. Is there a sign up sheet for what you offer? ;)

  4. Yes there is foxy. Just look up on the right sidebar and click on Contact Libidinous Man and we can get right down to scheduling you in.