Monday, January 31, 2011

She said: Rope Play

We've been interested in shibari since we attended the rope play and spanking seminar at the Everything About Sex Show months ago. One evening as we chatted, L sent me several links to sites that provided step by step how-to's for rope play. He asked me to go through the tutorials to see if I could find one I'd like and that one day during my Girly Days (which were imminent), we'd play with the rope. I ended up picking out a few I liked. The problem was, I saw too many configurations that I thought were beautiful!

We got together a few days later and I joined him at his office after work. As L walked in, sticking out the top of our Mischief Bag was 100 ft of rope. I couldn't wait to try it! We unpacked all our stuff and after undressing he called me over and told me to raise my hands in the air as he measured off 30 ft of rope to try the first tie. Before he started, he explained that it was just regular rope from the hardware store and that he was a little concerned that it might not be soft enough for my skin. As it happens, the rope was very soft and worked perfectly for the purpose. As he followed along with the tutorial on a nearby computer, he moved around me, wrapping and tying as he went. I closed my eyes and thoroughly enjoyed the sensations - I loved the feel of his hands on my body, sliding over my skin, gently urging me to turn this way and that, the pulling and tightening and most of all the hum of the rope ends as they were pulled along and through other pieces of rope already in place. I remember wondering what that hum would feel like if the rope harness was tied through my legs and up through my ass cheeks. By the time my rope bra was tied in place, I was very wet!

After taking a number of pictures, L untied me and tried a different configuration rope bra. Gaining confidence and assured that the rope wasn't leaving marks on my skin, this second attempt was tied even tighter and I ended up keeping it on to the end of our time together that day. I really wanted to leave it on and wear it home under my clothing, but I was afraid of being discovered. It was unbelievably comfortable and made me feel very secure. I told L it made me feel like I was being hugged. I absolutely loved it.

In addition to the rope, L had another surprise for me that day. He reached into the mischief bag and pulled out a flogger. Inspecting it, I was impressed. It was an excellent first attempt that L had fabricated himself using a leather jacket purchased at a thrift store - a tip we got from the Pervertables session at the same sex show. He bent me over the table and started to experiment with it, using a figure eight motion and varying degrees of force. I found it interesting that it was not as intense as being spanked with his hand, but still stingy - and enjoyable - nonetheless. Certainly I could endure being flogged for a much longer period of time than I could being spanked.

Turning the tables, I administered a flogging to L - and I think he liked it! L was concerned that a stray strand of the flogger might inadvertently smack his balls, so as I flayed his ass, he cupped his balls in his hand. Hmmm. I wanted in on this, especially since not an hour before, I had been (teasingly) accused of being "obsessed with his balls", so when I saw this opportunity, it was too much of a gift to pass by. I casually changed position to stand immediately beside L. Not knowing what I was up to, he stood upright but I gently guided him back down to the position, reached under and took his balls in my left hand and proceeded with flogging him with my right. So now as his ass was flayed with the stinging strips of leather, his balls were also being massaged and I could feel his cock growing along my inner wrist.

Soon L stood up and kissed me deeply, his cock pressing into my belly. He reached around behind me and grabbed the ropes in his fist. Turning, he guided me away from the table where he lowered his hand, thereby forcing me down to my knees. As he reached for the video camera with one hand, he guided my head toward his cock with the other. I sucked him long and hard as he talked dirty to me. When he said he was going to cum on my face, I mischievously looked up and removed my glasses without breaking stride with my ministrations. He laughed and soon pulled his cock out of my mouth. As he finished himself off, I knelt waiting with my mouth open, like a baby bird waiting to be fed. I urged him to "give it to me" and the anticipated eruption finally came, the first hot spurt hitting the corner of my mouth. The second arced through the air and landed in my hair and over my closed eye. The third and final surge hit my cheek and ran down to cover my mouth. My face covered in his cum, I looked up at him and smiled, eyes dancing. What fun!

When I returned from cleaning up, L seemed a little down and when I asked him, he said that somehow the camera seemed to have not been filming during the blowjob and subsequent shooting of his load on my face. He was so disappointed! I happily assured him that we could do it again some other time to ensure that he captured that sequence on tape, particularly since it's something that he loves to see. He's been talking for a long time about taking a picture of my smiling face covered in his cum. That seemed to make him feel better. Later that night, as we chatted online, L let me know that he had been mistaken and he had, indeed, captured the great finale on tape. Of course L, being a filming perfectionist, would have preferred if the action had been more properly framed, so we may need to do it again anyway!

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  1. I am getting more and more interested in Shibari all the time. I would love to try it, love the idea of being moved/lead around by the rope. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!