Monday, January 17, 2011

She said: Shopping with L

Although it was to be expected and is understood, I was still a little down knowing that I would be unable to see L for nearly two weeks during the holidays -I knew I'd miss him. Things didn't end up as badly as I thought though, as we were still able to keep in touch every day via IM when we thought that even that might not be possible. One night while we were chatting, L asked me if I'd meet him downtown one morning the following week. He had an early appointment, but suggested we could spend the remainder of the day shopping afterwards. I was quite happy with this plan, as I had not expected to see him until the new year.

The morning in question soon came and I easily found him. His appointment done with, we went into the large downtown mall to look around a bit. After the requisite visit to play with the iPads at the Apple Store and each of us purchasing some small items in the mall, we decided to take a walk up Yonge St. to Northbound Leather. Though we've both been there before, we had never been there together and I was really looking forward to it. I like to go on a particular day of the week, when Anna is working. Not only is she extremely helpful and pleasant person to deal with, she is also a spicy little Sicilian with eyes as fiery as her personality. Every time I see her, I think, "I want to look just like her".

We entered the store and started looking around. I had told L months ago about how the last time I was in the store, they had these two male mannequins wearing nothing but black leather masks with Doberman ears and black leather kilts. I assure you that those leather kilts were the fricking hottest thing I've ever seen on a man - even if they weren't real men! Long after I left the shop that day, I drooled over that mannequin - hell, I'm still drooling over it. This day with L, the displays had changed and there was a single male mannequin wearing a white leather kilt. Not as hot as the black ones previously, but still pretty hot.

God love L....what was the first thing he did in the shop? He walked straight over and started looking at the kilts. He checked out the long ones, then the short ones and even held one up to himself on the hanger. I just stood there and watched as he did this and I have to say I just felt like a million bucks. "Why?", you might ask. Well, here it is....L listens to me. Really listens. He knows what I like, what I dislike. He understands me. Mostly because he has taken the time to get to know me - not just the 'me' that everybody sees, but the true 'me'. On top of all of that, he actually considered - even if it was just for that brief moment - wearing a black leather kilt because he knew I'd love it. He's the best.

Moving on from the kilts, we made our way down to the back of the store stopping to show each other items of interest. I finally spotted Anna and said hello and she greeted me with her usual cheery smile. She was with other customers, but I told her what I was interested in and we wandered around while we waited for her to finish. She soon came to help us and after speaking with her about a leather bra I was looking into having custom made, I asked her to show me some of the leather collars as I wanted to purchase one for a friend.

Anna brought out a few different ones to choose from and I decided on a very plain leather one for my friend - I didn't think she'd be very comfortable with an embellished one. I tried on the plain one myself and really liked it. L suggested I try on a studded one that I had looked at and I really liked the way it looked too. I also really liked the way L came around behind me and fastened it for me. We had left our jackets and my purse on the sofa at the back of the store, so I went back to grab them so that I could pay, debating as I went on whether I should get a collar for myself also. When I returned, I found that L was in the process of purchasing both the plain and studded ones for me as my Christmas present! I was delighted with his gifts and thanked him for his thoughtfulness. Paying for the gift for my friend, we chatted for a minute more with Anna, promised to consider a fetish boat cruise she hosts annually each summer and then left and headed back toward the mall.

By this time, it was lunch time and we spotted a small restaurant that looked enticing and went in. After a short conversation with the server who was both surprised and pleased that L had been to her country several times, we ate and chatted before heading back out into the cold. As we head back toward the car, we stopped into a condom shop on the way and perused the various varieties. As you saw on our Christmas Tree, we like to try different condoms and probably have more than a dozen different types in our 'mischief bag'. Finding nothing particularly interesting, we took a brief look at the toys before moving on. Though it would have been nice to warm up a bit, we eschewed walking through the mall for the last block and detoured to take a look at a hotel we had read about on the internet. As we mentioned in a previous post, we have been looking for a place to have a special day.

Retrieving his car, we alternately talked and sat in amiable silence as L drove me home to the suburbs - or as close to home as we could! We ended up parked behind my local strip mall and quite frankly, after a full week of not having seen him, followed by a whole day of being good and only availing myself of a hug, I was all over the poor man. We kissed passionately and held each other for some time until finally I couldn't take it any longer and I popped the question: "Can I suck your cock, baby?"

Responding in the affirmative, L freed himself and I must say, nothing could have been better in that moment. I leaned over and took him in my mouth and immediately had a dilemma. L's car is quite small and has bucket seats. I'm not very tall and with having to lean over the centre console, I was severely restricted as to how much cock I could get into my mouth. At first, my mind raced....should I hop up and kneel on the seat? Too obvious? Is he getting any enjoyment from this, being that I can barely reach? Since he got harder and harder and he threaded his fingers through my hair, I just assumed it was working for him as is and I kept on. It wasn't long before he gripped my hair in his fist and moaned that he was cumming. Sucking him a while longer, I finally raised up and kissed him deeply. With a big hug and one last kiss, I said goodbye and hopped out of the car, walking the rest of the way home as he pulled out of the lot. One more week to go!

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  1. Is there anything better than proof that someone really gets you? *sigh.......*

    I don't think so. Lucky you!!!

    I think we need pictures of this black kilt. ;)