Monday, January 24, 2011

He Said: Oh No! Shopping Again! Wink.

All the stars were finally aligned for V to purchase her iPad so Saturday morning found us in a suburban mall shopping for iPads. V had vacillated back and forth between 3G and no 3G and how big she wanted it to be but had finally come to a decision. After greeting her with a hug, kiss and a butt squeeze we entered the Apple Store. I don't think Apple pays people enough because none of the guys in the Apple Store can afford a sharp razor as witnessed by the plethora of male Apple staff with haffabeards. V mercifully avoid the unshaven staff and picked a cute, perky woman to guide her through the process of giving Steve Jobs her money for a thin slab of glass which is perfect for protecting your house from zombies or helping the birds get their revenge on the egg stealing pigs.

Resisting the urge to ask Apple girl if she wanted to join us in a threesome I meandered the store while V worked out the details of her transaction. Then we went to the back of the store so V could pay which seemed to take forever. I reminded V that she needed to buy some gift cards because an iPad without games is like a day without sunshine. She responded by flashing me a big grin, making a comment about it being hot in the store and removing her scarf so I could see that she was wearing her formal collar. She opened her coat to give me an eyeful of the girls. If you've read this blog before you know how shopping trips end and I hoped that I'd soon be teasing and pulling her nipples in a secluded corner of the parking lot. As we left the store with her purchases she asked me if she could give me a ride to my car. Being old and decrepit I readily agreed but strangely instead of taking me to my car we ended up in a secluded corner of the parking lot. Soon we were sharing spit and surprise, surprise my hand was in V's bra squeezing the breast with which she had teased my in the store a few minutes before. It was at that point that I heard a car pull in to the empty parking spot behind. What is one to do when caught boobhanded in a parking lot? Rule #1 is avoid eye contact. Luckily my back was too him as he exited his vehicle as I pulled V in close and tried to adopt a posture that didn't say "Hey dude, there are two people making out in the car you just parked beside".

His interruption was soon a distant memory as V got down to working on my business. I'm not going to go into great details on the expertise with which V sucked my cock because she tells it much better than I. As soon as V's lips touch my cock my memory gets a bit foggy anyways. Unfortunately V's coat prevented me from seeing her collar as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. Other than enjoying V's oral skills my job when we are having fun in a parking lot is to keep watch to make sure we aren't surprised. This allowed me to think deep thoughts when a car pulled a couple of spots away from us. Do people notice things in parking lots? Did the woman exiting her car see me sitting there and wonder what I was up too or was she completely unaware of what was going on just steps from her? Deep thought from a guy who was enjoying a stellar blow job. Sadly though no matter how good it feels all good things must end and though I appreciate how good things feel I also don't want V to get a sore jaw and my concentration returned to our front seat fun. It wasn't long before V was happily swallowing my cum. She is very conscientious and doesn't pop right up when the deed is done but instead languishes with her mouth on my member gently licking and sucking me clean.

She popped up with a big smile on her face. I put everything back in order and gave her a long deep kiss. She drove me the rest of the way to my car and then headed off to enjoy her new toy. I drove back home with a smile on my face. What a great way to start my weekend.


  1. Sounds like a great shopping trip! Hmmm, this post has made me consider my bj methods. I could probably stay down there a bit longer after a man finishes.....

  2. Mediocrity,

    How sweet, calling my post educational. If you want to stay after class I'd be glad to tutor you.