Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our HNT #24

L has been trying out some new rope ties on me. We're still experimenting with different breast ties, but we've seen some lovely harnesses we'd like to try soon. I just love the way it feels.

*This is the before, click for the after*


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Monday, April 25, 2011

He said: V Gets it in the End

When I first took the time to look at V she looked subdued. I asked her about it and she admitted that she was a little blue. I suppose I could have pressed her on why she wasn't in the best of moods, but I am a big proponent of fuck therapy. Nothing cheers V up faster than a pussy full of hard cock. We both stripped down and retired to the blanket.

After a warm up session of kissing and caressing I had V roll onto her stomach. V probably thought I was going to climb on her back and kiss her neck, which she loves. I had something else in mind as I dug through the mischief bag and pulled out the slut paddle. On a quest for the perfect slut paddle impression I had decided to take another whack at V's pristine ass. I neglected to tell V that I wasn't planning on only paddling her backside once, so when I laid three good whacks top to bottom on her right cheek, she barely had a chance to catch her breath when I repeated the procedure on her left cheek. V was surprised but did not shriek out. In retrospect I should have warned V of my plan, perhaps next time. Unfortunately the result of my abuse of V's cheeks were impressions that weren't any better than the previous attempts, pictures of which we have previously posted.

It was interesting to feel how warm V's ass felt where I had paddled her as I laid back down beside her and caressed her backside. I think I spanked the blues right out of V because it wasn't long before she was riding me like the true cowgirl she is. I like when V is on top, not only do I get to lie back and enjoy the ride, the position leaves my hands free to play with her breasts and nipples. V has a great set of tits and I can't get enough of them. I have found that when she gets close to the edge a good pull on her nipples usually pushes her right over the edge. I used this technique on this particular day to great effect and she came like gangbusters. My goal is to have V cum before me because there is something about having a moaning writhing woman perched upon a man's member that will cause my balls to empty with great speed and force. This was one such occasion for me.

While we were snuggling after V told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I was a bit reticent because V's previous bad experience with anal sex had attached a lot of baggage to that act for her. I was willing to give it a try so after I had had a few minutes to recharge I asked her to go lean over the table. I knew she would be tense so I used lots of lube and after using first one and then two fingers to prepare her I told her to reach and hold her cheeks apart for me as I slipped just the head of my cock into her. "It hurts" she said. I knew if we stopped now that she might never get over her fear. My hands were covered in lube and I didn't really want to lube up her whole body but I knew I had to do something so I caressed her back and her sides and tried to relax her as best as I could. It didn't take long before V got over her initial fear and I could feel the tension drain out of her. I began to press in further and it wasn't long before I was all the way in. I told V and asked if she was okay. When she answered in the affirmative I began to slowly and gently move back and forth. It wasn't long before V was pushing back against me and it was "fuck me harder", and "pull my hair". Though my hands were still covered with lube I complied. The table was banging against the wall, thigh was smacking ass and both V and I were grunting, moaning and talking dirty to each other. Grabbing her by the hips I plunged in and out fucking V in the ass like she had never been fucked before. I came, then after a minute or two pulled out and went off to clean up and to wash the lube off my hands.

We snuggled and talked for a few minutes, then V worked her magic on me and soon found herself lying on her back getting fucked hard and fast, just the way she likes it. Though she didn't cum during our anal session it had certainly got her all juiced up, her pussy was like a molten volcano of sex juice, ready to erupt. By the time we had both cum from our energetic banging the blanket had a big wet spot. Now V is researching female ejaculation, she wants to see if we can make her squirt. If any of you gentle readers have some tips for her please feel free to pass them along.

She said: From Crappy to Happy

I was feeling pretty down and more than a little insecure when L met me in the parking lot at his office. I followed him inside and we started setting up. I didn't take my coat off right away - we had talked about possibly smoking a joint before playing this day and I was waiting to see if L still had that in mind because I didn't want to ask. When he removed his coat, I went ahead and took mine off, but still just stood quietly while he moved around turning on lights, etc. I guess he realized I was a little quiet and he came over and gave me a big hug and we started to kiss quite passionately. I needed to feel him - I pulled his shirt out of his pants and slid my hands up under his shirt to stroke his back, but it wasn't enough and I hastened to unbutton his shirt. He broke the kiss and started doing the same to my shirt and he talked to me softly as we undid each others' buttons.

After some more kissing and caressing, L turned away to remove the rest of his clothes and I did too, but still I hung back. He lay down on the blanket, opened his arms to me and said, "Come here." I went into his arms and we kissed and cuddled for a long while before things started to heat up. L wanted to play with the slut paddle a bit, still after that elusive complete and perfect imprint. He lined it up and asked if I were ready. Giving him the go-ahead, I braced myself for a single lash and instead got three in quick succession on my right butt cheek. By the third stinging lash in as many seconds, I was a little overwhelmed, but did he stop there? No! He immediately applied three more lashes in quick succession to my left butt cheek. It took me a minute to catch my breath and he said he was surprised I didn't scream. We had the same result as before....a very faint, if at all visible S, followed by a clear LUT. L was surprised later in our play to find that the areas of impact were quite hot to the touch in comparison with the rest of my ass.

L asked me if I'd like to climb on top and ride him. Yes, please! After fitting him with a condom, I lowered myself onto him and with our hands linked, I rode him hell-for-leather until my panting turned into loud moaning as I came hard. I had to take a minute to recover before I could continue, but it didn't take long before I had L moaning and professing his enjoyment as he too crossed the finish line. I snuggled in beside L and we lay holding and caressing each other, sharing kisses and pillow talk. He asked me if there was anything special I wanted to do next. I thought about it a bit and finally asked him if we could try anal sex. He was quiet for a minute and I backed down a bit and suggested some other things we could do instead, but then he said we could try anal, but he'd need a little more recovery time first.

L and I had been working up to anal for some time now. A few weeks before, we had tried anal in the motel room and it was very good. I mentioned it in our post at the time, but I didn't really get too into the details, because I felt that the position we were in did not allow for deep penetration and I was still afraid that in a more open position, I wouldn't be able to do it. Those of you who are regular readers will know that I have had a single experience in my past, but a terribly violent one and the fact is, I was still very afraid of the act. So even though we had already had anal sex once and it was pain-free and in fact a really good experience, I had convinced myself that that was an anomaly and that in a position with more penetration, I would not be able to do it.

I think L understood that I needed the full experience and he sent me to bend over the table, as he thought standing would be best both for his comfort as well as enabling him to have better control should it be required. He gathered condom and lube and followed. He dripped lube down the crack of my ass and inserted a finger. When I was comfortable with that, he moved to two, then went on to lube up his cock. He ran his cock through the lube on my ass and slotted the tip of his cock into my pucker. He started to penetrate and I started to freak out. "It's hurting", I said to him. I was terrified now - almost panicking, though I really wanted to do it and I knew I could trust L to not hurt me. He stroked his hands down the side of my body and gently told me to relax. He pushed in a little farther as I struggled to relax. The head of his cock in my ass now, he stopped right there and didn't move any further. He bent over me and kissed my back and ruffled my hair then smoothed his hands down my back, crooning soft words as he kissed my back over and over. I finally felt my body let go and relax completely and he felt it too, because that's when he started to move. There was no more pain. He asked often if I was okay....and I was. L now pointed out that I was still okay....and he was in me to the hilt.

L started moving with more rhythmic strokes and gaining confidence now, I started moving in the opposite rhythm, pushing back against him with every stroke. Quite comfortable now, my fears forgotten, I whispered, "Fuck me harder", and he picked up the intensity. He reached his hands under me and took my tits in his hands, never slowing his pace. I moaned. "Pull my hair, baby." I felt my head yanked back as he pulled my hair and fucked me even harder...the slapping of his hips on my ass pushing the table into the wall over and over again. I could feel my juices running down my thighs as I experimented with tightening my ass muscles to try and increase his pleasure. His reactions told me I was on the right track and it wasn't much longer before he came.

He pulled out and immediately I turned to hug him. He held me for a moment, kissed the top of my head, then moved away to clean up....he probably didn't notice, but I was very emotional and almost in tears, though I pulled myself together very quickly. I was so happy that he didn't stop when I panicked - or I may never have tried again. Instead he was so gentle, caring and understanding and guided me through to make it a great experience for me. I think I can say with confidence that I'd to it again - and like it - and even better, I even feel that though the memory of that brutal experience from my past will always exist, those negative thoughts are no longer linked to the act itself.

I went and lay down on my back on the blanket and he snuggled in beside me lying on his side, his free arm around me. More pillow talk followed as we caressed and rubbed against each other, I felt L's cock getting hard again. Donning another condom he moved over me and slid home. Man, it never stops getting better. From the first stroke to the last, he hit all the right places and I came hard. The orgasm went on and on - I swear I was in orgasm for at least 20 seconds and it took me ages to recover. In fact, before I was even fully recovered, L was cumming too. We stayed as we were for a couple minutes, L moving in me slowly while we kissed and just tried to catch our breath. After he pulled out and moved to my side, he checked the time. We'd have to leave soon.

We started packing up and as I moved around on the blanket, I realized there was a massive wet spot on the blanket where I had been lying - not just damp, but completely saturated. It was so soaked that my hand came away visibly wet when I touched it. We laughed over that and even wondered if that was just regular girl juice or if I had squirted to cause such a puddle. Either way, it was testament to the rocking sex L had just gifted me.

We finished packing up and I followed L to his office to drop off the mischief bag and then to our cars, where we parted with a hug and a kiss. I felt immeasurably happier than when I arrived. I was so sleepy on the way home, I had to open the window, but I drove with a smile, not even minding the sting of cold air on my cheeks. What a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our HNT #23

Having survived L dripping hot wax on my bottom, we
decided to try it again on a more sensitive area - with great results.

Can you feel the burn?


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Monday, April 18, 2011

He said: V and the Candle Meet Again

I knew V was on edge when while kissing her I reached down to squeeze her breast and didn't feel a bra under her top. I had found her hiding out in the dark hallway after she had almost been discovered by one of my colleagues when I had guided her to an alternate entry to the building. I'm not sure if her jumpiness was due to that or the laptop full of porn I had given her to peruse while she waited. We were tight for time, we had barely an hour before I had to leave so we didn't spend much time on foreplay as we both removed our clothes. V put on her collar and presented me with the key to the snazzy new lock she had purchased. I clicked on the lock and then snapped on the leash then I led V to our blanket. She was ready to go and after she applied her lips to my cock I was ready too. I laid on my back and told V to climb on top of me. She quickly complied and began to ride me with abandon. I felt guilty for making her work so hard so after a few minutes of fucking I told her to get off and lie on her back. I climbed on top of her and drove deep inside her. Mixing up the speed of my thrusting I leaned down took each of her nipples in my mouth and bit them in turn. V had asked me to be a bit rough on her and I figured an good hard nipple bite would qualify as rough. V's moans showed that I had not overdone it. Being on top is nice because when she is being fucked V gets a grin on her face that is impossible to describe, I call it her "I'm getting fucked and I like it grin". She was certainly wearing it when I told her I was going to cum. That was pretty much all it took to push her over the edge and we almost came simultaneously.

V had brought along the flogger she was working on, it was almost complete so she had brought it along so we could test it out. I had V lean over the table and I applied the flogger to her backside. Gently at first and then a little harder. I would flog one cheek three times and then flog the other cheek three times. V squirmed and I could hear the occasional sharp intake of breath but she didn't stop me. After a few minutes her ass was pinking up nicely. I thought I should try it out too so I passed the flogger to V and leaned over the table. V whacked my ass a few times. The new flogger was heavier than our first one and gave more of a push when it landed. All in all it worked out very well, we'll publish a picture when it's complete.

Our rope was handy so I moved on to a new shibari tie that I wanted to try out on V. She had commented on some rope bra pictures we had seen so I made an attempt at tying a rudimentary rope bra. I was in a hurry so the ropes did not end up lying neatly side by side but both V and I considered it a success. I have included a picture so you can get a bit of an idea of what it looked like.

We had a few more minutes before we had to leave so after taking the ropes off V's breasts I dragged a chair onto the blanket and had her sit in it. I was time to take the waxing up a notch and apply it to V's breasts. I tied her arms to the chair arms and asked if she wanted a blindfold. She decided to give it a try so I slipped it over her eyes. I began to drip wax on her breasts, moving from side to side. As with the ass waxing the candle tended to drop two wax drips at a time. After a few minutes I asked V if she wanted to watch and when she said yes I removed her blindfold and dropped more hot wax onto V's tits. Up to this point I had avoided her nipples because I thought they would be too sensitive but V told me to go ahead and wax her nipples too. I wanted to take some pictures but V stopped me and told me to put more wax on her first and to do it quickly because she knew we were running out of time. She squirmed in the chair and held the arms tightly as I dripped the wax onto her nipples and across the top of her breasts. I took a few pictures, one of which will make it into a future HNT post. I untied V's hands and as she stood up it was clear that she had enjoyed the waxing as she had left a wet spot of girl juice on the chair. I knelt on the chair so V could drip wax on my ass. It was an interesting sensation but I didn't find it that erotic, perhaps because I was being too analytic about it and not concentrating enough on the sensation. Time was really running short so we took turns picking the wax off each other. We ended our whirlwind session by packing up our toys and parting with a kiss and a hug.

She said: Waxed Again!

Chatting with L that day I was counting down. "OMG...I still have to wait four more hours!?!" It had been two and a half weeks since we last had sex and I was feeling edgy to the point where I was in an almost constant state of arousal. I really felt like I couldn't wait any longer. We had been together three or four times during that time where I was able to give L relief, but for me, these interludes had acted as foreplay and I was by this point very tightly wound. I think L's right...I need to revamp my wardrobe so that I can get some release in between also. Summer's coming...I'm thinking lots of sundresses and skirts this year!

I texted L to tell him I was outside waiting. He texted back, surprised that I was so early and came outside and brought me his laptop. He had downloaded some special porn for me to watch - stuff I had expressed an interest in seeing. We watched some snippets together before he went back inside and I started watching on my own. There were 6 of them, but all quite long, so I skipped through stopping to watch various parts in more detail. So focused on watching a woman being fisted, I jumped when my phone vibrated. L said to come around to the side of the building. He would leave a door there unlocked and should come inside and he'd come get me. Gathering my stuff and his laptop, I went through the door as specified. I found myself inside a small vestibule that seemed to be part of the fire exit.

In addition to stairs leading to the upper floors there were also two doors - one at either end of the long space. Some surplus cabinets and chairs occupied the room without blocking the walkway. Locking the outer door, I realized L must have left the light on for me. I flicked it off after surveying the room and moved through the darkness closer to the inner door I knew L would use to come get me and sat down on one of the chairs to wait. The only illumination came from under the two inner doors, but my eyes soon adjusted and I realized that the red exit signs were also providing some illumination. I sat for about a minute when I heard conversation coming from the other side of the door on the far side of the vestibule. The voices got closer and louder and suddenly the knob turned and the door opened and a suited arm snaked around the door to check the knob.

Panicked, I quickly got up and opened the other door and went through, quietly closing it after me. Thank goodness I had turned out the light or I might have been found out - he might either have spotted me sitting there or come through to turn off the light, in which case he couldn't have missed me. I stood for a moment in the next room working out what to do next.

Realizing I had left my bags and the laptop in the first room, I opened the door slightly. Satisfied that there was no movement, I took two steps into the room and grabbed them, and stepped back into the inner room, once again closing the door quietly behind me. Still worried that that man might come this way, I moved the bags into a corner that was off the natural path of egress, then went back and shut off the light in this room before rejoining my bags in the corner. I probably stood there for 30 seconds in the pitch black before L came through the door looking for me. It had been L talking with the other man and he seemed amused at my reaction to the experience, as my hands were still shaking.

I went with L and we got set up. Gesturing to our makeshift bed, he said, "Do you want to...?" and I cut him off right away, assuming he was going to ask if I wanted to fuck or indulge in other play first. "Yes, please!" I hadn't even worn a bra or underwear so I was able to get naked in record time. He collared me and snapped on my leash, pulling me down to suck his cock. Within a short time, he was donning a condom and with me lying on my back, he slid into me. I made a sound somewhere between a moan of pleasure and a sigh of relief - finally...and it felt soooooo good. L mixed it up...sometimes fast and hard and at other times slow and languid. We started whispering dirty words of encouragement to each other and the sex got rougher. He bit my nipples mercilessly and I put my feet down on the ground, raised my hips and we slammed into each other over and over - until he proclaimed that he was about to cum, which also put me over the edge. I don't think anything's ever felt so good. Lying there blissed out, he hugged me briefly. Knowing we were tight on time this night, he asked me if I'd like to get flogged.

I happily agreed and L grabbed the new flogger I've been working on and we took it for a test spin. Likey likey! Somehow, it is both thuddy and stingy, so it was great all around. I gave L a taste also and he agreed that it felt great. He grabbed my leash and pulled me into an open area where he tried out a new rope bra tie that he had seen. He wrapped the rope round and round my tits and it felt so nice. Satisfied with his work, he took a picture (or 6) and untied me.

He told me to stand aside and while I looked on, he moved a chair into the middle of the floor. He put me to sit in the chair, tied my hands to the arms of the chair and applied a blindfold. He then lit a candle and started dripping the wax on my tits. It was far more intense than having my ass waxed, but then I expected that. Partway through, he asked if I'd like to watch and when I said I would, he removed the blindfold. When I could take no more, he stopped and took some pictures, which I'm sure will be shared in a future HNT.

As he untied me, I asked him if he'd like to experience the wax. L seemed hesitant at first, but then said, "Why not?" Initially, he was sitting to have me wax his chest, but having fair sensitive skin, I suggested that we try on his ass first. I was worried about marks that would be difficult to explain. As he assumed the position, I stood to his side and started dripping the wax on his bottom. I'm not sure he liked it very much...certainly not as much as I did. We took turns cleaning the dried wax off of each other and checking for marks before we started packing up. We had to get going, but we had fit quite a lot of fun things into just over an hour!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our HNT #22

L likes this picture for a bunch of reasons. He likes to see my red lips on his cock, he likes that I'm wearing my glasses and he likes that he has me on a short leash. Click to see what I like.


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Monday, April 11, 2011

He said: V's Butt Gets a Workout

After the great cock blocking fiasco the next chance V and I had to get together was after the advent of girlie days. V had a craft project to work on and I had some weekend work at the office to complete so I invited her to join me for the afternoon with the intent that once we had finished our tasks there would be some time for fun. When we had both finished our tasks we decided to give the satin flogger we had received from the adult toys website Eden Fantasys. They had approached us a few weeks before and because of a delay in notifying us the item we had selected to review from the bondage toys selection offered by Eden Fantasys had sat at the mail receiving company for who knows how long. We had waited long enough to test drive our new toy so I had V strip down and lean over my desk. Those of you who have read our blog for a while will know that we are no strangers to bondage play so to help get V in the mood I tied her hands together and secured them to the leg of my desk. Noting the lack of terror in her eyes I grabbed our new flogger and and gave her a test whack. She seemed unphased and increased the force of my swing. Still no response so I took a mighty swing, the sound was impressive the actual butt effect was much less so. After we came to the conclusion that satin falls are not as effective as leather when it comes to pinking up a backside. I had fun taking much more mighty swings with the whip than I would ever use with our leather flogger. This is a great toy for people who want play without pain, V thought I looked very fierce taking my full armed strokes on her backside. I know V prefers a bit more of a thwack. I switch to the flogger I had made for her. A few strokes with our flogger and her backside started to pink up quite nicely. Then I remember the slut paddle. Luckily there was enough unsmacked skin left for me to attempt to get a nice picture for us to use for out HNT. It took more than one smack with the paddle for me to get an idea of how to hold it to get the best impression. Even at that it was difficult to get a nice clean impression so I had to try in numerous spots on V's backside. She took my experimentation like the true trooper she was. I decided that since V had behaved so well that she deserved a good butt waxing. V had wanted to try wax play and I thought it was best to experiment on her backside where any red marks that might result would be well hidden. I lit one of the candles V had brought with her and dripped wax on her ass. The sharp intake of breath told me that it was having the desired effect. When asked if I should continue V answered in the affirmative so I continued to drip wax randomly around her cheeks. One interesting effect was that the candle would drip two drops of wax on each application, the double hit produced an interesting feeling for V. After giving her ass a good waxing I untied her and had her stand up so I could remove the wax. A combination of scraping with my finger and gently smacking her ass quickly dislodged the wax. V decided that she liked wax play and next time out she was going to have me wax her breasts. V had recently told me that she wanted to massage my cum into her tits and it was time for me to make that particular fantasy of hers a reality. I removed my pants and sat in my chair. I told her it was time for her to suck my cock and she signaled her assent to my request by dropping to her knees and applying the lips to my member. It felt very good and though I was tempted to cum in her mouth I knew I must be firm in my resolve. When I was getting close to cumming I told V and rested my cock between her breasts and spewed my cum over the top of her breasts. She had a big grin on her face as she rubbed my semen all over her chest as if it was the finest moisturizer that money could buy. Sadly our time together was drawing to a close so V went off to clean up while I put my clothes back on and put away the toys. After V returned we kissed and embraced then headed our separate ways, another very satisfying play session completed.

She said: Harder, Please!

A couple days after being cock-blocked, the girly days arrived. We decided to get together on the weekend anyway. Due to a ridiculous amount of traffic in my home at all hours, I had been unable to find some privacy to work on a project I had started some time ago. (We'll share with you when it's finished - I'm so excited about it!!) L had to go into the office to do some work over the weekend and graciously invited me to bring my project with me so that I could work on it openly while he did his work. Grateful for the opportunity, I accepted. I packed up all my gear and headed over there on that weekend afternoon.

He cleared off a section of his desk for me to work on. He also directed me to some tools in the shop area of his workplace that might be helpful to me. L knows I'm pretty handy with the tools and has teased me about needing a pink tool belt. As I puzzled over a possible solution for an area of the project that had been giving me some trouble, L sat opposite me at the same desk working on his project. I glanced at him now and then, smiling a little to myself at the look of intense concentration on his cute!

As it happens, we both came to a stopping point at close to the same time. I finished quite a lot of work and had to stop when it became apparent that I would need some further materials to continue at around the same time as L completed a large part of his project and left it processing. He got up and came around the desk and wrapping his arms around me from behind and holding the weight of my breasts in his hands, he asked me if I'd like to play a bit. Hell, yeah!!

I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said I could start by taking off my pants. Being a bit of a keener, I chuckled and removed my pants...and my shirt and my underwear and my bra. Me naked now while he remained fully dressed - there's something soooo sexy about that -he moved around the room closing the blinds, then pulled out rope from under his desk. This was a man with a plan!

He tied my wrists together and bent me over his desk with my arms extended, bringing the rope underneath the far side and securing it to the pedestal. When he finished and moved back around behind me, I couldn't even raise up enough to twist around to see what he was doing, so I resigned myself to resting on the desk and waiting. "Hey, we still have this whip from Eden Fantasys to review. Would you like to try it?" I responded in the affirmative. Not knowing what to expect, he started off lightly. Seeing little reaction from me, he built up the intensity. He was now taking mighty swings. He stopped and came around to the side where he could see my face. "Nothing?", he asked. I smiled and shook my head. He resumed his position, backed up three or four steps and I felt rather than saw him take a running swing, smacking me on my ass as hard as he possibly could. After two or three such dramatic blows, we collapsed in gales of laughter. The best I could describe the sensation was the feeling of being swatted with a sparse sheaf of shredded paper. We were sorely disappointed - I expected some kind of a sting at least.

Unbeknownst to me, L had put aside the flogger and grabbed the slut paddle. He walloped me with it when I was not expecting it and it took my breath away. Just recovering, he smacked me a couple more times. We had tried it before unsuccessfully and I knew he was going to have to hit me very hard in order to be able to see it. In fact, I had told him to do what he had to do to get a picture of the SLUT imprint on my ass - even if it made me cry. I didn't though - I was tough and took it like a man. You can see the best of the 6 or 7 imprints on my ass in our last HNT.

L then switched over to his homemade flogger. It has such a lovely heavy thuddy feel to it - it was great. After a few minutes, he stopped and I could hear him rummaging around, then I smelled sulphur - he had lit a candle. I got very excited. L and I had had an interesting conversation a few days before where several play ideas were bandied about, including hot wax play. Though it's been clear that L is very open-minded, non-judgemental and is usually perfectly willing to try anything I suggest (just as I am open to all of his suggestions), I sometimes hold back a bit because I'm sometimes afraid that one day I might overstep the boundary of what he thinks is sane and reasonable.

I have many insecurities, insidious nails hammered deep into me over the course of many years at the hands of someone that was supposed to care about me, turning a young, gregarious and sexually-curious girl into a shy, withdrawn, near-agoraphobic woman, stifled nearly to death in an ultra-conservative and sexless life. Though I have sometimes had to share a cleaned-up version of a story to explain my reaction to something or why certain things bother me, L and I don't really talk about these things. While he has firmly vetoed some of my play ideas, he has always taken the time to explain the reason to me - his concern has never been the excessive kinkiness of the idea, but rather the safety factor or the ability to practically perform the act within the play areas we have at our disposal. L always seems to be able to see right inside me and understand what I'm feeling, and has a knack for saying or doing exactly the right thing. He has never left me feeling worthless or lacking in any way, but instead I always feel empowered, sexy and in charge of myself.

Since for this first time I had to be very careful of marks, he decided to try dripping the wax on my bottom instead of on my boobs, where I really wanted it. He held the candle for a short while until the wick had burned down sufficiently to start melting the wax. I wanted to watch, but couldn't tied as I was. The anticipation was killing me, waiting for that first drop. I didn't know what to expect - how hot it would be. I do know how the same wax that feels warm on my eyebrows feels burning hot on my nether regions when I'm getting my Brazilian wax done every few weeks, so I was interested to make the comparison.

I jumped when the first drip finally landed. He stopped to make sure I was okay....and I was. He dripped again...and again. A couple times multiple drips happened before he could stop them and he was very apologetic, but it was all fine. It was really really hot and a couple times, I had to seriously tighten my ass muscles to deal with the few seconds of pain until the wax became cool enough to bear comfortably. Once when L went to pull away, a drip landed on my lower back unexpectedly and I jerked and writhed around. I loved the feel of it. In between, he bent over and bit my ass. When my butt was covered with spots of wax, L stopped. He untied me, then sat in his chair and turned me around to vigorously rub all the wax off my skin and check for marks. None.

Still fully dressed, L now took off his pants and underwear and once again sat in his chair. He pulled me closer and told me he was now going to fulfill another wish I had asked him for the previous day. Wow...two in one day! I knelt in front of him and brought him close to orgasm before he slotted his cock in between my tits. Soon after, as he came buckets, I rubbed his cum all over my chest and continued with a hand job using his cum as lubricant. He loved seeing his cum all over me, as did I. It's amazing the inspiration to be had from a new brand of body wash.

I wish I could say cleanup was a breeze that day, but between scooping up all the dried wax bits off the carpet in his office and practically having to shower at the small sink in the washroom, soaping up and rinsing my body from neck to belly button, that wasn't the case. It was all worth the effort though. We had a fun day.


The Tantric Satin Ties Pleasure Whip came well-packaged in a discrete box. Though I don't recall the exact wording, the content description required for shipping was sufficiently general to not perk any overt interest as to the contents. We had looked at this flogger in the Bondage Toys section and thought that the satin falls might produce a sting and were pretty excited to try it out. Unfortunately this was not the case.

The construction of the flogger was sound. It had been stitched using satin ribbon over a wooden handle and still had the Made in China tag secured on the hanging loop. It would be a fun toy to give as a novelty gift to a vanilla couple or for perhaps for folks just interested in light sensation play or maybe even just to use for decoration, but for someone wanting real flogging action, it was just too tame. Of course, Eden Fantasys has a large variety of adult toys to choose from for all types of play, so I guess that although this flogger wasn't right for us, it has its place in the large scheme of things.

Monday, April 4, 2011

She said: An Interminable Wait

We decided on the fly one day to get together after work that night. I made the necessary arrangements from my end and left on the drive across the city, stopping off to pick up a parcel that had arrived for us and to grab a couple other items on the way. Everyone where L works has usually gone home for the evening between 5:00 and 5:30. I arrived just after 5:00 and called L to let him know I was there, but he said that there were still a number of people working so I parked in the strip mall across the street from his building to wait.

This has happened from time to time, that I have to wait a bit - usually not long. I know the vehicles I have to watch out for now, so as soon as I see them pull out, I know L will be calling in moments to give me the all-clear. I had my book with me - I had 20 pages left to finish it and I was soon engrossed. Several minutes later, I finished my book and there was still no sign of movement. I rested my head back against the seat, deciding what to do next.

I had been meaning to check the fluid levels in the car for a couple days, so why not now? I popped the hood and the trunk and got out my shop towel. I checked my oil level, which was fine. My transmission fluid needed some topping up. I keep a storage container in my trunk which contains assorted fluids, cables, extra bulbs, funnels, shop towels and tools. I pulled out some fluid and a funnel and filled the reservoir. I checked to ensure the leads to the battery were clean and secure and then, satisfied that everything was copacetic, I cleaned up my funnel and packed everything away and got back into the car.

Soon after, my phone was L. He had just done the rounds to talk to all his co-workers. One was still hard at work, which precluded the use of our usual room. A few others continued to work in the office area, which made sneaking me into his office instead - which we've done a number of times - an impossibility. We grumbled good-naturedly - we can't really complain. Using L's office has meant that we can get together much more often than we could afford to if we had to get a room each time and it even allows for times where we just have an hour or two to be together and we are thankful for that. L said he'd keep me posted and hung up.

I again let my head rest back on the seat, closed my eyes and let my mind wander, thinking about all the wonderful things we could - and would - do together once everyone left. Sometimes L or I have a specific plan and other times, we just let things go in whatever direction they go naturally. Would he spank me? Flog me? I know he asked me to wear my new collar....did he have a plan for me today? I thought back to the bites he gave me on the weekend and the marks - his marks - left on my shoulder and arm and smiled. I checked the time. Man, it was getting late. I really had to be on my way back home by a specific time this night.

I called L and he said there was no change in the situation, so I suggested that he come out and sit with me in the car. I had brought something for us to eat, so I thought we could sit and eat and chat and wait together. He agreed and within a very short time, I saw him crossing the street. It's interesting to admire someone you are close to from a more objective standpoint. He's a tall man and I love the way he carries himself, the way he walks and the way his clothes hang on his body. He's a very sexy man.

He got in the car and after our initial greeting, we ate our snack. We chatted a bit while we ate, but then after packing away the garbage, we said little. He rested his hand on my thigh and drew little circles with his fingers. I covered his hand with mine and together we relaxed and waited. After a short while, L pressed the button in my car to see the time and he sighed. I remembered the package and told him about it, suggesting we open it.

We, like several other bloggers whose blogs we follow, were approached by Eden Fantasys recently to review an item on our blog. After much discussion about various aspects, we decided to try reviewing an item to see how it would work out for us. Unfortunately, after two weeks, we had heard nothing and it was only when I decided to stop in to check on it that we found out that the package had arrived, but the post office had misplaced our contact information and had no way of letting us know!

We opened the box and went through the contents - in addition to our item, there was an Eden Fantasys re-usable bag and a pocket-sized book with Liberator Adventure Gear items with lots of pictures showing various uses of each item. With the difference in our sizes, I think these would be so useful, if we had the means to store them! I think we may yet get the small wedge - I feel it could safely be passed off as a footrest under L's desk. We thumbed through the book together and commented on a number of the positions and how they would work for us...or not. L opened the item we will be reviewing from it's packaging and checked it out, then repackaged it.

At this point, L decided he should go back inside and check with everyone again to see if they looked like they'd be leaving soon. We'd still have time for a quickie before I absolutely had to leave, but that would be it.

L left and I examined the reusable bag. Not the most discrete, with Eden Fantasys emblazoned all over it! I turned the bag inside out and packed all my stuff in it - the contents of the EF box, my book, something I brought for L, etc., then disposed of the EF delivery box and the stuffing into a nearby dumpster.

Soon after, I saw L returning instead of phoning me - not a good sign. I was hoping he'd be calling from inside to tell me to come and I realized things were not going to happen for us tonight. He got back in the car and looked at me questioningly and asked what we should do as an alternative. By this point, frankly there wasn't really even sufficient time to discuss an option. There is a newly-built office building down the road from his office that is still vacant, so as I backed out, I suggested moving to that parking lot. L agreed and off we went.

I parked. As soon as I turned the car off, he scooped me up into a big hug. We kissed a bit, then L wanted to see the marks from his bites I had told him about. I took off my coat, raised up my shirt and showed him. All they are are 3 or 4 small black and blue marks that are barely visible because of the colour of my skin and truly, had I not been looking to see if there were any marks, I wouldn't even have known they were there. I don't need the visual reminder of the excitement elicited from those bites, but still I kind of like that they're there. I left my coat off and he hugged me again, sliding his freezing cold hands up under my shirt. I tell L all the time - he gives the best hugs. He pressed the time button again...I really had to leave in the next 5 minutes.

I buried my face in his neck and told him I wanted to suck his cock before I left. He quickly got organized and I set to work. Usually, my cock sucking is a slow, controlled and varied series of "moves" (for lack of a better word, since that makes it sound very calculated, which it's not) that slowly builds L up to a great orgasm. This day was quite different. It was more wild, I think. Almost frenzied. Not only had I waited nearly two hours to be with him tonight, but also I didn't have much time! I moved in longer and faster strokes, using more tongue and deep and wet strokes and less shallow, tongue-swirling ones. More than once L moaned that it "feels so good today". Maybe I should do it like this every time? Soon his breath caught at the same time as his hot cum pooled in my mouth. I swallowed and only continued sucking long enough to ensure I left him clean, after all, he still had to go back in to work.

I sat up and he buttoned up and fixed his belt. We made eye contact and I said softly that I needed a hug. He pulled me over to him and held me tight. I whispered that I didn't want to go, but we both knew I had to - it was far too risky for me to stay any longer. After a few soft kisses to my neck, we broke apart and I put my coat on. We got back to his workplace to find his co-worker still there working. I pulled into a neighbouring parking lot and just as I was taking out the items I needed so that I could give L the inside-out bag, he noticed one of his colleagues in the parking lot. I leaned forward to shield L from view while I finished up with the packing. Once his co-worker was out of sight, L kissed me goodbye and left.

I had really pushed it that night by leaving several minutes later than my absolute drop dead time, but I was very lucky that traffic was remarkably light for whatever reason and I was able to get home more quickly than usual, so that in the end I wasn't noticeably late at all. As I drove the route on auto-pilot, my mind wandered back to L. Girly days are fast long until we can be together again?

He said: Cock Blocked by a Colleague

V and I have saved lots of money by meeting up at my office instead of at a hotel, it also allows us to get together for an hour or two when we get the chance. As our longtime readers know it does have its disadvantages. Interruptions by cleaners and the uncertainty of when people will leave at the end of the day. This day I was incredibly organized by the time V called to tell me that she arrived across the street. The mischief bag was in place, my teeth were brushed and I had big plans. I was going to meet V at the door, snap on her leash and lead her to our playroom. Then I was going to have her strip down and lean over the table so I could give her a good spanking. Next I planned to fuck her from behind, hard and fast, just the way she likes it.

Well you know the old saying about the best laid plans. The office was still crawling with people, too many for me to sneak V into my office and our normal play space was inaccessible because one of my colleagues was blocking access. I gently quizzed him on when he was planning to head home and got a pretty vague response. I waited in my office for a while before I decided to join V in the car. She had brought something to eat and I didn't want it to get cold. After a quick kiss and hug we settled in to eating and chatting always keeping an eye across the street in the hopes Mr. Late Stayer would go home. After we were done eating V retrieved our package containing sex toys for review from Eden Fantasy's from the back seat. V used her car key to cut through the packing tape on the package. I unwrapped our toy and played with it a little bit before repackaging it. The car was not the proper place to give it a proper workout. That post is yet to come. We browsed through the Liberator Adventure gear catalog imagining what we could do with the ingenious furniture and cushions they produce. Time was running short so I got out of the car and went back across the street to see if my cock blocking colleague looked like he was going to leave. No luck, he seemed dug in for the long haul.

I went back out to give V the bad news. Making the best of the disappointing situation we decided to move to a more private parking lot for some private time before V had to head home. After some kissing, hugging and groping V asked if she could suck my cock. Who was I to disappoint her after dragging her across the city for a bout of coitus not even startus. I opened my pants and she dove on my cock like a woman possessed, not that I'm complaining. She took me deep into her mouth, I could feel her throat squeezing on the head of my cock. She sucked with a higher intensity than usual. Perhaps because she was mindful of the lateness of the hour or perhaps because stewing in her own juices for one and a half hours had gotten her quite worked up. Up and down she went, her heading bobbing in my lap as I wound my fingers into her hair. That way I could exert subtle control over V just the way she likes. As she sucked I smacked her ass which produced an appreciative moan from V. I came and V sucked me clean as she always did. After I buttoned V and I kissed and she drove me back to the office where we narrowly averted running into another one of my coworkers. I keep telling V she needs to visit me in a skirt so I can reciprocate the oral favours, maybe this encounter will spur her on to expanding her wardrobe.